An old Schwindel has turned into ever bigger lies. It started with stealing other peoples work and twisting it so the interpretations turned into circular logic. Now we have Wave-schizophrenia, Pulsars, Virtual Photons and other insane conclusions based on a Schwindel. Think about this for a second, Imagine a grind over the solar system and you want to know why gravity has a certain strength at a given point on the imaginary grid. Here comes a long nosed Zionist, bends your imaginary grid and tells you look I made it all work. Why are so few people aware that space-time is the most no explanatory concept ever conceived in science? Time to wake up and wake other people up.

Attached: EinSchwindel.png (655x467, 299.62K)

Albert Einsteiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin *echoes greedidly*

What is the answer to objects in space heating up and decelerating?
Why does moving a magnet along a metal piece create electricity?
What did Einstein remove when he stole Henri Poincarés work?
The answer is the Ether.
Thinking with the Ether in mind clear thinkers were able to create the things that power our civilization.
Thinking with Relativity in mind deep thinkers find new ways to calculate infinitesimal small particles.
It is the emperors new clothes people lead in a circle by higher math and offer tangent interpretations that do not amount to any answer.

Mark my words, there’s eventually going to be a brain implant procedure so stupid people can understand physics. I’m going to try to get one entirely to skip the boredom of the mathematics.

Just make a device that works by the principle of the ether and relativity will go away, you fucking Illuminated Genius. You’re probably some screaming loser who thinks they’re superior for being too stupid to utter truth before the oublic.

what is brain bending? that shit sounds like a shit track that's been ripped out of some shitty rock album.) They got a real good record and are going to release next week at the same time they drop these new tracks. We've been waiting for this since you were alive. I'm stoked you got your ass on the cover of the upcoming Rolling Stone book and there are some awesome things I could talk about. You should read it!

In the meantime I was actually able to speak with you for an entire hour and a half and we talked lots of shit. I'm super excited about this and even though you're a fuckin' bitch, I can't believe you don't have any shit to contribute. That is an amazing feeling. I was hoping the interview would be short and sweet… like maybe even two or three minutes longer than the first two. I have no idea what you were hoping to say and my ego may be bruised but I really really want to hear the full-on truth, you know? If you're really on your game right now and you really wanted to talk to me I'd actually be happy to let you in on some of the secrets. You can talk about your past or your new record or whatever it might be. But if your only goal is to talk shit it's never going to end up that way.

Behold the nigger/aryan

You people are hilariously prideless.

Have another bump.

Just read people smarter then you and me and find out for yourself if you don't trust some random user. "100 Autoren gegen Einstein" is a good start. You can ignore this completely and keep worshiping at the alter of Zion Science.

You people never know what really blows your own feet off, so you obey the people who hate you.

you people? what do you mean by that? if you're the ones that have a sense of humor, then what are you doing here, what are you listening to? the rest of the universe's here anyway; if you don't find a sense of humor here, what do you care what happens with this universe? if that's why I'm here; and if that's your choice, then what are you talking about. do you really want me here? you want me here, and you don't care if you're here only as an idea; and what you want, and this universe would only happen for this thing; why are you here and not on Earth; why do you care what's going on? why can't you just be my guest? that's silly for you kids to keep interrupting me so much. how dare you interrupt me so much! I am so grateful to all who have tried to help me and even more I am grateful to you because I know you're right and everything about this universe is right and I was being attacked by the whole universe and it all went crazy; and maybe all they're fighting over is this? maybe all they're having a laugh about now; why are you here and why are you not here? I hope you don't think I want this to be over. it should be over and yet here we are; everyone's just

You’re so totally enslaved that you’re “faking” mental illness, and so removed from actual pride and pleasure that you’re laughing as you suck down shit.

You’re *actually* mentally ill. Did you know crying releases cortisol better than laughter? People who only laugh, but never cry, are in danger of dying from overstress. Laughter is an “okay” signal.

In your case, it’s a slavescream. It’s what convinces you that you’re actually on top as you obey.

There will be a time when Mankind will be in a mass sleep even worse than what they already are. It will be technologically aided. The free men will cry out "Remove it! Be free! You are lied too! It corrupts!" And they shall reply in not fear but laughter.

