A new economic system for futurist Nationalist societies

Hey friends, I wanted to offer you guys a new ideology that I've been thinking about for the past 6 months. One of the largest problems we've encountered in running a country, especially long term, is the large divide between four main categories National Socialist, Communist, 'Neoliberal, Libertarian. Naturally we've all encountered the thought process of
Well lets just gas chamber everyone besides NS.
This is fine and dandy except it doesn't prevent these ideologies from constantly rising up from the grave. I don't know about any of you guys, but I don't feel comfortable with staging mass execution waves of 16 year olds in Che Guevara shirts. Yeah I know, speak for yourself faggot. My discomfort with bloodshed and my desire for the argument has lead me to wonder as to why we have these political instabilities in our current congressional system in the first place. The question
What caused our congress to be primarily neoliberal or communist? Why has the white working class not been represented in congress?
constantly bombarded my brain until I started writing it down. In my ideal world, it would be perfect if some how we could coexist. My vision is NS, Commies, Neolibs, libertarians all holding hands around a campfire and singing. But how? Well the main problem is that our congress takes bribes and is held together by the popular vote. So lets ask ourselves
Who does this directly benefit?
The popular vote mashes together all forms of class so that upper class citizens who contribute a shitload more to the economy than lower class citizens get the same vote as everyone else. To compensate this they bribe for extra representation. Yet we cannot quantify the amount they bribe and therefore cannot adequately represent upper class citizens proportionally to how they influence the economy.
The middle class gains significantly from taxes but not from voting. The middle class is what pays for most roads, city officials, police etc. This is why in the suburbs we see nice roads and nice police and no one cares that anyone takes drugs here. Middle class goons are almost exclusively pampered by the state. They're the soyboy freaks we see all over the place. They get equal representation in voting power but disproportionate value from each vote.
The lower class is directly targeted and harmed the most by the system. They pay an absurd amount of money not only for basic survival (Such as shelter and gasoline) but also pay a significant amount of their income in taxes. The state provides little to no protection from the degenerate class and instead offers them gibs to keep the entire class as a whole quiet. As a whole, the lower class are victims from a predatory state. Their jobs pay them very little but require extremely long hours. They have little to no worker protections, especially in the service industry, no police protection and are forced at gunpoint to give away 20% of their money every month when they very clearly need it more.

So whats the solution?
So the first thing we should establish to counter this imbalance is to remove forced taxation all together. You're likely chuckling already at this concept but hear me out, we've already established in our minds that the taxes from the poor are not spent on the poor, they are spent on the middle class. This is fairly clear to anyone observational. Things like gibs are nothing compared to the amount of infrastructure spent on keeping the goy happy with his silly toys. What we're doing once establishing a life without taxation is finally giving responsibility, and the fear of death, back into the hands of the people. We finally will have to think for ourselves on the necessity of all governmental programs

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So what do we do for the roads?
Make taxation not only voluntary but proportional to the individuals vote. The more you pay in taxes, the more power you have for voting. This way anyone interested in being involved in government can happily buy their way in and the poor are no longer forced to be slaves to the state. This also means that a government official no longer needs to be bought, since a corporation can easily place on of their own men inside the government.
Great, so now the rich can buy their way in and control everything
In one distinct house. Lets separate the two houses of congress in between the working class and those wishing to participate in the government as individuals. Both houses will have equal power, but the power will be divided up differently. We will allocate the one house to the union workers for each particular industry, where power is proportionally allocated by the amount of union workers represented and the other to individuals, where power is allocated by the amount of money donated to the government. Coincidentally, this gives zero representation to the degenerate masses that don't fucking work. If you want representation in government, you either have to work or donate enough money to the government to make a difference. Unlike in current society, this world will be held together by people who actually have jobs to do, increasing the quality of human beings inside the government tenfold.

I title this economic ideology



That's the best you've got after 6 months? From my perspective your entire premise is amateur, flawed, borderline tard-tier tripe. I'll even wager you're deluded enough to think you're intelligent. Clear the whiteboard and start over.

The importance of community in NeoSyndicalism must not be understated. Allow me explain

Each bill is passed through first the president of the Union. It then trickles down to the federal house of individuals and house of unions. This then trickles down to the various statewide houses of individuals and unions. Lastly it passes to the community. Each time the corporation gets direct representation through voting power and each time the community will be able to directly critique the bill for it's purpose inside the district. The main issue I was trying to counter in deriving this is the fact that despite 90% of the counties in the US voting for Trump, and voting republican, the country had a strong chance to fall in favor for a neoliberal. This isn't adequate representation at all. It bothers me intensely that our entire political system is based off the sham of the popular vote instead of the reality. It is a fact that our working class and our industry is the only back bone of this country, not the gibs, and we should not entertain the idea of letting the gibs vote at all. If they require help, they can save up the money they get from not paying taxes. Our voting power needs to be based off of each district and their industries in that area.

