Facebook bans HONKING

Looks like honkler, and tangentially acceleration, is starting to trigger the leftists enough to ban it.



Let's see those honkler memes.

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Truly clown world shit.

Checked and good fucking shit meng

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There are tons of onomatopoeia for honking. We'll just choose a new one.

If you follow this link on twitter it's also marked as mature content. Lmaaaaaaaaaaaao

haha that must have just happened in the last few minutes, I guess twitter got the note to start censoring honks, but I'm sure it's just a cohencidence that it appears to be collusion between the big tech companies

I got banned the othe day for making these two pictures as my pogile picture and my banner picture. Just aswell it was not my main account

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This is a good combo meme right here

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#ONK new trending on twitter.

Jesus Christ, ok fuck I'm done with this earth

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But it's only just begun!

Oh shit KEK how did it even get that far out into the water its no where near the land unless it floated. Probably a nigger driving.

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I've been on thks ride sine the exodus, this can 't just be the start

Someone should make Face book the new honkler. Can they ban their own name?

No escaping clown world.

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ok they went full retard

Zuckerberg World #Zuck #Zuck

Parp parp

Good idea, start using the word facebook to desrcibe commieshit and far left retardation. Spread the word, possible op.

quite the honkpill

That's just russia in snow-melt time. I assure you this is normal, there's a road underneath.
Trucko has a separate air intake and as long as he's running engine, he is fine.
That is why everything is super difficult or expensive to do there due to shit, water, permafrost or other crap.
Our honker will just eventually steer to the right when he'll find a road to get out of water.

I thought you were myspace but then I found out you went full facebook.

But Facebook is already a brand. How can you possibly take a brand name and make it into something racist, normies wouldn't even identify the joke. I think it would be easier to start using the hashtag as something racist.

Faggots were already meatballs in gravy before homosexuals earned the name.

tfw censorship tyranny

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there is no need for the norms to understand it enough for journalists to understand.
And, in case, we make it as obvious as possible

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Haha I hope I'm around some of you guys when the apocalypse of dancing clay pot jesters skips across the horizon towards us, and while the thousands around us scream and quake in terror, we'll recognise one another by our laughter "HONK HONK".
See you there guys.

No, that's just honk misspelled

This is a perfect time for someone to shoop a clown nose and wig on the Roadrunner and start using "meep-meep" instead of honk honk

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Beep Beep

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Trains are raycisss and anti semitic too

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how many nogs would a nig-nog nog if a nignog could nog nig?

I am guessing this is to increased the popularity of that lame forced crap?


how many din do's can a dindo nuffin do

before a nig nog niggs a niggers jew?

they censor all our decent memes like cuckchan word filtered soyboy

okay. You've won me over. I would have sworn this was astroturf bullshit by all the sudden spaming of "honkler." Totally seemed like the alt right forced meme to me. And maybe it was. But whatever the origin obviously now it's not. This is funny and it's enjoyable now.

I don't think all these entities are on the same page. It's forced meme. But I think it's more like when one police department sets up a drug sale and another department has a sting and they start shooting each other up. Like I don't even think we're in the fucking room anymore. I'm just sitting here shrugging going wtf and laughing.

This actually good, add the clown nose, put big shoes on the feet and make the hair a rainbow.

meep meep

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I think that keeping your head up and making eye contact are incredibly white nationalist behaviors, symptoms of toxic masculinity and very very threatening. That includes in photographs, videos and the like. Frankly, banning certain postures and social "norms" (created by white males to silently threaten and scare others) would do much for the cause than banning "honk" and specific hand symbols.

sage by accident.
What about pee pee poo poo. That's a little too oldfag for me. Before my time. that was just /b/ stuff right? I don't really know the history. Or maybe just switch to the warner brothers frog? IDK if someone has already done that. The way he sings hello my baby and all that is pretty damn white. It's funny too. The shits got to be funny to me. The vibe I get from honkler is: everything is insane and horrifying hopeless etc. just give up. That doesn't feel right frankly. It strikes me as demoralization. It's still satisfying that facebook bans the word honk, but it's probably just a happy accident.

Next step all -onk words and #onk
Let's have an entire category of words and symbols be banned
We gotta Bonk all those stinking jews by Clonking their heads in.
They attempt to zonk us all out by importing niggers.
Dirty fucking plonker politicians honking our shit up, they should be on the receiving end of the stick.
Don't forget to honk your neighbor

top fucking kek lad

NEW YORK TIMES: Terrifying new white supremacist codewords used to harrass marginalized groups…"yonkzonk"

Everything is racist. The word honk is racist.