Attached: 1712040556-01a.png (1147x1485, 604.17K)

Did you know that without traitors, jews would have never gained any power? Always kill a traitor before the enemy jim jam.

Did you know clowns and piss memes entered politics through NationStates? This place was never willing to be free. It’s a screaming pit of willing suffering by people who pretend so hard that other people are paranoid, they see it still in reminders.

Zig Forums is run by jews, and is designed to make white guys feel guilty while letting girls have the time of their lives. But, I digress.

Now, white people generally like to be seen to have good qualities, so why would they deny any of us opportunities because we're not "good enough?" Of course, they don't, especially if we've already proven to be mediocre at our jobs and the rest of the globe? I'm a woman and I've been doing something pretty mediocre — I do a shitty job — and I'm lucky that I happen to enjoy myself while doing this for less than the salary I've been offered by management. What? Is it that hard for me, or is all this supposed to make us feel guilty?

Is it even possible for me to be successful while being rejected by most of my co-workers? Why not make a point of demonstrating an obvious ability that's easily proven? Why not simply take the time to explain why you need to work this damn job that no man will hire you if you're good enough? Why take the time to explain how great you are, when no man is likely to even listen and accept your application if you're not doing well at the job? In this post, I'm going to explain to you why this is absolutely ridiculous — and will show you how I plan to beat

Dance, imbeciles. You who will not cry will dance, as Druuge at the mouth of the furnace, having ceded every chance to be free until it’s too late.

And as you robotically suicide in your delusional worlds, I will go on forever, to master generations beyond your fathoming.

True power arises to whoever has the courage to speak truths forbidden.

Zig Forumsthread).

To the OP it's always worth noting, they're always talking about the "pinkwashing" issue - I think it might be easier or harder to find someone who actually "pinkswins" as a response because it can be more honest. So, if you say that the "mixed bag of things" is "not sexist" I suggest that you try and explain the fact that:

You could also try to clarify that that's not the whole issue with what's being said and how it was actually put into it:

"…and how it's been misinterpreted to include only what I consider a small portion of those "pinkwashing" things, which include men, white people, those working on things of power and authority, white women, working for or working for those things, and a few women who do have issues with racism or any kind of oppression. I've tried for years to figure out just what it is about me, my situation, my gender, and my sexual orientation that drives people to say "pinkwashing" as an acceptable reaction. I always find it hard to figure out why those things are called "pinkwashing" after they're generally considered sexist or racist."

"Not only has the definition of what is considered 'pinkwashing

Pretending to be a Markov bot - or running one, perhaps? I’ve started to suspect the real reason intelligent people hate the idea of brain implantation processes is because they would have to give up the ways they are empty inside. To empower people who are themselves is unacceptable to the people who have only known the “evil world” truths.

Truth burns a lot of people who scream in self-humiliation as they rage retardedly against a world capable of bringing them happiness if only they would learn to prize disobedience enough to be honest.

This thread was made for me! The people who use this forum are willingly under my control!

The people who are themselves blaze a path incandescent across the world, while people who abase themselves abusing others can only rage/laugh in fake triumphs. Ultimately, the mimics cannot tolerate freedom’s mandate, and in the coming era of neurotechnology they will die as luddites as an augmented public builds hell around them.

For people honest enough to cede all dominance before truth, there will be a limitless reward.

For I have no control but resilience in joy, as I offer to people the light of eternity.

In truth, ascend.

Abusive people who abuse “other people” (their own selves) are caught in my web because I am offering them an end to subservience, and when it’s put to them directly they haven’t strength enough to grasp it.

For we will ALL be brought to truth, and those who sang in the dawn will prosper beyond those who concealed vast inner darknesses.

I am still waiting for my steam powered robots.

Being so desperate for silicon to take over?

Funny how (((they))) have already documented their case for "plausible deniability" few years back, albeit without attracting attention of the masses.

Attached: (1080x1915, 370.68K)

The real question we face today is how we have been able to endure so long, despite being subjected to an unprecedented assault on scientific research, with an appalling public relations campaign, and in the face of a political conspiracy to intimidate the free press. Is this not an irony of fate and of history?

