Antifa brag about threatening guy they doxxed

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one of the antifa retards also doxxed themselves, i say we give this little faggot a call

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bump, holy shit you guys are fags


§ 652B Intrusion Upon Seclusion
One who intentionally intrudes, physically or otherwise, upon the solitude or seclusion of another or his private affairs or concerns, is subject to liability to the other for invasion of his privacy, if the intrusion would be highly offensive to a reasonable person.

a. The form of invasion of privacy covered by this Section does not depend upon any publicity given to the person whose interest is invaded or to his affairs. It consists solely of an intentional interference with his interest in solitude or seclusion, either as to his person or as to his private affairs or concerns, of a kind that would be highly offensive to a reasonable man.
b. The invasion may be by physical intrusion into a place in which the plaintiff has secluded himself, as when the defendant forces his way into the plaintiff's room in a hotel or insists over the plaintiff's objection in entering his home. It may also be by the use of the defendant's senses, with or without mechanical aids, to oversee or overhear the plaintiff's private affairs, as by looking into his upstairs windows with binoculars or tapping his telephone wires. It may be by some other form of investigation or examination into his private concerns, as by opening his private and personal mail, searching his safe or his wallet, examining his private bank account, or compelling him by a forged court order to permit an inspection of his personal documents. The intrusion itself makes the defendant subject to liability, even though there is no publication or other use of any kind of the photograph or information outlined.

He should be afraid of what they do when he's not home. Always be prepared.

Should've started spraying these faggots the moment they set foot on his lawn.

the enemy shows up to your house and your first response is "LAWYER UP BUCKO"

The right wing is a paper tiger

fuck off boomer

only the conservatives are

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when is the last time even one of you homos showed up to the enemies house.

lmao you have had tim wises adress for years and none of you have done shit. these niggas get your dox and in 2 seconds there is a mob on your lawn

the right wing is a fucking paper tiger this is embarrassing pathetic


Rolling for this

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No you dumb fuck. Have you ever read a history book? The 'far right' aren't a bunch of unemployed failures. From the very beginning they, we, are the decent people who make everything work like clockwork. We fix your cars and provide your with your meat, we clean your streets and we make your gadgets. We are the people. When the scum commies in Italy took to the streets no one initially opposed them; then the Middle Classes got fed up of your shit and formed fascists militias and murdered you pieces of shit where you stood. National Socialist Germany was not a land of skin-heads with tattoos and bondage attire; it was a land of normal hard-working people who got sick of you bolshevik fucks and decided to exterminate you.

You seem to think that 'we' are some fringe element, that we are those 2 people in Arizona who have swastikas tattooed on their foreheads. We are not. We are the every day good natured person who eventually has enough of your shit and realises there's nothing left to lose. We aren't the sort of people who act like scum and grafitti the place up or throw stones at vehicles. Look at those movements across Europe, those Nationalists marching through London, or Poland, hell even the people in Charlottesville. They aren't a bunch of white niggers like you commies. They are normal people wearing suits, well groomed, organised. They don't want to be forced to fight you subhumans on the streets; we want you to just disappear. But you keep on pushing, and keep on pushing; and eventually we say 'enough is enough, it's time to take out the garbage'.

And then you all get executed.

wew, I pity antifa because when the rwds finally get released

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"sue them" and "call the cops" is such a common right-wing Zig Forumstardism don't even try to escape from it come on.

Anyone know what the antifa kill count is? Zero?

This "we hab jawbs n shiet" meme never gets old. I'm not going to read the rest of your shit

Future tense is the right-tards only language. The enemy shows up at your door step and the day of the rope is still going to happen later soon at some point not now though.

okay if they doxxed themselves can we see the DOXX>?

Who cares? The guys they threatened is a natsoc. Trash attacking each other

They are begging for an ambush. Give a location up to them at a certain time and crouch low with some friends you can trust with funs.

Can you get even more stereotypical?

we all know that using useless ideologies like nat soc in north america is well useless. but when it comes down to it you gotta side with these idiots because they are getting attacked by antifa which is not tolerable.

pic related

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You leftists do realize you have literally zero chance of winning a civil war right? Whatever delusional future you have mind will never happen.

