We have time, but it is running out. Act now

I looked up statistics about babies born in the United States in 2017. The map on this post marks red the US states where white babies are still over 50% of the babies born in 2017. It shows what situation we are in. We are on the brink, but there is still hope. For you, this should be a sign to start making as many white babies as possible. More than you can afford.

Don't be afraid of being a welfare burden. The niggers aren't. And anyways, how successful a child grows up to be is far more dependent on genetics than upbringing. A child that grows up on welfare because his/her parents chose to have 10 kids when they could only afford 3, will grow up to be more successful than a child who grew up on welfare because his/her parents were economically and socially incompetent wrecks, simply due to the former having better genes from their parents who were still smart enough to afford to comfortably raise 3 kids, if they had chosen to stop there.

Also, it is good for kids to experience some hardships growing up. You don't want your white children to turn into the kid of spoiled brats that become white guilt cucks and join Antifa? Remember, hard times make strong men.


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He he that's right goys, the problem is clearly that you're not having enough babies! If you have more babies the problem will be alleviated and solved!!

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okay because you say so i'll go have children thanks op

We must save capitalism. We must.

How can I make white babies when I'm sitting on Zig Forums all day?


Yes goys, let's do all of this, your children definitely won't eventually be taken off you and this is definitely a good male role model environment to foster for your children.

Become sperm donor in addition to starting a family

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Sub-human garbage.

gtfo jidf

we need communism

Civics matter, not pigments. Win minds, not skins.

your skin is your uniform and if you don't realise that soon the people in dark uniforms will make you

Here is my succinct pasta for normalfags and cuckservatives.

The Hart-Cellar Act of 1965 opened the doors of America to the dregs of the world. We were promised by all parties involved that this law would not change the demographic makeup of America. In 1965 the US was 89% white, today it is 60% white. We were deliberately lied to.
And they had good reason. Currently white conservatives have a birthrate of 2.7, white liberals 0.9, jews 0.8, hispanics 1.7, blacks 1.2, and “others” 1.3. The only demographic in any industrial nation which is breeding at or above replacement level are right wing whites in America. That is why they are so desperate to import more non-whites, without that importation by 2050 America would be 75% white again and the vast majority would be voting so conservatively that the GOP would not be politically viable and would need to shift far to the right. They wanted to replace your fathers because they feared them. Now that more whites are coming to learn this truth they fear us even more.
Demography is destiny.
Demand your country back.
In this moment of dire threat, you are not alone.
youtube.com/watch?v=7HMEBLRt6iI (LBJ’s speech in which he promises that immigration will not alter the demographics of America, he was a filthy liar)

It is important to both frighten them and appeal to pride and their demonstrable superiority, too many of you faggots just do one or the other.

Reminder, only a kiked nigger fag thinks with their dick and not with their brain. White people are more about just getting your dick wet faggots, it's about inventing, discovering, creating, building, being pious and civilized, having class and not being a fucking retarded nigger jew who keeps buying into shit like faggot OP spews out. All OP wants is for white people to be nigger-tier subhumans instead of white civilized humans

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Well at least that thot knows how to utilise the laws of optics

If you don't drop your "noble morality" now that we're already deep into 21st century style warfare, and accept that you need to start fighting dirty, then you're already extinct, nigger.
Get your damn "White" head in the game, fucker!

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By chance any women reading this want to start saving the white race and make babies together? We dont have to live together and I can give you money to support them.


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Stop using the word "kids". They are children, not goats for satanic kikes to abuse.

Become a sperm donor.


I've done my part. I've contributed to (by estimates based on medical data) 20+ babies.

Seriously, do the research. It turns out that many adult outcomes, INCLUDING political beliefs, are STRONGLY dependent on purely genetic factors (not parenting style or poverty or anything). We now have tens of thousands of samples from twin/adoption studies that prove this beyond any doubt.

There are some rational concerns (e.g. you don't want to support single mothers) but the blog post linked above has reasonable arguments as to why this doesn't matter.

The demographic war is as much about eradicating non white children as it is having our own.

There's nothing uncivilized about having children you brainwashed dolt.

You're going to want a fireteam of sons for the race war.

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Civics are connected to race, cuck.

seriously? is this the level of retardation we're on now? so i guess words aren't allowed to have more than one meaning anymore because everything somehow connects back to "satanic kikes".

That's like stepping on the brakes after going over the cliff. The only way forward at this point is collapse and war.

Very good Schlomo!

This is good news, but that means we need to increase white babies, AND kill niggers and zionist Jews.

You are a fool