The world just got a little bit less lawy

Courts are overcrammed with CP viewing cases, so UK does the smart thing of decriminalizing it, replacing potential jail time with a class like for drunk driving.

Something tells me accelerationism only supports the agenda. The main component to normies believing anything at all, comes from popular support. If all our efforts are to be subversive and accelerate the subversive agenda, we're basically unpaid labor reaping no networking benefits and certainly not going to any parties.

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Accelerationism is disastrous. Seriously how many people are actually ready to pick up a gun and start murdering large numbers of refugees and homeless people?

The point of accelerationism is meant to increase that number, no?

How, when the parents lose their own kids

If they are not ready, make them ready.

White genocide ain't going to wait.

I think you're in the wrong place you weepy nigger

Interesting. I wouldn’t have done this, but it is reminiscent of my ideas. It might be sound. If we can rehabilitate people or sufficiently mitigate the harms they inflict, that’s excellent. Rehabilitated individuals might also be willing to flip on their prior providers of porn, providing access to the critical individuals who are the actual sources of child pornography. The whole network supports the endeavor, but only at the source is a child being horrifically mistreated.

We don’t always have to stalk people to learn what’s going on in secret. Being tolerant of the information they have to share is also useful. Reducing the intensity of hatreds at the edges of a bad pattern can permit striking at what is truly most detested in the center of a bad pattern. This can go wrong, but so can anything. Inclusivity is one of the ways that a lamp can be carried into darkness.

Remember that “Jews always flip,” as Trump said, and think about what that would mean. If we can flip lesser evils, we can take down greater evils. Hate not the flippers; they may give away your information, but they can also give that of others unto you.

Parties are a bizarre punishment ritual that I never comprehended.


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As long as it's around 3% we're all set. #onk

The incidence rate of pedophilia is less than that, and if the hatred factor on it is falling, there’s not a lot of “already dead” people to tap for the purpose.

tbh sending people to jail just for watching the stuff is pretty retarded.

The difference between serial killers and say holy warriors or patriots is simply one of perspective. The fact you choose to label them exposes your perspective and your nose

Me but I can't do it on my own it does not work like that.

They're fun when you're bonded and included, 3PO. Unless you need copious amounts of drugs to numb yourself to lesser compatibilities.

I'm from South Africa, I think a slow death is a lot more dangerous. I've been seeing it in action for most of my life. We could stand a chance in war, but this? It's no way winnable.

I looked up more information to try to refine my estimates, and although this isn’t the output of real research, I would estimate the incidence rate of pedophilia at 0.6%, down from a prior estimate I made on this site that was even more born of “my priors hatch with two significant figures”.

It’s a vice both authentically hated and authentically rare… but not so rare that a world of Ate Billions doesn’t have an awful lot.

The fact that you believe in holy warriors suggests you’re one of Islam’s enslaved and broken liars. Learn to have pride in the peaceful society we have constructed in this era, for only in peace is found that measure of strength which can master biology and expand interstellar.

Who do you think is going to be fighting this war?

I'm ashamed to call myself British.

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You must be a product of the public education system because that's precisely the point I was making, not that I am one. I'm agnostic in terms of religion. We see mudshits as terrorists, they see themselves as holy warriors. Right wing sees themselves as patriots, the leftists see them as terrorists.

And fuck your society. This is a fucking clown world that's going to collapse and there's nothing you can do about it. Either get prepped or kill yourself when it starts to save yourself from suffering.

Depends which war you're talking about. If a race war happened, there'd be no choice for whites but to fight.

Uh no it won't. 99.9% of the population cannot kill. You'll flood the country with shit and then it will stay flooded with shit.

It's the UK we are talking about. Their definition of CP even includes Naruto r34 provided it is viewed by White people.

What is it with red-text posters and saying nothing of value?

