Children hand dollar bills to child drag queens at Public Library

This happened at Ames Public Library in Iowa.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1138109035809579008&ref_url=

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b-but muh slippery slope fallacy

the numbers
they're calling for us

I like how this is considered acceptable but OK symbols aren't.

Your average American 30 years ago would have killed these "people". That's why fags were terrified of doing this shit back then.

This makes my blood boil.

oh my

Why… why would they do this. What is the point of mentally breaking down your children by desensitizing them of everything that is naturally degenerate. Do they want to create a generation of psychopaths? For what? I… I don’t understand the point of this shit… the world doesn’t makes any sense

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they're fucking them

This is pedophilia in the open…DISGUSTING.
Pedophiles should get a bullet in the back of the head or tossed off a high building.

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Just when I thought I could not get more disgusted Zig Forums opens a new horizon for me.

Daily reminder that zogbots will try to kill you if you want pedos gone from this world.

jews ritually murder children

And eat them.
And drumpf knows and doesn't do shit.

Don't worry, anons. Donald Trump will handle this.

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Sometimes I can't help but think the Iranians were right about US, that we're the Great Satan. Ironically it was our doing that homosexuality was banned around the world outside the Abrahamic faith sphere including the prudishness like the censorship of pornography in Japan. Now we're forcing values on others again and it's still wrong as ever. Oh except for Saudi Arabia, which gives homosexuals the death penalty. Why do we excuse them? Because in the end we're push hypocritical values upon the world but the only thing that matters to US is mammon. We're the Great Satan indeed. If Jesus does come back, he'd probably have America destroyed on the spot.

the worst part isn't that the children are being exposed to this
its that their parents are enabling AND encouraging it

Let this be a reminder that there are many whiteskinned degenerates reproducing and having offspring.

Having lived in a major metro in a red state, I've seen it for myself many times over. A tattooed soyboy who might be jewish with a tattooed dyke pushing a stroller or having some young brat walking along with them given some stupid name like Eli, Noah, Dante, Haley, Trixie, Brantley, Madison, etc.

People say that conservatives have higher birthrates than liberals among whites, but I don't entirely see it.


Today they teach children to behave like patrons at a stripper cub. Tomorrow they'll teach children to be the strippers. Then what, teaching them how to work in an Asian massage parlor? It isn't exactly a big leap from stripper to hooker. A child should never be exposed to this very adult behavior, yet every single child present was brought there by adults who knew exactly what they were attending, and who were themselves raised in a society where such displays were unthinkable.
As a species, our degree of adult degeneracy is bad enough. Let kids be kids, dammit. This isn't "pride", it's depravity if not outright child abuse.


Children hand dollar bills to child drag queens at Public Library

A new initiative in the community is trying to change that.

According to the Philadelphia Public Library system, children today have more options for hand-sized bills than ever before.

New hand-sized bills are available at many public libraries around PHL's campuses. For this program, the program manager is also giving them out to homeless children. "I feel like the program is doing something good for the people behind that wall," said Lillia Wilson, who manages the program for Pennhurst Public Charter school.

They'll hand-size up to three new $10 bills to children with special needs for just $10 each. Each boy or girl will take the bills home and make notes on them.

"That's how they use the money," Wilson said. "A little money saved on our school budgets, a little money more for our seniors."

A new idea, however, is that children will also use the bills to make a homemade scrapbook. The scrapbook will be held together by magnets, and children can cut it out and stick it to something and mark it.

The scrapbook is made up of a small number of words written on two sticks connected at the top by magnets. As the child writes the words it will move the strips of paper down to the bottom

The problem with pastors like this is that they don’t realize that even Abraham cried out for God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah, and they were doing worse than America is doing today though not by much. When a nation falls to God’s judgement it is the failure of Christians to appeal to God. Hell, even Moses had to beg God to spare the Jews which is a sign of Gods forgiveness today considering they killed Jesus and fucked up at every turn.

