Russia To CRISPR Babies This Year

From Nature Magazine:

"Molecular biologist Denis Rebrikov has told Nature he is considering implanting gene-edited embryos into women, possibly before the end of the year if he can get approval by then.

According to Rebrikov he already has an agreement with an HIV centre in the city to recruit women infected with HIV who want to take part in the experiment."


Curiously I've posted this news on kikechan and it was blocked like 10 times as "spam". Replies only from three nonsensical bots.

It's like the US GARBAGENMENT fucked us all and don't want to take the shit right back in the middle of their kiked faces.

They know that CRISPR is what matters now and it will only accelerate in the next months, years.

So it seems that China and Russia are about to ruin the kike's nigger nightmare world.

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That's what people said about airplanes, vaccines, and polyploid foods. Just because your public school education isn't sufficient to understand now tech doesn't mean that intelligent races can't make it not a screaming death trap.

Never trust the science jew

Gene editing will only allow the jews to erasearyan genetics if the jews control it (which they already are subverting it via (((ethics))) boards. )

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The US government is only concerned with cultivating a population that keeps the specific kinds of markets and rackets that the kikes ran in the old Pale of Settlement going. Alcohol, prostitution, gambling, organized fights, lending, rentier exploitation.

Pretty true.

But I couldn't care less if they think we're all going Blacked and kissing Israel's feet.

We figure out something.

Move to Haiti and watch your Blacked there.

Based, might makes right.
Go out and kill some niggers user.

Can't wait for the new Super Slav Army Overlords.

You should cure lesbos with AIDs, they got what they do deserve, it is a divine punishment afterall.
Quite the opposite actually, jews can start using CRISPR as a way to spread their spawn without having to directly racemix with white women.
Just imagine what this will allow them to do, they can change all the genes of a white person that influence her/his body but change the ones that affect its intelligence, personality, skills, etc…

Exactly, Anons reading this get informed about mercury found in seafood and vaccines, and also about xenoestrogenic plastics and fluorite found in tap water.

Still wanting to play by the rules that are genociding you and destroying your people user? ;)

Just make it possible to edit the race and open source it for people.

Remember that there are 150 million Africans that are to come and now they watch Blacked and will go at local women.

This is in fact a nightmare.

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have they tired of eating them raw?

So muh russkies are surpassing US in terms of tech?

Yes, they will create genetically modified abominations that will die more quickly

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God bless it

Why on earth would they do that when they can keep it all for themselves, globally eradicate shitskins, and rule over mankind as Übermensch?

Just accept the new Russo-Sino world order already.


Releasing CRISPR? Because it's simple, it's not rocket science.

That "super soldier" or "super viruses" theories are pretty much fantasies that are easy to avoid, undo or manage it.

On one hand we could eradicate numerous diseases and improve the gene pool, on the other the ZOG could use it to churn out soulless genetic slaves.
I'm torn.

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I'm not torn.

It's very hard, we still haven't a clue what we should edit. Like opening a bank vault is easy but only if you know the keys and you're not dealing with 0-9 here but dealing with billions of codes with more possible combinations than we have a named number for.

Yeah no, I'm of the belief that all new technology is inevitably used to commit great evils, just like all governing/leadership systems becoming objectively evil over time.
Star Trek utopianism is not real.

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So in your world killing ZOG is 'star trek utopianism'? Kinda sad user.

Russia and China are the kikes you fucking moron. (((They've))) been planning (((gnostic transhumanism))) for a century now. That's why they hate Hitler and Nietzsche's Overman.

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Well that explains why jews are so eager to sell American secrets to the chinese.

Western civilization is saved. Europe and north america are gonna be miscegenated out of existence while Russia becomes a 200 iq space faring utopia. All you fucking faggots that kept saying slavs arent white can suck my soon to be genetically modified to 13 inch ukranian dick and go to confession afterwards to beg your kike on a stick for forgiveness.

The only ones that say slavs aren't white are all kikes. On your way to ascension, remember what "Without Jews there would have been no Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957. You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators." - Nobel prize winning author and Champion of human dignity, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I know kikes may run Russia and also maybe China, but the whole Blacked project is from the US and Western Europe (France, Sweden, etc).