Empty out the grocery stores or cut all electricity. That 99.9% you think can't kill will approach 0%. People have no idea what they're capable of until the have no choice. They'll kill others to survive or defend themselves, or they'll kill themselves. You've clearly lived some sheltered life because you don't have the slightest fucking clue about the true nature of humans are capable of when they have no choice.

I presume you exclude hebephilia from the definition? Because there are at least as many hebephilia as there are faggots.

I don't see how accelerationism works. There seem to be no historical examples. Great counterexample in communist nations where life gets shittier and shittier with actual famines and no (counter)revolution happens.

I can keep posting that fucking copypasta, but autcelerationists are too far gone to understand. Hopefully the rest of you here might understand.

Accelerationists are worse than flat earth disinfo shills not because of how firmly entrenched they are in their delusions, but because of the damage they will wreak upon white nations in the name defeatism, or worse, salvation. While they intend to wake the populace up, the methods they advocate for will only lead to snakier, shadier politicians enacting stronger complacency measures as the world continues to burn around them.

Whenever you read a post advocating for policies that lead to absolute havoc in the misguided belief that people will grow uncomfortable and revolt, there's been countries Namibia, Rhodesia, and SAfrica who've seen those changes, yet haven't done anything to rebel. Say what you will about those three, but they've had white majorities that got too complacent past the point of no return.

If you truly want people to grow uncomfortable with the world they live in, ruling puppeteers, head writers, and (((directors))), simply show them what lies beneath that facade - we live in an age of infographs and an insatiable appetite for knowledge - the blind want to see! If you point out to the hapless patron that the mcdicks they're eating is, well, full of dicks, they're not gonna want to eat it. Trump's election was more than enough to convince even the most ignorant, bluepilled motherfuckers that something was wrong with the government - even if they're completely misguided about it. Naming the jew and exposing the noses behind the curtain without all the disastrous and restrictive changes that necessitate from an election sure as shit will open more than a few eyes.

One sound strategy is to dump all the jew memes onto zoomer spawning grounds - dress it up in an ironic, deep friend zoomer-friendly format if you need to, just make sure that they take in information that their schools didn't teach them otherwise and open them up to the jew. Same works for facebook and hopefully any Gen-X or Later boomers who, despite the infinitesimally low probability, might actually feel shock and regret for what they've done. By this way, you'll get both cohorts steadily feeling unease and a growing cognitive dissonance that they can't exactly ignore.

All you need to do to them is for what they did to you - rob them of the joy in their life and invalidate their bread and circus - the bread has gone stale/moldy, and the circus is comprised of spiteful one-trick ponies. If they're too "immunized" or stubborn, strike at an opportune time where they're more somber, sober, and open to any notion that they believe will make them feel right again, and deliver in any way you see fit - preferrably in a comforting manner. People love comfort.

Name the jew instead, point out their bread-and-circus grew stale and moldy - but don't forget to tell them that they don't have to stick with it, that they deserve better. Give them a little hope spot.

I agree agree Mr. leet get they should be executed instead

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>If you truly want people to grow uncomfortable with the world they live in, ruling puppeteers, head writers, and (((directors))), simply show them what lies beneath that facade - we live in an age of infographs and an insatiable appetite for knowledge - the blind want to see! If you point out to the hapless patron that the mcdicks they're eating is, well, full of dicks, they're not gonna want to eat it. Trump's election was more than enough to convince even the most ignorant, bluepilled motherfuckers that something was wrong with the government - even if they're completely misguided about it. Naming the jew and exposing the noses behind the curtain without all the disastrous and restrictive changes that necessitate from an election sure as shit will open more than a few eyes.
People have been spreading information for years. How is what you are saying different from what's been done?

the AoC before feminism was way younger, only women and fags call everyone a pedo

That's fucking ironic posting a picture of a jew fag whose dating someone whose young enough to be his daughter you nigger faggot

lol go die pedo

I am


Wanna Know who is providing the Porn? Companies like Twitch, Snapchat, Kik, basically any app where an unsupervised kid can access the internet and has a camera that's literally on every phone available

The stuff being made today isn't being made exclusively by shady underground pedo rings some obviously is and its mainly pedos recording their own victims for personal use and pedo bragging rights on their fourms.. but a LARGE PORTION of the underage content flooding the internet is being put out by thirsty little low self esteem thots broadcasting on platforms like Snapchat and Twitch..even the softcore shit on YouTube is helping to destroy the ACTUAL porn market..

