The current civil war in the left

I keep an eye on many leftwing forums, boards, and social media circles to see what they're talking about, and I was surprised to see a fullblown conflict among the further left people.

Effectively, one side is in favor of woke SJW politics, the other thinks it distracts from worker identity. the sjw's accuse the other side of being crypto-fascists for not endorsing their progressive beliefs, and the other side accuses the "radlibs" (radical liberals) as being tools for the (((neoliberal capitalists))) and distract from worker unity. I can't say the oldschool leftists are wrong, constantly attacking whites has only made whites racially aware and has spectacularly backfired on leftists worldwide. Smart leftists, having fully understood how this stonewalled their efforts, are mad at the woke sjw's.

There are non-jewish leftists, and they tend to make up the oldschool anarchists and socialists. They have the usual stances against corporations, banks, war, etc. but they won't touch the jewish cultural degeneracy. The leftists who are more woke are typically jewish. I've looked for arguments against and for open borders, and most of the time it's a kike pushing for open borders, while it's gentiles who say open borders are not the solution. One example is the "antifada" podcast, episode 31: there is no left case against open borders (not linking that kike's shit you can look it up if you dont trust me).

Because the left has been tongue-tied trying to figure out its exact relationship with modern neoliberal politics, this has allowed only the rightwing (really third position) to be a voice against capitalism. As the next 2020 election cycle heats up, it's a good opportunity to bring some more gentiles so our side. Criticize capitalism from a 3rdpos viewpoint, be more radical than they are. Fascists' political power is always gained gradually, it never happens in one election. Many people get blackpilled over Drumpf being a zionist cuck, but he is the sign that a proud, nationalist europe and america are awakening.

Heil victory

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The anti idpol crowd are just meek white leftists afraid of calling out the PoC (people of criminality) for their anti whiteness, so they just coach their objections in Marxist rhetoric. They will join our side sooner rather than later, simply out of necessity, as the anti white hatred and animosity in leftist circles becomes too overwhelming even for them to bear.

That's normal and why they always fail. Remember what Yuri said

Ordo ab chao, user. I almost feel sorry for them, then I remember that they approved of degenerate behaviors and the destruction of society and there is no place for them in any new order. Who would want something whose main role is in destabilization roaming around your new stabilized nation.

They are all going to be killed.

Dude I don’t even like nazis, I just like free speech. But nowadays one has to go to this image boards full of neet-socks because the left is just so fucking authoritarian and crazy. Why do you think so many normis are coming to sites like 4chan? The normal sites are worse than north corean internet!

Good. We should be throwing more proverbial firewood onto their friendly fire. The jews constantly try to cause infighting amongst us. We should be using the (((left's))) infighting to our advantage. Least of all this stalls their useful-idiot autonomy - where they aid the jew on their own according to their jewish programming. Potentially, this allows us to steer them into fighting the jew in their own deluded fashion. Not holding my breath on that one.

The "smart leftists" should be collateral. SJWs are the perfect advertisement for redpilling normalfags, at least to the extent that normalfags see something wrong in SJWs and seek to not become them and wonder how SJWs came to be. We should be indirectly supporting SJWs solely when it is in conflict with "smart leftists."

"Smart leftists" are also spiteful of the right and would backstab the right in a heartbeat. There is no collaboration between us and them. The SJWs should remain the face of the left. I must emphasize this: SJWs are so much of a liability to the (((left))) that mainstream media constantly tries to hide their existence. When SJWs became internet famous around the beginning of this decade and up until now, jewish media (mainstream) has done everything to avoid showing them. This only reinforces the need to have SJWs be the prevailing image of the (((left.)))

This is another reason why they're useless.

This could be another thread topic. I would push more towards campaigning against Israel so to speak. Capitalism as a boogeyman is a weak boogeyman, so much so that jews have made their own boogeyman and tool. The way to use the 2020 election in our favor is to form a Draft Our Daughters style campaign but highlighting the loyalty these candidates have towards Israel and jewish involvement in american politics. That way no candidate looks clean and the election looks like a sham that it is. Give a reason to normalfags to not care by making them feel used for participating in voting. "The most currently useful jewish puppet will win anyway." - the thought you want normalfags to think.

It's not a victory, just momentum that is in our favor. We should be taking advantage of it and continue to stoke the fires of infighting among them like they would try with us.

So you ended up being herded here with 'the Nazi's' if you want to have 'free speech'? LMAO…I hope you are learning something.

