Judge Allows White Ala. Town to Return to Segregation


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Finally, some good fucking news.

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Can the boomers just die already?


Likely to die on appeal.

it's a sign.

Pressure relief, but never to be actually implemented.

Can someone find the exact text from the judge?

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Judge probably has a child in that school.

Nice to swallow a whitepill for once. Re-segregation and freedom to associate with only those you choose to is extremely important in America. Whites never wanted this multiculti hellhole. We had to be forced at gunpoint to let niggers into our schools and have no choice but to serve niggers and other non-whites in our own businesses

i would be interested to know the percentage of jews in this town.

Re-segregation is useless now that every american is a mutt abomination, americans havent been white since the 1940s, you know that time where all the whites died and then they made people integrate with niggers at gunpoint

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It’s always so easy to spot the non-Americans

yeah, its pretty easy to spot the whites from the non-white mixed race circumcised mongrol hordes.

Well yeah and they are a bunch of violent undiciplined monkeys that are literally a danger to everyone around them


100% white American, 100% Chad Thundercock. 6'2 and 230 pounds of cut, angry European stock. You're either a kike or a buttmad, underfed Europoor. What's it like living on welfare? What's it like having so little self esteem you have to project your insecurities on a Mongolian finger painting website? While we all deal with the Great Replacement, I'm sure my easily purchased firearms and ability to speak publicly without fear of government prosecution will be much more helpful to our people than your…. What freedom do you have exactly?

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I'm sure our Europoor friend is guaranteed freedom of choice in color, shape, and texture of all dildos, as well as freedom to mutilate and chemically castrate himself and identify as any made-up gender he wishes. He probably is also guaranteed Ramadan holiday off at work.

Wow, another worthless conclusion that will be overturned on appeal.

This board has really deteriorated.

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I'm sure it has nothing to do with the third-world violence, mayhem, and all round shithole-creating behaviors. They just hate the color brown


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Bump for whitepill if true

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I'm an endangered species.

This is a case of niggers trying to force your kids to go to school with theirs so they can leach off of your PAC donations

Basically none; the only Jews in the Birmingham live in Mountain Brook, other than a random family or two in other suburbs. Even in MB they are pretty small, living in an enclave right by their synagogue.

This exactly, and turn your kids into niggers.

easier to round up and ship off to their shithole nation.

I'm sure the Don can fix this.

O fug!

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Don't forget being forced to serve faggots as well.

I don't understand niggers, isn't segregation what they want? They keep shilling for it these days with their safe spaces because they're a fragile race of whine babies who get triggered by words.

The jews realized they were 'moving too fast' and Whites were threatening to kill them (like White would ever manage to detach their lips from kike cock long enough to do their own thing) and so they dicided to throw you a fucking bone while they turn the entire nation into an OPEN BORDERS nation. They know that there is no way you will be able to fight back once the gnawing hordes are inside the border you are still going to die at their hands…why not 'throw you a bone' to make you feel better while you are genocided.

He only thinks that way because he is a fucking disgusting mongrel.


Whether you like to believe it or not, legalized abortion is what causes unrestrained liberalism in the first place. If you're able to make baby murder illegal, then shit like this will happen repeatedly.

Abortion is responsible for the casual attitude towards degeneracy, lawlessness, and sex.


The memes write themselves.

Access to straight White people is a civil right.
Pretty soon they will access your asshole user and then they will start pounding it.

I am pretty sure that desegregation came first user. Though I am not expert on that eras history since it was before my time.

I watch Colin on occasion, but when I do I come on Zig Forums and flame people because I am so furious and raging hard. The fucking shit we have to put up with from the chimpanzees is OUTRAGEOUS.

Yes, but have you killed a jew [the source of our problems] yet?
(You probably shouldn't answer.)

Abortion is the heart of nigger culture, do you think that they're aborting babies for STEM degrees or unrestrained hedonism?

