White males Highest Suicide rates in the Country

Middle-aged white men have the highest suicide rate in the country, and between 2000 to 2016, there was a 21 percent increase in suicides among boys and men, according to the American Psychological Association.
Despite the chaos you see on the track, professional race car driver Justin Peck describes racing as being like medicine.
"The second I take my helmet and put over my face, it’s like the world stops all the chaos, negativity, junk, whatever, goes away,” says Peck.
Peck has bipolar disorder. He experiences intense highs and lows– including a very low point years ago.
"I found myself driving up a canyon I’d been to several times to unplug from world,” he recalls. "I grabbed my pistol, loaded it, put it to my head and I pulled the trigger. I just heard this loud click."
"I have shot thousands of rounds through this pistol and it's never misfired, and the one time it misfires, it saves my life," he remembers.
He immediately called his doctor to get help— something he'd hesitated to do before that moment.
"I was quiet for so many years because it was an ego thing- I had a mental illness, so that must mean I’m weak.”
Paul Gionfriddo, president of Mental Health America- says that many men have that same concern.
"Men have been taught to tough it out when they’re having problems and as a result, they sometimes try to tough it out for too long," says Gianfriddo.
According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, men died by suicide 3-and-a-half times more often than women. And accounted for nearly 70 percent of suicide deaths, in 2017.
Peck says he still struggles every day– but that his friends, family and doctor help him through.
He stresses that men thinking about suicide need to get help now, before it’s too late.
"Take your pride, take your ego, and throw them in the damn garbage can," said Peck.
And through his memoir, called “Bulletproof,” and a new partnership with Mental Health America, Peck hopes sharing his darkest moment will serve as a wake-up call to others.
"If I can save a life, if I can save one person from going up a canyon, it’s worth it, it’s worth it," he said.
If you think you or a loved one may need help, Mental Health America has a free screening tool that can help point you in the right direction, CLICK HERE for more information.


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I was having kys thoughts all day.
What if that's a part of being male.
born with a dick -> want to kill yourself.

that would explain the absolutely fucking pathetic female suicide success rate.

Demoralization post. Suicide rate within a community increases in proportion to the amount that community talks and reads about suicide.

Tick tock, kike.

You're feeling the burden of performance that males have user. Or I have this theory that the media/hollywood has the ability to plant subconscious self-destruct buttons within people who oppose them. Who knows though.

Probably because they get tired of the faggots and migrants trying to rape them constantly.

Nah probably not.

Well think about it. What do you think all this demoralization is for OP. Regardless of whether you like it or not, their opinion exists as a voice in your head.

I'll explain this quite simply.

Work is the main cause of suicide, that or social situations. No one is going to admit this but it's true. Life sucks. Work sucks. School sucks, I know.

To be white is to play life on iron man mode. There is no help. There are no cheats. There is safe place to reload. There are no saves. Only work. Only pressure. Only a slow build up of a black pill, doomer level personality that'll develop. Those who don't give in end up like Zig Forums. Red pilled. Pissed off. Lost. Confused but trying to find a solution.

Not going to let you forget this.

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nah friend, you just gotta find the medication that works for you and use it every day! this includes exercise btw. i rub weed fat-based cacao butter into my belly button and it circulates all throughout my nervous system because the belly button leads to all your nerve endings everywhere in your body. and it works! keeps me moving, as opposed to when i used to be very, very stuck.

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Who has the speech by Goebbels or Hitler remembering the men in Germany who die of asphyxiation every day? I was a nigger and didn't save.

Thanks White Nationalists

Op there is your answer from

Whites men entire struggle of the past millenniums has finally come to bear fruit from their labors to take care of their people and its being stolen by their own (((governments))) then the leftovers are (((given))) to invading shitskins.

Look at this board. All the leftist , shitskins and various leftist parties have echo chambers in every faucet of life. Yet millions of dollars are poured into disrupting a board with just a few hundred active posters who just makes memes and bants with zero physical presence in real life.

Prison is even designed agaisnt White men watch the video below. Or any other interviews of White prison gangsters being interviewed compared to shitskins prisoners who basically brag about how much shit they got away with before finally getting arrested then getting a light sentence.


So whats the answer to solve this suicide? Take down the main people at the top on your way out Zuckerberg, any Soros family, Governors you know which ones when you see the same names brought up go out with a bang.

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cock sucking fuck the brits need to learn how to convey information properly.

Probably a clip from "die flutt kommt"

I wonder if stem cell rejuvenation would help? What about gene therapies to give at-risk individuals genes with a low suicide association? Aw, who am I kidding? The middle-age white demos that kill themselves are specifically conservative. They feel powerless. They don’t want to seek solutions in new technologies.

Maybe fasting clinics could help? Abortion clinics serve the health of the poor by drawing people in for an arguably unnecessary treatment. That still gets people in front if a skilled doctor. If we open arguably unnecessary treatment facilities geared towards the cultural sensibilities of the middle-aged white male (the MAWMs, lol), maybe we can get them in where a skilled doctor will take note of their problems, too. Fasting clinic subsidies: do it for your dear ol’ MAWM!

