Why are yellow fever fags so pathetic

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Tell him that racism is simply the natural result of interaction with other races.
It's perfectly healthy and normal, absolutely nothing to feel bad about. Then invite him over to Zig Forums for a cup of tea and a friendly chat with like minded individuals.

all that needs to be said to the nigger is “why are you disrespecting me” then if he gets smart you get smarter and if he gets mad you get madder. no doubt he was like “c-cant y-ou see im with h-her” with a cope smile on his face.

what a weak faggot, even manlets are less beta.

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not gonna read all that cringe
the simple answer to many moderns ills are all the same:

== Violence == just in differing degrees (from most to lesser)
The JQ
The economy
Political opposition
Left-Right paradigm
Faux religions
Faux "rights"
Faux (sub) humans
Migrant problems
Nigger living in your area problems
Nigger getting in your face problem
Letting women be in "control"
Dealing with faggots
Dealing with actual homosexuals
Bunch of other shit
Letting sub-humans hit on your already sub-human "gf"

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He likes the BBC.

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2dunno2• 1h
I’m really not scary. These are thoughts, not actions. I don’t even want to have them, but I’m honest enough with myself to know they exist.

And you’re right, I do feel threatened. It’s not even because they’re black—I’m only noticing that only black people do it. The reason I feel threatened is because all the people who have done it are taller and also ripped, so I wouldn’t be able to defend her or myself.

I would to respond to the rest, but I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

CONFIRMED CUCK never been in a fight in his life.

What a pathetic cuckold.




This cuck is going to be jerking off in the corner while crying as a basketball team runs a train on his gook bitch.

His ricecunt will cuck him for niggers but stay with him for those sweet betabucks.

Not sure how he got a girl in the first place. His baby will fuck a negro cock soon enough as her own instincts takes over her wanting a masculine guy instead of a closet gay. They must be a young couple. In a few years if not sooner she will leave him 100% sure and go for black since no girl by nature wants a Soy. Not even the butch girls or those who say they are Femdom wants soy guys in relationships.
That guy is Fuckeeed. His only chance is if he got the mental strength to become a man.


No, she won't even stay around for his betabucks. Shes asian so shes clever enough to understand she can have several blacks and get equal amount of cash from them all. Girls in our time always turn into mega sluts if they live in the west without no religious belief. Sooner or later.

do you listen to yourself?


These crazy stories are made up usually. Ledditors make loads of bait.

That stuff happens all the time RL. Doesn't matter if some teen made it up since it's very real how many guys have it these days. Also on the interwebs they can express their hidden emotions and feelz so therfor its even more likely its true. You talk as if blacks act civil when seeing a hot asian babe with a fat ass. You must live below the ground or something. wtf.

If you must post reddit links, use snew.notabug.io so we can see removed comments

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Reads like yummy bait to me.

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I don't relax around blacks user.If the guy in the story did the same he'd not be in this situation.

The worst that happened to me was I was parked up on my motorcycle checking the maps with my chick on the back and two black muzzies walked past me.

Realistically because I was looking at the phone they could have had alpha strike on me and there was two of them. So maybe in future whenever you use your phone in public be like a bird eating bread.


kek "Men" today think protecting their women is "tribal" and "primitive" The Great Soyicide can't come soon enough.

as if any thread on Zig Forums is worth a fuck these days. I thought this might give us something interesting to talk about for once

He opted out of his race…FUCK HIM..throw him to the dogs.
He isn't any better than a nigger fucking coal burner.

I think you could improve the graphic realism on that drawing by making sure her eyes point in two different directions like all bug women.


Textbook oversocialization. This guy is just another leftist on a psychological leash and, worst of all, a traitor to his people and an agent of white genocide.

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I agree, all women must not be allowed to leave the home without a male relative escort and a full veil. We must ensure they are protected.

fuck off semitic trash. If you subhumans and your fucking pets were properly genocided this wouldn't be an issue.

men must protect their women. Do you disagree?

Yeah…by killing all the fucking trash. That means you semites.

Niggers do this in general hell he got off light, theres plenty of hollering videos with niggers trying to molest another niggers girlfriend in packs. The nigger getting cucked by a pack of nigger just stands there.

Also if its in a public place half the time the women is a thot and low key encouraging it. All the women has to yell is rape outloud and the whole public area will zero in on the nigger.

The longer I have been redpilled, the more appealing this option sounds. I'd never embrace Islam, but they know how to keep women in line.

They are dysgenically breeding themselves into retardation user…sounds good

Enjoy fucking that goat while the rest of the White race goes to space and beyond.

fuck niggers

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Yes goy, let your harlots run free!