It's funny because historically whether it's the fin de siecle, or the Weimar Republic or even now, since the Stonewall Riots and the drugged out faggot communes of SF in the late 60's, like the Cockettes, the degeneracy and sexual perversion has always come from the upper classes, the wealthy and dissolute, who can afford to pursue their depraved hedonism without even having to get up early for work in the morning. Yet now somehow these same dissolute perverts have taken over the mantle of social justice and leftist ideology to argue for a nation that permits all libertinage, no matter how extreme. The fact that the working classes themselves are in complete disarray, deunionized, jobless, impoverished, even homeless and trapped living out of their vehicles has left them incapable of politically organizing any resistance at all, and not only to the powers of Wall St, but to the faggots and drugged out degenerates that have taken over the party that used to be the party of George Meany. The last battle against this takeover was the Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968 when Mayor Daley, a pro worker pro AFL CIO tough guy, was pummeled by the left wing press at CBS. The workers lost that one even though they busted a lot of freaks heads.

In 1970 New York City the union hard hats workers would march every lunch hour. They'd beat the shit out of the hippies and faggots while the working class Irish cops looked on approvingly. All that is now changed. They won those battles but lost the cultural war.

We need to think about how this happened.


John Walter
6 years ago
I was there, among those attacked by the Hard Hats, I saw a college age kid stabbed with a flag pole with the flag attached. He was by the statue of Washington, I saw another clubbed with a heavy hammer. I was trapped in Trinity Church for hours, It was worse than this video - much worse.


Scofeild Bible

Both of these are at the heart of the American Revolution.

>yet menctions (((""new order""))), that is fake
Die (((jew))).

That's always been the case though. It's faggot/tranny idpol "leftists"(liberals) vs regular leftists who focus on class.

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Whites already lost.
This is why. You're too stupid to understand.

One of the things i think the natsocs really needs to take advantage of in this election cycle is the election itself.
We need to make "white nationalism" a central question of this campaign.
FORCE every single person in the race to take a position for or against white people
this will radicalize the left and polorize the normies bringing more to our side.
I so some thread a while back about the idea of a charlottesville style "march on washington" on august 28th (the same day martin luther king gave his "I have a dream speech")
This kind of seems ideal to me as its close enough to the election to define it but not so far out that it fucks with any normies who would vote generic right otherwise.
But any really demonstrations against mass immigration or for an end to affirmative action could help in our fight.

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The Europeans are finally waking up

The left is made out of dysfunctional marxist parasites. Critical theory, which is not even a fucking theory, is only a reflection of their parasitic identity. You dispose of them like we do, put them in their place like we do and they start infighting.

When someone talks about "designing" an algorithm you know they're a worthless piece of shit. Algorithm "designers" don't do anything more complicated or technical than describing the problem. The AUTHORS, who write the actual code and make it WORK are the ones who are really doing something.

The left only works because they have corporate backing, We here are few but exceptional in comparison.

user my pants are moist right now. Can you design a solution for me? These wet pants are annoying.

Hey newfag, I hope you realise that after lurking here enough becoming natsoc is inevitable. Europa: The Last Battle is mandatory viewing, TGSNT is great too. Learning the truth about the holocaust is probably the easiest way to make any rational person natsoc but there are many other little facts you will pick up.

That tells you something huh?

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That cartoon, im ded lol

I don't understand it.

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Both communism and captalism don't like free talk talk

How do I derive anything regarding speech from that? I thought it was about Zig Forums

Lol how?Let me tell you the basic thing about that image so everyone was on 4chan they made /new/ for a free speech board bla bla bla everyone was a lebertarian people start to debate the leftists on /ew the leftist lost everytime so then /new became pol and the leftists got their own board also some of them be came this weird commie natsoc idioligy so basicly /lefty pol/ is full of commies and the libertartians became natsoc
from doing research into what is the best ideology after all National Socialism puts the people first and stops banks and business's from fucking over the people

I can go way in depth if you want be to

*want me too

this image explains everything

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No whatever. I'm too bored to really pay attention.

or that k

fucking read it holy shit lazy people deserve rope my god that is not K fucking hell mostly eveyone was a libertarian and thanks to free speech became natsoc end of story go to this thread to learn about shit fucking hell new fags lurk more before posting negro

I've seen that before and understand what is written very well. I just can't derive that at all from the image.

Ok can you not?Explain please!

Admittedly, I've sympathized with non-com anarchists for a while. In a better society, they'd be allowed to try their theories in practice.

It's [the pic] tug of war between a man in a Don't Tread on Me shirt I assume, no words on shirt pulling against a commie and a capitalist. There's a guy in a grey shirt with a picture I have no idea what is about. The 4th frame makes no sense to me. Why is he saying "huh?"?

The man is grey has a shirt with a fasce that is the staple of fascism.Don't Tread on Me shirt guy is a normie realizing the truth that natsoc is the only way I was never a "Don't Tread on Me shirt guy"I was a conserve a cuck that hated hitler then found pol looked at the facts and not grow my own food workout and live a healthy life please just fucking lurk for a year before posting

*now grow my own food workout and live a healthy life

fuck im tired I can't spell for shit im going to sleep now lurk new fag fucking hell

Capitalists fund the communists. Lenin used to grumble about the interest rates he was getting from the bankers in the City of London all the time.