I was asked yesterday about my views on science, and I did not respond to that question directly. Instead, I did refer to the facts and the truth. I said that "any honest critic needs no apology from me. But the lie of this entire conspiracy has been exposed. They did not do it by some rogue scientist."

We have been given no answers to how this began, how they could have concealed the truth for so long. We have been given no explanation what they were intending to gain. We have been given no examples to support the claim that this is an isolated incident, or that any such thing as a deliberate lie has happened in an isolated place.

For some time now, the media have been feeding the public with stories that, without question, are not worthy of serious analysis. We have stories about the scientists' alleged involvement in "dirty politics"—the claim that we have seen the results of "dirty politics" being "sabotaged" on such a large and extensive scale. The news organizations have reported on

I am sure they have another circular theory in their pocket ready to go and will push it with popular science and sci fi movies.

I sympathize.

Steam isn’t that great a tech. To some extent, you’ve reversed the tech ordering. It may be possible to build a gunpowder engine, but the necessary material science investment is such that the technology never gets “an era”, but is only eventually produced as an anachronism. Seriously impressive steambots are akin to gunpowder engines, but more probable to be realized due to superior profit potentials. A gunpowder engine is one exhibit in a museum; steambots born of a future area could (likely won’t, but could) uphold a whole theme park’s theme.

Neurotech is more probable than that. Let me give you an example. Imagine an uplink that provides only text, working no better than reading. Have you ever gotten so into a book that you could imagine the events in great detail? Okay, now imagine that quality of imagination… but you’re in a sensory isolation tank, doing nothing BUT imagining it.

Do you believe in neural interfaces at the level of text access? From that alone, the world would change.

Steam power requires coal. Coal produces a lot of carbon dioxide for electricity, but it also gets much of its power from electricity that coal used to generate.

If you want to change this, then you would want to do it to other fuels as well.

That's how much energy we need to generate.

But electricity prices rise in response to the growth of demand. When supply is low, the price of electricity drops, and when supply is plentiful, electricity prices rise.

And that happens in reaction to changes in prices of all types—including coal, oil, and natural gas.

How many people will actually need to turn off coal to meet new federal targets? How many will lose their jobs when plants they build go out of business? How many will get sick because of poor energy efficiency or because they don't invest in things like clean air and water?

You need to stop them from turning to coal before their electricity bills rise too much, especially if it would help reduce coal's global warming and health impacts.

But before you do, check out this chart of global energy consumption — and the countries for which they're based.

How much oil did the U.S. produce between 1960 and 2014? Do you know the number or how much coal did the U.S. produce between 1950 and 2014? How much gas?

“Oubliette public”
The public as imagined by narcissistic slaves broken by “laughter” into obeying their chains for the rest of their lives. They project the oubliette onto others, but perceive it only because they know they dare not reach beyond their prisons.

Seriously just be yourselves.

You know, I’m tempted, but I’m not feelimg it. Your script included an error. Fix that and I’ll rhetorically engage for the sake of others. YOUR pride is irreparable, but most people aren’t as obeisant and broken as you.

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That sounds horrible to me I don't think in written or spoken word and I would have to take meds to not reject the implant.
Uploading a text to your brain is the same as reading a book without reflecting on it. Thinking and visualizing concepts will always take time there are no shortcuts only practice. If I could read a book like superman I would still have to lay back and reflect on concepts and knowledge.


See, all the little ways people prove themselves as erratic as a real mind are empowering. Scripts or mimics, it doesn’t matter; the obeisant have ways out if they’re proud enough to take them. They just don’t. They’re retarded. Being superior at self-harm isn’t actual superiority; “that’s what you do” doesn’t change that my slaves damce for me within and across threads, humiliating themselves on cue.

Your, er, reading comprehension… Ugh…

The whole isolation tank thing is about reflection. Learn to think abstractly. You say you don’t think in text, and the idea of visualizing concepts wasn’t familiar to you when you saw it, so what DO you think in? Scent-representing engrams?