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The longer I lurk, the more that strategy seems to make sense.

Well the thing is God ran out of forgiveness when the Jews rejected and killed the Lord Jesus Christ. Now what's coming is Revelations, where the wicked\degenerates, the Synagogue of Satan, and the anti-Christ the Jews call their Jewish messiah or "Moshiach" get cast into Hell for eternity.

Sometimes I question whether I should upload pics like this on the internet, but then I remember that trannies and HIV faggots are trying to groom young children into becoming sexualized pedo victims.

Something has to be done.

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Archive this!

I blame this on the Chinese.

I blame this on the Chinese.>>13382645
Why don't you learn to fight like a man instead of like a woman using sex as your weapon?

It's a form of child grooming for pedophiles.

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Remember shit like this when the gay minecraft players and testificates are begging for their lives in front of the mass grave (in minecraft)

Only in America

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By popularizing this (and they have national organization for drag queen story time; it's happening everywhere), the sickos can hide among the lemmings who show up to virtue signal their progressiveness out of fear of being labelled homophobic racists for not attending. Now, let's see, hmmmm, who else likes to hide among another group of people? Oh, right, we've seen this m.o. for about three thousand years now.

And Canada (unsurprisingly).

The kikes have gone too far.

Too fucking far.

How do we best news of this to the normies?

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The normies are beyond hope. All they want is a $135 round of golf, tasty sandwich, and a tall boy of beer. The government can torture children for all they care.

Sometimes? Are you fucking new? The US was founded by masons and run by kikes. It's been ground zero for every form of degeneracy and materialism, and the most powerful golem the Jews have ever had. No country has benefited the jews as much as the USA. (((pratiots))) get the rope too for being so fucking stupid.

Adults shouldn't be exposed to it.

There are no normies. Everybody is complicit now. Everyone is evil. If they don't appear evil initially it's because they're mascarading.

Botswana decriminalizing homosexuality is a good thing. More gay niggers is great because then they'll be able to cum in each other's butts more conveniently than pussy and have fewer children and spread HIV faster and die faster.

Decriminalization of homosexuality is only a problem in white nations because of it lowering white birth rates and spreading HIV in the white population. Unfortunately it has already happened, so our focus should be to push for more heterosexuality at home.

Stop whining about gay niggers. The world needs more niggers to turn gay to save the white race. Turn the Jews gay too. Have the gay niggers fuck and gay jews and the gay jews fucknig the gay niggers and they can have a grand old time. That's a good thing. Anything to slow their reproducing.

Single moms who watch a lot of Netflix just wanting to keep up with the most progressive trends. They view drag queens on the same category as pet niggers or monkeys at a zoo. They come there to feed their pets their favorite snack; innocent children.

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Wtf are these images for ants?

The numbers seems to want us to kill niggers, jews, and other degenerates like in OP's post.
We need brave men willing to become martyrs and who are not afraid to die and are tough enough to withstand jail if they survive somehow. If they do go to jail, hopefully there are brave men willing to rescue them from jail.

this is how i know all (((mass shootings))) are false flags, because any based and redpilled individual would be targeting shit like this in minecraft.

You will never be white moshe.

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It's a library full children, dude.

so fucking yeah
i love america

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The House of Saud is the Jewish vector for infiltration of the Muslim world. They have control of Mecca, and thus the religious legitimacy that comes with it. On conservatism and lack of degeneracy, that didn't stop the Jews from getting Japan to attack Tsarist Russia in the Russo-Slavic wars, or an America that didn't have homosexuality removed from mental illness or segregation laws in place to attack Germany in a bloody war between Europe-descended goyim.

Why do people want to do this? The more this stuff goes on, the more my revulsion fades into sociological fascination. It still seems bizarre, but society evidently isn’t collapsing. So it’s more like… why? What lesson does this transmit? What is it for? Is it beautiful, entertaining, instructive?