Besides all of that I can understand the sentiment of wanting to take down distributions but unless the pedo either

A. Was caught because they used their own personal credit card to make the purchase

B.they stupidly stuck thier finger into a honey pot while the bees were buzzing about.

C. Made it themselves.

then chances are they Pirated it if its the legit deal and not some lonely low self esteem tween in front of a screen

And I'm not condoning the fact that it existed in the first place but i can see a slim silver lining knowing that the Pirated videos have to be hurting what i imagine is an already dwindling amd highly dangerous business.. hardcore stuff cant really be worth it when there's legit money to be made just parading a child around inna swim suit doing gymnastics or whatever retarded challenge is popular now.. and btw.. look up a list of some of those challenges and TELL ME they aren't at least 75% Invented by pedos.. the ice bath challenge the touch my body challenge the yoga challenge slime bath challenge the list goes on and on and on user

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Accelerationism is just another name for progressivism

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Yeah ok faggot lol, that's like a jew calling other people jews

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Did the UK just give Pedos a free pass almost? This…this is just fucking disgusting. They are making way for someone to be the new leader that will be so pissed off they lead another holocaust. This is it. This is what will tip the scales. All someone has to do is rile up all the parents.
you people are the worst

Oh sure they can. In China, an entire generation was forced to become murderers and thieves. Literally everyone, except for the dead, lunatics, and toddlers took part in murdering their own neighbors and stealing their property back in 50's.

Accelerationism was always a leftist shill meme meant to coax us into ceding victory with a smile on our faces.

She has a nice hairy bush

she can stick around as a sex slave after the day of the rope

Yeah, in Africa. We can trade her for some resources. Then we get resources and the satisfaction that she'll be tortured for the rest of her life.

Source for that claim?

You're right, she probably has genital herpes and AIDS anyway

can we get a list of everything wrong with britain?

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How can you be a (white) british lad in $current_year ? How can you cope with it ?

Well, have we been pushing hard for Gen Z, late millennials and other impressionable people to wake up? It's going to need patience and ingenuity to spread things further as well as bypassing a lot of security checks - both mental and software imposed.

Finding new ways to get more and more people to digest our material faster and faster is key for getting traction when our time comes is what i'm saying.

It's being ran like a high school.

Good luck listing that all, das geht auf keine Kuhhaut.


Accelerationism always works. It is better to make them destroy everything and themselves, than to let them have anything.

i think we need more heroic deeds to inspire people

Possession of CP should NOT be a felony. It's simply too easy to frame someone with a 50kb JPG and ruin their life.

It should have a penalty in order to give prosecutors leverage to search out the producers and distributors. And maybe put you on a (non-public, temporary) watch list.

Remember that CP is used by the jews to discredit things they don't like, such as bitcoin ("we have to ban bitcoin because it contains encoded CP"). Or break up white families because they took a picture of their kids in the bathtub.

Accelerationism is bullshit because it demoralizes the people and demoralised people don't fight back. Things get so bad they also look around and think there's nothing worth saving, and fall to nihilism and depression. You can't accelerate while not providing an alternative. When people have hope and impose of what coukd be, and a route and a solution to achieve it, then they will be inspired to fight for it

*And an image of what could be
Shit phoneposting

Viewing and possessing child porn is literally a thought crime. If you didn't pay for it and didn't make it your a passive party in it's existence. This is a huge victory for free speech.

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Probably a mossad agent as well, huh?
Stop spewing bullshit.

