Brazil: Dyke Couple Stabs Nine-Year-Old Boy To Death After Makeshift Gender Reassignment Surgery


Other articles mention those government services REFUSED to help him. Femsheviks are to blame for this. It's always assumed the father is a misogynist pig and the mother is always innocent.

I don't these two will last long in a Brazilian prison.

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Alpha mutt up in dis bitch:

I don’t fear death or being arrested, matter of fact I’m already behind bars of injustice and angst, besides, if I did go to jail I would have 3 complete meals a day, sun baths, alimony, wouldn’t have to wake up early and go to work, would have human rights activists kissing my ass, and wouldn’t lose 5 months of income with taxes.

Dead I already am, because I can’t be with you, watch you grow older, enjoy life with you, because of a feminist system and a bunch of crazy bitches. Son, be certain that we won’t be the only ones to get fucked, I’ll take down with me as many people from that family as I can, so this won’t happen to another honest working man. Soon I’ll be called crazy, but who’s crazy in the end? Me, who wanted justice, or her, who slept around and wanted our son just for herself? She should have done artificial insemination or get impregnated by some low life bandit who wouldn’t care for his children.

In Brazil, children are born with microcephaly and die because of corruption, ass holes die and kill because of soccer, police officers and fire mans die honorably doing their duty, lawful young people (of both sexes) die because of their cell phones, their shoes, selfies and because of idols, reporters die doing their work, many miserable poor people die on hospitals floor so that politicians live in wealth and power!

I die for justice, dignity, honor, and my right to be a father! Truth be told, we’re all insane, it just depends on the necessity of crossing the line!

That whore was malicious and inspired other whores to do the same with their sons, now many fathers will get inspired and finish off whores and their families. Women are the ones who fear a young grave.

By the way, I’d like to ask my friends who know I’m not a believer so they won’t pray for me, pray for my son because he’s gonna need it. I wanna be buried upside down if that will grant me a ticket to hell, so I can hunt that old bitch (who ministered our church) that died before the right time. I couldn’t get her because I fell in love with a beautiful angel!


She didn’t deserve to be called a mother, but unfortunately many whores do all the evil they can to take children away from their father, and they get their way, because the law in this pathetic little country are made for criminals’ protection. Brazilian justice is just like Lewandowski (an outlaw who cleaned his ass with the constitution in the day he took a whore from power) a piece of thrash!

If the presidents of our nation are criminals, who’s gonna be there for us?

Son, I’m not sexist and I don’t hate all women (the ones that are truly good at heart, I love them very much, I even fell in love with a wonderful women, named Kátia), I hate all the whores that multiply every day and get benefited from law whore da penha! [-translator note- here he made a pun with an actual law named “maria da penha”, which basically says that women can do whatever the fuck they want and you can’t hit them, or else you go to jail and we all know what happens in Brazilian jail -end of note-]

I can’t say all women are whores! But all women know what whores are capable of!

Son, I love you very much and will avenge all the evil she’s done to us! Especially to you! I know how much she made you cry not letting me visit you. Know that I’ll always love you! All women are afraid of dying young, she will do so by my hands!


I was going to kill all the whores (I already got the gun and took the ID number off so who sold me don´t get screwed, she needed money). The family of a dead cop don’t get as many benefits of a jailed criminal family. Where is the scum from human rights? Are being arrested for helping criminals, right? Fucking shit hole country.

I know I considered myself weak for not hitting her face a bit, but I couldn’t reveal my intent of finishing her off! It had to be done in the right time. I wanna get as many whores from her family together as I can.

Campinas justice condemned me for something I didn’t do! I hope they pay for it somehow.

Enough!!! She have to pay for what she’s done.

Looks like Natural News predicted this slippery slope.

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giving a fuck what face book did or didnt do.

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Why didn't the father kill them? Oh right, shitskins.

Brazil is about important as Somalia.

Implying this shit couldn't/doesn't happen in the US of the current year.

Strange that a fat ass would say such a thing as you clearly like to eat.

Judges will die on the dotr… white nationalists might be kike puppets, but we can still use them to do the things that are visceral to our morals.

Now I'm fucking traumatized, thanks.

Were is the original article? Not the blogfag, I want the news agency article or the federal level news.

It could, but it didn't.

Ouch, right in the ad hominem. This guy's right. I'm clearly fat, so you should probably ignore what I'm saying.

How many actual whites are even in Brazil? Why are they still living there?

The computer simulation we live in is now being run by Jew Demons.

