Money truly is the root of all evil

We must rid the world of it so that mankind can focus on what really matters in life: godliness, righteousness, and life devotion to all that is good and holy.

But how do we rid the world of money?

The system has been established. We cannot realistically destroy it… at least not without destroying many lives in the process, lives which could very well be saved and led down the right path towards God. There are many, many lost and misguided people in this world who can still be steered down a better path. They are entrenched in their monetary systems but can be shown that there are better ways. We just need to create them and it needs to be painfully clear that money itself is actually useless.

Communism obviously is not the answer. And capitalism is obviously superior, but it's current entanglement with money enables the same traps we've fallen into repeatedly, and it allows (((them))) to do (((their))) bidding. (Also… please pull your heads out of your butts… the jews are not the only ones who use markets to control people, but I agree that they are the main culprits.)

Can we temporarily use the current monetary system to create a new system which ultimately and inevitably replaces it? Capitalism after all is nothing more than the idea that people should be free to build whatever they want, and if it is useful, it will be widely adopted and rise to the top.

I'm actually not even sure if capitalism requires a monetary system for it to work. If we can somehow free up the resources of this world such that money is no longer required to enable people as individuals to do what they are good at doing, that could still be a form of capitalism, no? No one would be forced to do any particular job, only what they truly want to do, what they are meant to do.

It may be a pipe dream, but I envision a world where the kinds of people who flaunt wealth will frowned upon and shunned, while people who devote their lives to being good to one another are valued,

I have no idea how certain services would work, because no one is entitled to anything, especially not someone else's labor. Would we simply need to rely on the kindness of others? That would be ideal. And would there need to be some way to prevent moochers? Or could we live with simply forgiving their leeching nature? I think we could live with it, as long as those who contribute nothing (likely due to low intellect) make it clear that they devote their lives to being good in the eyes of God.

Is technology the key?

I think it may actually be the key, but it must be implemented and used with godliness in mind. God created us in His image. God is a creator, and so are we, albeit nothing by comparison.

Also remember that Jesus was a carpenter, a builder.

Is the next step to build (unintelligent) robots which will ultimately make all current systems obsolete? Robots seem inevitable anyway, don't they? We should take matters into our own hands sooner rather than later, before (((they))) beat us to the punch and further control us with more of their own technologies.

Technology has the ability to either further enslave us… or it can set us free.

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Nothing wrong with wealth as long as you don't have kikes anywhere near it

I agree. Wealth is great, and wealth can be created. It's created through hard work and using the resources around us to build things which make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

Wealth can exist without money.

Money is not the root of evil, just greed and selfishness.

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evils; it is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced their hearts with many pangs.

To add to that, boastfulness of wealth is the problem (one of many).

That's the key, wealth created by doing something great or good, (((hollywood))) is an example of the bad kind of wealth

You are absolutely right. Money itself is also not the real problem here, but the current systems surrounding money most certainly are.

I think we can implement a new system which makes the old ways completely obsolete, such that people can no longer use markets to control others… at least not as effectively as they currently do.

Furthermore, if we make (((their))) monetary systems irrelevant, (((they))) lose the majority of their power over us.

Don't hurt yourself trying to come up with solutions to problems you don't understand in the least based on quotations out of context because you're tarded. In my imaginary fantasy world people who don't understand a problem before proposing solutions are shot in the face.

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"Money is the root of all evil" is the most misquoted line in history. It is the love of mammon that has brought ruin to mankind.

Money is just a tool. The root of humanities problems lies in hedonism, and the path of self destruction started by claiming with ownership over something, which predators used to start global enslavement mechanisms based on exploding hedonism with materialism. Mankind was enslaved to their own self destructive urges. The entire human history was build around pandering to hedonism.


It's like banning guns. Ban niggers, not guns. Ban jews and Koch brothers, not money.


The Inca empire didn't had shekels, they traded what they had.

Semantic bro here. That's wrong. Money is indeed the root of evil. Money itself, however is not evil.

i would add that even usury is allowed in BIBLE:

take it as you will.
people rather prefer interpretation from other fleshies, than to bother to try to see by themselves.
it's probably only, again, to their disadvantage to get more jewed.

