Zig Forums firearms company - The final solution to the 2A Question

user from here elaborating on a solution for the lack of firearms Zig Forums has in the case of any sort of conflict.

Let me redpill you on the business side of things - highest cost for incorporation or filing as an LLC in any state is $325(Tennessee). Many states around the country have filing fees of less than $100. To legally manufacture firearms, you need a Class 7 Federal Firearms License - the FFL allows you to legally manufacture guns _and_ ammo for commercial sale, as well as sell from your company direct to the public. That’s a surprisingly cheap $150 for a 3 year license. To make machine guns, you need a Class 2 Special Occupational Taxpayers license, which can cost $500 if you make less than half a million, or $1000 if you make more. And lastly, you may or may not need to pay yearly ITAR compliance fees, which comprise the bulk of base yearly cost($2250/year). So ignoring employees and such, your operating cost for the first year is going to be around $3100 at max.

As what is known as a Type III Dealer, this means you(as a company) are legally capable of manufacturing(and stockpiling) fully automatic weapons up to .50 cal(12.7mm for you metricfags). You can also sell them to law enforcement, the military, and other authorized dealers, but that’s not the point here, is it?

Personally, I have access to a variety of different firearms blueprints acquired from a wide number of manufacturers(pic related). I can manage the acquisition of real estate for manufacturing, as well as deal with paperwork and sales - have done my research on this. There’s stuff in the inventory that if manufactured would put Hi-Point to shame in the price category.

Email is [email protected] - will gladly answer any questions.

Literally nothing I am suggesting here is in violation of US law. Glow accusations aren’t working this time, Moshe

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The licensing costs are one thing but what are the start up costs for CNC machines, hydraulic drill presses, as well as raw materials?

I know that even assembling AKs from parts kits can be quite extensive, it’s not like ARs (aka legos for adults). Requires a lot of tools and that’s parts kits mind you.

I’m not trying to be a neighsayer at all but personally totally outside my level of resources at this time. But just something to keep in mind is if you are registering with the ATF it means the ATF knows you have it. They reserve the right to inspect your shit at any time and if SHTF they’ll come to collect, unless you hightail it out of there and burn the evidence

Not that’s significant when you consider your company doesn’t need to have that large of an individual production like. The lower receiver is the only portion of the gun manufactured by the ATF - you can at least in theory outsource every part of the gun sans the lower receiver to other local machine shops, build connections with them for when SHTF. This means all you have to do is mill/weld/stamp/ cut lower receivers and build parts from the stock brought in you outsource, allowing you to have a high manufacturing capacity with as little personally utilized infrastructure as possible.

As for AK part kits - people don’t make them to the same degree as AR kits, and when they do they’re typically from scrapped Eastern European rifles. Also not sure why the ATF would be prepared to seize such when there will be much more around the country going on in such a situation.

Either way, this allows Zig Forumstards to, as part of the company, legally possess and have access to a variety of fully automatic weapons in the event of armageddon while also making some top quality jewgold.

Why can't I just 3D print guns in my bedroom closet?

or why wouldn't I just design a zipgun?

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3D printing guns is inherently limited by the slow speed of 3D printers. Whereas a CNC can make the parts for multiple guns, a 3D printer will realistically be lucky enough to make the parts for a single gun. Injection molding provides stronger parts with the same material and can create parts at a significantly higher rate than a 3D printer. Injection molding equipment isn’t something an individual is likely to have, in contrast to companies who are more capable of having something like that.

As for Zip guns - you’re talking about making single-shot firearms in almost exclusively pistol calibers. I’m talking about magazine-fed bolt-action, semiautomatic, and automatic firearms, that are a good bit more capable then what you’re suggesting while still being easy to manufacture. Besides, I have the plans for them - why would you waste time trying to come up with something when the design and how to make it is already available to you?

I need a bow, it's not fair to the bad guys if I start with a gun.

I've always wondered how many sales/clients you need to have to be considered a business, or if you just need the state/federal licenses and you could do fuck-all. Sadly I don't have the capital required for the licenses or machines but this is a clever idea. Thanks for assembling the info, OP.

Varies by state, but the atf rules are very clear, if you're manufacturing weapons that fall under their jurisdiction, you have to comply with their regulations and get a loicense.