He's surprised to see that the communists and the banks/Jews/bourgeoisie are working together. Because it's completely paradoxical. They're meant to be enemies. It's meant to show how insane life in clownworld is.


How old are you?

Oh im sorry I was being retarded fuck i need to sleep

There is only one way out of this.

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the libertarian is realising that he is actually natsoc, newfag.

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I agree with everything you stated, but the way to go is a NatSoc candidate.
No more patches and compromises.

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Our military is fucked.

Is this the actual quote by Bakunin?

Our ultimate victory is assured by these fools.
We need to keep pushing our own anti-capitalist message. They will come to us because we offer what their existing comrades can not

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Don't do it, the GOP capitalists wants to lie to win again.

Vote hard left or off the ballot right for NS.

they'll laugh about it afterward and backstab everyone

Nationstates, go try it. Dreadful, dreadful, to see the way this place uses clowns. Dreadful, dreadful, the way this place uses clowns.

lol that cap didn't age well

Nah its still true, you are just a fag who fell for the jewish shills that try to rile up christians and pagans against each others to divide us.

begone, schizo-poster.

I remember larping on leftypol as a student Communist and winding-up some air-head slag by arguing that her bullshit feminism was irrationally withholding sex and she would need to change if she really wanted a harmonious worker's paradise.
The anti-idpol people can't even hold together their original board. I went on one of their discords and a trannie furry was complaining about Sweden's social policy being to right wing.

red wasn't complaining about trannies in the military, just about a military. they want idpol with dick chopping AND no military

Says the jew-god worshipper.

There is no civil war. They don’t fight amongst themselves. It’s theater. You fell for it.


< (((CIA))) mouthpiece Bezmenov.
Found the boomer.



< They instantly exterminated hundreds of thousands of turd roaches!
Based if true.

And so the old guard can piss and moan over liberalists derailing gulagism through radlibs, but its the old guard's unwillingness to touch the issue of jewish degeneracy, and broadly speaking ethnology, that was their undoing in the first place. They never asked the question, where as National Socialism had.

Reported. You fell for it. Take your niggerspeak back to reddit, civnat.

Orly? What the source?

Here's an idea, leftypol.

Why not put the "idpol" on the other foot? The "idpol" crowd is always anti-white so simply go the other way, pro-white idpol.
- Make the point that compared to what was before, colonialism tremendously improved the evolution of the third-world.
- Make the point that the womyn of colyrs and trannies are fucking useless to the cause, only drag it down and never change from that either. If I am wrong, imagine Australia only being filled with them and with no white males, you think it would be a major power?
Make the point of physical fitness. Vegetarianism makes you phyiscally weak. Smoking, cigarettes, alcohol - overuse are not good either. etc.

I can only you have an IQ below room temperature.

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*I can only assume

"Oy vey! The goyim knows!"
A society of independent individuals that doesn't fuck each other over, does that sounds something trannies and persyns of colyr can ever achieve? Nope, a society of only anti-white "idpol" would simply perish in about 2 weeks.

Your kind is worst than useless to the cause of socialism. -) There's only going full 1937 on your lot. Day of the Ice Picks. -D

Thanks for the skit bro. You definitely raised the IQ above room temperatures.

The strategy is obvious. Completely ignore the "smart leftists", and only engage, with the sole intent of triggering, the SJWs.
Make them the center of attention, and poke at them until they spiral into violent rioting again.
I keep getting this vision of a Clown World Parade. All the based "NAZIS", costumed up, flying our dankest memes, and acting in total ironic humiliation of our oppositions ideologies.
I believe the Clown meme is very powerful right now.
Only the Court Jester has the support and freedom to talk shit to the king.
We need to clown our way into an IRL presence. Even if you did dress in full Nazi regalia, as long as you put on a clown nose, you're going to keep the people guessing whether or not it's real, or mockery.
The point being, either way, it's a real life presence with each other en masse. Opsec is contained under clown makeup as well.

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You’re paid to post here. Congrats on exposing yourself.

Eventually, leftypol too will wake up to the need of a permanent solution to the anti-white problem…

The Day of the Ice Picks is coming, my dude. Tankie white nationalism now!

I don't like this concept of original sin. Many people are misguided and misunderstand life, they can only find truth by investigation. Many national socialists are either former socialists or former lolberts, I myself know as a former lolbert. There were things I defended that I eventually became against because of my time on Zig Forums, such as homosexuality.

Sometimes they are not pushing back against the sexual degeneracy because they don't have the proper arguments to push back. I always knew fags were uncomfortable to look at in public, and I knew they were forcing their shit down everyone's throats in public, but a libertarian cannot argue against it without going against his principles of individualism. Likewise, a leftist cannot push back against the degeneracy because his only argument is that it distracts from worker unity.