I am aware that is how they (black mothers) controlled the population in Africa before Whites showed up and told them killing their offspring is wrong (HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE). I think abortion should be legal for niggers, since it is part of their culture and illegal for Whites, since it is not part of our culture (except in the case of rape or incest) but if we were going by something that was part of our culture we would be executing the rapist as well as getting his DNA aborted.

You just know the Gardenvale people had all kinds of test scores, reading levels, and all around academic evidence as to how much better their schools and students are than the niggers, but the judge talks solely about race like the good kike she is.

How are they doing now?

This shit is what redpilled me, it's inescapable. Always always it comes down to race even when when it comes to AI where race isn't apart of the equation but still it knows if you judge niggers by the content of their character, they would still be niggers, shitskin or otherwise. If segregation was a failure and integration was too the only path left will be extermination.

This is pretty wonderful to hear. Of course the judge had to virtue signal, probably has blackmail material on her like all the other federal judges do, we'll see if the (((Supreme Court))) gets involved. We're not going to be able to take back our lands through the kike government system, but stories like this are adding more fuel to the fire.

Ah shit, didn't realize that, They apparently gave up on the effort to leave in 2018. Stuck with niggers I guess. Judge from this case overturned the decision on appeal.



Eugenics, including infanticide to eliminate weak or deformed offspring, was crucial to our most glorious societies of Europe. It has been deemed unkosher and deplorable by cultural parasites.

Confronted with 2019 usa Plato would absolutely go full Breivik.

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Eugenics are fine. We were talking about abortion. I am the only person in my family who believes that Downies should be aborted. Weirdly, they all believe in vaccines which is STILL FUCKING EUGENICS…but more like dysgenics since it allows the weakest and most feeble to survive and breed and weak and feeble generation. When pointing out the HUGE MASSIVE FUCKING IRONY OF THE FACT THEY THEY ARE EUGENICISTS (with a penchant for dysgenics) they all become uncomfortable and want to stop 'talking' about it.

Take it to the Supreme Court!

Because an education is a terrible thing to waste on a nigger's mind.

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It was obvious that the completely illegal ruling would be overturned on appeal. She must have been up for reelection.

Holy shit, will Alabama finally uncuck itself?

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Whoops, nevermind, I take it back

Finally, great news to wake up to in the morning.

No, the lie of "equality" is a bigger part of it. Anti-white attitudes are the biggest problem on the planet right now and the main cause of every other issue. When they can just say it's "racist" or "sexist" or whatever to oppose their evil agenda, and people actually go along with it, they can do anything they want.

Alabama doing everything it can to bait them into Berkley-style protesting and finding out about the stand-your-ground laws first hand.

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Except it's the truth. Imagine what would happen to any european that'd wish to build a concrete swastika in their yard. Or how tough is it to get a gun.

Hey, way to go Gardendale! I've been through there, not a bad little town. A little on the sparse side but seems a nice (white) community.

loathsome kike

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You realize Trump is in full support of gun control, we are going have confiscation after 2020 I would bet anything

I would rather live in a county that wasn't 56% white and has a larger Jewish population than Israel. Well at least we get funz, don't ever do anything with them though! If you do anything with your guns other then shooting deer or posing for pictures on facebook you are a glow in the dark CIA nigger XD

Why do they call us racists and nazis?

No because this never happened in the end. Like always they cuck out.

Because they don't have any actual legitimate arguments against National Socialism and Aryan Pride, you dumb nigger.

Come now Schlomo.

What's the matter, kike? Does the simple thought of this concept trigger you this bad?

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Yes, Whites are going to get on board with "Aryan Pride", and "National Socialism". And "niggers, kikes.. etc"

It will work!

Allow me to spread some knowledge. Desegregation is actually unconstitutional for any private entities. Why you ask? The 1st amendment. While "freedom of assembly" is routinely brought up when it comes to protesting, the other side of the coin is "freedom of association". That means whites have the freedom to associate with other whites, therefore segregate themselves.