If you're just making nonserialized parts, you don't need anything other than a regular business loicense.

If you are manufacturing serialized parts, you need more than just a loicense. You need to pay the itar as well.

OC worthy

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I can't afford 100k worth of equipment user.
Anyways, the pic in aforementioned thread talks about taking out bridges and such. Automatic firearms can't do that (?) but a single-shot homemade mortar could. So what's the use of mass producing firearms if the point is siege warfare?

You need less 30k to and a place to setup the equipment to mill your own out.

Well you still need to defend you and your m8's from beaners, race traitors, and pavement apes while setting up your mortar. If you're fucking John Wick and can kill niggers with a flintlock pistol that's great, but the rest of us realistically want the best equipment for the job. Losing isn't an option.

As an aside, setting up a business is a great way to reduce your taxes. You should be able to use the licenses and machinery to reduce your income. And you can even include crap like your goyphone bill or auto expenses as work related.

What sort of gorilla warfare is this where all of your enemies happen to waiting for you to show up at a particular place??

So why don't you just do it yourself, mr. totally not a honeypot.

As do licenses, registrations, and tax "stamps", and are violations of the 2a. But you should smith your own firearms for personal use. You do not need a loicense or jew permission to make and sell other guns such as high-cal airsoft or other things you can think of.

Would you idiots stop calling pneumatic weapons "airsoft"?
Airsoft is a toy.

I wouldn't trust any weapon that has been smithed. Milled, forged, and all that, yes. Smithed, not a chance.

What size bullet does that shoot? Muzzle looks too small to shoot a .22 LR.

Nah. You can purchase a repaired one or make your own or just shop smaller. Modela are tops imo. Software is good.
Shit, you can even get a Klutch lathe+mill for ~$800 or a full-size gun lathe for ~$4k and a decent sized mill for ~$1k from Northern Tool.
But if you have no funds for funs then you can get by with a coping saw and hand drill. You can even forego the gas fire and go bolt action for any AR funs, too. If you want shot then get a pipe that fits your favorite round and fashion a firing mechanism so it shoots. You can also alter a flaregun but only metal is safe and reusable but feds will show up.

Gun parts are tinker toys in the scale of industrial components. and a gun is one of the simplest machines you will ever come across as an engineering tech
Don't need anything huge.

But user, why are you already suggesting illegal activities and throwaway modifications, when OP is about legitimate business?

Thanks for the info. I was just thinking about this kind of operation the other day.

Nobody is going to purchase your cheap sacrificial receivers. Don't Jew people that want to purchase stuff that goes boom, that's how you end up getting litigated into perpetual poverty while you support some of dude's family for the rest of their lives, and him if the guy survives.

True. 'Airsoft' is a "freon-silicone oil mixture". Many air rifles are piston powered.
Only by initial design. You can make one that is not a toy. Also, the ones you say are toys say they are not toys on the fun btw.

What are you even trying to say. Nobody is selling anything they make for themselves.
Oh, I see.

I don't believe that your definition is correct.
My understanding is that "airsoft" refers to a launcher which fires plastic pellets having an energy level or fps rating generally considered to be safe.
The principle of operation of the propellant system is largely irrelevant, you can have spring powered, CO2 or other airsoft.

If you're looking for something, I recommend a crossbow. Crossbow allows for firearm-like accuracy within close to medium range, not to mention it's very much unrestricted. There are also plans on how to build a crossbow - including a repeating crossbow, Chinese-style - on various parts of the internet. Either way, we could get together and make these at bulk with even less restrictions and whatnot than before.

True. Thankfully this means that this company could theoretically order barrels, triggers, and other major functional components from other machine shops and locations, ignoring the lower receiver(which needs to be serialized as it is classified a firearm).

Indeed, which is where the company comes into play. A company registered with the necessary licenses and with the right people working together can benefit all involved, including the greater sphere of Zig Forumsacks.

Anyone worth their salt can realize I'm not a honeypot, schlomo - if I was, I'd be advocating for any number of illegal things instead of a legitimate business concept that violates no laws. Sloppy job on your part again, Mossad.