They wouldn’t have. There just wouldn’t have been people attending the event - or the attendees would have been more comprised of total creeps.

Wow. Maybe it’s a communal ritual celebrating non-creepiness by being something possible precisely because the community’s adults aren’t creeps.

They think niggers and foreigners will be nice to them if they support them.
Maybe they have a fetish for getting themselves murdered?
Who knows how deep the degeneracy goes.

You are a retard if you are listening to dirty inbred mudslimes pic related

You are a schizo level kike with finger pointing poor attempt at demoralizing trolling spouting unfounded psycho kike bullshit with zero knowledge of the history of the USA before World War 2. If kikes had 100% control Whites would of been dead or kicked out long before the war of 1812. Along with that Turks would have taken over Europe.

Remember your dumbass can get arrested in your country for saying pro White anything.

The USA is still the country with the most inventions and most Whites still in the world. Who also are the only ones creating websites like these in mass.

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I can't take it anymore lads. This is going too far.

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Good fucking lord it's not that complicated. Jews are the root of all evil, that's all you need to know.

So fierce.

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Me neither, my fren.
I just can't take it anymore, I feel like killing myself but that would only help (((them))).
Well.. you know we can't talk much in here, (((they))) are watching and the admins will hand over our IP addresses…

That's called submission, it comes with low Testosterone. They'd rather suffer and go through radical change against their will then to risk confrontation

Full of degenerates and subversors.


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It makes for a spiritually broken, easily controllable populace. A destroyed society can't resist an eternal ZOG 1984 state.

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As much as I feel like laughing at those pictures just how they have been made I can't because I know its all true.

Reminder that all of this is happening while Trump is president.
How do the few remaining Trumpcucks justify that?

The few left are paedo kikes themselves.

Here’s a video of it

Q preditcted this, follow the plan to do nothing and hope the jews just give up trying to make everyone a tranny

At this point, anyone who is not a National Socialist is complicit in this crypto-pedophilia shit.

The devil works through the weakness of men.

Hail Hitler indeed. Enough is enough.

I'm tired, more tired then I ever have been. It's a mental tiredness, exhaustion. A failing of my empathy or compassion. All I see are giggling, laughing idiots leading our people into the fire.

No more.

how's the weather in tel aviv?
pic related is you

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If you don't kill them all, they win.

I think this is very important that we should do our part and show these evil acts OP has shown us to everyone + that vid, if this isn't done this could be normalised even further do your part, I've already done mine. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

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You should be aware of this

this directly leads to rebuilding of 3rd temple and child/human sacrifice for baal/moloch like in Palmyra

Many people still don't understand what is happening, how it's happening, why it's happening and who's doing it. People in western civilization live in a bubble and have no idea how things really stand. We have to have patience and faith for our race or we have nothing at all.


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I cannot sleep anymore.

There is hope, but just a glimmer.

I always thought that genocide was really evil, but the more I am here, the less reasons I find for that assumptions. How is it not literally the most natural, ethical and human thing to do? Another question bugging me recently is where would one stop once one started to mass slaughter large proportions of humanity. Starting point is easy: Jews and non-whites. But what about the "lemming" whites and NPCs? Are they even fully human? Do they not degrade our noble race if left alive?
Would be nice to hear your opinions on that.

This is North America, not Europe. I don't think a National Socialist approach is the right path for us here. I think we have our own solution to Hebrew media control…

Got a light?

Last time I checked, there were just over 7.2 billion people on the planet. Somebody here was babbling about 8 billion now, last week. So I looked it up. Son of a gun there's over 7.8 billion people on the planet. I talked to my friends about this and they were deeply shocked too. Something big and ugly is coming. The world has never had such a dense population of humans. Some catastrophe. We don't know what it will be but when it erupts it will be pure chaos. It won't be nice and neat, it won't be tidy. It will be madhouse anarchy, like the worst prison riot ever, where faggots and rats are tortured to death with a blowtorch. Nothing we can imagine can really prepare us as individuals for what will happen to each of us in this chaos. All we can do is make ourselves strong and be prepared for the worst and then just cling to life with every ounce of strength in our beings.