The lefty cannot tell you why it distracts from worker unity, because most working class people are normal, heterosexual monogamous people who hate the gay shit. But the leftist can't make that argument without looking like he's a traditionalist, so it goes on unabated. There is some truth to what you say though, that some of them will outright oppose anything we say because we're enemies to one another; those are pretty much lost causes.

Well ya because there are anons who are defeatist about everything, when they should realize that all fascistic movements gain more and more support the longer they exist. There's some quote from Adolf about how the only way to beat the NSDAP was if it was smashed in its infancy. Arguably it started with Pat Buchanan, than Ron Paul, and now Trump (not the man himself, just nationalistic sentimentality)

Creature of Jekyl Island

Now consider this

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There is some truth to this, but limited. For the simple reason that full on intersectional marxism is more popular among upper class whites than PoC in general. There is going to be a Weather Underground faction within every Western government that will dominate left-wing politics

That's bullshit, they aren't the same person, your own graphic shows they have different children

cheers to OP, who braved the toxic waste of those forums so we didn't have to

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It's not about Zig Forums, it includes Zig Forums but is not limited to Zig Forums. If you do not notice how all of the mega corporations like Google, Facebook, the owners of Gillette etc. one any given social issue always side with the left. In turn the left has only ever gives token resistance to some pollicy that will fuck over the workers, or outright support it and harass any opposition. For the latter you the case of immigration, mass immigration lowers wages and erodes the social cohesion unions needs to act, there is just less solidarity across race lines.

Sometimes these issues overlaps, and here they have the worst consequences, like freedom of association and the right to exclusive covenants. Desegregation has been a disaster for everyone except the jews who profit and gain power to from the dispossession of whites.

Then mocks "woke SJW's".

no, he is a sign that most of the right wing are undiscerning NPC's who are easily appeased by the image of a White male. they also followed trump on his 180 degree turn on immigration and like the NPC idiots they are, applauded it at the last state of the union, where he straight up told you he is going to make it legal for this invasion to continue. him and biden are identical, they are completely anti-White and are proud to destroy our race and nation. you need to understand that jesuit coadjutors like trump are identical to the jew.

trump cheerleaders are absolutely worthless, and the fact this is still happening guarantees by 2030 this country will be divided into multiple 3rd world nations where Whites have it worse than South Africa, all because you still are having faith in the same evil system that is LEADING white genocide. wake up you damn fools, all we have is what we make and fight for and that will always be attacked by the government. GROW UP AND WAR FAGGOTS.

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What you're seeing is the old left (workers vs. bourgeoisie) struggling to maintain control against the new left (everyone who isn't a white male vs. white males). The old left was quite successful as no one likes being treated like shit by the rich. The new left is only successful to an extent. No matter how hard the Jews push cultural Marxism, people will eventually get tired of it and push back. It happened in Germany. It will happen again. They lose the plot when they move from politics/economy to culture.

Huh, I wonder why they didn't go full NatSoc?
I mean, it's a combination of conservative social values and left wing economics.
Fucking boomers squandered their chance.
What, you couldn't add it up?

Nope, instead you fell for Reagan, and now Trump!
You could have created a Fourth Reich in the sixties and gassed all commies and kikes, but now it's probably too late.

I am down to march but the white nationalist movement is full of a bunch of pussies who are afraid to die or even get a misdemeanor charge for disorderly conduct. They also listen to a bunch of E celebrities who campaign against activism to keep the system from shutting their websites down. UTR1 was able to generate numbers because we had trusted figureheads leading the call to action. The only thing close to that now is GoyTalk.

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OP, I also like to pay attention to lefty shits. Amazingly, even leftys are having to start mentioning israel.

Also, I'm too dumb to make a .webm out of a file this big, but even the Dumb Jerks have to admit how shitty LA is (while still showing the rootless cosmopolitan's obligatory snide contempt for people in Kentucky). At 15:57-18:28

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the fucking boomers should have revolted in the 1960s and seventies, when they still had a major chance. Just when the niggers started acting up and all the degenerates followed.
They could have mowed them down with National Guard troops.

But nope, boomers thought "if you kill your enemies, they win."

This proves my theory.
The Corporations and Financial institutions are working towards global communism.

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You just need to watch mainstream media and see which ideology they defend. It's not that hard to understand revolution won't be televised so what you see is what they want you to see.

They don't even attempt to hide it. Remember Hillary's wikileaked hidden speech to the bankers? How she wants some global hemispheric borderless world so banksters can rule over everyone?

Suuuuuure you do. If that was the truth you piece of shit, then this isn't true.

It's always been like that because it's one big pity party, whoa is me, circle jerk over whose the biggest victim and most oppressed by Whitey.

And like that, the jew shows his disgusting nose.

yes its a real quote, bakunin was ardently anti-semite. he knew what the jews where up to.