Correct - aside from fully automatic weapons, anything can be made by a civilian for their own personal use without being registered or the manufacturer being licensed. And if you want to register it with the ATF, you can even make SBRs, SBSes, and Destructive Devices. I do agree the restrictions are bullshit.

Which lowers the cost of initially operating even more. I wholeheartedly support it.

Send me an email and maybe we can discuss more. Email is in first post.

Then you're just as dumb. AR's aren't low pressure intermediate rifles like AK's. You have to meet structural and material standards to hold up to the requirements for the cartridge. Mill unevenly, or too much out of the side and your receiver is going to blow up in your face.

I've worked in a machine shop. I ran manual mills and lathes. I understand metallurgy very well.

The tools your describing are not fit to get the accuracy to build an AR. The minimum you're going to spend on a start up tooling to build reliable AR's is around $30k.

I know this because two years ago, I was ready to actually do this, before you faggot clowns poked your noses into my business and sold my information to leftists that proceeded to tear my life apart and put me on the street so faggots and trash can call me a nigger.

I have access to all the tools required to do exactly what the OP is asking about, and I have the direct materials experiences to do it.

It is unlawful to have a mechanism that fires one round for every trigger pull (bumpstock) simply becaue it makes doing so "easy". Only a faggot allows jews to control them. Besides. The only perceptiblty unlawful thing I mentioned was altering a flaregun, even though I never wrote how it should be altered. I could mean alter the color or grip. I warned about feds, who would already be in your shit if you went the making for others route, which is what op is on about. Make for personal use. Sell % kits with prints. Make mills and lathes for others to make funs with. Anything but require jewniggerfed approval.

Very telling response r…remember to call anyone who questions you a jew - this will help you to fit in.
But do tell, for the benefit of Zig Forums, what about your post shows "anyone worth their salt", that you're not simply attempting to harvest the contact details of men inclined towards dissident right-wing politics, and who are also inclined towards making arms of war available to those of a similar mindset?

Illegal means little, when you disagree with the government. The name Randy Weaver comes to mind.

You said it yourself.
Do you take this back or what?

Ah, now you're retreating.
The context of your post made it quite clear that you were referring to ballistic modifications.
Why would "altering the color or the grip" render a plastic flare gun unsafe for more than one shot?
Well I can answer that. It wouldn't. Only a modification for live ammunition would render it unsafe for more than one shot.
The context makes it very clear that you're talking about illegal modification of a flare gun, and yes, you stated that the "feds will show up".
How could that possibly end well for the person who did the conversion?

The fact that you didn't own your statement and are now retreating show tell anyone reading this all they need to know.

Telling me I am a grease monkey when I am a certified manual machinist is fucking insulting.

A grease monkey is a mechanic who simply replaces parts.

You don't say!!

I used to design and make parts.

Send me an email and let's discuss it more. Also, shit to hear, man - leftist faggots are trash and it's a disgrace for us as Zig Forums that the lefties turned your life into a living hell.

You certainly raise a valid point that this idea is intended to deal with: personal manufacturing of firearms for other people - that is, commercial sales - is illegal unless you're a licensed company. As such, why not create a licensed company for this to be done at?

Doubling down on the glownigger assumption, I see. Look, it's simple logic, which those at Zig Forums understand: glows are actively trying to incite violence and convince people on this board to actively make a move and do illegal shit. That way, it's easy to ensnare them. I have in no way, shape, or form, advocated for illegal activity in this post - everything I have suggested here is 100% legal and cannot as such be classified as criminal, which could incite an ATF or FBI raid swooping in to send people to Gitmo. I could also point out that it's in their best interest to have people screaming "nice try glownigger" whenever someone comes up with a reasonable idea as well in order to inhibit our ability as a group to do anything.

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Pic above related - one of the pages of the complete AKM blueprints I have a copy of.

You can alter a flare gun.
Feds will show up.
Just like when you saw your rifle one inch too short.
Show up for court tho so you don't get ruby ridged.
Or just ask the atf in writing before you do stuff so you get their permission in writing and then file a copy with your sheriff and other local law enforcement so they also know you are in compliance with federal firearms "laws" and minimize your chance of trial by fury.

Sending him by transporter as we speak.