However, and this is the most controversial thing in this ideology
The Keynesian system and the federal reserve works
In 2008, when the life blood of the hard working middle class and upper middle class was sucked dry, one thing was for sure, we still had an industry. Despite the meddling and usury and lies put forward by our economic overseers, our dollar did not inflate and people were still able to go to work. Despite losing our entire 401ks and our homes, we were no where near as destroyed as a people as those in Germany and the US after black Monday. Food didn't cost anymore and neither did the gasoline. This extreme power is due to the ability of our federal reserve and Keynesian economics to counter the immense subversive pressure from our private sector. Despite the fact that our entire US bond system was demolished, we barely felt the effects of it only 10 years later. This is something we should probably look into, so what is the real value of a currency based on debt?
Hand shuffles
The federal reserve first loans out a trillion dollars to various banks at interest. This interest gives the banks an incentive to try and profit from these loans and it also gives our dollar an incentive to remain strong. There should be more money owed to the federal reserve than loaned out, which would mean that even in the event of an inflationary catastrophe, the federal reserve can merely call back their loans to undo the damage.
Should we keep the federal reserve?
Our main goal should be to undo the possibility of subversion from a currency based on debt. Instead of having a private federal reserve, we should instead have a National reserve that is able to give loans out to communities instead of banks. These communities, depending on an external credit rating given by the government will determine how valuable their lending power is. This isn't it though. Even though we removed banks, we also have to remove usury.

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No. National Socialism is tainted, whatever. Don't call yourself that. Call yourself a fascist. Your enemies aren't 'da jews', it's the international financial system (which every bloody jew will come out of the woodwork to defend). Point out that it exploits and destroys every country, culture, and peoples it comes across. Boom, now everyone is on board:

Don't even need swastikas and shit. Lightning bolt motherfuckers. Hell, you can meme fucking Harry Potter to be the visual champion of the movement - after all he spends the entire series fighting against an evil force with a weird nose. HMM.

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To eliminate usury, we need to abolish interest while also establishing some way of preventing inflation. So we should establish the community credit rating based on both how much they pay in taxes as well as the rated value of the initial investment. Inflation is an involuntary response of the economy towards excess market purchasing power compared to market value, thus the purchasing power must decrease. Instead, why don't we target the market value itself. A community shall be allocated yearly a distinct amount of funds based on their credit rating. They then loan these funds out to local businesses and community members without interest. If this initial investment raises the overall value of the community, the community will then have access to more funds. If the investment decreases the value of the community, eg inflation, then they will have less funds. The community will even have an individual credit rating based on how to deal with those exploiting them. In short, the community has to instantiate an immune system, based on credit, to deal with who they invest in.
All forms of social welfare must be eliminated in a working class society, naturally. We as working class citizens are forced into slavery every single time we receive our paycheck. The whip hand on this slaver belongs to the irresponsible elderly who without our good graces, would not be alive. We should have no mercy on those who who not work and as said before, those not in industry should not be voting.
Immigrants operate at almost constant parasitic demand for social welfare while living in America, yet are disproportionately represented in congress and as a voting block.
63% of all immigrant households are on welfare
The raw number of human beings that we can fit into a certain area should have nothing to do with our national policy. We must rely on the working class itself to rule over themselves, otherwise they will be drowned away in gibs.

Nevermind, clearing the whiteboard isn't going to help your level retardism. I suggest your solution is a length of rope.

To eliminate subversion itself, we need to have a system of distinct rights allocated to men of all ages. These rights are God given and cannot be violated by anyone that receives government representation. Those who participate in the government must respect the rights of man in all forms and shall not try to find ways around it.

The first right of man is speech in all forms.
Every form of speech, while not explicitly working, is protected. Censorship is the concept of removing any form of speech or media from the public forum. Media consists of any type of moving picture, printed photographs or any other sensory provoking medium that conveys a message. Speech is a form of spoken word, phonic arrangement or written communication. As long as there is a legitimate message, it must be legally available. However there is no requirement that the message is ever to be displayed to the public and under no circumstances shall congress make a law that requires someone to produce a message. Once a form of content is easily available for public consumption, it is to be considered a product of the public and therefore part of the public domain. Censorship is illegal in the public domain especially and no corporate entity may prevent speech from existing in this domain.
Congress shall under no circumstances make any law that prevents the freedom to create and the freedom to distribute, nor shall they make any law that prevents the freedom to create and the freedom to distribute. This means that congress shall never issue judicial power for the ability to ‘gag’ a citizen (legally prevent them from speaking publicly). Nor shall congress make any law that prevents a judicially recovering citizen from speaking after imprisonment. Nor shall congress make any law that prevents a media outlet from releasing any sensitive information, corporate or otherwise but may prevent a media outlet from releasing the private information of any citizen.