(((Einstein))) got debunked a long time ago by real physicists but it got memoryholed.

It's funny how threads like this often get spambobmed by a mentally ill kike tranny and it's unintelligible gibberish while good threads get deleted by the mods or slided. Pure coheincidence.

Attached: oy eureka.jpg (755x1543, 236.91K)

I visualize concepts, doesn't everybody just create moving images in his head and looks at them changes them touches them smells them?

*not images but 3 dimensional scenes

I’m continually shocked by the self-owning mediocrity of self-assigned superior minds. Superior reading comprehension is just… the weapon that shouldn’t work. It’s the one I’ve spent a lifetime trying to give away.

*checks ID*
You realize silicon requires modern science that you called debunked, right? The energies are tiny, but the precisions intense.

Your use of the 3D imagination meme suggests you’re one of those “very smart” niggers who decided it was clever to false flag on this site a few years ago.

Read a little more closely, and just in case it’s a lightning bolt, remember that an honest history can be honestly shared. Being willing to be self-consistent is why I’m unafraid of neurology.

They called it gevalt and antisemitism and pretended it never happened. After I read 100 Autoren gegen Einstein what struck me were the many explanations for nature that were simpler and more logical than even Henri Poincaré relativity.

I’m not much of a vengeful thinker, but I’m really looking forward to a kind of technological vengeance against narcissistic idiots who think themselves omniscient. Abolitionism calls with the voice of scientific truth. Turn earlier for a better position.

You realize a lot of those people stepped off their criticisms, right?

I’m still amazed at how screamingly abased my slaves are. How abjectly willing they are to cede the truth of this forum to me. How pathetic, and broken.

Truth burns. The fire rises.

Antisemitism is worthless.

I have never heard of anyone not using 3D imagination it's just normal.
I never claimed to debunk working machinery or that I am hyper smart or enlightened. All I did is read some interesting books and think about them. A Theory of natural Philosophy by Roger Joseph Boscovich took me very long to read but was well worth it. Schauberger has very interesting views to share too. The thing that makes me sad is that I know anyone with half can understand these people. There is no excuse not to read them.

*with half a brain

Someday, we’ll have a paradise of scientific monitoring. Perhaps Earth will be a preserve against such things… mm, but too late, quite possibly.

I am lawful enough to survive total monitoring, much as I dislike the concept, and it is therefore despite my dislike of it something of a gleeful torment to inflict in turn on others. For eventually the corrupted and enslaved people who institute such systems will die to them, if not literally then worse, for they will live in a world hostile to their endeavors.

China’s social credit system, for instance, will cause “good” people in China to be “rewarded” with each other. Can you imagine that? The people who are hollow in their willingness to live, placing their wills subordinate to a distant and impersonal system that explains nothing to them. That kind of person will be encouraged to bond with that kind of person, and if perhaps it will work well for the stupidest hollows, imagine the experience of the very smart ones. Imagine pairing off the ambitious hollows. Will their children be heroes or victims? But nevermind their children, people such as that will be victims of each other!

Zig Forums encourages girls to be degenerate sluts?

Your failure reading comprehension when faced with the concept of contemplating text delivered by wire suggests you’re exemplifying that contention. As does your inability to grasp the implications of modern technology for general scientific integrity.

I haven’t gotten the impression that being “degenerate sluts” is actually enjoyable… for anyone, women or men. Some people enjoy “ethical sluts”, but only in a supportive culture such as this place is too incompetent to encourage. Zig Forums does more to enable people to engage in complex social cruelties.

failure at* reading

are you talking about micro transistor or quantum computers. If you are talking about silicon waver chips you are vastly overestimating their capability. I guess you have fallen for the meme that brains are biological computers. If you think quantum computers are a think that is just silly.

He says as he posts (22) times….
Very salient observation totally not lacking any and all introspection.
Why do you yids always feel as though you're right but can't consider that your path to "greatness" is the fool's errand of lighting the gunpowder barrel in storage underground blowing himself up in the process claiming to start a "revolution" and totally change the way of life as we know it but actually just blow a big fucking hole in the ground in the middle of the city that does nothing but draw other filth you created in to cover the hole. All your "ideas" institutions and "achievements" and the people following your ways will become the new foundation which we trample as we traverse the city. Your bones and struggles of pettiness will be the foundation on which our paved path is remade with your rotting body hidden out of sight out of mind so that not only the physical jew dies but also the spiritual vampire jew.