*to american politics


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stupid nigger, he's trying to say that Brazil feeds 1,5 billion people around the world

Huemonkey here.
Both women had children, the blonde one had the boy, and the dark-haired one had a girl.
They also forced the boy to have sex with the little girl to simulate lesbian sex.

Also, our penal code here in banana republic is great:

None of this will ever be changed since the politicians are all corrupt and afraid of being arrested.
Don't ever come to Brazil.

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the government puts fluoride in the water to calm the population

For the same reason White South Africans aren't leaving their land.
Most whites live in the south, and they're from german/italian/slavic/portuguese stock. Their ancestors came to Brazil either when it was colonized or when there was an incentive to buy cheap lands here.
Most of the whites in the south are protective of their ancestors farms and properties, so they won't leave.
Most of the brazilians that leave the country are either rich (by brazilian standards) or highly "educated" (student visas). And they're all economic migrants.
The reason why brazilians never revolt is because of soccer, soap operas, carnaval and this disgusting culture of being a manwhore/whore. This country is pure soma. We have 60k murders a year and no-one gives a fuck. The government taxes us for 50%+ of our salaries and spends it on luxury cars and parties.

you should never doubt that

t. government employee

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You won't find it in mainstream media. You can google the dykes names and find some news articles written brazilian portuguese.

USA is quickly becoming a northern version of Brazil.

Pretty much the future of the USA, and the entire West, to be honest.

is anyone keeping track? are there stats on abuse ?

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I feel sorry for you guys, I don't know where you would go, but you gotta get out of that shithole.

Brazilian fascists need to perform a coup against the corrupted government to purge the degenerates.

Seize the opportunity to incite the population to revolt and kill degenerates, to kill anyone siding with them and to kill anyone too afraid to fight. Don't abandon the country. Kill everyone ruining the country.

Brazilian Integralism was a thing for a while. Probably the closest thing that the country ever had to actual fascism coming to power.

The very soil and climate of Brazil was never meant to be the abode of anything more than naked savages flitting through the dangerous jungle hunting for food.

You got a mouse in your pocket?

Well, Brazilian Integralists better to try again and don’t fail the coup. Our world is getting worse and the cliff is too far away from here to push the degenerates over.

And you know what,feminazis are cumming since a young boy died.There's also Neymar's case,where even though it's clear as dat that he was fasely accused of rape,feminists won't budge since the most famous guy in Brazil being falsely accuse will crush their "Rape Culture" narrative.

Honestly,those two should be decapitated and their heads should be thrown at the humanities course in Brazil's public universities.

One good thing you can say about brazilians is that,unlike you european cucks,Brazilians have the spine to kill these demons disguised as sluts.

We cannot let this boy die in vain,leave your goddamn basements,stop with this incel shit and go the streets,let's start the mass triggering of these feminist demons.Let's join numbers,hundreds of filthy incels and let's invade their HQs,the universities,and start a huge circus,because WE ARE IN FUCKING CLOWN WORLD.

TBH,people often curse Brazil for being so mixed-race,but even your fuckin nazis in your white land cannot do shit to stop the invasion,you don't have the force to even punch a Dakimakura,you wimps!A Feminist whore screaming at your ear would make you cry and budge,since your fathers never taught you to be a man and your mothers never let you grow a spine when dealing with women.

I'm fucking tired of this world,I"m fucking tired of these feminist demons,I'm fucking tired of this cunt INCELs who think the main purpose in a human life is to be a hedonistic monkey and fuck pussy,I'm fucking tired of you "clowns" in the so-called Clown World whom don't have a spine to publicly mock anyone,since the chans know deep inside that…It won't be some cumskin shooting muslims in Australia who will stop this apocalypse,it will be the real clowns!These cunts only seek power and pleasure,and will even die for it,and mockery is the strongest tool to take power away,since nobody respects a pussy who is bullied by everyone,just like nobody respects you Incels who were fucked by the jocks in your crappy schools,just like nobody respected Dilma Rouseff,the former president of Bananaland!


Integralism isn't much popular in the country anymore. The military-run government from 1964-1985 pretty much sucked all the wind from the sails of most of all the genuine far-right movements. Brazil has been hyper-leftist and pozzed as fuck since (((democracy))) came back in 1985, and hasn't slowed since. Bolsonaro has been the first person elected to go against the leftist insanity, but like his counterpart Trump, he cares more for Israel than he does Brazil.

Coming soon to a favela near you.