The second right of man is armament
Speech is not enough to guarantee the safety of a nation. The life of every citizen is garnered by the fundamental force of all universal change: the fear of death both psychologically and physically. The rule of any civilization is that no economic or political system can be sustained by cowards, thieves and liars. This is especially true in a nation that is ran by the people. The life of a nation is entirely dependent on men and women who are willing to die for the sake of what they define to be good. Without the fear of the people willing to uprise at any moment against the government, the government has no accountability. Worse, the common population will begin to associate themselves with the government rather than with those who believe in the foundation of the society. This corresponds to every single angle of power, be it who puts food on the table, who keeps who safe and who enforces the law. It really doesn’t even matter what is defined as “good” so much as the people are radicalized into the definition of good and that the government adheres to the will of the people. Mankind has faced the death of their governments again and again, almost to the point where death is not only a guarantee, but a cyclical response towards a generational concept. Comfort begets weakness, weakness begets predators, predators beget hunters, hunters beget comfort. Over and over and over again we see predatory government officials hunted down the best civilians society had to offer, then these civilians make life good for their children only to have it explode in their face. The purpose of the second right of man is not to prevent this but to ride the cyclical wave with as little casualties as possible.

The Third Right of Man is against all state seizure and indentured servitude
States have adapted new policies for confiscating property from citizens as a form of compensating for running at a deficit. Common crimes such as traffic stops to soliciting prostitution have resulted in property seizure for the purpose of funding local governments that do not receive significant funding through the state. Property seizure can be done for partisan reasons as well as for merely the desire for their victims property. Because of the supreme court ruling Warren vs District of Columbia, the state has no obligation to steal the property of others unless it wants to. This places an unfair advantage in the arms of the state, where they can and have directly favored political allies while directly targeting political enemies for petty crimes. The state has utilized this for defeating revolutionary movements that still follow the law as well as political opponents. The corporate empires work together with the government to deplatform from both sides until the target finally acts out. Remember that. Any act against the government, no matter how small, can be legislated and sued until the organization that sustains the existence of you as an actor is eliminated. The establishment of 2019, which is the time in which this book was written, is doing this exact same style of legislation to take out both the groups Identity Europa, Rise Above Movement and The Daily Stormer. These groups were denied their rights to protest in multiple locations.
In NeoSyndicalism, the concept of property is respected regardless of the consequences of an individuals crimes. Our society shall never seize the property of another, regardless of the crime (except stolen property) and regardless of the needs of society. If society chooses to not fund a certain program, they may not subsidize a certain program through property seizure. Instead the program directors must meet the demands of society. Thus the powers of government are extremely limited against the individual. They must recognize the rights of property in their citizens.
Under no circumstances, shall the community make claim on someone’s property nor shall the community make this property illegal to possesses without adequate compensation. Property that is considered contraband is still considered property and shall be compensated towards the individual after prosecution. Under no circumstances shall property be forfeited as restitution nor shall a person be obligated to indentured servitude to make a difference in their community.

The Fourth Right of Man states that no form of congress may order unwarranted search of any person
The United States as it currently stands not only supports unwarranted spying, but facilitates spying and masks its own behavior in order to bypass constitutional restrictions. When it hasn't been performed by the state, it is instead done by corporations. This pseudo combination of state capitalism and communist surveillance has rendered the average citizen completely helpless against the government and hopelessly paranoid of what powers corporations are exercising against them. This is another power manipulation that the government implements towards their over looming sense of unlimited power. Why rebel when one easily will be prevented before they start? I can imagine a time later on where the government will legitimately start arguing in favor of reading thoughts to prevent rebellion. Imagine the anxiety, the terror one would feel, if they were a rebellious element, that their thoughts are being read. The thought process is borderline schizophrenic, yet the implementation of this terror propaganda would be brilliant by our government. We already have secret police actively working towards preventing large scale rebellion, even to the point of placing hyper radical elements inside a rebellion to drive away bipartisans and to isolate the movement.
Any action of surveillance on another person, such as stalking, reporting private information, personal investigation and reporting on another non public entity without permission—for non criminal reasons will result in significant punishment. No external organizations may report on or record the actions of an individual for non criminal acts. The community is directly responsible for enforcing this rule, as they are primarily the most effected. In the current time, communities have constantly been at war with each other, either by issuing economic sanctions across state or corporate lines for the sake of political gain. The community also “defends itself” by issuing swathes of “community reports” on otherwise constitutional activity in order to induce fear in any of supporters of the victim community.

