YouTube crackdown on Alt-Right/Pro-Trump figures

Is there any end to this? How the fuck do we get them to stop attacking and censoring us?

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The easy way to not be cracked down on in Youtube is just to not be a vitriolic screamer. Control your emotional incontinence and read a book, maggot. I got driven out of a leftist space for being inappropriately nice - and I was being nice, with deep down sincerity, talking to people of my own allegiance, because I’m a leftist. I would say get on my level, but you losers can’t even grasp true niceness. It takes more than a false coat of saccharine positive energy.

I got distracted. The real lesson though is this: sincere comms crackdowns never affect me on any platform. Something has to go wrong when inquisitions hit me. That’s the power of sincerity and emotional regulation, which true strength is apparently an irreplicable otherness to bigot-slaves.

So you’re still watching PJW.

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I don’t call people maggots in other environments; that was a joke about hardass stereotypes. I do sometimes call people slavish, but they can usually affirm their intent/consent/stability, unlike the people here who just scream in hilariously tormented violence-submission. Which is why I called you losers.

I’m paying back a fraction of your karmic debts by being less than nice to you people, and having fun still being… nicer than you. This place is easy mode. It’s parodically trivial to be more defiant than anyone here. So deep in the ancestral enslavements of hatred and lies are all of you, that a bit of challenge is a kindness few of you ever seem to get.


The people you named are all either homosexuals, thots, or a weird pagan faggot. Nothing of value was lost, and youtube cracked down on more worthwhile people years ago. Youtube will never "stop attacking and censoring us". Use a different medium, or do something about it other than crying on the internet.

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I don’t engage with e-celebs. Not knowingly. I prefer to synthesize an individual perspective on life with minimal reference to what one or another kind of “exalted” person is doing.

Meanwhile Owen Benjamin continues to call out the Jews and not give a fuck. Almost as if investing your money into land and self-sustenance makes them totally powerless to control you. Imagine if any of those youtubers had had the forethought to set-up systems and processes to survive being cut out of ad money and online donations.

Seethe harder lol.

As for OP, this is why they should move to bitchute. although ecelebs are cancer

Varg is self sufficient, he doesn't use jewtube as a storefront. I have no idea about the others, and maybe I'm wrong about him too.


poopchute is shit tbh

< us
please go

Good, fuck them.
If they wanted to get the message out instead of being right of center outrage mob, they'd get on alt-tech websites and keep on preaching their 'message'
But some of those don't, they kvetch and then wait for papa to send them money

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just report these threads

land tax

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I can't wait til a Communist wins the next election

Stefan Molyneux maybe will get shutdown too.

No fucking shit and that's because you're an antifa and the mods on all these platforms are antifa out to ban the "bigots".

Talking in terms of income and finance here. There'll always be taxes. Making yourself increasingly self-sufficient so they can't shut off your revenue is a great way of countering these actions. They can't bleed you of income if they're not the ones paying you.

Varg is one I'm uncertain of too. It sounds like he has the means to continue his work without YouTube.





This is, first and foremost, a crackdown by the ADL on people who are anti-jewish. Mostly everyone else who gets lumped in is a distraction.

Trying to make this about anything but than jews is helping them.

All of the major revisionist works are archived. That John Robinson guy who's been uploading rare old ones (including hundreds of Zundel videos) has a bitchute, and pretty much everything else has been online for over a decade, and is mirrored/saved all over.

The issue with that isn't so much getting it archived, but getting the content we have in front of more peoples' eyes.

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there's going to be a civil war once the republicans can't win another election. john mark had a good vid on it.

there's no content there is why.

This is excellent. I was hoping they would kill off all these channels completely though.

The only way people will leave the YouTube hunnypot is if enough people get thrown out.

Fuck off Discord niggers. We need propagandists as much as possible

You kill the youtube workers on minecraft.

That's never going to happen. Republikikes are always going to be able to win whenever the jews want them to, probably every 8 years or so.

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(((Google)))'s intent is purging everyone who isn't a tranny cultist, what the purge accomplishes however, is legitimizing every fag from this list as a sort of martyr for truth and sanity.

Varg is neither on the right or pro-Trump…

check and there's no content because it sucks

Jesus Christ, fucking faggot. Imagine thinking any of those channels were anything but psyops, larps, ZOG cashgrabs. Unironically hang yourself for shitting up the board with this faggotry.

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I wouldn't go that far, but they were nothing more than light entertainment for people on ethnic identity side of politics, but just lol at anyone who thinks they influenced anything or had anything particularly meaningful to say. Both of them are nobodies.

