Jewish Controlled Snuff Film Industry

There has been a jewish controlled industry where young boys are murdered on camera for the pleasure of perverts who pay to watch the snuff films, this is a phenomena on the internet. It is a Jewish industry.

This is based on an alliance between jewish psychopaths and gentile homosexuals.

This industry can be traced back to the phenomena of the jewish ritual murder of children. But this has evolved into a snuff film mafia industry which has had centers of operation in Russia.

"Two victims of a child molestation ring, believed to be 8 and 11 years old now, made the allegations leading to the search for bodies of '10 to 15' children said to have been killed, police Sgt. Bill Watton said."

"Two Virginia men who frequently used computer "bulletin board" networks to advertise their sexual preferences have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to kidnap an unknown male child whom authorities said they planned to molest and then kill for a pornographic "snuff" film."


"Rome, Italy – Italian and Russian police, working together, broke up a ring of Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the manufacture of child rape and snuff pornography."

"Before providing the gruesome details of the sadistic cruelties inflicted on sexually exploited children, many of them toddlers kidnapped from orphanages in Russia and tortured to death, it is necessary to set out the basic statistics: the principal facts and figures of the worldwide porn industry."

"Over half of global child porn (55%) is produced in the US, mostly in the Los Angeles area. "

It's not being suggested that all of these child porn things are snuff films, but many of them are, and we don't know what happens to the children after they are used in these things. Here is some other information on the phenomena of jewish ritual murder.

"Thomas of Monmouth described how Jews abducted the child. Afterwards, according to Thomas, this occurred:
« Having shaved [William’s] head, they stabbed it with countless thorn-points, and made the blood come horribly from the wounds they made."

Other urls found in this thread: 137&version=KJV 57:5&version=KJV

55% of child porn is out of Los Angeles. Who lives in Los Angeles? Jews. Who does the porn industry in Los Angeles? Jews. Who would be doing child porn in Los Angles? Jews.

In other words most of the child porn is produced by Jews.

Bullshit. If it's on film, it would be on the web. No psychopath has a stronger will than his own desire to be validated by others.

That's every jewish scheme in a nutshell. Jews would not be anywhere today if it wasn't for traitors and the majority of them are homosexuals. Always kill a traitor before an enemy rings true.

Europeans didn't tolerate homosexuals, not because of individual homosexuals, but because a homosexual community almost always harbors a minority who are predators of young boys. And of these who prey on young boys, some of those actually kill the young boys. This is why Europeans didn't want homosexuals in their community, and these gentile homosexuals have allied with Jews to prey on GENTILE CHILDREN.

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If nothing else, give me some dox. I've been destroyed ten times over by these fucking fungus, not getting any younger, and have very little left to lose in this world. They've taken it all, and corrupted my good name.
The Brains of this place need to point the Berzerker lads like my in the right direction.


Also complete bullshit. There is only non-nude modelling coming from the US. Distribution comes from Ukraine, production of nude content comes from eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and a couple South Americans sources, and all the hardcore comes from private sources or small crime organizations operating out of hot pocket regions. Above that is elite trafficking under "no camera" policy.

You scared shlomo? One of the articles mentions the police confiscating snuff films. Nice try though. We know snuff films are real.

Snuff is better simulated than real. Talking quality, here.

Just stop, yid.
It's common knowledge that the San Fernando Valley is the porn capital of the entire world by far.

We're going to render your entire parasitic paradigm to dust.

Oh my god, you fucking moron. Who do you think controls these sources, who orders law enforcement to make statements, and who publishes these articles? You fools are getting tricked once again. FBI and Interpol are protecting the Ukraine distribution mafia. Like so often before they are now taking down private CP sharing sites on the dark web, and even went so far as taking down the face of CP on the clearnet (momentarily), all the while feeding the public some bullshit about global pedophilia shutdowns to stop child abuse. Meanwhile the Ukraine hub and all it's hundreds of mirror pages, forums, link shortener, imagehoster, filehoster, adlinks were not touched once.

There is no snuff child porn on the web.

Jesus, I just can't click stuff like this anymore. Bump for a noble crusade though.

just destruction of daisy

Did I question that? We are talking child pornography, as in penetration of minors in front of a camera for money. There is none of that happening in LA that ever made it to the web. Even in the heydays of jewish sexual "liberation" during the 70s upwards, they would produce teen porn(15+) in Europe, while the prudish US got a bunch of pseudo pedo movies, and a playboy shooting.