Why don't you provide some real criticism fucking kike. At least user is providing some kind of alternative as flawed as it may be.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

As for anyone else reading this thread, I do hope you have some criticism for me. What I've put out is pretty much the foundation for what I've been thinking of. I've written about 182 pages on it. My plan is to get around to 300 before I publish it. I really want the opportunity to see all the sides I can from this in order to make this the best possible description.
If there are severe flaws, I'd love to know them and address them somehow. Thank you for reading.

I actually do have a model for a different system, actively worked on it for quite a time, and by that I mean years of studying the problem. Ultimately however, I realized it's futile. For all the bullshit talk and virtue signaling it wouldn't get enough support to be implemented in this system as it is now. You can't implement a system when the overwhelming majority of the population is driven by greed and corruption. I simply concluded the best course of action is to do nothing. Everything will collapse under its own weight. After the collapse happens, that'll be the time to act.

For now, I choose to not impede the systemic collapse. I only hope enough of the morons in this world die when it happens.

You want some criticism? If you can't reduce the model to a few pages your solution is dog shit. 300 pages is the sign of someone who's filling paper with bullshit. The US Constitution is ~7500 words. This is also reflects your level of shit thinking because you simply don't understand the problem sufficiently to even come up with an efficient solution. I bet you can't even list the assumptions you're making for your bullshit solution to work.

There's a splash of criticism.

If there is one thing that shits up this place more than anything else, it is whiny little PISSANTS like you who can't stand it when someone makes an attempt at using their brain to come up with solutions for real problems. Would you rather OP just be an NPC would doesn't give a fuck about our people? Would that be better, you stupid cunt? You pretend to be some gatekeeper of intellectualism but it is you, YOU, who is discouraging any actual discussion. Not OP. It is YOU who is contributing nothing, and you even admit it. If you think the collapse is inevitable then make yourself useful and do something to speed it up rather than waiting for shit to happen. You are the problem. Get bent.

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That's what I thought today.

In the next years, pre-AI and automation years, we're going to suffer a lot. No jobs for all, niggers, Jewish media, "the Left" (useful idiots), censorship and degeneracy at the same time, immigrants, poverty… boy, what a dark age!

This guy is a shill.


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If they say our heroes of history were wrong, we should honor them. So if they are racist, that's why we honor them.

So if they say lee wrong, or the king of Belgium Leopold, or other heroes like Washington, mussolinni or barbarossa, or Caesar, or the pope, or Alexander the great, then we honor them right.

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Hitler was a great man.
Great history hero's.
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You have been reading too much Karl Marx.
That is not how it all works.

There is a tax on gasoline and diesel which you pay when you buy it at a filling station, as a form of sales tax. That tax is called Road Use Tax and is what pays for road construction and maintenance, with exception to municipal roads which is payed for by property tax. The nicer the homes in a community the more payed in property tax, the more money available for nice municipal roads. Property tax also pays for schools and other municipal services, aka police and fire department. So the only tax you could be referring to that the poor pay to the amount of 20% is their income tax which does not go to any public service what so ever, medicare and social security are both independently taxed aside from income. So your whole economic system, which has no ability to ascribe how money is created or how it is circulated, hinges on your inability to comprehend how taxes work.

fucking moron

There's two income taxes in most states, naturally the federal income tax and either a state income tax or a sales tax. The state income tax compensates for any state deficit and isn't explicitly dictated as for a certain purpose other than that (at least from what I can find). This, along side with SS and medicare tax, totals up to the 20% of taxes I mentioned earlier.

Property taxes is far more interesting. According to this website
And it seems that most states try to keep property taxing as low as possible. This explains why schools at least receive better services, and we should also remember that many middle class families donate to their schools via fundraisers etc. What this doesn't explain is why the statewide class divide is unbalanced in schools. Middle class and low class areas are in the same school district and therefore receive the same local funding.(Often it's only 10 or so miles away) Unless somehow the parents are able to donate so much that a school can hire better teachers, remodel and build gigantic stadiums, I am led to believe that there is a distinct class favoritism here. Lets continue.
Roads however, are interesting. Lets say that the gas tax provides a base line for roads that everyone needs. It is distributed equally. According to this website, 10% of the state budget is allocated to building roads. 50% of that 10% (5% of state budget) is allocated towards repairing roads. This website also shows how the majority of local taxes is spent on education and only 8% or so is spent on the police. What does this mean? It means that very little of the local property taxes contribute to building roads compared to the statewide gas tax.
If 20% of localised income is directly responsible via the property tax and if 40% of all local income is sent directly to public schools, then 8% of the entire local income is directly responsible for schools via property tax. The rest is spent on various other services. 8% of the local income is very little extra to be spending on schools compared to the 40% spent on schools regardless of property tax. My conclusion is that funds are deliberately distributed towards the middle class rather than poor areas as an attempt to cater towards their needs first and foremost. I won't conclude why, other than it results in keeping the middle class happy.
Also look how much money is spent on gibs by the state. I was very surprised.