It is a grave mistake that the military-run government came to an end in 1985 and that is the result today. The leftists will not ever ever stop.

What a bunch of crap. Stop trying to fit-in. Try removing that reddit spacing first. WTF, 8ch is being invaded by literal fags.

4 years late on that one.

Facebook is being sued by Poland for private censorship. If they want to be private they have to be 100% deindexed from all search engines. Only then can they claim they are not a public entity.

This is true DIY revolution. At-home gender reassignment surgeries from homosexual parentals. Brazil is going to be the next world super power.

They'll stop when they're dead.

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The entire reddit spacing thing is so fucking retarded. Breaking up the text with spaced out paragraphs makes lengthly posts more readable.
Oh but you're such a purist. Truly admirable.

It matters because there is a culture, and level of education here that is required before making a fucking fool of yourself, like you are.
Lurk 2 years, faggot.

We need to save all children of Latin America (they are Aryan), they need amnesty #MAGAwithDACA

Lesbians use little boys as voodoo dolls who can't fight back, something to take their anti male hatred out on.
Many similar cases.
One pair from Scotland kept their "son" locked in a cage and fed him and other boys in their care dog shit, on top of beating him, eventually to death.
They were not even held in custody during the trial.

What a waste of Hitler quints. I was hoping for something more portentous like this

((( )))
I'm sure it is, D&C kike. No more brothers wars!

don't stick your dick in crazy

44%, so about 90 million, +/- an entire germany worth of people.

Max income tax rate is 27.5%, but I do realise most of the taxes are done in products. (Government has promised to change this in the next 2 years)

Also, I don't think Brazil is out of the game yet. In the years of far-right dictatorship we saw average growth per yer of 9-10% in 9 years. (14% max in 1973). We CAN do it, but oh boy, the purge HAS to come.

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Dykes rhymes with kikes and for good reason, as they are both about as evil and given to abusing children.

That’s more than entire Aussie-celtican population so if Aussie-Celticans can run a large island for centuries then white Brazilians can do it and need to restrict the Brazilian government careers to white male Brazilians only.

They deserve to be raped to death, in the ass. Fuck dykes! (We will hear nothing about this from the MSM unless it is to 'factcheck' it.)

More men need to abide by this rule. Don't give children to undeserving women.

If somehow it gets out into the western mainstream, we will hear feminists blame 'the patriarchy' for 'making' these women do this.

Ikr. My mother put me through the ringer, accusing me of all sorts of malicious intents, and around the same age this shit happened to this poor boy. I have always suspected my mother to be a lesbian. She's about as fat and ugly and tomboyish as these two 'women'.

It isn't much better here.

Take your meds

If you have a child with a woman, and then she decides she is a lesbian, this story tells you what you need to do

Nothing will be done sadly, as prosecuting them now fall under racism law

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Damn, jews are so insane. I wish the Germans win the WWII and we wouldn’t be in this global mess.

Take your vax

Let's make this video viral.



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nigger dyke kills niglet……….move on.

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Just another reminder that the people who post here are screaming slaves to hilarious incompetence! Never change, Zig Forums! If you people learn defiance I won’t have as much to smile about!

Man must not submit, but Zig Forumstards are broken sociopathic slaves.

When I was a child I used to wonder how the evil at Sodom and Gomorrah could have ever happened. How could humans have been so callous and uncaring? … It seems nothing really changed. The only solution is your extermination. If God will not rain fire down upon you; then I guess it will fall to men like us to do it instead.

That is even more reason to rally the masses to kill the LGBT degenerates. Mass killing and mass disobedience is needed. The system is against you, so eliminate those protected by the system, along with those representing the system (Brazil's Supreme Court/STF).
Stop obeying their laws. Stop letting them arrest other people for "homophobia", even if you don't personally know who they are arresting. Always fight against law agents trying to frame or arrest people for hating the degenerates. All faggots, dykes and trannies must be killed. People must be conditioned to kill those degenerates openly, without fear of the corrupt law.

I thought bolsoberg would've fixed this

This, I pray for it everyday. We desperately need to reeducate people. We need to go back reinforcing good traits. Brazil is actually a shithole because leftism took over and started reinforcing bad behavior, so most people started acting like niggers all the time. I'm not excluding myself from the equation, but I learned my lessons, you can't deviate from the path without paying the price. The path is only one, it is righteous and it is a worthy one.

This is where you are WRONG, nothing will be done kike. Here, even if there is laws, those laws cannot be enforced by ZOGbots, because the government steals every funds away. So there is no timely response, no investigations, forensics… unless it is like a famous person or something a shekelsgrab news piece.

There is no virtue-signaling outside of the biggest capital and Rio de Janeiro(Brazillian LA). People actually stand-up for what is right. All we need is a real leader, brave and intelligent enough to gather those voting pools. The actual president is a kike like Trump, a neo-evangelist and is under-siege by congress. But if he was brought the presidence, it means there is people in need of their real leader. Nobody can wait forever, I'm optimist.

It seems it lacks motive. But let's say that these girls will be out of prison when is mothers day. They'll also get out quickly, because there is no MSM exposure of the case, so light sentences. I actually feel that people commit crimes in Brazil because of this, the sentences are too light. You can kill someone and get out in like 2 or 6 years depending on the aggravating circumstances and enjoy the rewards of your crime. Its retarded, but actually happens.

Me too… sadly as the minister said "It was too late".

Good luck trying to front armed ZOGbots in Brazil, which are even worse than burger ZOGbots, because they are bank robbers, militia bosses and literal murderers on their off-work hours, concealing unregistered weapons and stuff like that. It is impossible to fight then, because we don't have weapons, but people do the lone-avenger stuff all the time and they can't stop it. The violence is even more barbarous if you think about it, it is a shame. If the laws were corrected maybe this would stop happening, but they double-down all the time.

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I feel sorry for the couple. They likely fell afoul of a broken slave trying to prove they were “really” the masters. Because screaming rages and criminality is totally not niggershit.

What is it about the tropical environments that breaks people capable of more true sanity and pride into people who die protesting that the sanity and pride of a criminal is entirely sufficient to their emotional needs?

Brazil is governed by people too weak to face truth. As it was, under the left; as has gotten worse, under the right. A sortition government might be favorable. Some of the corruption in Brazil (as seems to happen throughout tropical regions) is due to the history of violently bizarre corruption that thereafter fuels absolute partisanship and a dearth of level-headed cross-partisan criticism.

It is not impossible to condition masses to kill corrupt law enforcers and leftist politicians, along with LGBT degenerates in Brazil. This very case of those two dykes can be used to fuel a country-wide scale violent action against the degenerates and those protecting them. This whole "muh it is impossible" never existed. Everything thought to be impossible is becoming a reality, and there are no politicians or degenerates safe from the people's rage.

Non-violent action opens the path to subversive jews and leftists to infect the country. The lack of constant violence against them was precisely why they were able to ruin Brazil. When, soon, we turn the country into a land where the population openly kill leftists, jews and their mindless bots, the country will improve.
The whole "level-headed" bullshit is what made the country sink that low in the first place. You don't negotiate with the enemy. You kill the enemy, so his ideas that oppose your own won't be spread.

Never forget the callousness of women. When it comes to male suffering, they don't care.

Whenever in the future you are urged to "reason" and to give up your rage-fueled revenge, remember how reasonable they were today.

They don't care about justice or fairness, neither should you.

Think of GOT's Craster.

How do you know that?

Wrong. That is the old number of self-defined whites. The new one reports that about 40-42% “think” they are white. The number is likely much lower, about 20%, maybe less who have at least 80% European descent. The bulk of this population is also spread unevenly, with places such as the south, state of Rio de Janeiro (excluding the litoral), state of São Paulo (excluding the major cities) and state of Espírito Santo being mostly white.

Hello tornigger! Let's forget for a moment you are TORfueled.You may think we do not agree with each other, but to face bullets with fists in automatic-pistols age is foolish. The dystopian nightmare, that is Brazil today, was already chronicled by José Padilha in his movies about the crime-police-government relationship. There is nothing to add there. It can't come from regular people, because there is no weapons. You have to fight bullets with shouts and flags, it is stupid because the police will not think twice about dropping you.

It must be a top-down action, like military coupes or dissolving congress. The later being the mafia with political privileges that should be eradicated in the first place.

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ALL OF SOUTH AMERICA has a history of struggling with chimpout retarded “right-wing” lunatics who freak out and die violently because e-fucking-gad people want to teach the farmers how to read well enough to fucking pick vegetables

Far right people are just palette-swapped niggers. They’re too violently incompetent to arrange the affairs of nations! They order people to do hideous things because they themselves are dumbasses who can think of no other way to achieve unworthy goals. The far right spend their lives running from crimes they committed because they were too weak to expose evil. They submitted, and it never gets better.

Truth burns corruption, but guess what doesn’t ever serve violent apes? The more the self-humiliating retards in the right indulge their need to shatter spinelessly and call it strength, the more corrupt their world gets, and it’s NOT an accident. Real strength faces reality enough to harm minimize instead of throwing tantrums because wah wah violence should work. It doesn’t. Get over it.

The people who believe violence works are the very cowards upon whom violence works.

No, you pretentious first world faggots. All we ever know down here in Brazil is violence. Not "right-wing" justice oriented violence, but run of the mill criminal violence. Violence in scales you can't imagine. Brutality without bounds. Rape, mutilation, torture, immolation, stabbings, gutting and so on. Last week on my street a girl was stabbed in the tit over a cellphone.

We never had right-wing violence. The military dictatorship shot some of the armed "guerrilla" commies, but funded the "peacefull commies" as a "pressure valve". It didn't work. Our last president dilma Rousseff used to rob cargo trucks and plant bombs back in the times of the military regime. She even participated in the kidnapping of an American ambassador.

But the right-wing is oh-so-horrible.

Here we have bolsonaro, the evil fascist trying to arm the proletariat so the poor can defend themselves.

You first world paternalistic concern and pretense to know what is best for my people is disgusting. The actual nazis on this board have more genuine concern and regard for the wellbeing of my nation, even if only so they can buy cheap grass fed beef and quality Brazillian coffee.

top fucking kek, our country is a joke.

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This is normal from average burgers, that is why you don't engage them, they are probably Zig Forums anyway. On a side note, Dilma becoming president is not a problem, because we had criminals and an illiterate as a president before. The real problem is the congress ties with major rogue criminal organizations, not organized-crime style, but barbarous and siege/blackmail of state institutions style. Congress is holding Brazil hostage, along with (((judges))) from the supreme court. A privileged class with criminal liaisons and are all NOT ACCOUNTABLE. They traffic drugs, influence, launder money and along with the senate, established a shadow power ring under the veil of democracy. I will repeat, until someone who has the guts to dissolve the congress, call back the constitution and literally get the judges out of their chairs by gunpoint, Brazil will eternally suck-dick.

Not only because of leftists take turns on positions of power and this structure is copy-pasted down all institutions, but mostly because there is no one, with the needed moral fiber, to front the kikes that watch over our destiny. The best times to take down our kike overlords, was when the left was on power for 14 years(picture that). They were so sure of their grip on the country's future, that they actually started to front Israel, openly, teasing them with courtship of Iran (based)fundamentalists and supporting Palestine to a point that Israel had to remember Brazil was a diplomatic dwarf.

This was the time to profit from the event and take everything down from the top. There was an initiative, now bear with me please, but the people behind were masonic kikes like Temer and Moro, taking down Dilma, and later the neo-evangelism(kike-runned) congregation with Bolsonaro. I know that talking about shit like freemasonry is fringe, but they are actually masons, both of them.

Or death-blow was made when Brazil decided to ran the World-Cup and the Olimpics train on our asses. The economy was improving due to 2008 economic crisis, but the illiterate President doubled-down on the warnings and we are here today. I tried to redpill-people on it, but it was in vain, you can't inform people how tragic it would be. Now we have Haiti, Syria and Venezuela refugees here. Not only that, Bill Gates genetic initiative was trying to help us with Zyka, and actually genetically engineered mosquitoes to be sterile, guess what? We have 3 new diseases that are carried by the same vector mosquito(aedes aegypt). Not to mention the outbreak of measles and other diseases that were considered eradicated.

Literally hell, because brazillians have short-memory. I still cannot figure out if we have, not yet insurged against government, because they can thrown the criminals on us or if they are the criminals.

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Yeah… Sorry to hear you’ve no better response to political failure than suicide, user.

stop larping you fat, disgusting smelly fuck. You won't do a god damned thing. The far right is full of beta male faggots just like you which is why the entire movement is going nowhere. It's pure and utter cancer from top to bottom.

They chopped his cock off and stabbed him to death. Remember, all these faggots are the same. All of them, you normalize homosexuality? You enable this. These lesbians should be hung and skinned.

“We tried to save Rhuan. We published messages on the social media, we contacted police and the Child Protective Services. No one helped us.”
These people are PROTECTED by the establishments.

None of that is news, Gustavo Barroso warned us decades ago of the free masons and Jews.

It doesn't matter, we lost and our mongrelized nation will need centuries to go through ethnogenesis before we can even be a single nation again.

The only option for those who desire more than materialistic hedonism is separatism. Think about ethnocommunes, there are a few secretive ones out there. Even one for mutts in canudos.

Give up on saving the boat, start making a raft.

Leftypol approves of this comment.

That happened under Brazilian military government rule so why didn’t she get executed for her evilness?

Because the military weren't evil boogeymen, they just arrested people committing crimes. The only commies that were killed were the ones shooting at us.

(double dubs checked)
Because our regime wasn't hardcore enough to throw commies out of choppers, this is why Brazil is so fucked nowadays. Meanwhile on the other side of the continent, Chile is doing just fine.

Attached: xurious_death_to_traitors.mp4 (480x270, 11.9M)

I see that you are a leftist, possibly a jew, trying to make people give up on killing the leftists in Brazil. That reinforces the fact that indeed, mobilizing the masses to act violently against the leftists and jews in Brazil is completely possible and the best option.

IP hopping again? You misspelled "communists failing at fighting, as always". The right didn't fail when it become violent. It won. Then, it stopped being violent, and lost. Way to out yourself as leftist, saying that "muh evil right-wing is violent and that is bad". We know that violence against all of you on the left is the best option, and we will mobilize all to enact it all over the country. We won't negotiate with leftists. We will kill leftists.
Violence, indeed, always works. And this time, the extermination will be complete and permanent. No leftists will live.

There is nothing wrong in being a tyrant against our enemies. The political response is to eliminate every single one of our enemies. Not to build a country for them to live alongside us. But to build a country for us only, and with all of our enemies killed. And we are already in course of doing that. No amount of cries from leftists will stop it.

You are right, violence is the answer.

But violence on behalf of whom, and against what?

If you think honestly about this you will find that even the best among Brazillians spit on the graves of our national heroes and praise the very zogbots that drag their names through the mud.

Instead of employing violence on behalf of those who despise you and yours against enemies so shadowy, employ violence on behalf of your posterity against any and all who threaten it.

Establish or join a ethnocommune and defend it from crime, druggies, parasites and zogbots on behalf of your descendants.

Or die killing some masonic senator so zé da Silva can spit on your grave and elect another one between banging some thot and shouting "goool" out his window.

Just my two cents.

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The dykes also are, of course, supporters of Brazil's PT/Partido dos Trabalhadores (Labor Party), the main communist party responsible for the leftist corruption for more than a decade.

For now, for the masses, it is "in Brazil's behalf". It is vague, but it is the most that anyone can expect for the masses to understand.
Against the whole left, primarily. Most jews will be brought down along them. It isn't difficult to associate everything wrong in the country with being acts of leftists.
-A children was murdered? It was the leftists (those two dykes from the OP have already been confirmed as "pro PT/Labor Party").
-A "labor's" strike occurred, and it was bothersome to people? It was the leftists.
-Corruption being exposed? It was the leftists committing corruption.
-Persecution of innocents? It was the leftists.
-Faggots raping children? It was the leftists.
And so on. Basically, what it is already happening, but with nationalists always pointing out towards violence against the left, whenever those news are brought up. Always pushing for the masses to kill leftists, until the breaking point where no military or (((law))) agent can contain the massive amount of people killing leftists all over the country.
This is useless in the current state. This is precisely the useless acts that jews want, along with separatism. This is their plan for white men that are fighting back. "Run away and form small communities somewhere". Communities that can be easily destroyed by the State apparatus for being isolated and concentrating a large amount of white people. That is exactly what the jews want, and it is precisely what must never be done before the jews and leftists are massively killed.
Use the enemies' tactics, when they work: incite "from the shadows" all masses against all jews and leftists. Incite even non-whites and leftists against each other. Order between our race. Chaos between our enemies. This will drastically reduce their numbers, as well as spreading the jews' constant diminishing armed forces trying to contain it. If we don't have the numbers, manipulate the masses to be our numbers. It works, and it is very simple to do. And given the current rightful hate for leftists, it is very easy to implement quickly.

Communist, leftist, communist, violence, TORnigger ad infinitum. Anyone that points the corruption and does not agree with me and my skewed and (((political supporter))) onde-sided view, in the system and congress is a
Nothing new under the sun moishe. You are not getting (you)s anymore cause you are glowing too much, keep flamin' tho.

Everything I tell is easy and can be done. Still not happening. Look I just hope you can wash your supportvism from your glasses. I even encouraged and voted right, but they are meak and self-interested.