What the hell is wrong with the UK and paedos? The child rape gangs, your elites and celebrities, everything. What the hell is wrong with your shitty little island of inbreds?

Eh. That seems dumb, but also none of my business. Back when I was net-ratting on the internet, I was a middle-aged man as far as people on the internet were concerned. Safer that way. Nobody can tell you’re not a middle-aged man on the internet.

Human sexuality seems dumb in general.
Yeah okay, wake me up in five hundred years when this is all historic, kk? Dealing with human sexuality was traumatic shit that I only messed with at all because my parents raised me with pro-sexual values. I have so little inherent attraction every expression of interest directed my way actually just felt like sexual harassment - and then people who I became unwilling to interact with accused me of sexual harassment, because apparently there was a period where that was the left-accepted way to dispose of unwanted sexual partners who might rat if not discredited. Fucking hell it wasn’t worthwhile overall.

Sometimes lately the biggest reason I’d like the dumbass moralist set to get off this gay = pedo kick is because if they’d go back to trying to isolate gay genes, it’d advance my antinatal agenda by crimping the genetic basis of the human libido. I want people to be more similar to me so humanity can quit fighting some of these eternal battles, and I don’t want anyone to remain like the lie-version of me, because if THAT archetype dies out people won’t be able to use it as a harmful lie anymore.

ugly jew
uglier jew

99.1% of humanity will dearly avoid killing, by my estimate, but I think only… I don’t want to give my numerical estimate, but I think there’s a pretty substantial component that ONLY doesn’t want to kill, which is not the same thing as can’t. I place myself in the “won’t” category, not the “can”t” category.

You delusional shitbag, man. Nobody wants to convert to your culture because it fucking sucks and literally only goes into a hole in the ground. Not even a cool hole, but just a bunker.

100% paedoes behind this, Britian is notorious or paedo politicians anyway.
What can be the advantage of having such meetings? With that "fetish" people ar already half foot in crime and there has not been any "therapy" proven to work, with peados being prolific liars, cheaters and manipulators as paedophilia is comorbit personality disorders like borderline, psychpathy, schizoid and other Jew traits.

There is only one thing keeping them in check and thats fear of repricussion and even that isnt enough so often. Every crime becomes easier with partners, both in operation and mind. The greatest criminals are organized in syndicates and gangs and child abuse only sky rocketet when the internet connected the fags internationally, crime is a social group effort. These "classes" are just an opportunity for paedos to find like minded people with whom they can engang in their most depraved phantasies. Paedo therapies only serve to connect them and this will worsen the issue, kill kikes, kille the paedos.


Why would you kill fellow goyim
If youre going to do that go to the local seat of power
Large corporation
Ceos who live near you
Never punish the goyim until you get the ones above them

There’s not an actual genocide going on. Don’t be such a wimp you can’t face reality. Anti-Israel is the omnicide position courtesy of Israel’s global contribution to medical research; xenophobes are supposed to die ebola-style because they’re too scared to tolerate foreign medicine.

>Courts are overcrammed with CP viewing cases, so UK does the smart thing of decriminalizing it,

Not exactly bad.

Listen to these words: not only the gays, we all have this type of mental illness when it comes to erotisism. That someone would not have it exists and is rare.

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You are paid to post here.


Take 5 deep breaths and evaluate the psychopathic remark you just made.

no shit? that's the whole point. Support the people who are killing and raping us and our children and hope people see that it is bad despite already actively calling it good

Those meetings would be monitored, you know. It’s not good grounds for conspiracy, you paranoid schizophrenic. Maybe you’re afraid this would even disrupt real pedo organizing.

Most intelligent post ITT.

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Sort of, but not really. I “should” be doing half a dozen other things, but you people are such broken slaves that I want to save you from your corruption and humiliation. The world ought to have someone trying to help you people recover your dignity.

This is a good thing. No one should go to prison for looking at anything on the internet.