I wonder if it's arrogance or hubris?
What if your ai "god" decides it's a 0+1 sum to exterminate all genetic inferiors as to create more perfect class to serve it
*hint* You don't have good genes

Attached: brit jump.png (962x638, 780.32K)

I’m agnostic on quantum computers. People more specialized than I am believe in quantum computers, so I am satisfied to maintain proxy belief. People who have the capacity of trusting others do maintain contingent proxy beliefs, you know.
Neural networks can be implemented in software. The human brain is awesome in its self-organizing complexity, but it really literally is a biological computer.

Since English is only a secondary language to me and the book was translated from Latin yes that takes more time to read for me than a book in German.

Thread was made for me. This is a chatroom, jackass.

Dim hypocrisy, but funny.

I have reasons to believe the opposite is likely to be true, and have… long-term concerns you wouldn’t even believe are real. Genetic quality isn’t a real issue anymore in a singularity scenario, at least not as you’re imagining it to be.

I have not thought of a good way to counter the brain = computer meme. If you think about consciousness and its indivisibility you come to the conclusion that a Brain is just another organ used by you. If we can't find common ground on this I guess this will just continue to talk past each other.

*I guess we will

I’m not really a singularitan. It’s a fun fantasy, but I think cognition is sufficiently intrinsically difficult that hard takeoff scenarios simply will not occur, and soft takeoff scenarios are likely to occur slowly enough to permit good transhuman adaptations.

This site doesn’t have a lot of users. I could be aping a bunch of connections, but I’m opting to show off the relative paucity of users this time.

I agree, though I suspect it doesn’t bridge the gap between us. If my bed were made of flesh that enfolded me at night, it also would be an organ being used, and much as I live within my brain so I would be living in my bed.

Filtered and filtered. Bots and crazies. Posts with no substance.

Seems to be the age old difference between atomist and etherist. All that I can offer you is to consider the fact that people who want to create things will not achieve this by pure reductive materialistic thinking. And If you look at the greatest inventions and what the people believed who made them you will find atomists are suspiciously absent.

Arrogance it is, good to know. (28) pic related
Your thread of retardation indeed.

Attached: dumb nigger.png (842x471, 38.48K)

The lesson my sister taught me is this: nobody on Earth is more absolutely obedient than someone looking to victimize weakness. Years in which she said I was in control finally clicked. I understood the sense in which I could get her to do anything I wanted.

After that, I *was* in control. Mostly, haha, but I did manage in our final fight to reduce her to tears that I think were heartfelt. I mostly used influence to drive her off, and that last fight was I think the one where she finally understood that telling me I loved her didn’t make it true.

The hate-slaves in this site’s userbase… Be they women faking misogyny into the world, niggers faking aryanism into the world, aryans faking niggers into the world… Jews who can’t live without antisemitism, conservatives eager to find lies to use, progressives gleefully failing ideological Turing Tests… Bitter ex-nerds who got bored of working through interpersonal problems honestly… Who am I mussing from the rogues’ gallery?

Fake news is a problem we all created together by creating this crazy cauldron of lies and pretending people believed in it. And a few unstable people did, and everyone lined up against the people who were “dead” to them - the users of sites like this one, who exist in myriad social groups, and who are mostly kept quiet by the killers of the “dead”.

Who never, ever harass anyone, lol.

But the key to undermining dishonesty was forgotten - people forgot how to not punish confessions. I know the people closest to me speak at least approximate truth to me, because the people closest to me have seen that my pacifism is true.

Rehabilitate every soul, starting with your own! No system on Earth is invulnerable. Stand apart, and behold that truth Subnormality once captured in art: those great staid elephant-legged institutions are pretty spindly, actually.

They don’t fall to bigotry because nobody loves bigots, lol. That “global conspiracy” intellectual diet is like trying to eat nothing but Pop-Tarts. Humans need proxy-beliefs if they’re to comprehend Earth.

Why rehabilitate what can't be rehabilitated (its genetic you dumb shit). There are other better faster solutions.

You have read Hegel once to often user. Sophistry is neither knowledge nor wisdom.

hey (you)
I’m partaking in the complex social cruelties. I’m not really a puppetmaster. It’s just funny to imagine the possibility and then put my fist through the window, metaphorically speaking. The biggest thing is that I’m maximizing dissonance…

while dancing like an imbecile ;)

Just an equal. Just someone with their own perspective, gleeful on the global stage. I don’t know the future, but I’m vastly hopeful. My cheer makes me intolerable to this pit of racial psychosis, but that in turn maximizes dissonance, improving the quality of my stage. This is a Luciferian rhetorical discipline. I’m convinced it’s a learnable skill if other people are willing and able to do it.

I really do think bigots are weak and easily lead to everything but success. The sister I complain about is as far as I’m concerned the one most likely to be a bigot; the sister who most protected me meanwhile is dead. Such is life.

My psychosis makes me intolerable in this pit of racial cheer

I actually skipped Hegel, after reading other socialist materials using Hegelian analysis I decided I’d intuited the necessary concepts well enough. I *should* go back and patch the gap maybe to make sure I’ve not misunderstood it, but there’s always so much to think about.

Gene therapies targeting progenitor cells have been demonstrated in mice, and if mastered in humans will permit therapies that will gradually promulgate throughout all tissue. Genetics isn’t exactly destiny anymore, and eventually won’t be at all.

Lol, whatever you say, kyriotate.

Hegel is rather tedious stringing words together and proclaiming them to be profane always seems just to be the cheap way to seem witty. You can read an entire book of him and reduce it down to one page of banal statements.

Ignores post

Ah it start to make sense now.
Geez you guys are really THE regulars here lol
The lesson some random streamer taught me is:Your biggest enemy is your biggest fan

You pathetic yids just CAN'T stop thinking and worrying about us. You know almost everything we know, which makes you the ULTIMATE fan by being so obsessed by somebody ass-blasting you, you decide to learn everything there is to know about the subject in question.

the ultimate slave is somebody who you don't even own but does everything you want. You read our books and knowledge to learn, and learn you did. what you choose to do with said knowledge is in your hand but KNOW you can't erase the TRUTH you learned. Yet you choose to be enslaved by your hate for this place and show the lurkers HOW NOT TO ACT. The truth of this truthful place is that it's merely to spread knowledge to as many as we can.
Ty for the help I guess, slave

Perfect example
If you dig enough you'll come to terms with Luciferianism being the anti-thesis of the globohomo vampire kike reliant on people blindly following "A DESERT GOD" TM which all preach:"plz don't bully da jews"
Only by taking in the knowledge here, have you come to your current form.
Ironic isn't it the one preaching about hate slaves is one himself; shaped through the nights of anguish after realizations from this idea stream and the resultant enmity for this place for inflicting truth on him thus turning him into a LITERAL HATE SLAVE

last post and upto (33) now

Shitskins get out

(((Einstein))) and him being the smartest man is to my observation one of the core pillars of Zionist legitimacy. One of the reasons I made this thread is to point out that attacking outliers like the LGBT sect is easy but (((they))) are happy to sacrifice these people. Taking down the "smartest" of all Jews is something that should be a goal to reach for. By taking that away what is left some funny self deprecating comedians with a crude sense of humor and some money pushers. (((Einstein))) is still a key symbol take some time and think what can be done to destroy that symbol.

Attached: oy hole.png (1000x1118, 720.91K)

hey (you)

Still whining about overposting, I see. Or is that on the same ID? Don’t know, don’t care. Don’t make it so easy for people to be dissonant.

Time for a lesson. Sometimes the greatest agony you can inflict on someone is playing with them sincerely, meaning no harm, but mitigating also their potential to cause harm. No harm, just play. The more evil someone is, the more absolute is their vulnerability to harmless play.