Post your address since we're all paper tigers.

There's only 3 possible responses to this situation.
1: Do nothing-Easiest, traditional response for the right.
2: Violence-Pointless and stupid, you become another villain like car guy from Charlottesville, and the media gets to have a field day on you and whoever you are associated with. And for what? To injure or possibly kill a few degenerate drug addicted antifa?
3: Legal action-Difficult, time consuming, and possibly pointless. The right has traditionally avoided doing this for the past 50 years for a number of reasons, none of them good. When the jews did their civil rights bullshit, they had many more defeats than victories in the courts. It didn't matter to them, they kept pushing, and we live in the result. Fantasies like are more pleasant, but legal action is by far the most effective route you can take. This shit is *illegal*. What they are doing is illegal. Even if they get some kike judge who is willing to let them off, forcing them to fight, to expend resources to oppose your court case is worth it.

Does nobody on this damn site know how to work an ip logger? its one of the easiest way to doxx people.

Just dm multiple antifa accounts ip loggers disguised and wait for results

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You should feel shame for being retarded, and low effort. But you don't. Somehow, commie shit smears find reasons to be arrogant in your pathetic degeneracy. It would be funny if it wasn't so pitiful.

I will never let the communists win and take over everything I am a committed warrior against these commie fucks but I can't be bothered to quit my cozy job to stop them sorry guys my shift is about to start sorry I can't get a day off sorry the day of the rope is delayed again sorry fellow white race maybe on my sabatical I can help you survive but wowzers I'm late for work already

If they could feel shame they wouldn't be communists.

Absolutely classic boomerism

wtf Heimbach is back? lol.

Personally my cozy unioned job is more important than the survival of the white race.

Uhhh you still have to pay to take things to court genius

Awwww yeah

Ironic shitposting, is still shitposting, user.
Knock it off.

"B-BUT I AM THE WORKING CLASS" will be the last words of the impotent right-wing when it gets stomped out of existence.

Tell me how quitting my job would contribute to the fight.

Yes. We need money to wage this war. You're correct.


Absolutely classic botposting. Nigger

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You'd actually be fighting then, you fucking faggot.

Yup, live in this dump, whites are absolute cowards. Why else would Houston be 30% white lel

Like you, you fucking NEET?

Clearly these neetsocs dont get that your immediate material possessions are more important than the immaterial political war for survival currently occurring. How pathetic can they be? Please pause the race war while I wash my sedan please.

You can't contribute to that "immaterial war" if you have no resources.

no he got kicked out of NSM and then revealed that nsm only has 40 paying members

Keep poking the bear and see how far it gets you. The biggest weakness of whites now is their comfort, strip that away and you'll be hanging from a lamppost.

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You don't know shit about what''s really going down out here, you coddled house pet. You spineless bitches always have an excuse, and a finger to point.
Stop projecting your cowardice, and get in the fucking fight.

My shitty 3 bedroom home mortgaged by a kike bank is a resource kiddo

whenever I mow my lawn I am contributing to the race war

lol these niggas are literally knocking on your door now and you haven't done shit. They're going to start penetrating you with shotguns and you're still going to say "keep poking the bear". lmao

you really want to be taken seriously dont you? pathetic.

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I know you haven't done what you're advocating because you're sitting here posting on Zig Forums. If you had you'd be in a cell like Tarrant. You're more insect than man.
Daily reminder that when Pierce talked about 'the movement' he meant the NSM.

You will see.

"I manage your local autozone antifa killing me is killing the working class"

Bro I swear to god the right-wing is so impotent. I swear to god there is more virility in coffee shop antifa land than the entire right-wing. Even antifa females are flying to rojava while not a single one of you has gone to South Africa. This shit is a fucking joke man.

That's the point we're waiting for, nigger.
What part of "Whites of their eyes" don't you understand, faggot?
You "anarchists" have the ENTIRE kike establishment supporting, defending, and coddling you, and throwing EVERYTHING they have at us. You have mistaken our silence, and patience for weakness.
Thank you!
You WILL make that one fatal mistake, and that's when we will capitalize on it with the support of the entire Aryan Race whom are watching and waiting, and we will not stop until our charge is fulfilled.
The extermination of every subversive, usurping subhuman shitskin commie on OUR planet.
Good riddance, vermin.

