Dick Nixon Thread

If you ever wonder why Nixon is portrayed as the most evil scum fuck corrupt president in american history.
Maybe this will help you understad…
>cheekyvideos.net/evalion/Top10 Nixon Quotes.html
cheekyvideos.net/evalion/Top10 Nixon Quotes.html

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Dick Nixion knew about Jews and Fags, but he believed that conservative Jews such as Barry Goldwater and his own Henry Kissinger were "Good Jews", and aided the state of Israel and the Zionist Cause because he thought these were things the "Good Jews" wanted. He also "solved the School Bussing Problem". Because of this, many Conservative Jews adore him and make documentaries about him in a positive light. Dick Nixon was therefore a cuck.


This is the most important single article I've ever read about Nixon. I highly recommend it.


Every president is corrupt.
Every president since Lincoln has been progressively more corrupt.



Left versus Right
Zionists versus Bolsheviks
Judaism versus Christianity

It's all the same jewish scheme, i.e. pretend you're fighting but you're on the same side. Jews disagree on how to jew but always assist each other.

He killed the international gold standard in 1971, not a shred of doubt the jews had something on him or threatened to kill him. Nixon and FDR gave the jews all the power they would ever need with the central bank.

Here's the jew written speech Nixon gave on August 15, 1971.

For the record this wasnt suppose to be a
"lets all suck off nixon thread"
just a thread to discuss nixon, the good and the bad and why he is hated.
All im pointing it out is that there is one reason and one reason only (((the press))) EVER portrays anyone in a negative light
and its because they in some shape or form appose ((their)) plans.
Its why Stalin is portrayed as "the most evil dictator of the soviet union"
when ((lennin)) and (((((((((trotsky))))))))) barely even get a mention in history class
stalin killed some jews to consolidate power and didnt always go along with all of the kikes plans
which is why he is remembered as the quinticential "mass murder of the soviet union"
when the ((bolshivic)) revolution itself arguably killed twice to three times as man
pic related

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because he spoke openly about the Jews

I disagree. I side with many then-contemporary arguments of the Leftist in that he committed numerous crimes while in office, as well as his involvement in Vietnam. Nixon did break the law in regards to The Watergate Affair, and did attempt to cover it up. He made a list of political enemies and used his power to attempt to go after these individuals. Almost all actions he created in his presidency were wrong-headed, and he was also the president to get us completly off the Gold Standard (which had deteriorated to the "Federal Reserve Note", with the last holdouts there). There is also some evidence to suggest he collaborated with Lindon Banes Johnson and George Herbert-Walker Bush in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

I never heard of this. Amazing.

user but all of our politicans do this shit.
Find me one president in modern history who didnt break the constition in some fashion or an other, at the very least taking military action without congresses express approval (as the constitution demands)
The difference is
he got taken out office.
Largely at the hands of the (((press))) i might add
you might be a scum fuck pedophilic faggot
but that doesnt get you taken out in this country
only one thing does.
Resisiting ((((them))))


I'm a big fan of Nixon. If you go listen to his tapes, he's so lucid. He wasn't one of those mindless puppets that they stuffed into the White House before and after him. He also managed to maintain his naturally good instincts, without getting utterly neutered by his advisers, like Trump. The man was a political genius too, both in his personal duties, and in foreign policy. He's the American Bismarck.

Haven't most Zig Forumsacks gone through that phase where you separate "national jews" from "international jews?" I remember years back when I'd hold up that Churchill article on the topic, where he admits kikes were behind communism. It takes quite awhile to fully understand that ALL jews are bad jews. Or at least it took me awhile to understand that jews are genetically flawed, and that their collective unconscious is satanic.

He oversaw the deregulation that led to the 2008 financial crisis you stupid motherfucker.

He was a nut. Look you guys have got to stop extolling this or that party. Nixon was fucked up.

Drunk in charge (part two)

For most of his political life Richard Nixon was prey to drink, prescription drugs and fits of rage. Talking to Nixon's psychotherapist and key figures in his administration, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan piece together, for the first time, the events that culminated, astonishingly, in the president being asleep and incapable when his country went on nuclear alert against the Soviets

Saturday 2 September 2000

At Key Biscayne, according to a Secret Service source, Nixon once lost his temper during a conversation about Cambodia. "He just got pissed," the agent quoted eyewitnesses as saying. "They were half in the tank, sitting around the pool drinking. And Nixon got on the phone and said: 'Bomb the shit out of them!'"
"If the president had his way," Kissinger growled to aides more than once, "there would be a nuclear war each week!" This may not have been an idle jest. The CIA's top Vietnam specialist, George Carver, reportedly said that in 1969, when the North Koreans shot down a US spy plane, "Nixon became incensed and ordered a tactical nuclear strike… The Joint Chiefs were alerted and asked to recommend targets, but Kissinger got on the phone to them. They agreed not to do anything until Nixon sobered up in the morning."