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My apologies
This would imply the middle class through paying higher property taxes would receive better services. I don't think the state pampering that we see on the middle class is entirely from property taxes. According to this graphic, in the most liberal areas (where middle class pampering is the most common), property taxing is roughly 20%.

Should not be greentexted

Federal reserve… of what? Anyone calling it this is an idiot, its a bank, and private, you insult Americans.

Take your faggot ass over to >>>Zig Forums so you can be with your kind. People like you are going to die during the happening and the world will be better off.

To be honest, friend, I don't think you're capable of doing anything of any value. You seem to act as if the fact that I failed in motivating you is in itself a reason why I shouldn't try at all. I think you're very depressed, which is why you've replied 5 times to discourage me, and your encouragements for me to kill myself is nothing more than a reflection on yourself.

Assuming this is true, you're likely not going to accomplish anything due to your depression. You wouldn't even know the first step during the happening let alone what to do after it. You'd complain that the solution offered isn't perfect and therefore shouldn't be executed. This effect is called "analysis paralysis" and causes a lot of projects to fail. No one here cares that you don't like this ideology. Go away and let the us talk, please.


You know Mosley described the BUF as a National Socialist movement right? Pierce made a better argument for why we should call ourselves National Socialists based on the differences between that and Italian Fascism. In National Socialism the people are the focus while the state eclipses them in Italian Fascism.

Mein Kampf is how many pages now? Ideology takes a lot to explain. There are a lot of 3rd position books people should read.


OP here, right now I'm working on graphics/paintings to explain my emotions on the subject along side my words. I'm also finding citations for all my claims. I'll post it when I'm finished. I just wanted to give a taste of the general theory out and to see how others viewed the economic concepts

We will create a new economic system which works and fits in with the current right wing ideology.

It's not impossible, but it requires a few changes to accelerate growth and wealth creation.

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Well yea, I know that as does everyone else with half a brain, but considering most people quite obviously don't have a bloody brain it means you have to actually trick them.

Of course they bloody do, but you can mobilize the masses against their control and use them as your personal golem by pointing out the corruption within the international finance system (which is Jewish-controlled). But the second you start going on about 'Jews rape kids' 'Holocaust is a lie!', everyone just immediately ignores you. The masses are braindead, just redirect the zombie hordes against the Jews and let them tear eachother apart.

This is what will happen:

Don't call it neosyndicalism. Syndicalism is tied to communism a little too hard, and this system doesn't seem like a communist system. It's like calling a philosophy "NeoNazism" without it being about killing jews at all.

Jesus FUCK you're dumb.

Social welfare is a necessary component of any reasonable system with a reasonably uniform populace. The reason gibs are looked down upon in the US is because they unevenly benefit useless niggers.

I don't want to leave you thinking that I hate everything you have to say, these are reasonable.

You're not someone who should be building systems. You're not nigger-brained, but you're not sufficiently intelligent to think of better ways to rule than even the U.S. system.

I think you *are* intelligent enough to contribute to the implementation of someone else's better ideas, and would strongly suggest you join up with AIM or something.

I don't think Zig Forums would take him. He seems to have at least thought of this himself, which puts him a few steps above them.

Mein Kampf is more than 300 pages.

Saging because this is genuinely a bad idea, hoping the OP reads this.


First of all thank you from the bottom of my heart for actually critiquing what I had to say. I deeply appreciate dialog and criticism on this as I further describe these concepts. I'll address each one by one

''This is what will happen:

This would be true if it wasn't for the fact that regardless of the existence of a union there will be equal power in the house of unions versus the house of individuals. Individuals only have the ability to compete with other individuals. In my book I describe one way of citizens from overcoming individuals by forming groups similar to PACS (Political Action Committee) to have some individual representation.

The main issue I'm targeting is how corporations already purchase votes in the senate via campaign donations and how corporations avoid taxes due to invalid representation. If we merge the two together, corporations would have an incentive to pay taxes proportional to their desired representation. Compared to placing money in an offshore account. In this system the corporate power is given a way for direct representation in half the political congress.