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Of course they are, where else are they going to find men who aren't faggots? In your meth dens?

nobody believes this garbage anymore. maybe they did 3 years ago but theyre full steam ahead with gun control and pushing the poz.

Just remember the filthy pig traitor police enable these nigger lovers.

Its the same shit and same excuses every day man

Your leftist delusions are quite entertaining. Good luck in the leftist archipelago when the time comes.

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Baitposting for (you)s. Wow.

The highest power-level, most prepped people irl are the right wing but you already know this. Nobody is interested in your bot-tier mockery of based anons… and we're not going to accelerate into your shitty trap. When the time is right… we already get up early and work hard. We're looking forward to burning some vacation days. Go away.

My dude always has to sneak in his petty "left-wing men are effeminate" thing whenever he can huh zero hesitation, couldn't even comprehend the point of the post just had to slide that in there. Its like you really have to compensate for something.

You have a lot of misplaced faith in the fragile system that protects your frail ass, you pathetic house pet. I know you have to believe in the shit you spew to keep from napping in traffic, but even you know now how full of shit you are, don't you?
You don't know shit about the real world out here, child.
You actually believe those retarded niggers and spics in cop costumes can keep up with us?
HAAAHAHA!!! There's a LOT of desert around here with a LOT of random sage bush that NO ONE EVER goes out to give a shit about, and LOTS of hungry coyotes and buzzards.

BWHAAAHAHAAA!! And that's not a sign of total desperation as their entire phony world collapses because of a few edgy meme lords? You actually believe your broken government has that authority, resource, and influence to take America's 450+ million REGISTERED weapons? You don't believe we're all as armed as we need to be already, faggot? What if none of it is traceable? What if it's all well hidden already? What fucking fantasy world are you living in, moron?
Patriots have been preparing for this predictable moment in our History since this Nation was founded, you mindless niggers. MASSIVE infrastructure and oragnization is already in place, and there's nothing you can do about it, commie shit stain. It's a shame you didn't arm yourself before your people started censoring, and disarming everyone. You're fucked.
You're already extinct, and too ignorant, and arrogant to see it yet. You can't stop this.
…tick tock.

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Damn, this thread is one of the worst train wrecks I have seen on here

So explain to me again why you don't just kill them if they show up at our houses like this?

Just post a masked friend with a rifle down the street and pick them off.

What you're doing is obviously not working, and empty mockery of your superiors isn't going to change anything. You really should just tuck tail, and go, but your massive faggot driven ego won't allow it.
You're already triggered beyond rational thought.
Your emotional weakness will now be addressing this board for the duration of your ill advised stay.

this (((user))) still believes your vote means something

When is it legal to kill someone who's trespassing on your property?

user, why are you giving this milksop of a faggot attention? Just filter him and move on.

I doubt you even own a gun, let alone that you've ever done what you're implying.
What fantasy world are you living in? No one's rolling around knocking off important kikes, you know that, I know that. The scenario you're imagining has more to do with a kike movie than it does reality. Maybe there's some AB ex con somewhere doing the serial killer bit, but he sure wouldn't be sitting here on 8/pol/ bragging about it.
Watch , it's important. Listen to Pierce, I'm sure you've sat here using one of his quotes criticizing 'movement' politics without realizing what he was talking about.

You stupid fuck, that's the locations the left holds when the next civil war starts. Jesus Christ you must feel like a total fucking retard right now.

Doubt is what keeps you believing you're a "Communist anarchist", and that you're on the right side of History, despite being the Establishments favorite pet nigger mob.
It's also why you are all fucking clueless to the danger you've put yourselves in.
Now that's funny. You're a fucking Bolshevik LARPer. You are literally the embodiment of a kike script, you fucking retard.
Good luck with your little fantasy world, faggot. I hope it's cozy for now.
It's all coming down.
…tick tock.

This is the third time I'm telling you to watch the Pierce video I linked. Please have a little self reflection.