If my father was a hint, white bigotry might also be demoralizing the middle aged white populations. I wasn’t raised to hate anyone but faggots, and my pa didn’t seem sad when that didn’t take. If I was some shithead aryanist I think he’d be sad to see it, working poor though he was.

They suck at pretty much everything that doesn't include childbirth.

Having an ego is healthy. Being tough is healthy (for a man). The problem is that there are more depictions in media of white men killing themselves than of them actually rebelling against the social forces that spiritually oppress them.

My father’s in Heaven, so to speak. I don’t know if he’s alive or dead - we’re in different parts of the country, and the parting wasn’t totally clean, so we’re out of touch. But the sense in which he’s in Heaven is, I really did love the old goat. I thought I didn’t when I left, but the weight of memory grew on me. I still treasure one of his old coats.

I didn’t like fishing, but I liked the conversations we had when fishing. I didn’t like camping, but again he was a great guy in hiking and around a campfire. I did like hunting, though I was bad at it. I hated shooting guns at the range at first, but that activity grew on me. I liked talking politics with him, he was mostly smart and mostly sane as long nothing had him thinking about “the gay agenda”. I liked talking about culture with him, same rule. I miss a lot of good times when I think back on him.

So even though I’m not religious, I judge him fondly. I like the idea that he’d do well forever. He’s in Heaven, and maybe if I weren’t sterile I’d want to be the same for some other kid someday. Maybe I’ll adopt, or get cloned; who knows, I’m getting distracted. Maybe some of these sadder MAWMs aren’t in Heaven to anyone. Maybe nobody wishes ‘em well forever and they know it. Maybe they never learned to hold up a good conversation, or were taught to hit their kids instead of looking for shared interests. Maybe they were taught to favor dirty work and got left behind irredeemable when culture turned too clean. Maybe they’re dying inside because their kids turned bigoted, forgetting the peaceful strength at the heart of western culture.

Maybe they need new medical services to draw them out. I’n going to return to that, because I don’t think modern medicine is doing all it can to be sensitive to some of the more hated demographics - like MAWMs.

Sexism can’t be doing any favors either. My ma was brilliant, and would’ve been armed to the teeth if she’d let it happen. My pa did arm all my sisters. How many people can reminisce like this nowadays, hey? The only places people talk concernedly about middle aged white males are places where women are treated like brainless walking uteruses.

I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s not how I was raised, and I wasn’t raised in an ivory tower. My father liked talking about how important it was, how worthy, for people to be “just bricks in the wall”. He knew the phrase “salt of the earth”, too. He was a small part of a good society, and one that didn’t have to take power away from women to function. Not as he saw it.

You will never be white moshe.

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who is at 0:10

Operation textem thread touches on this subject e.g. the connection between smoking and suicide. 90% of suicides in the u.s. had tobacco implicated at one time.

I bet that a male would give birth better than a women if he could. And i dont mean that faggy tranny shit

I'm sure most of those people drank water as well. Just because there's a correlation between two variables doesn't mean it's causal.

Alois Johann Hitler.
Polite sage for off topic.

Reminder that, if you do plan on killing yourself, you should take as many kikes, shitskins, or leftists with you, depending on the target of opportunity.

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cry a river then find another excuse. i fucking hate you because you remind me of myself. that's all life ever was going to be anyways, fucking difficult. this place is a black hole like looking into a negative mirror image but for some reason i cant look away

There. Now you won't feel self-destructive and can focus on practical ways to solve problems while dealing with the knowledge accumulated from redpills.

I agree. Slay as many zombies and villagers as you can with a good TNT cannon design in Minecraft before the creepers get you.

implying there isn't a synagogue in every fucking city.

mosques and nigchapels should only be an afterthought if the drive to the next closest mosque is so far you think you'll be intercepted by then

(((Leftypol))) approves of this thread.

OP we don't watch youtube here. Take that shit back to 4chan or your gay mate's poz hole.

>playing the game by (((someone else's))) rules
If you cannot achieve what you want through conventional solutions then the answer is to abandon convention. It fucking kills me how many of you people are still trying to get jobs and achieve things through the system as if the system won't simply crush you the moment they catch a whiff of non-kosher thought.

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I've been feeling the noose pill pretty hard put the last couple days. The idea of being a Chad and not being able to find a women who doesn't hate me for my worldview is pretty demoralizing.

do normalfag britbongs see through this shit? no white girl is dressing up in a trashbag and darkening her skin to impress an "asian"


Control the women first

I'm onto you kike.

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President Hindenburg.

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Trips confirms

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Oh look, more jewish cockroaches lying through their teeth again.

Lmao. Literally got deleted. Get fucked sandnigger.

It's the genetics. If so many here weren't predisposed to the whole "straighten up and fly right" type of thinking, they wouldn't find appeals to tradition and order so appealing.


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Paki or Indian Muslim or Bangladeshi.

The election really ruined this place didn't it?