Was never released in full. There is only one semi hurt-core clip where a teenage girl slaps a upside-down hanging infant. This was posted at release on /b/ every half hour. All the other alleged clips from that case only made it to the web as thumbnail previews.

Found the snowflake. Not sure how you made it to 8ch. But congrats cutiepie. Keep living in a fantasy. That won't last long since you found 8ch :P

Keep lying.

Kikes are the people that deserve to be killed on camera the most.

no fucking shit its illegal cp you retard. one of the girls in the video was murdered. no doubt only a select few were given access to that video for a premium price.

this poster is a kike. cp is absolutely produced in the us. a quick jewgle search and you can find many such cases.

The only way to get to the bottom of pedo gate is to start executing people until they confess. But they wont, and never will.

We had them, but lost focus in panjeet's history and muh we wuz hindus an shheett..

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Has anyone considered ways of compromising the human compromise system besides just looking at people's social media accounts? Like setting up hidden cameras aimed at the doors of famous people to see if they have kids being delivered to their houses?

There's no "Snuff Film Industry" unless you count the Latin Drug faggots and Muslim maniacs posting their work as seen on gore sites.

kike post

Name professionally produced CP from LA then. Wait, to make it easier for you…name any professional CP from the entire US. If you don't know the names you may describe the set-up.

Professionally? No. Privately? All across the world. Give me one of these cases. Let me see what you got.

Post proof. Links to the "vids".

That clip was never released. It's thereby nothing but hearsay, verified only by the same law enforcement agencies who are covering up CP distribution by the jewish mafia for at least two decades. The same FBI who now participates in pride month. Do you have any other CP snuff productions worth mentioning?

retard post

oxfam chiefhas a pedo mouth, "pedosmile"

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interesting idea

You forgot the large Arab population.

You can't hammer something that the goyim are inoculated against. Tell a mouthbreather about pizzagate, and they will dismiss it out of hand, as a conspiracy theory. Prove it to them or show them public admissions and cite them getting arrested and convicted of it, they will dismiss all of it as conspiracy theories, too. Never underestimate the stupidity of the goyim, whether or not it is feigned.

The guy is most certainly a kike

These people are called hoarders and are the bane on the existence of pedophiles. A hoarder is not only a wealthy piece of fucking trash who gets off on children, but also a sadistic nihilist who loves baiting all the global pedo communities with tagged screenshots. They are the namefags of the pedo community…worshiped and hated at the same time.


The fact there is some Jew on here who is trying to deny that CP and SNUFF films exists demonstrates that we are touching upon something powerful here.

If we can spread this meme, the idea, the truth, that "Jews rape children", we can really help create a mass awakening among the goyim and help them to throw of their jewish slave-masters.

If anyone knows andrew anglin, try to get him to raise awareness on this issue.

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bet you wish you had access mordecai

Is that all you got? That's some pervert fucking a teenager with a VHS camera, which he then stashed in a storage locker. Does that sound like professional child porn production to you?

What you're witnessing in this article is the jewish media blowing stuff out of proportion to trick the public into believing that law enforcement is effective.
These are all advertisement tricks to change the magnitude of the crime, and the public will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

confirmed kike. reported and likely wont be banned.

It is their duty to inform the public of their sins.

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pretty close to mr. jew. wew

"14 Israelis suspected of running child sex trafficking ring in Colombia
Network allegedly marketed trips from Israel for tourists to have sex with minors who were forced into prostitution; 6 Israelis held, arrest warrants issued for other suspects"

The rate of pedophilia among jews is very high. This means that within their pedophile population, some of them, are engaged in sadistic pedophilia.

Meaning they have been taking out their hate on goyim by tarhetting the children. This is from the bible.

"O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.

9 Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones." 137&version=KJV

Psalm 137 is about Jews in Babylon, they aren't talking about killing Babylonian children in the midst of an active war on the field of battle. They are talking about killing Babylonian children while Jews are just living in Babylon working and stuff.

The Bible literally admits to Jews killing Babylonian infants.

And it also talks about Jews killing children here 57:5&version=KJV

"5 Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the clifts of the rocks?"

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*targetting the children

I did no such thing. I only call you morons out for sniping at shit you have no idea of. You think the pedo kikes get the rope if you just retweet "pizzagate" daily? Zig Forums tried to attack the source of CP distribution over a decade ago. That crime was all uncovered and here you are blind to to most obvious shit, while pretending to want to help children.

Learn to read, dipshit. I didn't deny child porn or snuff films, I know that there's NO CP-SNUFF on the internet. Let me repeat this again…there are no vids of children getting murdered in a child porn production for money, with intent on the internet.

Support Patrick then.

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It is only going to hurt them. These things are extremely painful to watch. Check yourself. It is no fun to watch this.

We're all mad when it comes to erotisism. So it is a misunderstanding.

you already showed your colors kike. what youre trying to do is get us focused on trying to combat rings in ukraine where we have 0 influence instead of allowing us to cleanse our own nation (america) of this wickedness. this is why you are trying to make us believe it doesnt happen here.

>using the tactics he claims (((they))) are using himself by focusing on the teenage girl

Julius Streicher was executed by the British and Americans because he published information about Jewish ritual murder. You can find photos of the pages of his most famous work on Jewish ritual murder here.

Attached are two photos from it and the third is a picture of a Russian jewish ritual murder victim who had blood drained from his body by holes poked into his head by jews.

The jews executed streicher because knowledge of jewish ritual murder is what made the germans not want jews in their country anymore.

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My bad. I literally read over it. But don't be too hard on me because the cops do the same, they literally never have shut down any of the "boylover" sites, and with sodomy and trans kids being globally celebrated today, and don't see that changing anytime soon.

If you really want to help children then attack the source in Ukraine, link it to pizzagate and israel if you can, otherwise drag the names of their networks into the public until they have to shut it down. Zig Forums tried this a long time ago, it went nowhere. Let's see how you pull this off instead of wasting time on circle jerking about "snuff". If you wanna see kids getting raped and killed daily, just travel the world. Africa, India and the Middle East will scare you shitless. Or you can just wait, because the horror is coming right into your homelands. You've seen nothing yet.

We focus on the crimes of the jews here, and we focus on getting the jews out of America and Europe. Also Latin America.

How did you manage to navigate Zig Forums without knowing how jews operate. They are not bound to any nations, or cultures, or religions, or race or anything else. They are internationalist, rootless. All their operations are working together, it's a zionist web across the world. They themselves purged their own CP production avenues in the early 2000's to demonize pedophila in the eyes of the public, so that they could get widespread support for more severe copyright and censorship laws. They did this to gain full control over the internet, while using CP as a breaching weapon. Always playing the "muh children" card. Meanwhile their distribution network of child abuse content is operating undisturbed and protected by Europe, Russia and the US, while spreading their poison all across the world. That's the ring that combines distribution, political blackmail, religious sacrifices, and the globohomo elites with each other. You guys are pissing in the wrong direction. LA is kosher smut peddling. They keep this as clean as it gets, because porn is their biggest weapon of eugenic warfare to destroy fertility, birthrates, and social bonding. Ukraine and Russia are not in "war" with each other because muh history. It's to secure the network from being uncovered, while keeping international ties to it hidden. That's also the reason why the pushed for laws that make investigating CP a crime, to keep the private sleuths away from their syndicate.

Why? You don't own anything in these nation. You're merely debt slaves to the jews, who own all of it, who control all of it, and who corrupted everything against you. Now you want to kick them out? Out of their legally owned nations? So that they leave you alone?

How naive are you? You can do absolutely nothing against what they want to do with your nations. You're facing 5k years of war against humanity and millennia of deceptions so big that nobody would believe all of them. So you either take over land by any means and face what they throw at you (ask NK for example), go after them in an all out self scarification attempt, or get systematically annihilated like planned. Kicking them out? My ass!

Yeah, it's only happened over a thousand times in the past 3000 years. Why would we think that would even be possible?
Besides, this time were going to exterminate them so we never have to deal with this infection again.
You almost sound like a frightened yid?

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Yes I do Mr. Jew.

I can talk about the phenomena of Jewish ritual murder, that some in the Jewish community have been engaged in. Not all, but some. The psychopaths among the Jews.

They have been kicked out of European nations 109 times, and Gaddafi kicked them out of Libya. That is why the Jews had him deposed.

Once knowledge reaches a critical mass, the public finds a way of doing things.

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Great idea, let's keep jerking off to the achievements of our ancestors. Positing these online will surely put the jews six feet under. Any day now…

How, with a downvote? Or do you go all the way to the dmca takedown notice?

So dragging out the old shoe of the blood libel, when Planned Parenthood has killed 60 million infants since it opened? They are literally murdering, blood letting, chopping up and selling parts of babies legally now…and they celebrate it. They mock the world with it.

After Hitler? After over 70 years of systematic indoctrination with hundreds of billions spend on education, military, science, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, economics etc. to destroy and corrupt every aspect of the west? After being strong enough the wage a migration war against the entire western civilization, to breed Africans into hundreds of millions of poverty and violence distributors for a race war, after weaponizing Islam for the holy war against Christianity, which is being dismantled from within? After driving the US into 22.3 trillion in debt with usury, which will end the economy of the entire west in the not so distant future?

Wanna hear something funny? Wanna know which is the only group of people fighting openly against the jews in the US? Inner city blacks, who try to attack jews openly whenever they get a chance to do so, just to end up as another nameless nigger in the jewish prisons.

Forgot the pic.

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Yes, that's right. I would rather focus on the old shoe of blood libel. It got the jews kicked out of England in the middle ages. It got the germans to hate them.

Dude the brain is very moldable. People can change in an instant. All these stupid indoctrination things mean nothing compared to thousands of years of genetic evolution.

It sounds like things are getting pretty tough for jews in America. Maybe Jews in USA should go to Israel instead. I hear they have nice weather.

The whole Bible is about Jews complaining about being in gentile nations and how they want to go to Israel. Well there is an Israel now. So the Christian thing to do would be to hold Jews to what they say they want. They want Israel, they should be sent to Israel. Jews should not be allowed into positions of power outside of Israel, and they should be discriminated against in gentile nations and encouraged to leave gentile nations. I as a gentile would not have equal right to a Jew in Israel. So Jews should not have equal right to gentiles outside of Israel. Fair is fair.

This shit has been going on since movie cameras were invented.
The only difference is back then you needed a source for an actual film now with digital and shit…..

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We need to weaponize pedophilia. Instead of "rehabilitating" or "punishing" them, we should bring them togheter, organize them and then send them to our enemies to rape their children. The only children that matter are Europeans and white Northern Americans, we need to take all our trash, the rapists, thieves and drug addicts, and toss it into our neighbours garden.
Flood China with drugs (again), rape Russian children (again).

Sounds kosher.

based outside the box thinker.

Weaponize it all.

You can watch vids on jewtube where they rip infants apart or suck em into pieces. That's mainstream entertainment now. Children can watch that. It's called desensitizing and they did this with violence, with porn, and with degenerate fetishes. Blood libel wouldn't wake up an old lady anymore.

What about the thousands of years of jewish indoctrination called "abrahamic religions"? They are still alive and kicking? Did the dancing israelis of 9/11 wake up the US? The Kennedy assassination? The fake moon landing? There are transvestites in schools teaching about sodomy. Meanwhile not even one protest march in all of the US against the jews. None. It's Patrick Little with a sign and that's it.

How many times have jews sacrificed their own for the cause? I heard there was something about some "burned offering". Anyway, how does pushing 10 million jews into israel help America? The ones in control are illusive, jet setting the globe, operating out of the shadows with stooges in place? US citizens won't even collectively boycott capitalism.

I don't agree with you but I laughed at this sentence you wrote. Jews are sort of already doing that, because a lot of Jewish pedophiles are fleeing to Israel. So they are sort of dumping their own "trash" on themselves.

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Keep digging anons.
Jews, niggers, traitors all deserve the rope for their rituals.

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Snuff film is really interesting, its that high society kike shit only elites can watch and enjoy, all their goons deny its existance hard or cover it up. Im curious as to what contents make snuff film different from regular murder on camera, sure snuff is made for the whole purpose of profit, but whats the film aspect of it? do they have roles and perform like any other actor before being killed? Are they made to order or do you buy from a specific director that does a certain type of genre? is it always sexual in nature?

Quite interesting, theres so much disinfo on snuff but does anyone have any good information on it?

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Then you should be happy I enjoy focusing on Blood Libel(jewish ritual murder), if its not effective then you as a Jew should be happy I am wasting my time with it.

