Are you happy? How can we maximize happiness in this Kali Yuga world...

Are you happy? How can we maximize happiness in this Kali Yuga world? It is clear that there is a lot of reason to be upset, but how can we upkeep our moods and live with a stiff upper lip?

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I am extremely happy.

Remember that most of the time, your problems are a direct result if your own behavior.
Just do things.
Dont even overthink it, just go fix ur problems and be good to people.
Btw shit thread op.

Pessimism and Nihilism

>—Ecclesiastes 1:17-18.

>—Friedrich Nietzsche, TheWill to Power

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Happiness is a spectre, a tragic meme which keeps men shackled to the doubts in the wake of their despair. Happiness is no noble goal? What is happiness anyway? oblivion. it is a boring nothing. an ending, not a motor for progress.

time to grow up kid. happiness is a lie.

Never been happy. I am at peace with myself and who I am. I'd argue aiming for happiness is a shot that's too far. Aim for being at peace with yourself first.

I am but there's just these nagging things keeping things from being perfect or better, like living in a small patch of Eden surrounded by Mordor and you can see their shitskinned orc hoard marching through the scope.

Arbeit Macht Frei user.

That is a limited hangout user. Be like that Christian warlord and take over a town…fuck the malthusian collapse, you will feel much better when you are in control and can do what you like.

I was once sad. I've been extremely happy since March 15 though

We need to make that a holiday.

I actually can't think of why March 15th is not our own holiday already? We would need to think of a catchy name for it though.

Watch the sun set. Walk through nature. Close your eyes and listen to the birdsong. Play with animals. I try to do all of the above every day, and I find it 'nourishes' my soul. Near instantly all stress and rage fades away; I am still aware of all the evil and all the horror, but I remember also the beauty of Creation and what we fight for.

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By cleansing the filth and enacting righteous vengeance. I don't think anything would make me happier. But not on a small scale, make it millions, no, billions of them. Make it statistics. Initiate the Wild Hunt.

you realise that worrying that you are not happy makes you actuvely unhappy. When someone asks you how you are, you tell them: "i am miserable, but that's okay."

part of being mature is understanding that life is not great.

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Oh shit user…I had forgotten about bosses (yeah, they suck!). It has been a long time since I had one.

Make babies.

Im happier than ever been in my life. Yet happiness as a goal is masturbation. Meaning and struggle is the ultimate. Lack of meaning and struggle brings madness. Whereas living without happiness is trivial.

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Do you even know what the 'war' is? It's bigger than Right vs Left, National Socialists vs Communists, Nationalists vs Globalists, Aryans vs Jews. It's the war between Good and Evil; between the forces of Creation and the forces of Corruption. The Sons of God against the Great Enemy and its children.

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