The reason why I want a union based system is due to the 17th ammendment, which the house of unions is based on countering. The constitution originally allowed the state legislators to elect senators rather than the popular vote. We changed that in 1913 due to corporations buying votes into the senate. What I realized was that if we based the election of a senator on the local governments, or possibly union governments, then we could bypass the popular vote altogether.

Don't call it neosyndicalism. Syndicalism is tied to communism a little too hard

My concept is based off the work of Geroges Sorel, who influenced Mussolini. Mussolini originally was a national syndicalist. The reason I call it neosyndicalism is due to the distinct influence of unions in all forms of government, and therefore a direct controller of the means of production. I'm not a communist, like you have said, and so I allowed the individual to always be able at any level to contribute to the government. This is the most important part, the integration between union values (National Socialist and Communist) and individual values (Neolib and libertarian). By separating them with equal power we force both groups to work together.

Jesus FUCK you're dumb.
Look at the results rather than the concepts. We all know usury is a disgusting concept and we all know that basing our currency off of an external bank is stupid. BUT the results speak for themselves. Despite going through the worlds worst act of subversion in our mortgage system, we survived without any inflation and our hosing market is as strong as ever. My desire is to leave the worth while components (resistance to inflation) and take out the subversive components (usury).
Hitler liked Keynesian Economics anyways and based the Reichmark value off of the German GDP (IIRC, could be wrong)

You're not someone who should be building systems. You're not nigger-brained, but you're not sufficiently intelligent to think of better ways to rule than even the U.S. system.

You'd be surprised. My ideas should stand out for themselves though and I apologize that they do not. I'm happy you read them at least.

Saging because this is genuinely a bad idea, hoping the OP reads this.

I hope this post helps you see the value in my ideas. Clearly there are a lot of critiques possible, which I address primarily in my book. It's not in postable condition yet (needs citation and more drawings), so I'm sorry you're stuck with my descriptions.


(((Thanks for the bump)))

In the ethno-eugenic-state there isn't really a need for economy or politics.

Technology is already good enough to provide enough labor for sustenance with extremely little human involvement. Natural renewable resources would be enough for a population of 5-10 million (hydro-electricity alone would be nutty at this scale).

Everyone would be essentially smart enough to do whatever they want to contribute to the advancement of life. I would prefer to retain a culture of music, paintings and statues, film, whatever. You could even just lay around all day because there's easily enough people that want to do those things to support the sedentary among us.

You could learn anything from the internet, food and shelter is taken care of if maximum children is limited to 2. Crime would be incredibly negligible. The ones that don't want to participate would be free to leave but no one would want to.


Pre-utopia it is clear that billions of people would have to die off one way or another and the existing structures would have to be taken apart. Unfortunately there is too much opposition to this goal and our species is probably doomed just like 99.999999% of all species. At our level of intelligence it seems that becoming everlasting seems feasible though and I'd feel bummed if we wasted this opportunity. I think a few others have a similar society in mind I would leave their contribution towards this end entirely at their discretion.

Better yet, we make dem programs suited only to those who are trying to work and make society better (ie we give money to people who do community projects and look for getting and maintaining a job). Basically welfare suited to whites.

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Yup thats the loan program I established earlier.

No interest and the community credit rating is based off of voluntary taxes

Did it never occur to you that someone else might have thought through everything you've thought through, and wrote a book on it? Perhaps multiple books solving all the issues you thought of and more that you didn't?

The system you're looking for is neocarmelism. Here's how it contrasts with your ideas, and why it is superior:
There are many more categories both historically and in the present day. Most countries already blend these systems together to some extent. Neocarmelism takes the position that instead of picking a particular blend of ideologies, different states should pick different versions and compete. Individuals will move to states with a more effective blend.
You've correctly identified that the problem with democracy is that the voters have no stake in the system. However, just having the votes for sale is not sufficient. Whoever manages to control the system by paying the most will loot it for their own benefit. Neocarmelism solves this issue by making voters shareholders. Shares in the state can be bought and carry voting rights, similar to your system. However, there is one added benefit; shareholders receive a dividend on their investment in the state, meaning that they are incentivized to support policies that increase their dividends.

The funny thing is that Neocarmelism is a natural progression of the current system. Taking political action actually prevents the emergence of neocarmelism - it's like a natural ground state for society that reaches a high enough level of technical sophistication. The internet and p2p distributed technologies have reached the point where this is possible. It's not inevitable everywhere, but the very nature of neocarmelism means that whichever region tries it first will economically and technologically outcompete the other regions until it is adopted wholesale

Did it never occur to you that someone else might have thought through everything you've thought through, and wrote a book on it? Perhaps multiple books solving all the issues you thought of and more that you didn't?

