Boomers Build Wall on Private Property. Feds Show Up & Lock the Gate OPEN for Illegals to Cross!

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Imagine being a fednigger, imagine being a zogbot.

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 9, 2013

"She's a big fan," Obama said. "I mean I have a personal relationship with her. I know that when I was doing this I was taking care of her. When she was here working … well it was quite difficult for somebody who didn't speak any English."

In fact, Obama called her "brilliant!" at the time. "You know, it wasn't really that big of a deal and it wasn't really that big of a deal to do this," she added. "I just made a mistake about calling her the first woman president. And I just made a mistake about whether she even has any sort of voice."

This story originally appeared on HuffPost's New Ideas page

When you don't pay your debts, you get evicted. Think of the illiterate spic gangsters slithering in as the repomen.

What's even the logic behind forcing him to leave his gate open? Obviously they can't just say it's so beaners can enter as they please, they must have some explanation.

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To kick you out.

why would you kick me out because I won't listen when you complain?"

When it's your job to provide a social environment for everyone, it's hard to find an outlet so toxic and destructive. You find yourself feeling the pressure to prove yourself to everyone; to prove your abilities, your smartness. You can't let this happen and it gets worse as you gain more and more authority.

A lot of women have been told how they're too ambitious (or they want so much, they want to go to Harvard) to get a career; however this is not the case: Women who leave academia have a tendency to leave the world behind. They leave behind the friends or co-workers who got them on the right path. They leave behind the love of their children or spouse, their parents and community, and the job opportunities they deserve. They leave behind a wonderful career, great families, a wonderful career to be successful with, and the best job you could ever have. It is not a question of whether the woman is talented but why she's leaving academia after six years. And the reason she's leaving academia so soon, even for so long after university is because she was rejected on an entirely different level.

If it's difficult to find a way to move past these issues, it can be even harder to find people who believe that you have a right to get something

Americans can be pretty based sometimes, in a hilarious kind of way

There must be some kind of legal explanation for it being kept open. Or, the entire thing is not real and is just a stunt/show for political purposes.

The gate was forced open because it was preventing important access to the local monument that's mentioned in the video. So the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) forced it open because they have the authority to do so. This has nothing to do with Trump and I will not be surprised if Trump tweets about this today and everything gets resolved. He's been working his butt off protecting the border and this is just Obama holdovers who are trying to sabotage his re-election efforts early on.

Don't fall for it. Also, OP is probably shareblue.

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You fucktards really screwed the pooch with this thread, huh?
Dumbasses posted the pre-written bullshit for some other planned thread about women in academia or some shit?
I'll be o ybe look out for that bullshit now. Thanks.

Way to shit the bed you incompetent fools. We've seen your handiwork for quite awhile now. This is just fucking funny though.
Obvious paid shill thread is obvious.

Also, a word of advise to you morons. We know that all threads to do with Zognald are slides. Enjoy your ahitty cubicle life, you a polite faggots. Die of hemmoroid induced ass-cancer in a fire.

congrats, you're jew indoctrinated to the point of even when talking against jews' illegal alien bioweapons you use jewed propaganda terms that frame the debate, that have you losing from the get go.

A bullshit excuse but destroy the monument.

Qtards messing with the cocaine supply lines. Those kikes up in hollywood need that shit, ya know? Mess with the cartels and the glows dun' gonna getcha.


Its really going to be quite interesting when actual american citizens start dealing with the issue themselves. A borderpatrol/dhs civil conflict with mexican-removers would be aesthetic

"I"m just doing my job"
Like every zogbot

Not even Onigger was this bad.

Yeah the country needs more Ebola and there’s another pack of wild Ugandans heading up from Mexico soon

Good. I dream of the day when whites are just minority in US.

He deported many Mexicans. fuck Obama.

keep dreaming.

Sieg Heil
Shits fucked man

Nopes. Feds are friend.

You're easily just as retarded as they are. Probably more.

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Literally Trump's goons, Q-tard.

Wow you mean federal employees trespassed and littered?
Good thing god invented bolt cutters.

That was my first thought.

Archive works fine for me. You linked an article about the facebook post that's in the OP. Is that supposed to be better than the original post itself?


I hope that you're merely being sarcastic

Are you joking or retarded?

I can't even tell if this is sarcastic anymore.

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Sue the fed for entering and tampering your property without a warrant or probable cause.

There's more than one paid shill from Trump's team ITT.

Reminder that among the so called border security personnel are hundreds of wetbacks and their allies.

Sieg Heil
Fuck em. They imported these shitskin invaders and are therefore enemies. They also were enemies when they started sucking kike peepee
Fuck em

You're the generation with the resources. Lead the way. Shower your local cops who do this shit with love @ 3,000 fps. Show us you're ready for what has to be done. Until then things are only going to get worse and will the amount of medication and cheap food available these boomers are going to live long enough to suffer the worst during the decline.

It is. Shareblue gets the headsup from their media contacts and first posts every thread. Also reframe everything in a demoralizing or hopeless way. The whole pattern is "hope is Qlarp boomerism Trust the plan outgroup." "Total despair is woke honkler ingroup."

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Lol, nice post OP. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 4 should have a new beaner contingent. Their only units are Miguel, his nameless 700-lb gordita wifey, and their brown cloud of beanlet spores.

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Wouldnt it be lawful to shoot these feds?


Tired of winning?

I only care for what Hitler wanted >>>/b/8877788

What in the fuck are you talking about retard? Whoever wrote this post for you is absolutely 100% nigger tier retard. Pure uncut word salad, recent graduate? Sure reads like it. If whoever wrote your script is reading this, or any other faggot who can’t write, fuck you.