And notice none of you again dare mention that *this site* hosts more pedos than anywhere else with graphic 3D and discussion promoting rape, torture and murder of children.

The only thing we should be accelerating is the spread of anti-semitic ideas. We should be working to normalize anti-semitism on the right and the left. Some of us should infiltrate the left and spread anti-semitism there.

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I was under the impression that watching CP = pedo = evisceration in prison by a thousand nigger dicks.

I was under the assumption that Zig Forums would be pretty unified on this, no matter how many kike shills posted in favor of raping little suzy.

I guess I was wrong.

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This is all rather HONK HONK. It is. Though it does not fit in that bad here. And more. Though hard to even think.

So, if there is anyone here being diagnosed with a mental illness like schizophrenia, autism etc. I could remove it in half an hour under the best circumstances.

I simply do not beat around the bush or be mislead.


Watching CP is flatly irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. I want to see child abusers hanged because they abused children. That is the reason I care. I have never seen a reason to police people's thoughts if it doesn't translate to actual real-world crimes. I simply don't care.

On the other hand, as notes it is dead simple to plant an incriminating image on an uppity goy's computer and easily have them condemned. Moreover it makes it impossible to have any actually censorship-proof platform because every single service you could think of has to have an inbuilt censorshit mechanism in case of CP. Thus, their laws against CP guarantee they will have the opportunity to silence us if we have the wrong opinions, which is exactly the situation that we are in today.

Pardon, this is beyond me. And I never noticed this. Unless you mean mass murder in general.

ughe ughe that's right (puke)

Well, at least generally speaking family photo albums. To compare it with. As far as I am concerned. Not that the drawings are family. Family or friends photo viewing has this similar place.

Reminder that Zig Forums DIED TWO YEARS AGO
You are posting in its festering corpse.

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Zig Forums believes Tarrant was organic?

The west is in decay, a lot of parallels to western Roman Empire could be drawn. Tons of policies favoring existing elites, business owners, the upper class while people starting get scraps. Outsourcing of jobs and industries are done en mass displacing local population while the ones getting the jobs hold no allegiance or affection to the west, thus whenever any sort of crisis breaks out in the west they're the first to abandon it. The same goes for the migrants, they only care about the income and benefits they get in a country the people other than their in group can rot for all they care.

People in all cases do not want knowledge, they do not want reasons to revolt because the system is still somewhat functional that it provides people with roof and food. They much rather vote for a right wing politician who promises to solve the problems, but once in power waters down these promises to a point there is nothing left from the original campaign and you're stuck with an elite serving puppet (look at rightwing parties in Europe, and Trump in USA).

USA is lost I think when it comes to jewish control. According to scientific articles, 72% of the male population (and an even higher number among caucasians population in US) performed a jewish ritual named circumcision to remove a part of their penis. How would a population that is entirely subscribed from birth to Judaism revolt against them controlling? Americans are Jewish slaves, they mostly bear the mark of the Jew which is their circumcised genitalia. Its cultural imperialism conquered Europe completely and many western nations copied the American model of multiculturalism, outsourcing, no trade protections and a whole lot of negative cultural garbage. I don't really think making memes to make people more aware about jews will make anything happen. The ones who are resistant to the indoctrination have probably by now already come across it and the ones who swallowed the education bluepill will just never accept the fact they're Jewish slaves, or think that them being slaves is justified and right.

Resisting modernity is not comfortable with most people. Most of the younger ones maybe got a mortgage they need to work for the rest of their live to pay off. Instability will only screw up their lives. The older gen xers and boomers who paid off their houses and have assets generally protect their wealth and the system. The system grants them their success and wealth they worked for so they see no reason to suddenly withdraw their support. There is no hope when it comes to removing the jew, removing the sourcing, removing globalism besides a large amount of normies growing uncomfortable with the current governing body.

Zig Forums isn't one person
I think Tarrant was an agent and the whole thing is a hoax.
Others think he was some sort of St. or so they say.

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