No it hadn't. Is this the correct website on it?
I'll devote some time to see how different it is from my philosophy and what makes mine better/worse.

Let’s start with my ideal world – the world of thousands, preferably even tens of thousands, of neocameralist city-states and ministates, or neostates. The organizations which own and operate these neostates are for-profit sovereign corporations, or sovcorps.

This is pretty interesting. It reminds me of Jordan Maxwell's theories on international maritime law. I will say this, just from my at a glance approach, I don't necessarily think that separating counties into sovcorps versus syndicates is too different of a concept, but what does make them different is the distinct identifier. Sovcorps seem to differentiate all property as a distinct corporation to which there is a distinct owner, CEO and various workers. The sounds a bit like serfdom. Corporations in my concept are entirely independent form the government and are independent on a wide variety of regulation. Hosting a corporation does not necessarily instantiate representation with the government and instead one must pay a yearly tax that is proportional to their desired representation. Remember that I'm making corporations compete for control of the system, so they'll be constantly trying to out pay the other multibillion dollar corporations for a stronger representation in the government. Regardless of how much they pay they will always still have equal power to the unions. Similar to the Senate having equal power to the house. My system directly gives citizens the ability to contribute to an independent syndicate of individuals or unions. Both will pay taxes either through contributions to the system for personal representation or through union dues. This is similar to the shareholder concept detailed here
Cryptogovernance is any system of corporate government in which all formal decisions are endorsed and verified cryptographically. A sponsor can still be very useful for cryptogovernance, but it is not required. Shareholders in a cryptogoverned corporation – known as subscribers – use private keys to sign their contributions to its governance.
For voting they have shareholders, which I suppose differentiates neocarmelism from serfdom and all forms of feudalist society. What differentiates the votes in neocarmelism from the votes in neosyndicalism is that neosyndicalism has no dues paid back to the people and you don't continuously own shares into a syndicate, compared to a sovcorp.

Whoever manages to control the system by paying the most will loot it for their own benefit

From my interpretation, and correct me if I'm wrong, a sovcorp investment is only one time. For neosyndicalism, the house of individuals is a rental. In fact, the power proportionally decreases over time for a single individual (With respect to power = log(x)/t where t is time and x is the invested cash flow. As a consequence, corporations in neosyndicalism must constantly shuffle around representatives in the house of individuals to continue their power.

It's not inevitable everywhere, but the very nature of neocarmelism means that whichever region tries it first will economically and technologically outcompete the other regions until it is adopted wholesale

I'm not sure if I agree on the idea of making syndicates compete with each other. I can entertain the idea but I don't think my system would work with competing syndicates in the same way neocarmalism would. The purpose of neosyndicalism is to completely restructure our countries financial system, both in taxes and in loans, to combat poverty and to combat the tyrannical requirements of taxation and usury in modern day society.

Thanks for teaching me about neocarmalism. I had never heard of it. What books are you referencing?

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That's Nick Land's blog. He was an influential leftist accelerationist in the 90's who flipped to right wing reactionary thought. He has a lot of materials available to read that may or may not be helpful.
Democracy: The God That Failed is a must read on the topic, not because it is "right" but because it develops these ideas more fully. The first part of the book addresses why Democracy doesn't work, and probably won't help you too much. Later he outlines his version of neocarmelism (He calls it communalism which is a bad name).
While interesting, your neosyndicalism would collapse into neocarmelism. A corporation that owns 10% of the state will vote only for its own benefit at the expense of the remainder of society. The corporation that does so most effectively will eventually dominate the goverment (greater profits result in greater capital accumulation), and buying shares in the corp fully owning a syndicate is no different than buying shares in a sovcorp.

You try to sidestep this issue by creating a complex formula to limit the degree of power an individual corporation holds, but this misunderstands the nature of Sovereignty. The Sovereign cannot bind itself. To put it more practically, a corporation could create multiple corporations and shift the power between shell companies. Or meet secretly with other corporations and form a group that shares power. Or simply change the law once it owns 51% of the syndicate. As long as the laws are mutable and open to interpretation, sovereignty cannot be contained; and if you fix the laws and prevent them from changing, you create a static system that will be overpowered by more dynamic ones that can evolve.

