What body-type best describes you Zig Forums?

I see anons assuming that Zig Forumsacks are fat or Zig Forumsacks are weak or what have you and I just want to do a poll to see what is the reality.

Are you:


Fit & Strong in my case. I can do one arm push-ups and work hard jobs all day doing landscaping.

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I used to climb caves while young while having a sprained wrist in a cast. It didn't stop me at all and my wrist recovered very fast.

Is that you in the pic, that’s pretty badass

Thin & Weak TBH, but I am growing stronger.

IRL Zig Forumsacks that got off their keyboards. Getting stronger.

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I’d say thin and weak, been gyming 4 times a week for the last month though so I’m getting better.

don't be dense; I'm never posting any pics of me on an imageboard

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I lift and do cardio regularly, but I'm 40lb overweight because I'm 50 and still eat like I'm 20.

So my body type would be Roy Nelson.

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Disgusting fatass ATM on a diet as i type this though walking and running everyday, gonna start lifting as soon as i'm not a lardball.

P.S join meat gang i literally lost 30 pounds in a month just eating pic related.

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Fit and strong. I could certainly do with shaving a little blubber off my belly, but you can already see muscles cresting through that; and my arms and shoulders are bigger than at least 90% of the world's population. Have a slight injury on my knee from a crash when I was much younger which inhibits my ability to do excessive amounts of running or jogging, but I hike a lot to keep my heart and legs in good shape. Perhaps this is a good thing for my mentality though; running away is never an option, and that suits me just fine.

Been weightlifting since my first incident with shitskins in school.

Zig Forums

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Kike spotted

Long, lean and strong is the best phenotype.

- Best cardio
- Good reach for fighting
- Still powerful enough to KO
- Flexible
- Light on their feet and agile.
- Fast reflexes.

Bulky steroid muscles are basically useless. They are good for intimidation but that's about it.

"swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as steel" - Hitler.

Self-dox. Me with red user face.

Maybe Zig Forums was like that 10 years ago. We've been preparing.

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Haha good call I forgot for a moment where I was. Don’t want (((them))) to put you on a list.

Does it look like I lift?

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manlet cope muscles lmao. I'm not half as built but could whoop your ass easily just because I have twice the reach.

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Since I found Zig Forums in 2015 I stopped exercising and gained 76 pounds. Zig Forums is a fucking cesspit.

You look like a female-to-male tranny.

Nigger, if a smaller guy gets inside your reach, which is easy, you have no power, while he can still hit you with good, heavy shots because his arms are shorter (one of the reasons Tyson was so dominant). At that point all you can do is grapple, and something tells me you're shit-tier at it. Anyway, a gun takes you out easy.

Fit and strong. I'm 6'0" 165lb meme skelly. I could still do 1/2/3/4

That sounds like fighting talk user! Good. Let the white man be frothing at the mouth and ready to set his fangs into his foes. …But do try to remember that we're on the same side here.

If you're a kike then I'm sure it will please you to know that I'm actually 6' and that I specialise in ground fighting. Better hope your reach can keep me away gangley-jew; for the white man comes for you.

Good stuff. I don't want people to dox themselves here, but pictures like this are a good way of reminding all those jews and commies lurking here that they have no chance. It shouldn't surprise anyone that our faction which deifies the concept of objective superiority would be objectively superior. Sieg heil.

There's another body type not really in there.
I don't have the picture but you're missing "ottorbode" tall and fit but not "swoll".

I'm not JIDF, but I did just eat one, ironically. Covered in cream cheese. Now instead of being productive I'm sitting here on this cesspit. Zig Forums is the perfect procrastination tool; hence why it's a cesspit. The day I never come back here will be a good day.

No you look like a skinny fat chick.

Watching that I thought about how he climbed up AND DOWN the rope near the end.
People don't do that enough. They can climb up easily but can they climb down easily, safely, and quickly?
Likely not.
I got climbing regularly and no one climbs down, they just fucking use the auto-carabiner system to drop down.

I like to do laps on the wall with the auto-belay. I climb up and down and that's one lap. Great way to build up endurance for sport and trad climbing if you can't get to a real wall.

It looks like you take dick

Between this

Is it gay that i want to bone a granddad now? Or is it okay given that it is a very muscular and fit old fella?

I assume this is troll.
But for gods sake dont post for face here numb nuts.

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