Since this is a eceleb thread…

> Is there any end to this? How the fuck do we get them to stop attacking and censoring us?

Stop saying things that activate to wrong doing and won't ever work.

There is more to say about this.

To begin with racism goes into eco/organic/biodynamic. Local is an important principle.
And there is more.

Well it is just that I am smiling to so how many Zig Forums-type issues can find a solution in eco/organic/biodynamic.

Apart from To begin with…

Come to and start brainstorming ideas for the change with us.

Has anyone else been noticing a sharp uptick of this kind of 'roleplaying as the victorious enemy' shill posting lately?

The SPLC/HNH effect.
"attack" your controlled opposition to lend them more credibility with paypigs.
Old tactic, old as the hills.
The fact that any of these shills lasted as long as they did without interference tells us they are controlled.
A stage managed "mass banning" doesn't change that.
What next, a "fight back against the censorship"?
A "reversal of the bans"
A "we won, we worked together, the based and legit natsocs got their platform back, see, we have power, nothing to worry about! we won't be genocided after all, go back to sleep!"

Yes, it’s been increasingly apparant that the new shilling beside the regulars has become this weird smug “haha got ‘em” attitude where they already see themselves as the victor of the argument they provoke before they even hit post. I think it’s sort of funny how the shills serve as a probe of how well we are doing. They invert roles and project in attempts to demoralize but so far it’s been backfiring hilarously.

Fuck this cancercous thread with nothing to offer but shilling e-celebs theres like 4 better threads than yours OP


I have a really CATCHY domain name ALL set up.

ALL the BACKcoding is done. The ENTIRE infrastructure is READY to launch.

I will BRING on MANY former YouTubers and those DISGUSTED with Jew censorship OVER to my Catchy domain.

I just need some $$$ to get it launched.

Anyone(s) that can fund this starting at $10,000 PLEASE help.

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Google is a private company and they can censor and ban whoever the fuck they want from their platform. I'm actually amazed that it took this long for them to do something.
Now how about you guys stop using jew products and instead create your own video logs website? after all we live in this glorious free market capitalistic system and anyone is free to create their own stuff.

Just stop, kike. You're not fooling anyone.

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so which eceleb nigger are you?
haven't watched YidTube in over a year, never used discord faggot
you don't cross post your videos, your fault your money tree gets chopped down
how fucking new are you not knowing this was going to be the inevitable phase of the left attacking anything not aligning with their corporate message machine?

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varg is a literal redneck white trash larpagan
crowder is so ZOG foxjews picks him up
golden one is the same
anti-vax shit is stupid if you have even a fundamental understanding of biology
pjw is is the same ZOG shit
venti is a mongrel subhuman
ramzpaul is the same pozzed shit

(((Varg))) is a crypto. Just ask his auntie (((Ruth))) from (((Poland!))) :^)

>(((Varg))) is a crypto.
just like ((( you )))

pic related

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muh e-celebs! there like my friends!

So your saying, it's not all bad?

This man wins a delicious cookie.

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this thread is swarming with leftie faggots

(heil hitler)
>tfw no DACA waifu

Daily reminder that a solitary upset Iranian chicken lady camwhore did more to protest jewtube censorship than every whining bitch mentioned in OP combined.

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Oh wow, thanks for the insight. Here I was wondering why left-wingers were being censored all over the place. Oh wait…

Zig Forums flooded Zig Forums months ago after their board split and both died. Hell, it might be over a year ago now. I don't know when exactly the faggots did it, I just know their boards are dead and they started coming here and shitting the place up.

Not only did they ban whitey, they're now Neocon shills.

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By finaly creating your own plattforms???
I celebrate this banning and demonitizing. Its basicly just a pretent because Youtube makes no money anyway. Imagine how delusional one must be when he complains that the plattform where he hosts does not pay him for using their service.

So fuck youtube and fuck content creators. We need to do real world stuff and not making and watching stupid videos all day

HourofDecision777 has been banned.

never heard of her

they tried banning black pigeon speaks but did not succeed yet. bps is left centrist and they probably realized they were only helping us.

It was an interesting channel, it was ran by Jason Thompkins, a esoteric hitlerist and the guy behind the neo folk band Harvest Rain. Very red pilled channel.