I already explained why you don't have to in order to gather the names of dissidents.
No one is going to contact you anyway, so it's a moot point.
Also no one called you a "glow nigger", it's you who keeps screaming that, perhaps anticipating identification?

Why do something that's going (according to you - the feds WILL show up) to put you at mercy of a kike judge in the first place?
Why put yourself in their playing field, as a right-wing dissident, when any chance to lock you up will be taken?
Haha, are you serious?
Tell the ATF/Sheriff about your plans to perform a potentially illegal modification, and ask their advice?
What the fuck?
No, the person you ask for such advice is your own fucking lawyer.
I'm out.
I didn't use the term but I will now, this thread is glowing like Radium.
Good luck officer.

Sometimes, people set you up genius. Sometimes the cops knew it was going to happen, and then they mocked you for kt after they had you cuffed and in their car. Check the CSP video. the first week in jail as well.

It's called framed. Everybody here fucking knows it. They have been mocking me with it for months especially the niggers and beaners.

user. You have the wrong idea about this Tibetan Family Planning Support Group. What are your thoughts on breastfeeding in public ?
Yes. Call before you drill.
Well, Zig Forums is a board of peaceofficers.

a class 3 license doesn't let you manufacture machineguns. A class 3 license lets you transfer machineguns, suppressors, SBRs and SBSs along with any other NFA item.
Another issue is that even with your 07 and 02 FFLs you cant sell or transfer any machineguns you make unless the trasfree is a law enforcement agency or some who also has an 07 and 02 so in other words unless everyone gets an FFL they cant get there hands on these machineguns that the ATF and ITAR know exists and also knows exactly where they are at.
The next issue is that even if you make under 500k a year they have a loop hole where you cant make more then 49 guns a year or ITAR and the DOT are going to be fingering your asshole for tax money.

The one good idea out of this is that with your 02 and 07 you can make suppressors and sell them at cost plus thr tax stamps. I know a gunsmith who when he closed his business he was able to transfer a bunch of his suppressors to himself without the tax stamp fees because his business was closed. sadly any machineguns you make when you have an 07 and 02 get seized and destroyed when you close your business or dont pay to renew it. If you do go through with it though make sure to pay your 02 and 07 taxes 6 months ahead so it clears the paperwork or the ATF will cuck you.

/trannypol/ in disguise

Hey guys, I know a place where we could set up a self-enclosed compound factory space with 1 large main building and several out-buildings. Give me the word and I can make it happen. There's living space for around 50 individuals on site, it's located in Texas.

Speaking of which, can Zig Forums give me a firearm? Im in germany.

All I can say is I’m sorry you’ve succumbed. I’d hoped the rational part of your brain would win out over the paranoia the feds have instilled in you, but I guess not everyone has sense. Have fun believing every legal business idea suggested here is the work of the FBI.


Zig Forums

is never right, and you're on the wrong side of history again.

Means, you're commiting acts of war on US soil for foreign governments abainst US citizens.

I'm not the punk here, you are.

Who is the real tranny? The man that wants to fuck a dude, or the dude that just wants you to answer for your fucking crimes and acts of war?

The Jews will ne compensating my family for the next century.

Getting back to the topic at hand - I’ve got stuff for your whole gamut of firearms. To acquire the collection of prints, CAD files, and what have you that I’ve gotten has taken a very long period of time to acquire and catalog. Suffice to say there is a lot to work with and a place for almost every sort of design in a myriad of different calibers.

Any good books on firearm manufacturing you can recommend? I really like the physics/math side of it.

Fun fact: Cuckchan Zig Forums used to be nazi before Zig Forums even existed.

The Paladin Press books on gunsmithing are an excellent resource regarding putting together firearms. They detail information relating to metal thickness, barrel drilling, receiver forging and killing, and much more. I’m sure there are also plenty of resources that can be googled regarding gunsmithing.

Thanks for the recommendation. I'm aware i can find a lot of this stuff online, i was just curious what you guys could recommend me. Thanks.

Since Paladin Press has been out of business for years now and a lot of their books have disappeared, I might be able to get you some photocopies of several of them several hours from now. Send me an email and I’ll drop you the files once I get them out.