The allegation of flirting with nuclear weaponry is not an isolated one. Nixon had been open to the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Vietnam as early as 1954 and as president-elect in 1968 had talked of striking "a blow that would both end the war and win it". A Kissinger aide who moved over to the White House, David Young, told a colleague "of the time he was on the phone [listening] when Nixon and Kissinger were talking. Nixon was drunk, and he said, 'Henry, we've got to nuke them.' "

The 1972 election, when Nixon won his second term as president, was, as predicted, a landslide. Yet it was from the beginning a peculiarly joyless triumph, the start of an administration doomed to disaster - as the Watergate affair unravelled and many of Nixon's closest aides were either prosecuted or resigned - and culminating, eventually, in Nixon's own resignation. The firing of Haldeman and Ehrlichman, press aide Ron Ziegler, thought, was Nixon's lowest emotional moment. "He looked out of the window and said, 'Ron, it's over.' And I knew he was referring to himself and the presidency."

Nixon actually spoke of resigning in the spring of 1973, 16 months before the final fall. "Maybe," he told Kissinger during one after-dinner phone session, "we'll even consider the possibility of, frankly, just throwing myself on the sword… and letting [Vice President] Agnew take it. What the hell." Kissinger told him not even to consider it.

Nixon brought up the subject of resignation twice more in the weeks that followed, with his family. Pat urged him to fight on, as did his daughters, arguing that the country needed him. Kissinger considered what he was seeing was nothing less than "the disintegration of a government that a few weeks earlier had appeared invulnerable. The president lived in the stunned lethargy of a man whose nightmares had come true… Like a figure in Greek tragedy, he was fulfilling his own nature and destroying himself."

In June, a year to the day after the Watergate arrests, when former White House counsel John Dean was about to testify before the Senate, Nixon received the Soviet leader, Leonid Brezhnev. He had insisted on going ahead with the summit, Kissinger believed, because "to concede that his ability to govern had been impaired would accelerate the assault on his presidency". Yet the fact was, in Kissinger's view, that Watergate had "deprived him of the attention span he needed to give intellectual impetus to SALT" - the arms control talks.

According to his biographer, Senator Sam Ervin discussed just such a possibility with majority leader Mike Mansfield before they decided on the Watergate probe. It had been, even then, "that thing which was the main fear and therefore the prime issue. Which wasn't whether or not Nixon was a crook. Millions had been talking on both sides of that issue for more than a quarter century now. Everyone knew what the prime issue was. A certain thumb moving awkwardly towards a certain red button, a certain question of sanity… Query: if the man who holds the thumb over the button is mad..


Even when he was VP to Ike, he was always this weird shifty eyed dude. You know, back in the early colonial era, the fucking Quakers were hugely unpopular. They were self righteous insulting assholes who would walk into a neighborhood church and dump a bucket of shit and piss in the middle of the church and proclaim the church was as unclean as the contents of the bucket. They were NOT popular. You know sort of like the mormons. If there's this guy and everybody says he's an asshole, chances are he is.

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Nixon did nothing wrong. Except, maybe, in Cambodia.

Or in his involvement in the U.S. economy, or in being a Republican, or in Operation Nickel Grass. You know nothing.

Maybe he was shit not for what knew, but what he chose not to do with the knowledge he had?

And being really anti gun

Wow another “Jew wise” Zig Forumsyp who believes whatever a Jew says.

Churchill was almost never sober and he is widely considered the best western leader of the 20th century, how does that compute?

But what guns did he ban? That was your boy Ronnie Reagan that enacted bans, then bush and Clinton banned more.
Who gives a fuck about guns anyways, you conservo-tards treat them like your dragon dildo collection anyways.

Let's not forget OSHA. What a list of crimes he committed. Seriously, Arthur Burns was one of the finest Fed chairs of the post war era. Powell can't hold a candle to him.

They probably hate him because he was one of the only exceptions to the smooth talking good looking Jew front man.
Also why they love Trump.

The *real* real reason the left hated Nixon is that he was such a successful anti-Communist in his younger days.

The Commies Nixon went after got prosecuted and went to prison, and he moved on to Vice President and later president.

Unlike Joe McCarthy, who made a lot of accusations that didn't stick and got expelled from the senate.

If McCarthy was right, Nixon was even more right and truly successful.

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Bombing of Dresden, a non industrial city where Women and children took refuge?
setting up German for WWII
Giving aid and assistance to Stalin?
Having foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack?

That drunk fucker?


This guy gets it.

Nixon is totally memory-holed for my generation. I know basically nothing about what he did and stood for.

Very interesting. Nixon is extremely pre-occupied with what happened to Wallace in The Haldeman Diaries.

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iirc he supported McCarthy

>t. Nixon's (((psychotherapist)))

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Shut the fuck up you civic nationalist Republikike boomer.
Nixon was garbage and so are you.

Hitler did nothing wrong, JFK did nothing wrong, gas every kike.

(((WaterGate))) is this big boogyman word, but I think most people who refer to it barely even understand what it was about. Wasn't it just the 1972 version of the 2016 release of Podesta's e-mails?

Why exactly should the major political parties deserve a bunch of fucking privacy anyway?

Dick Nixon was a White Jew

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when you look at the moment when the USA decided to start shipping all its jobs and industry and technology out to the murderous chicoms who had just finished massacring 70 million innocent people it was Nixon's trip to China negotiated by the evil insane jew Kissinger that started the process. (Kissenger really wanted to get into the Kennedy White House but Smiling Jack thought he was a dangerous lunatic)

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