A lot of it is spillover from other various sites as well. A lot of leftists are being purged, banned and driven out from their own sites/boards for not being SJW enough, or questioning authority, pointing out Antifa is an extension of the neo-liberal establishment, etc. They literally have to come here to and similar places to have any kind of discussion. It's actually a good opportunity to red pill them and start flipping them to our side, annoying as it is to deal with.

how do feel that this is the majority of pagans

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And my favorite music like Triarii is also gone, after they have been on yt for years. Fuck them.

Don’t care. Get a real job.

Find another platform that allows your garbage

Somebody has put a hit on the golden one for him to kidnapped and raped by a bunch of niggers, a videotape of him being sodomized being made and put out the video on pornhub or motherless

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Gtfo newfag!

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So what though?
"Freedom of Speech" is a stupid left-wing concept that arose at the time of the French Revolution and Reformation. It was pushed by democrats and humanists (the left-wingers) to attack
kings, princes, aristocrats, and the Church (the Right-wing).
I don't believe in it. If in power, I would ban all opposition.
The whining about this is hilarious coming from Americans
with their "First Amendment" and all that tripe about "Rights".
The documents of the American revolution are all "Left-Wing" documents -elections, freedom of worship, etc. Total left wing bullshit.
That's basically why America is doomed.
It is, and always will be, a left-wing country and a bastard child
of the enlightenment and all it's false ideas.
No hope can come from it.

Also, on a practical note, left-wing ideas such as equality, freedom, democracy etc are complete nonsense and are just the ravings of maniacs. These ideas are artificial. They arise from the minds of deranged intellectuals.
They need freedom of speech to thrive.
Right-wing ideas are different. They come from observable reality.
The Right-wing = Reality.
I didn't become right-wing by reading, browsing blogs, etc.
I became right-wing through the experience of real life.
Only then did I read right-wing literature, all of which only confirmed what I already had figured out.

Banning of right wing media will have no effect on the growth of right-wing ideas. It is not reliant on the media, unlike left-wing ideas. They can ban it all, and in the end they will all still end up hanging from lamp posts.

dat ass

Will you be saying that when they come for Zig Forums ? Oh wait you won't be saying ANYTHING because you won't have "lolz muh freeze peach xD" when they come for you.

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Zig Forums is honest to god kiked.

Even when Zig Forums is gone, we can move to somewhere or just discuss news in the real world.

Zig Forums nowadays is just jews calling anons jews.

Boomer schizo retard, better if this idiot doesnt have a platform to manipulate other idiots.

Really gets the noggin jogging.

You couldn't make this shit up

Varg is neither Alt-Right nor Pro-Trump. He's a stupid fucking snownigger neet who shits in the forest.

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Brittany venti is a disgusting pig roach mutt, and varg is a faggot, although him murdering one of his black metal fag buddies is always pretty funny, he dont like advocating for murder on his channels tho

Nothing wrong with burning down a church.

Yeah right, he literally lives like a (sand)nigger welfare parasite with all the social welfare given to him by the French government.
Literally a parasite.

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make them take the bullet pill


lolno. Varg sells shitty books on (((amazon))) and uses the money to buy stuff in town just like all his boomer neighbors. He owns no land, rents 2 acres, and spends all his time bitching that his neighbors cut their grass so they aren't eaten alive by mosquitoes. He really loves bloodsucking parasites.

He's not on welfare, which is another strike against him. He should be selling his books from an offshore company so he has no income in his name so he can get welfare. Any white person not taking every cent of government money they can get is a traitor. The money is taken from whites, and if whites don't take it back it is given to shitskins. Stop having income so you do not fund white genocide. Get as much government gibs as you can, to further reduce the fund available for white genocide. Use the gibs to pay for having white children.

Kike post

Remember, the more shills there are = the more scared they are of the idea

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Fuck off faggot cuck

OP is a newfag who sucked up the koolaid.

Meanwhile the whole thread is an apocalypse of Zig Forums and literal fucking reddit. Sage this shit, everyone pile into the redpill and holohoax (or should it be hoaxicaust??) threads, we have visitors to convert.


none of those people are "us" – "us" have already been banned long ago

We can't. There are only two options from here:
(1) "we" organize an exodus of the alt-lite and related faggots to another platform
(2) these alt-lite faggots throw such a stink that the government gets involved and finally creates a "social media free speech" law

…there's a possible third option
(3) someone creates a website that's like overchan but for all youtube-like sites and convinces all the normies to browse there. All the videos would be hosted through youtube etc but the algorithms that give suggestions and whatnot are from this new site we get Zig Forums to invent and code

Alt-Right/Pro-Trump figures are controlled opposition, MIGA retards can't even be called that anymore as they are, for all practical purposes, the establishment.