Perhaps you could PDF them and upload here? Might as well share with everyone ITT. Or you could instead upload it on /pdf/ and link here, it stays around longer over there.

Will do so when have the opportunity - currently away from the archive atm, but will do it hopefully this evening or sometime tomorrow.

All gun control is UN bullshit
atf only has jurisdiction over the first 2 INTERstate sales, not INTRAstate sales, stop being faggots, you have the right to produce and own arms why would you pay for a license to do the same thing

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every post this tool has made in this thread is absolute bullshit - "30K to make receivers aluminum 7075"

I might have some!

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i dont read russian, translate now pls

are hellfire triggers good? specifically the stealth model. anybody got one?

Some very good pieces of information. Kudos to you for putting this up.

Hellfire triggers allow you to simulate automatic fire, as was proven by the sound of 'automatic gunfire' during the Waco Seige - those were AR-15s with Hellfire triggers installed. Not as good as a proper M16, but it's an ersatz replacement.

We have top men on the case. Top men.

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>posts tard-level analysis which appeals to the (((justice system))) in an attempt to encourage communication.
Fuck off, glowstix. The only honest way to advocate for Zig Forums armories is to insist that anons remain independent and unknown outside of deep trust webs.

You are a tool of the baddies and should either defect or neck yourself. The fact that you must use underhanded tactics to prop up your rulers is evidence enough that you are a mindless drone who enjoys being a slave. Again: join us or join history.

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Here we go again with the glow accusations. Stop being a fucking autist for one second and realize that the feds rely on you spouting off your 'kike shill' bullshit in order to prevent us from doing anything. Your concept of 'independent and unknown deep trust webs' for Zig Forums armories isn't going to work and you know it, yet your flimsy shit is what you're trying to fling in this attack. Highly recommend this subversive nig gets filtered by all in the chat.

Well, ITAR is mandatory after 50 firearms are produced, and if you are manufacturing for sale, you have to pay 11% exise tax on each firearm you sell, not to mention state licensing and municiple licensing, federal, state taxes. Its super gay. Much better if you just sell guns to jihadis via US State dept contract.

And now the glownigger is suggesting censorship. What a novel solution.

Fuck off and neck yourself. If small scale, high trust, blood bonded local groups do not exist then the right has no use.

I will kill you myself if you allow me, friendo. If you're interested in being ended in the name of God and Truth then provide me a means to meet you.

You can definitely get at me, CIAnigger. Come get some.

Ontario here. How to get weapons and ammo? I'm tired of being cucked by having no decent weapons. If anyone also knows some other type of weapon that could reasonably be used to get a fuckload of kills tell me.

Says the pig informant

you glow

You don't have the slightest clue what "glowing" means, do you?

So tired and so weak. Give up and kill your handlers and then kill yourself. You are in the employ of evil incarnate. Do it.

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Then of wise ONE, educate me. That's what this board is for.

I have been thinking about Zig Forums a lot lately and thinking about 'voluntary policing' where the society itself is so afraid of the state that they become the state to avoid the state. I think Zig Forums has a lot of this going on…pretty much all the time.

Keep your nog-level behavior out of this otherwise productive conversation. Death threats? Low quality faggotry. Go back to /bant/ where you belong.

You’ll need to get a Possession and Acquisition License in order to buy guns and ammo legally. You could of course theoretically make firearms and ammunition yourself, but unless you have basic machining knowledge and feel safe working around smokeless powder, I’d highly recommend against that. Don’t put yourself in a situation where that faggot Trudeau and his cocksucking cronies can swoop in, take your guns, and throw you in whatever poor excuse Canadians call a prison.

Photo is unrelated to the blueprints I have - it’s one of three .950 JDJ rifles ever manufactured. Gun weighs sixty pounds and can blow the head off of any animal known to exist on the face of the planet. It’s not even really a difficult design to make - it’s a single shot bolt-action rifle. This is the sort of stuff we can come up with if we work together on this company.

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I've been in the psychiatric ward for suicide attempts before. I don't think I'll ever get my hands on guns legally because of this.

Good luck to them. The moment I have my gun and about a thousand rounds I'm not going to sit around all day like an American doing nothing. Guns aren't just for your hobbies and hunting, they're for overthrowing tyrants.