Are we in a fucking comedy?

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It's okay to be a )))professional comedian(((
"Comedian" is our new codeword. kek

Cool it with the Clownphobia, bigots.

Hizonk shazonk kabonkabonk

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Whoa check out this guy's Twitter handle, gayWONK. Looks like a fascist salute too.

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wait a fucking second this guy is on to something

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Also note the "Rising Fire" reflected in his glasses. Another far-right dog whistle!


Just think of the total futility of banning phrases that are ever evolving. It really is a fool's errand. They're really trying to ban "honk" and "learn to code." There's like a million ways to reframe either of those ideas. That's even without simply co-opting other shit. Like what the fuck do they do if we take woke and yikes? Seriously anyone of us could make a thread about woke meaning "whites overcome kikes everyday." or "Yids in kamps excels society." and then twitter/facebook/instagram can't use those words?

Checked. Take out the n in onk because the n symbolizes white nationalism. O is clearly bigoted and k is in the kkk so it’s done for as well. No more H O’s n’s or k’s

Dude fucking suffixes and prefixes are racist. I heard Zig Forums uses contractions as hate memes so therefore contractions are racist and bad. Onks ids ites etc are all racist

onk is an anti semitic dog whistle for Only Nationalists Know; it comes from the popular saying "the goyim know" but it indicates that only the redpilled have a true understanding.

You fucking autistic retards. All you have to do is go on your accounts and type

"Bet you can't put 'Honk'" as your status. Try it!

Or some other kind of click/type baiting shit. Let the normies do the lifting for you FFS.

Jesus we used to be good at memetic warfare at some point.


okay, will do. It's already totally out of my hands now though. This shit has its own inertia. Bro they fucking banned the word " honk." There wouldn't even be a way to STOP normies being freaked out if we wanted to. It's like going to war and watching your enemies jump off fuckng cliffs before you can get to them. I'm honestly astounded.

They're aiming for newspeak double plus ungood like in 1984.

That happened a decade ago torpedo slim , we’re in onk world now

Even trying to ban the hakenkreuz is a fool's errand, a symbol that predates civilization. J00s are stupid.

Learn to Honk

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Soon we will be in nk world
and finally in k world.

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spoiler that shit user.


Can't tell if sarcastic

This. Yeah okay clown world. Now you idiots are going to sit at your computer screen for the next 2-3 hours laughing with autistic glee "watching the world honk" and DOING NOTHING.

You are wasting hours laughing at a fucking obvious GLOWING psy-op you fucking RETARDS.

I am going to be sitting at my computer laughing because I am exhausted from working all day 'doing something' to prepare. I think it is appropriate.

Alright, fella, alright. You get a pass. None of these other fucking Jewish slaves do though.

Get off your ass, kekistani soyboys.

Glownigger psyop or not it's time to

#eil (#onk)
#itler (#onkler)


testing honk ban. will post results.

No wonder soyboy declined in usage. Cuckchan mods and by extension the site are anti-meme.

Time to break out the bumper stickers.

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kek. send the christcucks and the tards into a shitflinging frenzy. ‘Twill be fun to watch

I swear by the saints Honk! I will perform cantillation to this music in my native honkuage! Honking Bap!

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Wow, that's fucking shocking.

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This video gets funnier every loop lol

I'm honkly serious. What's honk with these kikebook beepers???

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Zuck sounds like fuck cuck and yuck

Memetic kill shot

here's an idea, quit being Mwxicans

Oh my fucking lord…. this is clown world.

Sauce/Name of band in video?

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Found it.


The meme center in my brain is overloading looking at that image.

Honky Honkler was initially a Neinchan meme.

That is our power. Take a "bad" censorship…make it a "good" adopt things they like and make them ban it.



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Ayo dem honkys be sayin sh-

The word "an" is only used when the sound immediately preceding it is a vowel sound. Any and all other uses are incorrect. Where were you in first grade? This is basic stuff. Did you not read that sentence to yourself and realize how stupid and childish it sounded.

I hope you and any children you may have die, as you clearly are to stupid to be allowed to live and reproduce. Everyone reading this thread is now just a bit dumber having read that shit. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Die