Minecraft Powerline vs Balloons

A poetic way to deal with clown-world. Metallic balloons are the best at destroying powerlines, but I think normal ones should also do the trick.

I am referring to my off-line "clown-world" Minecraft server btw, do not respond with advocation for anything IRL illegal.

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never heard of this before but googled it and it checks out. thanks for the heads up

This kind of bullshit will never help you or anyone. There's nothing natsoc or American about that. Why don't you try to lift those around you, of all races, and get them to realize how desegregation is malicious to everyone.

Leave the infrastructure alone. Electricity has hundreds of uses.

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We are not destroyers. We are nation builders.

You cannot build on the already controlled.

And those uses are against us. Electricity is globohomo's life blood.

wew that was quick

Don't you (((anons))) agree that the chaos by power outtages is THE perfect reason for racial violence and the start of the minecraft DAY OF THE LEAD.
Think about, no power, no CCTV Camera's, no evidence you killed that nigger, no evidence that you stole that jews money from his bank.

Will remember this one. OP= not fag

It will free us. Doesn't matter if you like it or not. I am not going to do pointless optics for civcucks.

It can force players to stop being so degenerate in my Minecraft server.

I think this is a great Minecraft mission. Go for the big ones that supply Minecraft cities with juice


How do they destroy power lines? A short circuit type process? Because aren’t most powerlines covered by a rubber coating?

But whatever the case fucking do it OP.


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If a tree burns in the forest and no one is around to see it, does it release smoke?

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Who woulda thunk, something so innocuous. Looks like if it was done in a coordinated fashion it could be pretty effective

Take your fatwa elsewhere. Attacking infrastructure is pro-moslem work.

It's pro-white. It's just sad that you cannot see that.

If you try to lift a nigger, your hands will get covered in shit while a jew stabs you in the butthole and steals your children for his moloch sex rituals.


Nope. Gonna pass on that one


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Good to see you Fireanon. Thought you disappeared after Saint Earnest gave you a shout out.

Could you imagine the shitstorm if the media works out it was a Zig Forumsack that started the California wildfire.

Aussies have such a long track record.

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Hey, don't cut the power! If you do that, people might actually not sit on their asses all day. Take the black pill instead, there's nothing you can do! Just play video games and post on imageboards all day, ok?

How about no

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Punk boomer gives easier Idea

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I like how the golem/kike immediatelly projected his faggotry onto a random person for no reason whatsoever nor to add anything to the discussion. These 'people' are fucking psychotic.

And more, No idea how electricity really works tho. I heard something about arching? either way I don't understand how squirrels don't cause more power outages

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Are you gay?

Generally speaking don't cross the wires or earth them.
So long as you are only holding onto one of the cables you're fine. Which is why birds and squirrels don't die.

blatant sabotage. bouquet of mylar is a common celebration gift.

try actually learning something, you fucking subhuman trash.

It's all about buckets. If you've got both feet in the same bucket you're fine. If you've got a foot in different buckets you're cooked. A squirrel is in the same bucket. Another analogy is if a transmission line hits the ground, you want to keep your feet close together and "shuffle out" with very small foot shifts. If you step, you die.

The sad part is OP really is too peaceful to do it. They’re just such an obedient prideless slave they can’t admit it, but must pretend to be a shitty imbecilic nigger incapable of living in peace. Barely strong enough for peace, still too much of a wimp for honesty.

shill response proves an effective idea has been discovered for minecraft

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This is pretty interesting. Most places that sell the balloons around here say they are running out of helium and can't sell any more. Even when my Mom got a bouquet for flowers for Mothers day the balloon was like half air half helium and would barely float. Helium can be manufactured right? Are the glow in the darks shutting it down before the knowledge gets too far?

Helium is a natural gas.

Does it really matter?
What OP is suggesting is incredibly simple and doesn't really require helium nor balloons.
It's merely taking advantage of powerlines and their weaknesses. Very interesting HYPOTHETICAL.
Now, hypothetically, and I don't condone this, it would be a lot more productive to take out your local power box, or as it's also know, your local transformer.
Using some gasoline, or other combustible liquids, you can do WAY more damage to a wider area.
I'm bringing this up because some of you no doubt have had a car hit your local transformer only to have your power knocked out.
If someone were to, hypothetically, take out power lines and the transformer, you'd be talking 10s of thousands of dollars worth of needed repairs.

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helium is an element and is so light that it floats away from earth so the helium jews have started cutting it with oxygen.

Thanks for the input Trudeou but I'll take effortposters over you conservative weaklings any day.

Le cringe

It's because there's not a lot of helium available.
You find it mainly in two places.
Natural gas pockets and anywhere with a lot of radioactive elements like uranium.
Most helium is extracted from natural gas pockets. Which are of course very much limited.

Helium in general has a lot more useful functions than its buoyancy in earths atmosphere.
So efforts are now being made to reduce helium consumption in non-essential fields due to the limited supply.

He is getting cut with oxygen thanks to robots and wizards offing themselves with exit bags.
Most of the stuff is extracted from natural gas.

double posting (and bump) because I laughed to myself:

So a conductive wire branching the cables would cause a destructive short circuit?

It sounds like the Minecraft server admin are going to regret not putting more cables underground!

Kek, oh yeah, very organic. See anons, this is the thing - the possible damage to the minecraft server infrastructure can be tremendous, can be done by new players on level 1 and pretty much safe from any damage to your health or inventory. That is why they kvetch so much on mere mention. Good thread, OP.

Picture very much related.

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Wimp. Face reality. It just doesn’t map your delusional chimpout violent longings, aryan. Tarrant was a muslim, at that.

I think the balloon idea is more subversive, causes damage without being noticed as organised vandalism

What the fuck are you on about retard? Minecraft is not reality you sperg.

You’re not actually violent, you’re just too subservient to admit it.

Gosh you guys are such pussies

How would a lack of admission be subservient?

The fuck are you blabbering about.

Bots are getting really interesting these days.

Thanks for the info, I thought that there were ways to synthesize it. Most things I read made it seem like it was a process that could be done in a lab. It makes a lot more sense knowing that it is naturally extracted.

I knew jews don't like minecraft, the kvetching in this thread is unreal. Really shows you who browses Zig Forums these days, glow in the darks and cyberheebs. What a shithole.

This world is so violent, banks are robbed with avocado grenades: amp.9news.com.au/article/723101b7-3596-4762-b80a-5809258f4942

But go on, keep pretending “Zig Forums is a board of peace” is a lie

that's insurance fraud

Here's where OP fucked up

NOT a great plan. It is simple- the CITIES are so vulnerable to upset it is hilleryious. Cut THEIR power off. Contaminate THEIR water. It won't take much to start them burning (in Meincraft, of course).

idk transformers are really good. Fireanon might be right since fire is also fairly simple.

Wow, so much bullshit in that image.
Half of what's written in those posts won't work or will get you injured.

It is a lot worse than that.
The USA is the worlds primary producer of helium.
It used to have something called the national helium reserve. Which was essentially a gigantic helium stockpile. But thats being drained pretty quickly now and isn't being refilled.

You can't drag it out of the atmosphere except in miniscule amounts and other means of producing it are so wildly uneconomical as to be fantasy.

Quite frankly. That we use helium for something so mundane and silly as filling balloons is a crime and proof of the twisted priorities of modern society.

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Remember, shill until proven otherwise.

Nigger tier logic.
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