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Whilst I disagree with usury in all cases, this does make some degree of sense if you are being purely practical. If your brother or son needs a loan to start his business; help him out, that's your duty as a brother, father, member of the nation. If some one else comes and asks if you they can have some money? Well, I would probably just say don't give it to them if you cannot be sure they will be able to pay it back, but I can understand others being willing to help but wanting some sort of guarantee that they'll get their money back, and with interest if the stranger's venture fails and they have to wait a long time to be recompensed.

tool. one of.
what's next? will offer to get rid of ALL the tools?

Stupid (((christian))) thread, started by a stupid (((christian))). 😾

yeshua ga-nozri was a rabbi-revolucioner
forget about this neojudaist if you are white

By this reasoning, all physical possessions are the root of all evil, not just currency. Just like a 100k salary is excessive compared to the 5k you need, a house with utilities is excessive compared to a cozy cave.

Money is a form of power as old as civilization itself, and those who chose to not plunder women, gold and land will be justly exterminated by those who will.
Anyone who believes that money is evil is likely a kike-stick worshipper, and would do well to die where he stands, but not before being good worm he is and signing over all assets like the mad messiah Christ commanded to others, primarily me.
Anyone so deep in NatSoc Idealogy who forfits the power of money is no different than the soyboy who forfiets the power of weapons; he is a lamb to slaughter and will work like a slave for the rest of his life.

To sum it up OP, I thank God there are so many weak minded fools like you in the world because you are basically signing up to be the nu-irishmen should the white race actually prove worthy of survival; you are the permanent serf of the land born to bear the yoke of the great.

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Yes, fellow goy, destroying all financial systems because jews misuse finance is a GOOD thing! Just destroy all facets of civilization and economy to chase after some bullshit utopia fantasy because you're like 12 and have no experience in the real world.

Stop and think for a moment about all the horrible things humans do to each other that have nothing to do with money such as rape and murder. Money is not the root of evil, it is completely neutral, it's on par with saying science is evil or blaming mass shootings on guns. Money, science and guns are all capable of wonderful things, it is the human part of the equation that fucks things up. I am sick and tired of people who think that humans are inherently good. Just look at children, they are incredibly selfish and without proper guidance they default to lying, cheating and stealing and are exceptionally cruel to anyone who does not fit in.


Jews have already done it. No nation uses money. They only use currency. We have to RESTORE MONEY.

Paid jewish shill, ban evading. Global report.

Paid jewish shill, ban evading. Global report. No, this wasn’t an error duplicate.

It says not to lend with usury. Usury is unjust demands, or changing the demands after the deal was agreed upon.

I am at your advanced calculus level. Now go fetch me my slippers.

The greatest weapon ever created was the educted mind of an motivated high IQ man. Nothing is more dangerous than an intelligent person with an education.

DIng ding ding! We have a winner!

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yeah ok, after 2020 right? sure.

I think that's silly, beyond silly in fact.

Far better to understand that evil is in fact corruption. Good is in fact creation. Our understanding of these concepts originates for the Christian in the Creation of the Earth and the origin of sin being disobedience. These primordial events are mirrored in the Pagan's understanding of the world as Nature being Good (which can be seen as Creation) and that which withers, diseases and kills being evil; which can be better understood as Corruption.

Evil is not something that exists distinctly from Good. Corruption can only occur in the Created. This is a far better way to understand the perils that face us as a people; the evils that afflict our person and society are not wholly alien, they are always the twisting and perverting of what was in its initial form good. It is right that man should work the land or hunt, and that he should trade his wheat or deer for the labours of another man; perhaps in the form of nourishing water that he has collected and contained. Our work 'creates' or provides us with these base ingredients, we physically acquire these things and can then trade them for whatever else we might need. It is right to trade one thing for another thing. It is also acceptable to find an intermediary currency that can be used for the purchase of multiple things, allowing everyone to trade for the fruits of their labour where one man's trade good might not be desirable to another; the problem comes with usury, which takes the idea of 'the fruit of my labours for the fruit of your labours' and instead corrupts this into 'The stand in for the fruit of my labours for the stand in of the fruit of your labours; plus extra'. That 'plus extra' is the corruption; no longer is the created or produced physical form of labour being trade for another, no longer is its stand in being traded JUST for another stand in, but instead something that has come about not through work or effort; not through something that has been created or produced through effort and toil; and it is being charged. This is corruption of money; it is usury.