The Chinese and the Russian (and several countries in that part of the globe) don't condone with the kike's shitshow this way.

They had a variation of it in the past (Socialism, Judaism), they know how it is and they want to keep their country and folks in a good state.

Russia and China will release the race editing techiniques for sure. No point in keeping it for themselves. Why would they keep it for themselves?

About the hardship of CRISPR, it needs more research. But in the next months, years I think we'll be able to do something. It's not rocket science. It's just replacing some genes for others and you increase the number of whites.

If Jews can do it they'll do it.

They're the masters of double down on the worst of the worst and on the most annoying possible.

That's why I think that making secure CRISPR race editing techniques (and not blocking it) and open sourcing what's secure is the best option to not be fooled and cornered by kikes,

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>remote hacking of airplanes to redirect or drop flight
>Thimerosal (mercury) in Flulaval (flu vaccine) with a label that reads "Safety and effectiveness of Flulaval have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children"
Yeah, nothing ever went wrong with any of these…

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There's nothing so new on CRISPR for people to "hide" it from public. I'm sure they'll release the new findings because it's already common place in science.

…except exactly what sequences to use or edit. Fucking idiot. It's like asking why we have fucking highly secretive agencies dedicated solely to cryptography and code breaking. I'm sure the NSA will release it for everyone, it's nothing new. Right? Kill yourself immediately.

CRISPR is the ultimate blackpill, if we are getting the news now it means the jews, elites, governments, etc have already had access to this years in advance.They will be the ones turning their children into 250 iq super humans while we are just barely pumping up to 130 iq. Its ogre

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pick one

20% risk of MISCARRIAGE from the flu vaccine
15 in a cohort of subjects aged 65 years and older who received FLULAVAL QUADRIVALENT (n=397); approximately one-third of these subjects were aged 75years and older. In subjects aged 65years and older, the geometric mean antibody titers (GMTs)post-vaccination and seroconversion rates were lower than in younger subjects (aged 18 to 64years) and the frequencies of solicited and unsolicited adverse events were generally lower than in younger subjects
tl;dr adverse effects from the vaccine occur less frequently in people aged 75yrs or older, or in other words the adverse effects occur more frequently in ages 18 to 64yrs old.
>In children aged 5 through 17years, the most common (equal to/less than 10%) solicited systemic adverse events were muscle aches (29%), fatigue (22%), headache (22%), arthralgia [joint pain] (13%), and gastrointestinal symptoms (10%).

tl;dr vaccines aren't harmless and can do severe damage–even the most common among them–so don't pretend there is no risk of shenanigans regarding them or their (mis)application.

Don't count on it. Just look at the next generation of the elites. Look at Soros Jr. or the children of the Rothschilds. These old men are already bent and dying, so their kids will be the ones in charge of the tools they leave behind. Problem is, their kids are all heavily self-absorbed autists who have more than sipped the poisoned koolaid they were dispensing to the masses. The elites were ultimately like all Boomers–selfish and thinking only of their aims in their times without any long term consideration for what came afterward.

Now their fledglings are even more self-destructive. The invisible empires will crumble not by hubris but by attention whoring coddled trust-fund Jewish babies who were unwittingly taught the same cancer everyone else was at the colleges their parents paid mega-millions to put them through.

Not to say their inevitable self-dissolution means "just wait to win". Their collapse would come after our kids are broken or dead. They will die; it's genuinely inevitable, and all their asinine globalist ideals will be the sword they fall on with inconceivable delusion, but we need to act now to secure a future for our kids before their suicide drags everyone else into the void with them.

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user it doesn't matter if they are retards or self absorbed autists. Their grand kids will be having 250iq, They could even intentionally limit public IQ to 150 and then sit at 250+ forever so they have an unlimited supply of slaves.

INB4 they engineer everyone into niggers.

Don't super high IQ's easily veer off into insanity?

Higher rates of psychosis. Psychoticism is a key component of creativity: you need it for a broad associative horizon. Creativity is a major component of genius. I am a genius despite not having a super high IQ. Psychoticism is through the roof and I often hallucinate even when well-rested. It peaks when I'm tired; however, that's when I produce my best ideas.

