memri.org/reports/threat-Zig Forums-against-local-jewish-political-candidate-seattle-washington?fbclid=IwAR18MJuCuLwEY5ysUWqkllnR9A5zw3oqw8jM_qN9gSplHrq5tsdk_yu4N-A



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Oy vey! You betta' noit expropriate my assets or think about getting out of your flag draped coffin, goyim!


Jews don't belong in western civilization

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Fucking boomers

Wow that was quick jew, not even a fucking minute after I posted it lol

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Fake and gay, the narcissistic kike (redundant) sent it to himself to give attention to his irrelevant platform.

They are worried about people who recognize the inherently parasitic nature of rentiers and landlords in the same way that a lot of the classical economists, like Adam Smith, did.

haha thread was kill after threats over tor
probably by the faggot himelf after making them
or his sysadmin/socialmediafag
Fly Palestinian flag
Or never come back here ever.


my sides are in orbit

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For sure only somebody in his campaign called the police for a meme threat. And it is for sure they who made it.

What's more likely:


Every edgelord not on a proxy encouraging violence against a political candidate will likely be contacted by feds. Shit's a honeypot. You're being lured into incriminating yourselves.

Remember the only other post by the op in that thread was a comment about how jewish the oldest boy looked. Total faked maymay by a stupid jew who can't even lie corectly.

Wow, that fucking id

Two years.

Yeah but the post that said to kill him was over Tor as was my post that said suggestions of doing so was thanks to feds being feds but I never thought it was the faggot himself but now I will fight him in court for defrauding my fellow seattlites: "semite" is not a protectable group because it is a religious concept, and most jews are not semites but Haplogroup G Caucasians.

It's past time for us to back the Communists. What comes after Socialism? National.


I actually hope these dumb fucking kikes keep referring to us as an alternative to their kikery

I don't agree with him on a lot of stupid shit he says like women being equal to men, he lies about that and his race-mixing open border shit is all cucked, but he says kikes are evil all the time and it's retarded how when every time someone calls out the kikes in public Zig Forums just froths at the mouth and spams "CIA SHILL" even though everyone already hates kikes in private

Oh no it’s retarded

wtf i hate pastor anderson now because some shill out of no where told me to

>memri.org/reports/threat-Zig Forums-against-local-jewish-political-candidate-seattle-washington?fbclid=IwAR18MJuCuLwEY5ysUWqkllnR9A5zw3oqw8jM_qN9gSplHrq5tsdk_yu4N-A

So a Fed makes bait by posting a slide thread. Anons don't bite and call him out for being a glownigger. So it makes the news?
It's all so tiresome.

he doesnt sound very jew friendly wtf is this disinfo shit