I wish Antifa would show up at my house.. lucky bastard.


In Pennsylvania , as long as the property is posted in no tresspassing.


Oh shit that's deep

desperate people concede to your demands not ignore them and double down. they dont have to take the guns door by door. just ban any new ones from being made or purchased along with ammunition. ammo is the important part. then as the years go by they use red flag laws to get rid of the baddest goys. i hope but doubt many will take the fight to the zog before they implement everything they need to lock this country down. theyre getting close with no sign of violent resistance. only one off attacks against symptoms that change nothing. i dont believe the threats whatsoever anymore. and people saying theyll do something is a million times different than actually heading out the door to do it.

third pic, the tel number, but idk if it's real

Why aren't you in jail?

Tell me again, you naive house pet, and I'll ignore your bullshit a 4th time.
You really don't have a fucking clue how dark and dangerous this world really is, do you? You think your precious system is CIS tier investigation? You think they got a crack team of forensics experts working on the disappearance of shit stains in shifts? You watch too much tv, little one.
Stay in your bubble, child. I really don't think you have what it takes to handle reality.
You should start packing, and looking for a country that is better suited to your need to have your ass wiped by the State.

We won't be lenient.
No mercy for what you've done to my People throughout History.

What's the ratio of police (minus the ones who are rwds in waiting) to whites in the US that enables them to suppress whites? 1:500? yea that passes the sniff test for bullshit

im simply telling you how it is. im not attempting to convince you im a badass. my ego is very tiny.

if a white person beats up a nigger they go to prison. that's suppression

what's the number of white brainwashed bootlicking cuckold faggots? Jews + cops + niggers + white cucks and sjws = near total white suppression.

So maybe whatever is holding you up from going and taking action is holding everyone else up, and that just because someone hasn't done something yet doesn't mean nobody is going to do anything

Again, what part of "preparing for this moment in History for generation since the Founding of this Nation", are you having trouble with. My little valley alone holds hundreds of thousands of rounds between us, and has for years.
The Militia trains every weekend, and all week in individual groups.
I'm really curious how you've all convinced yourselves that we're nothing but a bunch of frail, fat, WallMart grazing, "NAZI" LARPers?
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you have.
You'll never see us coming.

…you never do.

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Actually second, I thought that the OP was part of that post.
Also forgot the @name: calebmshelton, seems like a RL name.

Well technically under that thing called "law" anyone who beats up someone else is committing potentially assault/battery, which of course means they get arrested. However given the prisons are loaded with niggers instead of whites, I don't see how whites are being suppressed. protip: they aren't

i agree

It's mostly blacks because they are far more violent.

niggers having rights is suppression of whites by white cuckold police traitors to the white race

There's 197 million whites in the US, so even if you added up all those it would barely make a dent.

you just dont converse coherently to me so i dont believe anything you say

That is suppression. If we didn't have white cuck police race traitors whites could conquer the world. If the cuck police treated Native Americans like they treat modern niggers whites could never have conquered America. Prove me wrong, cuck bootlicker.

Also genuine question, why don't you capitalize 'I'?

Of course they are, niggers are basically animals.

Yea good luck changing that without a major collapse/civil war.

We could fill this thread with all the stats for you, but we won't, you lazy faggot. We could prove that Whites get shot on a 3:1 average over niggers, despite niggers being far more violent, and committing the lion's share of the crimes in this country. There's a reason the prisons are filled with niggers, and it ain't "muh racism!".
None of your shit matters anyway. The RESET button will be pushed soon enough, and the Aryan Nations will not be making this "Kumbaya, we're all Humans", mistake ever again.

I do not require your "belief" for reality to exist, you fucking speck.

okay so that means 130 million nonwhites and then nearly half of whites who vote vote Democrat so that means about 50% of whites are cucks. that means there's 100 million normal whites vs 230 million cucks and nonwhites… actually it's even worse than that when you consider of the 190 million whites 13 million are Jews. so it's more like 90 million uncucked whites vs 240 million cucks/shitskins/Jews

then whites are doomed and it's pointless. either nonwhites are stripped of all rights or whites are going to be bred out of existence