Since when is there law in this country.
Property owner would get tanked and droned.


This is the most retarded meme to ever be pushed.
And the mods allow it, day, after day, after day…
I hope you lads fully understand how close we are to flying bullets, and spilling blood? The thinnest of veneers is all that's holding this phony Shit Show together.
Give it a little shove, boys.
(kill spics first)

We just finished installing "tank traps" around perimeter of our ranch. So now (((they))) have gotta use drones. We win!

dude,t he post got an 88 dubs, who am I to argue against that?

OP, perhaps this is one of the famous "esoteric metaphors" that only pure blooded Aryans can understand…

Have you considered that the true meaning of this is that sometimes you need to open the walls closing you to the outside world. Perhaps the true meaning of this is to go out and get fit, maybe meet a nice Catholic girl, and learn each other's language.

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This is your AI when you let kikes code

What the fuck is this shit

If these fucking feds don't stop obstructing justice, they shouldn't be surprised if we begin dealing it out ourselves!

These treasonous Jew puppet stooges make themselves more obvious every day.

Better question; why did retarded boomers build a gate?

Oh, that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying. I tend to jump to conclusions so it's nice having a voice of reason keeping me away from conspiratard crap and allowing me to focus on REAL CONSPIRACIES.

You mean they locked it open so they can get their fucking trucks through when chasing illegals.

fuck off larping spic. Spaniards are true ayrans

Why are you suggesting he acquires a slut that hit the wall and wants to settle down?

I haven't read in. Was this done on their land or were they just building on the boarder without permission?

You can also use teaching her English to be alone with her

What did he mean by this?

nvm I see it said private property, need to wake up.

Anyways no real surprise here.

Like we're supposed to give a shit

Then he's fucking incompetent. Neck yourself fuckface.

^Imagine being this jewish

I learned about that in my Seventh-day Adventist Middle School, the school is now a parking lot.

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the MAGAniggers who post daily on this site will willingly deny this is happening.

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Top kek. Can't wait till we hang these shills from the lamp posts for treason.

Nice bait.

You deserve to be gutted like a fish my man.

This gave me the first genuine laugh I've had in awhile. I had almost forgotten that legendary thread awhile back confirming that we have actual, legitimate alphabet agencies roleplaying as cartoon ponies on the internet.
My God, what a world we live in.

Stop hating on the best the Aryan race has to offer. Aryan philosophy is the zenith of Aryanism

Its official, America is ruled by anti-American communists, and none of you are going to do a damn thing about it; therefore we've already lost.

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Says the faggot who didn't even sage.. .


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As a former Qtard i think Q tards should be
Im pretty sure something was done to me
As some weird shit popped up on my,comp claiming to be Q
Clearly a psyop

Like there are any good women left unless youre a 10 out of 10
Might as well just fap to anime or some bs until we all die

Can't lock the gate open if there is no gate. Just close it and weld it shut.

Because they're fucking retarded boomers

is ruled

lol amerigoblins licking more federal NPC boot.

Just shoot the illegals for the sake of kek.

What happened to those guns you're all so proud of?

the feds hate trump

I just hope she has massive khazar milkers. 🇺🇸👍🏻##88##👍🏻🇺🇸 Gas the kikes race war now.

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Holy fuck, did this nigger really just say that?
The absolute state of israel's barracks
That fat asshole has no one to blame but himself. His only hope is that the democrats will fuck up again and choose an even worse candidate than he has proven to be. Luckily for him this is totally within the realm of possibility for this clown world he rules over.
Have him put a rainbow wig on as another dog whistle to us. He can say it's for pride month. I might vote for him then.

Some dreams do come true 😇.

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The guns are somewhat of a problem since Americans don't do anything because they COPE with the idea that one day, some day, any day now, they'll start a revolution. Which will never happen.

The guns are like a child's teddy bear or blanket. It gives the burger a false sense of security.

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you give up your only line of defense retard, it isn't 'one day, some day'
it's coming and sadly probably faster than we really, really want it to
There is no unlimited funds, good will, good nature. All things come to an end, prepare accordingly, or don't

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Stay triggered, Trumpnigger.

Sauce plz?

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Well we're clearly headed towords a civil war, a real one this time. How long do you think it'll be till it happens? A year? Two? Five? Ten?

Go nuts, nigger.

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Within 40
Mostly progressives vs reactionary
The jews will just buy up all the power and sell it to the chinks and nothing will really change
Or they'll push for a /real/ war with china and rooshya and use that to draft all the people they don't like while profiteering from the war itself and using the gains to, again, buy more power.

It's going to go hot way before 40 years.

I like to guess on the wide side.
Within 40 guaranteed.

Hello fellow Jew, How about that Gold status eh?

My prediction is that this war that's coming near will cause the usa to crumble, and result in various independent territories, who knows if this will cause the EU to enter a similar stage. As to when? I'm pretty confident that this will occur by the 30's, and that's the farthest I would go. The problem is that the world isn't just decaying, it's rapidly decaying.

I have never seen a girl actually use a racist slur in front of a man in real life, like he's saying in that "black hat" video. I've never seen a guy say it to a woman before, like this guy did:

You're in the wrong game. I have heard the phrase for years and was on the verge of saying it myself when i heard the video, not that that's anything but a dumbass move lol I have never seen a girl actually use a racist slur in front of a man in real life, like he's saying in that "black hat" video. I've never seen a guy say it to a woman before, like this guy did: