A Cultural Dream

A lot of what comes out of chans and nationalistic chats or threads is very reminiscent of pub talk. When I think of stereotypical "pub talk" I think of the drunk who talks about politics on his soap box while little to no one is really listening to this drunkard. Each thread that pops up within Zig Forums is like a drunk man ranting about his personal politics. Just like the drunk man in the pub these political rants have little to significance in the real world, and they will never lead to any significant change.

I know that the statement that no one does nothing is not a new thought among the the chans and this community in general. But in the end there seems to be two problems among this movement.

There is no intellectual legitimacy and behavior within the ideas of this community. All this community does is stick to stupid info graphics and slogans. Within the intellectual framework we seem to be no higher than petty internet propaganda. When I think of an ideal intellectual behavior I think of British or Anglo-Germanic intellectual of the 19th century. When looking at those men who made up the intellectual body within the west during the 19th century I see gods compared to us. Their respectability and honor is something that should have never been lost, instead it should be adopted and reinvented within our community. To prove our arguments regarding our political beliefs, we should have a group of us dedicated to creating scientific grade papers, essays, and blog post. We need to flood the internet with evidence, info graphics will not work long term. We need authors who will write books from political commentary, to novels, and to propaganda. We then need books and essays talking about those books that are written. We need to cite each other or even better, we need to canonize our authors. The goal is to create our own culture, our own school of thought. There are (((people))) who are very good at creating organized groups to fulfill interest and to fight a group like (((them))) we need to create an even more unified group with a strong and reinvented culture as its backbone. We need to fight fire with fire, and if we can start the fire then our flames with overpower them with numbers.

The last problem in my mind is artistic contributions dedicated to this movement. I would love to see people talk with each other in real life and start artistic ventures such as short films, movies, documentaries, or paintings. We all are so proud of our past regarding our unique artistic and cultural imprint on the world. But, I don't much continuing that legacy. Most of us are sitting idly by, while (((they))) fill the cultural world with (((their))) stain. As long as they control the output of cultural work, they will control the future. If we are so keen on preserving the future, why are we not creating anything worthwhile in the long run? Memes are no better than petty internet propaganda with the spirit of mob mentality. It is not meaningful and is not the same as concerto from Mozart or an epic novel from Homer. It is my cultural dream that we sustain the artistic and intellectual progress of the west from yesteryear. Within my lifetime I want there to be a new Western renaissance where we find our past and reinvent it for the future.

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Do what Tarrant did.

what makes you think we're not creating shit you moron? the fact that my art doesn't have a swastika in it?
we do lots of different things, pol isn't the place for that though for the most part

yeah but 50% of threads and posters here are NGOs and COINTELPRO fags working their magic.

this thing doesn't need to be "intellectual" and if you understand the crowd (or "democracy") you'll know why "intellectual" faggotry limits the spread of dissident politics. Remember, politics is theology.

an intellectual vanguard is good, but they're worthless (if not counterproductive) if they don't understand the nature of politics, the crowd and how to move it. That's why anons will treat you like you're some kind of saboteur when you're probably just a pretentious faggot who still thinks "facts and logic can pwn the libs"


Thank you for a well written and readable post.
Make your own board? Space? Get money buy land fuck bitches?

You’re never going to match those “gods” until you have dignity enough to stop scapegoating (((them))). Have you at last begun to understand yourself as a nigger, lad?

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My father is in Heaven, going from poverty out to other worlds, because he had a voyaging mind and a will to seek truth.

My mother is in Hell, incinerating men with her fiery breath and feasting on their flesh, only to be trapped and slaughtered repeatedly, because she was a woman whose hatreds were only held in check by physical weakness.

You people may have white skin, but if there’s a white soul, the creator misplaced it.

Not gonna fly here schizo.

This post is meant to be a sort of hand reaching out for people that do these things. I can acknowledge I can be a moron when I don't know every corner regarding this community. So, please enlighten me to where you share your art and communicate its ideas on the internet?

No, using their own "peaceful" tactics against them would be one thing, but don't give TPTB an excuse to strip what remains of gun rights. That's just selfish.

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So anyone who shoot muslim is a muslim?

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Attack an anti-Israel rally?


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Mein Kampf dealt with this discussion a century ago.

Given that (((they))) hold book publishing, films and academia in their grip, how do you propose that those books get published and distributed?

You are not going to get any legitimacy, because their entire apparatus will come down upon you to discredit you. People with respectable careers have been attacked and destroyed (like that guy that won nobel prize for his work on DNA)


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You know I seem to remember a little pub that started something called the American Revolution.

This site gets continually fucked by the day, it's time to open up some secret pro-White pubs. Only people you know personally can be members.

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There were some beer hall events that got a little movement going in Germany once.

shit meme by (((whites)))

But I have nothing to offer right now I'm talentless and I'm broke.

I've thought about anons getting together and making a movie but getting anons together is difficult most of them are losers and the ones who aren't work their asses off so time is scarce also we are all divided by countries.

A good movie can go a long way though we would have to make it so it isn't brutally obvious we are attacking ((them)) as to get funding.

Speak for yourself faggot I have a wife, kid and run my own business.

sure it failed but it still amounted to a very real conflict which put all eyes on National Socialism.

There are so many high quality fascist/NS writers, as well as those whose works fully support our cause even if they are not directly related to it. But most people don't read, meaning that you will hardly affect many with that. We are not the first people in history who recognize the kikery. It would be much better to bring the already existing works to public consciousness than to try to make ours for people who already agree with us (as important as it would be at a later stage).

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So you don't have time to make a movie from the sounds of it.

Unless your business is show business which I'm assuming it isn't.

If I'm right I wasnt speaking for myself was I?

I was speaking for you as well.

A major problem with how you see this is that you compare us to famous thinkers from the past. Who were almost all part of the ruling class, its hangers on or sponsored by people from said ruling class.
All it took to gain some measure of fame and notoriety was to rise above the mouth breathing inbred retardation typical of their sort.