We will be marching on Washington on August 28th in remembrance of the great civil rights leader martin Luther king who gave his famous "I have a dream speech"
to commemorate such a historic and all together christ like figure who championed racial equality, workers rights, and love of your race.
We will be protesting against affirmative action, mass immigration, and all anti white bias and diversity initiatives in government and corporate life.
If you prefer,
We could just do nothing.

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Who's organizing it?

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Agent Johnson

why not you?

Who is organizing it..

user if you want the gods to honest truth this is just something my ass personally came up with.
I'm not gonna be a pussy and back down from that, but this is more about getting traction behind the idea then anything else.
Id love to se amran or another legitimate organization get take the rains once it does
but im just some dude online.
Im the fucking party leader.
Just a guy who gives a damn about his people and had an idea.

*im not the fucking paryt leader

Gee thanks nigger.
If this is your original idea then spread the idea and get it going somewhere besides here for obvious reasons.
If no one else steps up the plate I could, but I'm probably the least suited to handle something like this.

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lol no thanks

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Looks like another Jewish march.


You dont need qualification dude.
You just need to not be a jew or a shill.
Im going to spread this on cuckchan as soon as i can (When my ban for posting the last thread about it lifts)

This exactly why i said "You" should do it nigger.
Everythings compromised
everyone in power is controlled by them
i picked amran out of my ass
and would support you whole heartedly if you would get off yours and work to get this moving.
this is basic shit.

To force the left to show their bias
To bring more people to the movement with increased anti white sentiment
To both accelerate jewish domination when whites still have the strenght and numbers to resist AS WELL as devining ourselves as a legitimate (and the only) alternative
in otherwords
to not be a lazy fucking faggot who watches his people die.

you called "amren" legit. stahp.

I mean it's better than nothing, but isn't there anything else that could be done? Anything that would create actual change?

Dox yourself goy, give us the media stunt we want goy.

The boston massacre caused actual change
if we get our own "heather heyer" it will be worht it


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When I said 'somewhere else besides here' I meant preferably not an imageboard. We've already been associated with 2 terror attacks this year. You will likely be denied a special event permit as soon as it is made known the planning of this event took place here. In fact I can guarantee it. Plus even if every person on Zig Forums were in attendance, we would still be massively outnumbered by counter-protestors. If you want a repeat of Unite the Right 2 then by all means go for it. But if you're not just some LARPing asshole and actually want to engage in some activism irl, you know that if a march in our capital city is going to pan out then we will need numbers on our side. Lots of them.
I recommend taking this to some of those boomer patriot and sons of the confederacy groups, maybe even some of the non-cucked Trump supporters.

I could try for r-the donald to come to think of it.
Ironically protesting for "an end to affirmative action and mass immigration" might be jus "civ nat enough" to make it past the mods there
and if it gets traction there
it will go far.

global reported for spam bumping your shit data-mining thread

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I said non-cucked Trump supporters.

You also said numbers.
You might have to pic one or the other.
Its the same call we had to make back in 2016.
Hopefully enough of them are young enough and curious enough to come to our movement while fighting along side us.
I know thats how i came to this board in the first place.
The pipeline might be shit at the beginning but its the only way you get natsocs at the end.

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Another Jewish march to stir up a hysteria

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there was a capitol march before?
what did i miss?

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David Ross Harmon
Go right on ahead. Let's see what happens.
There's not a single intelligence agency that doesn't already know who I am.


i think it's just funny now.
i am so very Anonymous here.
it's just pathetic.
more like a fish in a pond, where every ripple is stored and evaluated.

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Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon used by Jews to exterminate Whites.


No thanks FedPig.