2020 democraps


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Trump is the best candidate there is. Hopefully he can use his second term to start with the mass deportations he promised, and stuff like squeezing the Mexican government for wall payments. He’s a very mixed bag but he’s putting us on the right path. He’s too mixed up with the k.ikes though

Why the fuck would you want any of that tho

of the two, yes. As in if you held me at gunpoint and told me to choose I'd vote for him since my life is worth more than a protest vote to me.
No, and he won't
No, he's an establishment asspuppet and you're retarded to believe his or any of their lies
good sassenach!

To keep immigrants out. Mexico is a failed state which keeps on letting these people into its country and eventually into ours. This is why Mexico must and will pay. We have the best living standards in North America so of course they want to come here. They’re not entitled to though. Endless compassion will destroy us. Not to mention when global warming hits hard The Camp of the Saints will become reality for white countries. Build the wall now to save America in the future. It’s like a lifeboat escaping a sinking ship. There’s only so much room and if you let too many people on you’ll die as well. Some people you gotta push back into the water.
They’re not citizens, they are breaking the law, they take American jobs, depress wages, commit crimes, shit out anchor babies and contribute to the ethnic replacement of America

As a large, old and married tough mexican farmer man living on the smallest town in México i can guarantee you my country is far from a failed state please don't close your borders i need to anchor more babies into North M'america.

Yup, it couldn't possily keep burgers in when the rain starts to get really heavy
Not quite.
I remember when the talking point was them letting their own people in, now you've shifted it to be more torn-from-the-headlines. It comes off as opportunist to me.
They won't and it's silly to believe they would.
I see, and where can I collect my share?
This is boilerplate pasta and preachy assclowns like you are the cancer that has put the interbutt at death's door. 2020 will probably put what's left of it out of its misery.

Opportunist? I can only speak personally but I’ve always known that the majority of illegal aliens come from places like Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. I’m sure there are plently of braindead Republicans who think it’s just Mexico that is the problem
Yeah, because Trump has revealed himself to be a weakling in foreign policy. He should have threatened Mexico in all possible ways to pay up – sanctions, closing the border down completely, seizing remittances, etc. He didn’t have the balls.
Keep preaching endless compassion when the entire third world tries to settle in America and see how it will turn out or how the public will react. You didn’t argue against what I said at all. It’s only going to get worse

no need lol

Nice to see the state of arguing from the cuckleft.

so what if your neighbourhood becomes more brown after you are long dead?

heh, okay


Fuck off Zig Forumsnigger.

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Most are coming with legal means on Porky's invitation then just stay beyond the legal limit you dumb nigger

The issue Yang doesn't realize is the black market provides. With that bag secured, despite his anti-gun stance, it ultimately doesn't matter. Underground gun running will be a big time market.


Where does he say that?

I recommend you report to your nearest sinaloa cartel installation and volunteer to have your face skinned off and get beheaded with a box cutter

i would rather have that not happen thank you very much hombre


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*gasp* Why not you first amigo. You seem weak enough for them to grasp at you.

Fuck off spics


what the hell, at least they are better than a racist neoliberal right wing populist

>second is interviewing some other guy names Inslee which is an obscure Dalek phrase suggesting cooperation, which is the only reason I stayed on for long enough to bother with evading a grossly-oversimplified question about immigration laws, AKA shit I don't care about that's going to be used as a distraction from real issues that affect me personally

don't fucking care, I need work and a free internet, I'm sick of feeling bad for [insert group I'm not part of] deciding my fate to the degree it has
most of them are that
don't fucking care, they gridlock government and make everyone realize how shit everything is

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The democrats aren't gonna win if they run on gun control and slave reparations. If they nominate the usual hacks it'll just be 4 more years.

how come this board is so racist

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