Perhaps they do, some """studies""" suggest they do. However even if 20% of 250 iq humans become mentally unable to function properly, the other 80% will still dominate us.

Our only hope is praying that super human level intelligence comes with intense self hatred or love for the lesser being. This might spare us from our fate of being eternal slaves or simply culled.

Let's say your IQ is 130. Imagine someone with 65 IQ. Subhuman right? Well, that's how a 250 IQ would see you, especially if you lack genius. Remember that whites are also the most empathic group of people on earth. The only thing that will come from a group engineering themselves to have ultra, ultra high IQs is them being better at conflict with other groups. Imagine a chess match with an experienced player versus one with a severly retarded nigger. Who would you feel comfortable playing?

I doubt the Russians will do that and when Chinese scientists were asked on their state tv if CRISPR can be used to make Africans smarter, the chink said it'd be easier to make an elephant intelligent as a man than a nigger.

I couldn't give a damn if it hurts some shitskins feeling. I don't care if it hurts OUR feelings. If this is the only way for humanity to truly advance and progress, then so be it. At best, pray for their kindness genes to respond to fellow acts of kindness and complete violence for the shitskins who are incapable of being civilised.

oy vey! 3000 years of jewish incest down the drain! now the goyim can collect all the genes for group think, psychcopathy and subversion without fucking their relatives! oy vey! its annudahh shoa!

(((Leftypol))) disapproves of this thread.

So how are Putins space rockets doing? And what evr happened to that chink genius microbeiologist?
Dont trust anything that (((Russians))) or (((Chinese))) spew.

America is still unironically hitching rides from the Russians just to be able to go into space and the Chinese government black bagged the guy so he can work on their underground black projects. Like why would your state allow someone to blab advantageous state secrets like that?
And who says US or Switzerland dont have the same thing going?

spotted the jew

Shilling for golems on Zig Forums? Just use the magic j word they will you think you are one of them.

you are the jew here, you randomly use brackets for non-jewish nations and post links from jewish owned media such as TheMoscowTimes

This, their goal is to erase everything natural and turn whites into golems. Don't be deceived by appearances, even 1488 looking (((genetically designed))) people will not be white.


There is no competing with artificial intelligence. All humans will be useless in 10 years.


Idea: Use black girls bodies as carriers of the CRISPR white baby embryos. Take the eggs from white girl and semen from males. Put into black girls womb to get new white children. This would piss off the jew to a new level beyond words. I don't think black girls would mind since they seem to like giving birth and babies. We could make use of the 2 billion african females use them as surrogate bodies to give birth to white babies. Russia is on the right track.

It is said there used to be wars on Mars between Machines vs Humanoids. Since the Humanoids had connection to GOD they survived and the machines all disappeared. Artificial intelligence serves a purpose but it will never last in long run compared to Humanoids.

Roll it out harder. It won’t actually be restricted to the elite because the gene-segmented society will be agony for the intelligent.

The HIV theory is false that's why the Chinese babies are not immune to aids

The good news is Eugenics is back on the table. Nobody will really care about a high IQ what they will desire is white skin blonde hair blue eyes big cocks and big boobs

AIDS is caused by a faggot or a druggie having thousands of sexual partners and multiple infections every year ie herpes vd hep etc. Coupled with sniffing poppers and shooting up the immune system collapses and until recently the medication AZT would accelerate the person's death because AZT is poison, a cancer drug never meant for long term use. A lot of AIDS statements about condom use and millions dying are bullshit if anything millions died from poverty in Africa drinking sewage water etc and the AIDS tests are also bogus. It's all a sham used to save the CDC from being de funded.

Why do I never see mentioned the strong xenoestrogens and other endocrine disruptors found in Axe/Lynx deodorant for men, in shaving lubricants, in aftershaves?

If you are using any "male beauty products" other than old world quality cologne and shaving soap, oil etc then stop NOW.

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Can I get a name of these safer products? I buy the products for the household but I know nothing about mens products and I want something safe.