But what you are doing is trying to get me to stop focusing on blood libel. So that indicates you think its effective.

Talking about the ritual murder of gentile children by jews throughout history is a hobby of mine. I like talking about it. I like reading about it. It's a major part of my life.

I don't know how it would help America. It would help me because I wouldn't see yarmulke's anymore walking around the street, it would help me breathe a bit easier. That's enough reason for me.

All I care about is talking about Jews.

This user is correct. Expulsion is way too merciful to these demonic parasites. If we were to do another one, they would still return and push a stronger talmudic revenge. Examples include England and Spain. They too kicked these demons out. Yet, look at how kiked those two once great nations are.

You don't seem to understand what a jew is, user.
jews are not bound to race
jews are not bound to semetic languages
jews are not bound to any religion
jews are not bound to being israelites
jews are not bound to the tribe of judeans

The only things the so called jews have in common is fear of being persecuted and hatred for the persecutors. Both are based on the crimes they've committed. The jewish identity is nothing but a crime syndicate, a front to hide ancient bloodlines of vicious criminals.

Unfortunately, these incels will continue pushing their "Muh bayste ZOGnald" is fighting pedos and triguring dem libz lol


jews aren't semites by necessity. There may be semites who are incidentally jews but they aren't a semite because they are a jew.
But (((you))) knew that.


Has any user photos of the wives of prominent Jews? This gives evidence of why they want to mongrelize our race.

The picture you have that talks about William of Norwich being punctured in the head to drain it of blood is exactly the same as what happened to the Russian kid who had puncture points in his head.

That happened in medieval times. The picture attached is Andrei Yushchinsky who was killed in early 1900's


This is an article on william of norwich

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Good for you for having a hobby, user. This will take world politics into a whole new perspective. And I thought hurtcore is depraved…

I totally forgot about the US epidemic of walking the streets at night, because of jews attacking you from the bushes. Your life must be terror, user. Meanwhile Palestinians are getting mocked, spit on, and attacked daily in israel. You have no idea what's coming in terms of pure sadism ones these beasts are in full control.

Wait a second, that's what the jews are always doing…

It's simply parasitical behavior. Humanity is the host, they are the parasites. Nature demands a fight to death. That was always the answer to the JQ. They will never stop, because they can not stop. It's pathological.

Bro, if you are Jewish I am not trying to hate on you personally. It's nothing personal. I just want your kind sent back to Israel. And I want nothing to do with your kind. Honestly. We need a divorce. You need your land, and I need mine. You can talk about all these third world people. But I need my land with my people whose land it would be too.

That bloodline is khazarian and has nothing to do with jews. The khazarians were forced to take on a religion or face death, they chose judaism, which created the ashkenazi and sephardic tribes, who took over judaism. Nothing about the jew identity is real, it's all a front to hide crimes.

LIterally all JEws do is talk shit about WHites in schools and on TVs and promote gay stuff and pretend its work. I want Jews gone and I want them away from my family and I want them away from my race.

You morons called me a jew like 20 times in this thread, and now you try to cozy up to me? You would call anyone a jew, I could make a soundcloud while making farting noises with my foreskin and you would still call me jew. How about you fucking imbeciles start attacking the CP distribution network I told you about, instead of calling anons jews? shalom…FRIEDE FREUDE EIERKUCHEN.

You cannot divorce a parasite that has killed billions of humans for the last 5k years.

I am not against people being emotional but you are being emotional in a Jewish way. If I was a betting man I would bet on you being a Jew.

How will you ever survive? They want to kill you, and they will not do it directly. That's what the Talmud is teaching them. If you can't even take their stupid slander, you're in for rough awakening ones the real shit is going down. Build your fucking defenses, know all your neighbors, build families and communities, become self sustaining as best as you can, and stay away from materialism.

What is Color Climax Corporation?
Color Climax was the first to produce commercial child pornography films.[4] From 1969 to 1979, Color Climax was responsible for the relatively large-scale distribution of child pornography.[6]

Between 1971 and 1979 the company produced 36 or more 10-minute films for its Lolita series.[4][7][8] These films featured young girls, mainly with men, but sometimes with women or other children.[4][7][8] The participating girls were mainly between the ages of 7 and 11 years; however, some were younger.[4][7][8] Titles included Incest Family, Pre-Teen Sex, Sucking Daddy, and Child Love.[7]

??? Lots of CP comes from the US. It would not surprise if most of it is produced in California,.. L.A. and San Francisco in particular
Why Ukraine? I know where Ukraine is now, there used to be Khazaria
It's coming from everywhere, but mainly from Jews
I was under the impression that by their taping of raping children, they would blackmail each other into obedience.