That is a pretty extreme example which requires a modicum of thinking, but it applies to all things. Eating is right and necessary; but eating too much is wrong, it is the corruption of nourishment which turns into greed and gluttony, and which rather than sustaining the body does damage to it. Reproductive sex is right and good, and without it we cannot survive as a species or feel as much love and attachment to our spouse; yet too much sex, or improper versions of sex quickly lead to degeneracy, which physically manifest in corruption as forms of disease and infection, as well as warping the mind. Democracy is another example; it is right and fitting for men to have liberty as they were created, so let us use the idea of all men having 'liberty' as an excuse to to force the 49% to do the 51%'s bidding, and we justify this by calling it 'liberty', saying that 'all men have a say' when in reality only the 51% have a say.

Evil is corruption. Good is creation.

Idiots. Money isn't evil, neither are possessions. Interest, lending, debt / borrowing is the problem. (((Banking))) is the problem.

The LOVE of money, user.

ITT: A bunch of autistics misinterpret OP's points and objectives, and unwittingly continue to support the current corrupt establishment.

If things make your life more fulfilling then you're already a kiked materialist

Cowardism is

based as fuck

Evil is both problem and solution, as is love, money, religion, God etc

Every one seems to think gold is a better money than what we have now but no one saying this has ever been alive to confirm.

In any case, if you want the paper to stop being loaned at your expense raise alarm of this central bank and strategically oppose the banks actions. As soon as you call it the FED every television consumer brain is programmed to turn off because of the subliminal relation of this acronym to authority.

It's not a FED it's a bank. Drop the tricky private acronyms and call it a bank like A. Jackson did.

NO BANK 2020.

t. bot
Christcucks should fuck off this board


The only argument that could be levied against such a notion would be that Jesus specifically stated that certain laws of the OT were in place due to the hardness of hearts of the jewish community in that time. This was specifically mentioned in relation to divorce.
Now to extrapolate is dangerous, so I would not simply discount all of the old testament with this, but it could be that God was being lenient with us on certain issues. Of course it may be entirely fair to lend money with interest, but perhaps there is a more generous path that we could walk.

Dummy, the saying is:

Money is a method of exchange - a tool. It's no more evil than fire or electricity.

In its entirety, money is a banal and trite concept, worthwhile only up until the Scientific Age and the dawn of Reason.

The way forward lies in merging a technophilic approach with meritocratic social frameworks. Moving away from the profit motive and towards scientific apotheosis in all aspects of the human condition, namely genetic engineering which will purge biological atavisms like hostility towards one's own race, as well as greed and profiteering.

Until this process is complete (realistically, decades at best), a cadre of enlightened benevolent tyrants must unify the West and reinstate a pruned version of National Socialism upon which the backbone of this great work can begin. But even prior to that, ethnoglobe must be achieved, mostly through lightning and steel, with the hostile dark races extinguished, and the malleable ones technologically retarded to the point of wildlife.

Then, and only then will Man finally look upon the stars and begin his greatest work - a rekindled solar colonization.

If we ever want to get off this planet, we will need to be led by the god-kings of the Schwarze Sonne: ascended, enlightened, rational philosopher-warriors adhering to the doctrines of apotheosis, anchored by duty and inviolably incorruptible in the face of human weakness.

Since there are none such beings yet, we must accept that the only way to bring them about is to become them.

Many will try, and most will fail. Few will achieve Apotheosis, and rise together… and among them, One will lead.

When Kalki comes, it's up to the rest of us to recognize and follow him.

Until then… train, study, and excel in all areas of life.

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here is Moses, DEU:

I don't see any need to extrapolate or discount anything.

how nice it would be to have private entities providing 0% interest lending.
putin himself adviced directly to russians to rather call for bankruptcy, so the state can take care of them with possibly 0% interest rate, than to lend money from bank with interest.
people simply weren't aware of this option.
case is here that if you want money for business, you can lend it with interest.
however if you need money to survive, you enroll for bankruptcy with a state.

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Based Lincoln attempting to ban the trade of goods required to survive in order to genocide the incapable and perpetuate the capable
hmm wow seems like he's a liar, or jewish.

What if money only exists because niggers exist? Because this is the only way they can parasite on the whites and get away with it?

No you dumb commie, it's the love of money. Money is just a medium of exchange.

Yeah? According to who? You? Trump? hahaha. Fuck off.