If you get something started and want to sell weapons and ammo I'll buy from you.

Do you have any sort of base metalworking skills? Knowledge of how to use a mill and/or lathe? Even potentially an angle grinder and drill? I’m very much not suggesting such, as it would be highly illegal, but if you wished to go down the route of manufacturing your own gun in defiance of Canadian law, there’s very little stopping you from 3D printing one, manufacturing one(perhaps a Richardson Industries M5 Philippine Guerrilla Gun, or something of the like - shotgun ammunition is plentiful after all), or doing a mixture of both.

this is clown world, you pick up the phone and ask government to send an order of goons to such and such a time and place. generals throughout time would have given their left nut for such an ability. Who needs to spend countless sleepless nights strategizing when you can simply order your enemies defeat to the time and place of your choosing like its fucking pizza.

Totally sweet bro. Clown world be reduculous but funny as fuck.

Do you know of any good trade schools to learn gunsmithing from? I have a very good GPA, and financial backing to attend a gunsmithing trade school

god dammit why did i open this thread

There are a number of options - Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School comes to mind, as does the four NRA gunsmithing schools. The Colorado School of Trades also offers a good gunsmithing program as well.

Do be prepared to have money set aside to get any tools you may need for such a course. “Proper gunsmithing” - that is, not making firearms out of sheet metal and scraps with angle grinders and drills in your garage - requires some specialized equipment to say the least, and takes a lot of time to learn. Would certainly love to have a “proper” gunsmith around - would make developing new weapons for this company worthwhile longer down the line.

give complete MG42 blueprints including die blueprints or GTFO

How am I going to get the shotgun shells?

Also how much money for all the equipment and materials?

Also advice on how I should go about selling extra guns and ammo to all my friends?

As if I would attend school in colorado that isn't Jiu Jitsu. The country's best gunsmithing school is in Prescott, Arizona.

Everybody that's ever entertained the thought of attending a school of that nature knows this.

Truthfully I haven’t come across a set of either MG42 or Rheinmetall MG3 plans yet - latter is essentially the former with a heavier bolt and they have significant interchangeability. Sorry user - will put up a set of MP44 plans later to compensate.

No clue, as such would in fact be illegal, and this thread isn’t for active promotion of illegal behavior. That said, I’m certain it’s possible at least in theory. Material cost to make a Guerrilla Gun is around $15. Can be made with two sections of pipe, an end cap, a washer, a .22 BB pellet, and a carved plywood 2x4. The Guerrilla Gun-style of slamfire shotgun has been around for almost a century, and early versions were being used by the Filipinos during the Philippine Insurrection before WWI. They call it the paliuntod.

You talking the Yavapai College one?

So you have the instructions then somewhere for me to go from nothing to have and firing one of these in my secret underground bunker for testing purposes?


Basically explains how to put together everything I just mentioned. Remember, check and abide by local, provincial, and national regulations when manufacturing firearms for personal use or for commercial sale.

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Prescott has it's own.

Bump in order to keep interest - can’t let this become another failed Zig Forums project can we?

LOL, fool I built (assembled) my first AR in college on my desk. At the time there was no internet or even books on building them. Just exploded diagrams and part lists. I uses a vice and a big vice grips to tighten barrel nut. NO expensive tools bought. When I started manufacturing (CII) I bought a used mill and lathe, and a small drill press- $10k total. But you children don't have the discipline to save $500 bux. So sad.

I made decent bank last crypto bull run and would be willing to sink several hundred k into this if this gets going

Great, but that's not gunsmithing, that's assembling a rifle.

Also, no you didn't.

I stated I come from a machinist background above. I also know AR's didn't really exist until after the AWB expired. I know because everybody was into M1a's and bolt actions.

Money loses value if you save it, invest and build wealth.

I am not taking part in gun or rifle manufacturing.
I am already involved in next generation technology. Rail guns and drone swarms.

Stop, you're making me wet

Also, I had a court order to not contact my ex from years ago. Anyway, I live in jew jersey and had my FID taken because of it. Not sure if I can appeal it since this is one of those red flag states Am I still legally able to manufacture personal firearms or do I just make plans to move to a friendly state?