They are the Gatekeepers of Hell & The Demons want to get in.

Did you knew that gambling addiction isn't about being addicted to winning? It's about being addicted to losing.

Here…this is your price for losing hard. Kick your habit, user.

Slandering Jews is important too.


I don't care about Jews dancing in Israel. I just want them out of America. Their happiness doesn't bother me. I just want them away from goy children.

There are politicians who have been blackmailed by this.

Its people like you who has made the world what it is today, if people just extermintated the jews instead of banishing them, then they would have only been exterminated once instead of exiled from 100+ countries many times over the course of thousands of years.

In the US jews are a real threat, they take kids right from their daycares into trafficking rings to be sold, they mutilate the cocks of ever male to be born there, they have a CP, snuff and whatever you can think of, they're selling it on video with an huge workforce behind it and distributors all across the globe, they test drugs on kidnapped US civilians and mind control techniques (see MKULTRA and its various operations), they move niggers into all white neighbourhoods to shit the place up and cause white flight, they are trying to and have passed anti-semitic laws with prison time if you break them, they run their culturual colonialism from the US reducing many cultures to cease to exist with the exception of small communities,etc

There is so much kike shit happening and that has happened in or by the US its hard to keep track of it all, like that time the CIA invented AIDS, theres actual video out there of a CIA guy injecting a bunch of niggers on some island with the premise that its actually an anti-malaria vaccine. you may think "yeah but only fags get AIDS!" and your right, however the trend of infected fags infecting non-willing and unknowing participants is at an all time high, a lot of them even donating blood.

The US was created and founded by freemasons to break away from the europeans that hated kikes, its no suprise all this shit happens in the US with the amount of readily available nobodys you could easily pick off the street and no one would even know they existed

Attached: Pizza2reencoded.mp4 (1920x1080, 14.59M)

Dude I feel sick to my stomach after looking at that video. It looks like someone may have been killed in that video. Umm its really gross.

What's happening now isn't even funny. It's a battle between good and evil. I know a lot of us on POL have done edgy humor and so on, but really we are the good guys. And the main culture is evil and sold out to Satan and his minions the Jews. We really need to expel the Jews from our lands and re-establish good values. Whether its christian or pgan or something. We need good wholesome values again. We need anew nazi party or perhaps a christian or pagan party. Something.

Finally someone who knows his shit…nope, just another idiot who thinks LA and Denmark are somehow the same place. user, I already wrote that they produced all this shit in Europe. What are you trying to prove here?

None of the professionally produced actually, and the private shit is a global thing.

Porn is not child porn, user. They kept the pron industry separated from the child stuff since the Tracy Lords fiasco.

Good question. Because it's perfectly situated next to the raped Mother Russia, and by making a war zone out of it, you have the perfect base of operations. Their servers run all over Europe, the US is covering the international angle, Interpol the Europe one, and if anyone comes too close, Moscow comes knocking.

Like every other racket the jews are where the profits ends up. CP is just so much pf a pet peeve for them that they can't help themselves actively engaging in it, which is why israel has a tough time keep the pedo epidemic under control.

That's for the shabbos. Inner circle means going through ranks of showing obedience by committing crimes. These sacrifice events were always used for initiation. The real child abuse is way more open, with children getting enslaved as organ "donors" and used for sex while they are getting prepped for harvest.

If you really want to stick it to them, go into a bagel shop and complain about everything they serve. Be really obnoxious about it. That's the secret Achilles heel of shaming a jew. Slender the kosher bagel.

There are a few of these videos on youtube that are unlisted, even found a NES game made from the ground up about going to peltzer and dealing with the masonic lodge and pizza places. quite strange what you can find out there by pasting random shit into the search engine

Alefantis please. You should really stop shitposting.

circle's up to no good!!!

You are much more knowledgeable on the subject than I.
Good question.
I've been told that a lot of the CP is hosted in The Netherlands. Sources are the dutch (((papers))). Are they correct?


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