A classic soycuck, he feels that being manly, aggressive, and a defender of his woman is "primitive" and backwards. And that's why he went for a submissive, dimunitive ricegirl who will soon be fucking black guys because he's a faggot and they have what he's missing: aggresiveness and masculinity.

and their mutts will live amongst you and you will pay for their welfare pathetic stupid cuck


It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No male spoke it aloud.
When the golem began to hate.

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You need to research the misery of Hapas, user. Seems like many of them despise their existence, might be worth re-thinking longterm plans if they include children.
Also, if you ever get a dog and it goes missing, doublecheck everything your missus cooks for dinner for a month or two.

Most honest men would likely agree, my default setting is to consider everyone worthy of being left alone unless they display violent tendencies. Kill every member of the community who can't maintain control in a public setting. I would have stipulated places where the moment you entered you could be as violent as you want because anyone else is there for the same reason, no criminal charges for whatever takes place and televised. A return to the Coloseum days because we have many aggressive members in our communities, give them an outlet to keep the mayhem off the streets. Once you have those rules in place you tell the population if they are violent in public they get killed by some lifer who would do it for a chocolate biscuit.

Read some of the graphics about trying to help Africans, we are wasting our time. They don't value their lives as we value our own, violent niggers need to be removed forcefully and killed or tagged and sent back to Africa. Don't knock yourself for these feelings, some things just aren't meant to be.

user, whatever you think of modern women (1980s onward) heed this, do not listen to their advice on anything. You will be a much happier man. You can still love and respect the women in your life, just don't fucking listen to them.

see, these are just some of the feelings welling up in a white man's gut, once we realise we have no choice but to start killing we won't stop until there is nothing left to kill.
Never turn this anger and disgust against yourself, user, there is something immortal about us, we might be filaments of God…all of us, even the cunts (though Satan is their master).

you must be a self-loathing yid, the selfie-taking peacocks of Zig Forums don't need any help in casting aspersions. kys.

This is why you need concealed carry. Walk up with your hand on it and watch the jigaboo show everyone why they're called spooks as he disappears.

feral pack animals, notice how the one in the back of the white is preparing his punch. This is why you have to think twice before engaging one without being armed. Even if you win they will still try to kill you.

I don't give a flying fuck about this reddit crap. Gas yourself.

Dump more or else you're a fagit

A beta race mixing incel will always be a beta incel.

racemixers are mostly left leaning and into cucking, blacks just saw blood on the water. so anyone doing shit like this is going to have niggers hit on their slant eyes.

Says the half-breed torpedo with higher risk to diseases and a fucked up immune system:

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Imagine being attracted to Asian women because you aren't masculine enough to handle a white woman and you need someone easy to subvert to be your partner to make yourself feel like a man

black men are desperate for race traitors

They should try more often with jewesses. That's who wants them.

wrong way round, they like them because their low test bodies prefer their round flat faces.


Fucking nigger-tier behavior.

Asian women look like a cross between a fetus and a 12 year old boy. Their cunts look like mucus covered piles of rancid beef and mangled hair and they turn into disgusting wrinkled prunes as soon as they hit their mid-40s.

Next time niggers hit on her in front of you grab her hand and hug her into you nonchalantly

If she gets upset by this tell her “I don’t like when other guys hit on you

If she’s still upset, break up with her and fuxk her sister

Or just learn how to fight

—one of you fags can copy paste that to Reddit

who cares?

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my advice to this guy is to work out and stop being a pussy, they aren't doing anything wrong by approaching a girl and asking her out. Just tell them she's already got a boyfriend and if they don't fuck off get your camera out and record their niggerness for the cops attention.

Racemixing was explicitly the original sin in the Garden of Eden. In the entire rest of the Bible, "tree" is a frequently used and accepted metaphor for a race or bloodline, and depending on the verbal context used, eating is often a metaphor for sex in books such as 1st and 2nd Kings and the Song of Solomon.

Genesis contains that context, but the modern cuck church pretends otherwise because they don't like the implications of the Eden story. If you think God cursed Adam and Eve with death over eating an apple plucked off an Arbitrary Magical Tree, then you might as well convert to Catholicism and let them say the magic spell over you that gets a nigger who says "sorry" into heaven.

Adam was the first white man. He was not the first man on the earth, and the Genesis account does not insist upon that. In fact, the story makes that impossible, since Cain departed after murdering his brother and founded a city. For who? Of who? That makes no sense, unless there were already people around at the time. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was another race that already existed on the earth. "Having knowledge" implies personal and firsthand experience throughout the bible. So they were a bloodline that knew of goodness and virtue but had already fallen and become wicked by the time Adam and Eve are brought into the world.