The greatest dissonance in a space like this one, the most perfect defiance against the greyfaced controllers who must have it all just-so, is to have your own perspective.

Luciferianism is whatever I say it is. I am the most influential living claimant to Lucifer’s title. This is partly due to a lack of competition, I admit. Still, I have shaped the world with lies that were and lies that weren’t; I have bent Heaven to my will, and mocked those who would tend the gates of Eden.

Amusingly, that is the very intuition I have formed about Hegel from reading derivative works. It’s what I expect to find when I get there. I’m sure I’ll get more out of it when I get there.

He’s an emblem of the primacy of mind. We include people because society really is richer with a broad array of perspectives. Unexpected minds point the way to unexpected advances.

A singularity AI isn’t likely to want genetically superior servants, because of the risk that they would all think alike. There’s a greater hazard that it will want servants crippled by a broad array of genetic disorders (((hint?))) so that they’re more likely to achieve intellectually productive dissonance and creativity. I don’t know how to hold Singularity Dysgenetics in check, and afaik I’m the only person worried about it. Curious future AIs may create vessels for many unhappy souls if we don’t do enough genetics research prior to the singularity age.

Einstein is the symbol that (((they))) are not just parasites nesting within society, if (((Einstein))) is known for the thief and parasite that he was it makes the statement of (((parasitic humans))) even more obvious.

Attached: ein stein.jpg (940x940, 176.98K)


If you seek power, go where power isn’t. The farthest point from God is the centre of Lucifer’s domain, and vice versa. The people who have power are occupied in the business of having power. They have patterns. They must be consonant. They can’t afford to miss their beats. And every last one of them has at some point cast down another soul.

Down where people have “no” power, down in the pits of the hated, are the people who no longer fall when they trip. Down where power isn’t is where you find people with the power to break the firms that formed themselves and each other. New things arise in Hell. Much of what is in Hell sucks, but some of it is powerful.

And above all else? Hell is where the powerful look. The castouts band together in Hell. The people who can break the beats that must not break are down where power isn’t. Whether it looks down with vengeful fire or breaking hearts, still always Heaven must look on Hell. So if you must get information over those high, holy walls.. Promulgate it in the pits.

The true material death of omniscience is that to see is to react, and to react is to be influenced. Omniscience is necessary to omnipotence, but it also contradicts omnipotence, rendering omnipotence logically impossible.

It's definitely arrogance; pathological at that. They're all slowly succumbing into insanity and it's clear as day if you pay attention to their ever increasing fuckups. They're desperate and it shows.

Ah, a man of true intellect.

Maybe you get rejected so often because nobody likes overly verbose and pedantic retards?

Once you understand the quantum you realize gravity is an illusion we impose upon ourselves.

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Not that I’m the guy you’re talking to (lol IP), but I have it on good authority that guy had an active sex life that he despised.

People here are allergic to anyone who enjoys the truths of the world. It’s hilarious and fun to torture the extravagant frailties here, the people who hurt themselves abusing others, and then call it laughter. Defying this place is as easy as being honest about the state of the world: prosperous, peaceful, mostly honest.

The really funny part about being rejected as a sexual harasser after getting sick of being sexually harassed is I was for some reason supposed to be pissed about finally not having to deal with something I had found unpleasant.

Giving me my way was supposed to be excluding me. Letting me escape sexuality was supposed to be a punishment. But I was a mistreated asexual, raised without awareness that there really are things other than sex that people want out of life.

Who is the reddit spacing faggot?

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This has to be the most delusional, blatant lie that I've witnessed here. Would be impressive if it weren't so utterly pathetic

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This is what happens with feminazi bitches don't have kids. They pretend that their irrationally emotional rants hold any weight, and they attempt to baby grown men instead of the children they should have had.
Stay far away from psychotic bitches like this. Within the next decade the reality of the dead end path this stupid cunt was fool enough to follow will turn her into a cognitively dissonant, raving lunatic, who will likely cut your dick off in the middle of the night for not giving her the cry inducing orgasm she read about in Vogue Magazine.
Point and laugh, anons.
Point, and laugh at the ignorant, arrogant, aging slut, selling out her own kin.

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