Operation Golden Arches

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Now this is shit I approve of.

A yellow swastika maybe with curves in it?

T. Burger King

What will the “M” stand for? Master-race?

OP has a degree in Advanced Memetic Warfare phd. From Stanford.

upsidedown M stands for W, for white


Honk honk

MC Donald

MC = Multiculturalism (fucking laughable clown brainfart)
Donald = The Orange Don. The Big Mac himself. He is the Jester, the clown of mockery, wherein their is triggering and gnashing of teeth.

(Yes, Trump is Ziocucked, but he is the Left's enemy No. 1; using him is important to shift Magafags further to the right. Nvr 4get the 6million Overton Windows.)

Who could be whiter than Ronald McDonald? His skin is pale, his hair is red and he makes Western food rather than goat curry.

Oh look even more gayops spam that the moderation personally endorses and protects.

The make mexican food too now

Go away 4cuck.

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←– How's this?

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Music video could be modified to promote our message. Not my strength though.

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M reminds me of the "OK" sign when done upside down


Thread got Shoah'd.

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Ronald McHitler

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inb4 every single word in the english dictionary becomes banned on facebook for being a hatecrime word. KEK

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We already got Moonman.

Dreams, you too can have them

Dress up like Ronald McDonald and wave a Nazi flag on a freeway overpass during rush hour. What are the odds you'll make the news?

>this board's (((moderation))) allows spam to stay

Very nice.

kek i like it

kek'd and almost check'd that 88

Just $14.88, what a deal!!!

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Now this is the stuff I DO like.

Burger king is an easy one too.
White patriarchy to the max.

You're a cheap whore.

I don't get out of my sleeping bag for less than $10,000.

Ba da ba ba ba
I'm gassing it

inb4 McDonalds vs Twitter lawsuit for the sake of KEK.

How about flipping the M into a W?

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This meme is organic as a big mac.


and what have you done except bitch and moan?


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Found these online :)

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Counter saged and filtered, shlomo.

mcfucking meme it

i like how the colors resemble of chinas flag.

Inb4 red and yellow become new colors of white nationalism KEK.


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Theyve already mostly abandoned him as a mascot. You'd just be doing McDonald's a favor, and they'd probably just denounce and take down any statues/images they have of him like hes Robert E Lee. It's a great move if you're a McD's marketer looking for some nice virtue signalling points though


Bingo. Just grabbing old shit doesn't accomplish anything, nor does slapping HHs everywhere.

Subtlety is key. Innocuous shit that the trannies will REEEEE out about in front of upstanding but unaware citizens. IOTBW.

Better would be to start a campaign about how fast food preys on Quinteefah and created the black female 60%+ obesity rate (seriously), along with politicians who made sure fast food was welfare eligible.

Put up posters with disgusting swamp monsters at their African-est, demanding that #FellowWhites take responsibility for it. Shit that the entitled trannies will jump on and further alienate the Hank Hills and Walt Kowalskis of the world.


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Dubs confirm.
Watch out while eating McDonald's.
It may be seen as a hate crime.

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supersize had me laughing

Posts from stores where people are placing french fries in a particular way…

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when street trash calls me a homo thug after warning my sister what freemasons said


bumping from burgerstan

honk honk mother fuckers


Based McDonald's employees?

Woman Finds a Swastika Cooked Into Her McDonald's Burger:

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Mcdonalds is based and redpilled in Toronto. (CBC)

The McDonalds Canada site on Toronto's Bloor St. E. was officially handed back to the company after the closure of the shop last April, according to McDonald's Canada's statement.

That news came as a shock to some local residents, who said they haven't gotten their fix of Big Macs nor their fix of the giant fries in recent weeks.

"I'm sad. That's the only reason I even want to pay," said resident Jody Scott, who stopped in to the store with her 7-month old daughter. "I wish they could come in and give them back to the citizens."

Mick Renshaw, the company's spokesman, told CBC News the Big Mac store in Mississauga, where a big truck with a large sign said it opened a year earlier this month, will reopen in the coming weeks.

A large truck with a sign in Toronto has delivered the McDonalds Canada stores back to the Toronto centre, in an action that has shocked locals. 10:30

Shoppers are left wondering where the big truck is headed next, Scott said.

When asked why the truck will be on a drive to Mississauga at this point in the morning, Renshaw replied, "We have nothing further to share at this time."

This would be awesome for Facebook since they are banning Honk you need to remix RonHonkald McHonkald and see if Facebook will ban McDonalds. It would be pure right wing corporate sabotage to make corporate logos a bannable object on these fascist social media sites.

You could combine this with Trump somehow (choice is up to you) to make Donald McDonald in clownworld. Trump is a ginger. Ronald is a ginger. Facebook would probably like to ban them both.

we alrready stole Moonman from Mc Donalds, now we go for their main mascot
maibe we should steal Wendys too as an antifeminist simbol since she's clearly a traditionaly feminine girl

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Hehehehehehehehehe hahahahahahahahahaha
Honk honk honk honk honk honk honk onk nk kkkkkkkkk

Don't ruin my one guilty pleasure OP.

The toppings are lettuce and mayo. Why woukd their be mustard on it and how would any employee be able to make a pattern when all toppings come out of automated gun?

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Niggers are out being faggots again.

Look clowns like Swisher Sweets, they certainly keep buying them.

The one below has a better message, but this one has more brevity and a more catchy caption/slogan.

lol i could imagine being bored as fuck a mcshit restaurant and getting pudgy jewess walk in to buy lunch.

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I swore the day Harambe died that 10,000 niggers would die in Minecraft.

Why did Ronald do it, WHY!!??

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I think this needs to happen.

They got him!

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user what are you planning?

Ok, just replace Honkler with Ronald except keep the rainbow wig. Use in all of the same places Honkler is used now. Honk Honk. Soon Ronald IS Honkler.

What's the story on that line, please?


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Might be part of it.

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Words of wisdom from The Ron Don himself.

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So how does it feel to know your were spotted in a field being a faggot?

This clown you're posting OP is not a pol clown. Disregarded.

Zig Forums should appropriate illuminati symbolism so we can appropriate celebs and those in show business as pro-racism.

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Why haven't we done this before?

This. Too obvious and nobody cares. Subtle and antifags feel the need to point it out to everybody. Makes sense at least. Market research needed.

Bumping because this shit made my night. God bless you all.

First Little Ceasers, now McDonald's is the official fastfood of NeoNazis world wide.

Perhaps we should use the dollarsymbol as our next symbol?
It is used by literally everyone.

Hmm mc clownworld dollar?

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gibbs be sec so I can make one