I should note at this point that a flaw in your thinking is you are imagining an ideal political system, as opposed to viewing the current flows of technological and sociological change and what system(s) these could lead to. Neocarmelism seems most likely in relatively decentralized states like the USA that are taking a hands off approach to peer to peer cryptographic technologies like blockchain and Swarm. Countries like China are moving in a very different direction. Nick Land would disagree with me with his concept of Hyperstition, but I am a material realist not an idealist. Most likely because of my personal experiences in rural environments where "wishing" doesn't feed the chickens or your family.
Yes. I'm not saying its good, Im saying it will happen and those that don't adopt it will fall behind. However, even though the trend of technology can't be changed, what can be changed are the specifics. Example: Do you prefer a racially aware neocarmelism or an SJW one? If you engage the cutting edge of technology you have the opportunity to cause the specific outcomes to change.
I think you are misunderstanding some finanical economics. Liquid investments are being constantly made. Since the investment can be sold at any time, the individual making the investment constantly needs to choose to continue making that investment as opposed to pulling out the investment into cash or another investment.

I haven't read any Hoppe although I find him incredibly interesting as a person. I'll look into that book. Thank you.

To put it more practically, a corporation could create multiple corporations and shift the power between shell companies

Very true, in fact instead of trying to fix this, we should likely feature this. We should have the house of individuals represent a single individual and allow a company to send as many representatives as they want. While you are correct that a corporation may seize control of a town and turn it into a sovcorp, this already happens in reality. As well I should mention that the corporation would have only control of passing laws inside their own house rather than inside the entire syndicate. The purpose of the formula isn't necessarily to prevent constant corporate control, as they can always implement shell corps, but to encourage corporations to be constantly changing their representatives. At least in this way we can feature new ideas from new people inside the government, even in the case of complete corporate control.

Another interesting thing is how this concept interacts with a trickle down concept of passing bills. Instead of having a federal government passing laws universally, they instead pass laws to then be sent down to state and then local governments. Thus a corporation, or effective sovcorp only has the power to say no to a bill, but cannot implement a new bill that directly benefits them.

Or simply change the law once it owns 51% of the syndicate.
It would have to buy out both houses, both in unions and individuals. The problem is that unions are elected via the workers and if the corporations intent is to subvert the workers then the workers would likely be able to hold new elections for the union reps. Corporations already try to do this, so it's not a new problem, but I think that in order to prevent workers from directly revolting against the government (remembering the second law of man) the corporation would have to attempt to keep their workers happy and well, represent their desires some how. That would be an interesting transition into a sovcorp to say the least.

Neocarmelism seems most likely in relatively decentralized states like the USA that are taking a hands off approach to peer to peer cryptographic technologies like blockchain and Swarm.

As said before I don't think a decentralized state would be able to form any coherent policy aside from a cultural zeitgeist. I suppose a good example is how Zig Forums itself is a decentralized state that has been unable to organize towards distinct goals since the 2016 election (No offense). Regardless, I do think neocarmelism is an interesting alternative to my system.

I think you are misunderstanding some finanical economics. Liquid investments are being constantly made. Since the investment can be sold at any time, the individual making the investment constantly needs to choose to continue making that investment as opposed to pulling out the investment into cash or another investment.

I must be. I was under the interpretation that the purchasing of a share in a company was a one time transaction that resulted in partial ownership of the company. This investment is now a part of your property, which gives you an incentive in the company welfare. However investing in a syndicate via taxes is the only means of the syndicate income. They cannot sell services and instead provide them to everyone, regardless of how they pay taxes. Taxation in this way is a vote of confidence in the system by the individuals.

The Federal Reserve should be burned first and for that you need a revolution. No revolution has ever succeeded without bloodshed (because basically the Government would use the military to prevent this from happening just like in France).
After that revolution we could debate which system is better. This revolution will come in the next few years when the system collapses. It will collapse because the Federal reserve and private banking are basically a
Ponzi scheme

Instead of trying to grab concepts of our modern economy just accept it's all bullshit.

Our monetary system is overcomplicated because it's a fucking scam. Keynesian system or whatever we cannot trust the numbers in computers because they don't represent us or the things we need. This includes bitcoin and cryptocurrencies because we don't even understand what they mean or where do they come from and may be lost in a catastrophe. Money MUST be linked to a physical resource, otherwise inflation happens.

This is why Ghadaffi was killed or Sadam Hussein, they both demanded oil to be paid in gold.

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Do you really believe cryptocurrencies are better than the Gold Standard? In case of failure gold is not lost.

Ethnic Syndicalism or White Aggregation is where it’s going to be at. This is a Radical Rejection of shlomo’s worldview.




I actually must applaud OP for bothering to contemplate an actual system of governance other than just mindlessly repeating "nashonal soshalizm!" without even understanding what the hell that means.
I disagree with a lot of what OP suggests (for instance, I do not agree that the Keynesian system works) but it's just refreshing to see someone using their brain again.

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