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So far you can get a gun no problem in most states, doesn't matter, even with gun control as it is now it's easier to get weapons than in most EU countries. Also you can lose your funs in a tragic boating accident when zogbots try to take it away from you.

There are jews in Europe too, more of them than you think. Jewed laws and even more jewed society, at least there are still majority white states, castle laws, rural areas where people are less cucked etc. There are downsides, of course, but there's no perfect place. Americans have it much better when it comes to fighting back when the time comes. Here, people are docile and apathetic, or just don't care at all. Even if some of us are angry, we only have our limp dicks, those that went out of their way to get a gun permit basically put themselves on a watch list.

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Obviously and demonstrably false. They just wanted to get rid of the white students.

Your daily spic spamming against
White Nationalism
will never work, you retarded fucking street dog spic.
You glow, nigger.
Get a fucking hobby beyond crawling up the ass of the Superior Aryan Man, and being nothing more than the annoyance that your entire species is worth. You really are useless to our planet. A fucking infection requiring eradication.
Wetbacks are already extinct.

They already are, fucking retard. Most whites are closet racists. They are smart enough to keep their mouths shut, because of the Jewish racketeering system dictating politicians and laws. But, when they can exploit this system and the faulty system of democracy, they will do anything they can to remove niggers, kikes, mudshit, faggots, and all the other degenerate scum of the earth. They don't call it 'Aryan Pride' or any other LARP name, because it's so heavily integrated with their DNA. It's so natural that it doesn't need a fucking name or slogan.

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gets of luck bless this thread in the form of kike freeness

Stay mad Jew, we know it's you.

(((you))) missed the first post by quite a bit Yeshua.

Yean, spic. It's not like you've totally blown any possiblity that EVERYONE HERE recognizes your retarded beaner bullshit.
You're wasting your time and energy, and all you're accomplishing is raising our ire, and resentment towards your shit skinned roach people invading our Nation.
There was once a time, quite recently, where Aryans believed we could just send you away to your own land, let you be. But you will never leave us in peace.
The next 500 years is going to be a generational game of
"Hunt the Niggers, Faggots, Spics, and Kikes!"
You coming here to OUR space to talk your daily shit is only accelerating this reality.
Thank you, you stupid shit nigger.
…tick tock.

No, it was because they are extremely noisy and disruptive, and no teacher will dare get them under control lest they be accused of racism, or outright assaulted. Blacks do not have a right to deny whites their education.

You worthless, low IQ shills actually believe this lazy bullshit works?
Fuck sake, anons. How have we allowed these subhuman retards so much power and influence over us.
I want to silence every single shit talking tongue against my Folk for eternity.
I never want to here the fucking word "racist" ever again.


user. Eugenics for the fitness of societies genetic makeup is completely different that what we have now. What we have is a free pass for promiscuity and degeneracy at tax payer's dime.

Really? All you're doing is sperging out at every other poster.

White guilt is losing it's potency. Soon, more people will stop giving a fuck and do exactly what this community did here. They set a precedent for all of us to follow.

It all started with litigious, activist Jews taking advantage of a poorly written constitution.

If you can have HBCs, you should be able to have HWCs. White children are endangered by being put into black school districts. I don't give a rat's ass about supposed dents to black self-esteem.

Bake that cake, goy

Bet me a year of your wages.

I like this. As someone who had the misfortune to go to a nigger-filled high school, I can attest that they really are as disruptive and as loud as fuck

the source you provided is from the root, which is a news outlet controlled by the heebs. I don't trust this as either a primary or secondary source. OP's source is about as genuine as pic related. OP is def gay

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Without abortion, the nigger populations are going to rise to unmanagable levels

The well meaning experiment of treating niggers as human beings has been shown up for the failure that it is.

As user said, non-Americans stick out like a sore thumb around here - rattling on about shit you don't know about like you're an expert

I wasnt arguing in favor of abortion for our society, rather, against claiming "we didnt kill our young to regulate population like them naggers" as some moral high ground because we in fact did