God gave Adam and Eve free reign, but the caveat was that they could not co-mingle or have sex with that other tree. The "serpent which crept into the garden" was a man of that fallen bloodline. Eve "ate the fruit," which is to say, she cheated on Adam with the serpent. The literal translation is unclear on whether Adam then proceeded to do the same or simply accepted her back after she did this, but the end result is what matters: they were both kicked out of the garden. Eve was the original whore and racemixer, and Adam the original feminist and cuckold.

Even in God's curse upon Eve, He implied she was already pregnant by the encounter with the serpent. Abel was Adam's son, but Cain, the original mischling, was not. He was the bastard, the child of Eve and the serpent. It was his alien nature which drove him to kill Abel in a fit of jealousy and rage, the same jealousy and rage we still see in happas and mulattos today who lash out against their white family. And in the New Testament, Christ clearly stated that no matter what pretenses or airs they put on, the Pharisees were themselves the direct ethnic descendents of Cain. They were Canaanites. "Your father was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, for there was no truth in him." That describes only one person in the bible: Cain, who murdered his racially pure half brother and then lied to try and cover up what he did.

Even as little as 100 years ago, it was accepted and understood that the Original Sin was racemixing. Hitler makes reference to this in his speeches. There were and still are some holdouts in Irish Catholicism who still teach this. A tremendous amount of effort has gone into erasing and destroying this understanding. Schools don't teach Greek or Latin anymore, they don't want the average person to read the original writings and realize for themselves what is actually being spoken about. And even though the Jews are not the Israelites of the Old Testament, they still jealously guard knowlege of ancient Hebrew, and don't like teaching it to non-Jews. Without widespread knowledge of those three languages, without the ability to be read and understood by the common man, the bible can mean whatever the fuck a postmodern intellectual Jew or "judeo-christian" shabbos goyim says it means.

Every other sin pales in comparison to racemixing. It is the original sin, the first sin, the greatest sin of all. Because it is the one sin that penance and virtue and sincere regret cannot change. A bloodline of godly seed, once tainted, will FOREVER be tainted. It is a sin whose repercussions will endure until the end of time. Racemixing is the only sin where the crime of the father ruins his son and all of his son's sons before they are even born. A man whose father is a murderer or adulterer or even a sodomite may do better than his sire. But a man born mixed can never become unmixed no matter what he does.

Purity, once sullied, can never be brought back fully to what it once was. The Jew instinctively understands this, which is why he strives always to sully and dirty everything he can reach. To inflict damage and injuries that he knows can never properly heal. At the root of every impure thing, there lurks a Jew.

Every racemixer gets a lava bucket on the day of Minecraft. There are no "acceptable" exceptions. Not ever. Not for mudsharks. Not for ricemixers. Not for any of them.

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Based, yet cuckpilled

Nigger-tier behavior is shit like selling drugs to children, gang-raping women, etc.

Simply having a child out of wedlock is something white men have been doing for a long time, and your disgust with it is less important than securing a future for the white race by maximizing reproduction.

Hide and move on.

yet en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serpent_seed happens to document it pretty well on (((Wikipedia))) so they can't be trying that hard

: - }

Chad is supposed to be over the top, realistic chad is reddit chad.

Indeed, racemixers get no respect.

Wrong. He was a Jew.

I never get sick. Cumskins, on the other hand, are dressed up in fluffy jackets and dribbling snot (or is it cum?) everywhere in 15 degrees celsius.
Even if it were true, it's 100% worth it for not being a cuck. Do you really think that anything can compensate for your race's supreme cuckery? Why else would you be importing millions of niggers into your own countries, paying jews just to exist and defending the undesirable from criticism?

be quiet Arab subhuman. my brother killed 100 of you freaks in the Army lmfao

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They got Latin and classical Greek pulled from every local and state college in the country as well as getting it striken from most of the Ivy League, and consigned a once widely-accepted and known truth to the loony bin of (((conspiracy theories))).

They document "Holocaust deniers" on Kikepedia as well, that doesn't mean they don't do everything in their power to discredit it and anyone who believes in it.

His name literally means "ruddy-cheeked," which is something you've never seen any kike or sandnigger anywhere ever have. Only Aryans have rosy and ruddy cheeks.

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This is ridiculous because it ignores the historical understanding of nation also. France is not Spain for example. These are two nations of two separate races. Along the border you have a mixture, as is usual. You will have to reconcile this with the understanding that 'European' is one race of itself. But in this expansion of the 'race umbrella' you have discovered your own death. It is a slippery slope that people inevitable fall into. Europe will include the Turk converts, India, then Africa and finally the world. Your view, therefore, is built upon irreconcilable contradictions. And I've yet to remark on the likelihood that you are yourself impure, from the biblical perspective. Your authority has even banished you from his court, and yet you decide to sing his praises. Pitiful.