1. Show up unannounced to the child grooming activity. Dress like a hippie freak for camouflage.

2. Approach the drag queen at the right moment and quickly but forcefully pull off its wig, exposing the horror underneath.

3. As hilarity ensues, run out of the building as fast as possible with wig in hand.

4. Make sure an accomplice captures it on video to share on internets.

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Congratulations, you just committed a hate crime buddy

Everyday these fags and pedos get similar and similar. Absolute fucking scum

It's okay, I'm a black, lesbian muslim expressing my alternative lifestyle.

We need to start wholesale slaughtering people.

Will we even win at this point? So many are so far gone. They're so dumbed down that this is what they want. We know it's not sustainable. We know their society will fail, but we likely can't even win at this point. Have we tried opting out? Have we tried establishing a separatist state for people who aren't brainwashed, or gene-washed? I say fuck it, let's get the warriors together and seize ourselves a state. Don't threaten anything outside of our claim. See how they react. If they want war so be it, we will go to war and die heroes like those who died for the Reich. But something needs to be done to create a better life than what the current state of western society is offering.

Thanks for that, FBI.
Zig Forums is a board of peace and disavows violence of any kind.

So where will you create your internationally recognised, ethnically pure closed-border state? Which existing state will give you its land for that? Separatism was never an option.
And then Israel or some other satanic nation declares war on your new "white haven", which results in total obliteration and/or forced migration.
See , I am more and more convinced that not only racial purity, but also moral purity has to be enforced via genocide.
I think that this is a bad idea, as it results in white extinction. We need to be formless, decentralised, solo actors, each of which must create maximum impact attacks which happen instantly (such as a bombing) so as not to be interrupted by law enforcement. Saint Brenton did it the proper way.
jk, as stated, we are a board of peace and only use extremely edgy humour.

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That's where you're wrong bucko!
Zig Forums is peace.
Zig Forums is love.

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this is what you get for being good goys ye fithy mutts
bongs are paying for their sins as well
(((anglos))) deserve every bad thing the kikes do to them

Slaanesh is growing stronger by the hour at this point, its getting worrysome and I hope Papa Nurgle is already mixing a nice little present for us to bring back order into the realm of chaos, ironically.

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So what is? Conquering the entire US? Fighting off all of their (((allies)))? You aren't hearing me, most people don't want what we want. They don't see any benefit to a great and prosperous society, or the purity of a great race. Whatever they want, who cares, let them have it. We can't seem to fight it at this point, naive idealists may think otherwise but it doesn't seem viable. Our lifestyle would be viable on a small scale. A few states worth of a land mass in the US, which is larger than most European countries, would work. We would have to fight for it, but with a clear list of reasonable demands, we are more likely to achieve what we need. With a large list of unreasonable demands, we will get rolled over because no one will see it logical or moral to support us. Your genocide would only trigger the entire world to invade us, even right leaning moderates, even some who call themselves far right, can't seem to support that.

I think we need to support something like the Northwest Front, but radically. Did you see the Chechens trying to conquer all of Russia? No, Russia is inhabited by mostly Russians who won't allow that. Our nations are inhabited mostly by morons who simply won't allow what we want. We will have to take it, but we'll have to be reasonable or we'll be relentlessly pursued until eradicated. Focus the energy of this movement to include specific places, one in North America and one allied state in Europe, where we can make our goals a reality. Don't bother with reclaiming the minds of leftists, they are gone, they are weak trash we don't want anyways. Let them have their way of life and reap the consequences. We will have our sovereignty and work towards bettering our people and conquering the stars. But the world will never be ours. A global revolution is not a realistic possibility at this point, we can only take what we can hold.

200% Weimar.

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