It's been my experience that white people in general are very rigid in their thinking. I have seen white people completely fuck themselves because it never occurred to them to simply "forget" to tell a government employee something. I don't know if this is a generational thing or not, it might just be that boomers have a weird childlike faith in authority figures.

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It's the boomers and the gen Xr's. They act smarter than the boomers, but they justify their behavior and try to pretend they aren't doing what they're doing.

Caught you redditposting. You kikes can't fucking avoid your return key if your shareblue job depended on it. Your sarcasm is fucking cringeworthy and I hope this was bait. Have your (you)

If there any Whites here who actively look for work like the boomers did then you need killing. Playing by the rules is playing by our enemies tune.

The strong will survive and bullshit stories like this won't stand the test of time.
Gun misfires, now I'm spokesman. Sure, OK.
The strong will survive, plain and simple.
This scares the jew. (op)
Strength is will, intelligence, and physical fitness.
Scrutinize everything, see through the bullshit and don't immerse yourself too deeply into an us vs them state of mind.

They want normal people to get psychological help (and a psych record on file) but they want faggots and trannies to think they're perfectly fine and don't need help. This is part of the manufactured crisis to demoralize.
Remember that your ancestors have been through worse.
Good luck. Godspeed. May the righteous find the strength they need to make it through.

Do you by any chance have the remix of the Hitler speech on how Germany will never capitulate? It was originally uploaded by Bodhi Mantra on (((youtube))) but I lost all my files so I no longer have it. I cannot find it online.

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I don't but please have this.

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6 blacks kill them selves per 15 whites.
Since blacks only have 13 percent of population.
Try harder. Fucking nigger.
You are a statistic liar.
OP is a nigger that wishes he was white.
Hey OP is your dad in jail?

The stereotypes about Gen X are all true.

Black pill. Disregard, carry on.

You are such a coward

Oh look yet ANOTHER fabricated tale of the gun somehow didn't go off that one and only time when I wanted to kill myself oh it must be a sign from god or something!

So tired of that.

Guns go bang when the safety is off and you pull the trigger. Besides sometimes a light primer strike or a flaw in the ammunition, it's going to go off and you will die.

This is fucking bullshit. Over and over again you see it.

Same with it "going off and accidentally killing someone"

Outside of rare manufacturing defects, guns are also drop safe meaning you can drop it on fucking concrete and it won't go off.

Fuck, you don't need to be Zig Forums to understand this….

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Fuck off. are you calling Brits bad at English, cunt? The newspaper statement is correct.

Bump. Blackpills don’t exist.


How about you stop using the kike's dehumanizing language and say WHITE MEN instead of males?

You forget probably the most important one

This upsets the natural balance and natural order of male and female

Males rule the workplace and women are supposed to rule the home

Instead its a free for all

How humiliating is it to answer to a female manager? Who doesnt do jack shit and who only got there cause of muh diversity? Its such bullshit

LoL they managed to turn this into because men aren't effeminate enough

Obviously suicide rates and the reasons why are a major issue to the state

incel detected

Increase prices for pharmaceuticals for lower-upper middle class to stem for illegal aliens uninsured hospital visits, which drive 60% of bankruptcies, send jobs overseas for cheap labor past 60 years, and keep the CIA drugs flowing into America from various places from Afghanistan to Mexico. Make drugs more attainable and call it "the war on drugs".

More and more middle age and younger committing suicides…

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leave coffee out of this you nigger

$10 says all you "omg im rly gonna kms" faggots have no father figure.

Considering how the dindus act, considering how the pedo-cult silences opposition, and considering the state of anti-white hatred in this country:

Do you really, actually, think that these are all suicides?


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A lot of them can't even get that right.

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i cant tell you the amount of times ive quit a restaurant job because a new female manager comes in giving shit to the white guy (while the nigger co workers get nothing)

Whites are privileged goy; stop kvetching.

God damn weak motherfuckers! Donate your wealth to aspiring Warriors like myself before you off yourself. I'll even help you if it is possible to do so legally. *cough cough*

Now that is One who is Worthy.

Truth IS Victory. All else is details. Even the will that strives is nothing without Truth on its side. Without Truth, it is always in vain. But Truth WITHOUT will is simply a Victory in Waiting. She WILL WIN, but the only question is, will you be among those in Her ranks who joined her, or will you be a coward who hid on the sidelines, proving yourself a clinger to nothing out of fear of becoming nothing.

He says the line about " we will not capitulate" in this one from alertajudiada2. not sure if it's the one you want, but have a look at the channel on bitchute cos there's some good propaganda there to help share around. stay based, user, and good luck building a new folder.

The specific video I was looking for is unfortunately not on that channel. Thank you for your effort though.

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Fucking Xoomers, man… I knew all the Boomer and Zoomer hate was a meme. It was always those sneaky Xoomers xooming shit up the whole time, fucking over the Yoomers, trying to slip by unnoticed.

All the subliminal anti-white male propoganda adds up. Being redpilled is a fucking battle with your psyche, a battle many lose.



Really makes you think.