California schools put on "Condom Races" for 10 and 11-year old girls

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Daily reminder that destruction is the greatest of all creative activities.

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Death penalty is in order

Browsing Zig Forums is extremely painful and addictive. I can't stop because compared with learning about the ugly truth about the world, everything else seems so trivial and unimportant, that I can't even go to Uni and my Job regularly anymore, I just don't have the motivation. If there are any benevolent forces in this universe, please hear me and release this world from such evil.

I want a nuke. I’d be really really good with it I swear. I promise


There is no release brother, only vents.
Block the system and let it blow.
It's the only way.
Clock is ticking.

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it’s potato in the tailpipe time

Le fucking cognitive dissonance… Asshole, you see EVIL being done, children being hurt and you can't get off your ass? Like WTF? You must be a nigger, yeah that's it.

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Goddamn it.

Slippery Slop? More like a fucking cliff.

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Archive OP sauces, please.

There is no way to prevent any of it.

I wonder how much more it will take for those still trying to cling onto any semblance of decency in their lives to realize that we need an actual apocalypse to purge all the filth. That nothing short of utter annihilation of the modern world and our current societies will save us from the poz. Dehumanize yourself and face the bloodshed.

more like black hole

lurk 2 years before posting

Unholy city a sinners delight
No-one was spared out of mind, out of sight==
Hatred and slaughter, degradation and lust
Self destruction never counting the cost,
No-one knew the suffering
Behind the city walls
No-one heard the cry for help
No-one heard the call
One thousand days of Sodom
One thousand days of Sodom
The ways of God forgotten
One thousand days in Sodom
Children slaughtered daily there mothers by their sides
No mercy given no matter how they cried
The smell of death was near
It's presence ever near
The priests lay bound in chains no-one would ever hear,
No-one knew the blasphemy
The torture and the pain
No-one saw the madness
The priests, they died in vain
Day completes its cycle and night takes on its role
Satan's cloak shrouds the land and his children spill their fold
No golden cross of heaven
Or ancient key of kings
Could save the world of sinners when the midnight sabbath rings
Few could hear the suffering
And the pain of ripping flesh
But those who did were damned in hell
And breathed their final breath
One thousand days
One thousand years you've lived your life in hell.

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It's not as if these shibboleths are very difficult. At least new eyes are being reached. Even the lefties who come to subvert will see the truth if they are worth their eyesight.

Truth is more important than mortal victory and, paradoxically, adherence to it at all costs is the only path to mortal victory. Sacrifice all in the name of truth to secure a future.

Buddy, I got to tell you, WE are those "benevolent forces".

The gods fucking spell it out for your nigger ass plain as day. TO means YOU must embrace it. Face the bloodshed means you accept it and are not the one dealing it, it could even be that which your enemies are dealing. Face to bloodshed means you are the fucking embodiment of death. You are the god damned dehumanized monster that no other can compare to and are faced towards it even when its not present. Become more user. Words matter.

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Don't ask others for release from evil, cleanse evil from this world yourself. White resurgence begins with YOU

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The hypocrisy is strong. You should lurk for six gorillian years and then neck yourself.

Glory to the Remover

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Relax, dude. It's vidya game Jinglish, like "all your base are belong to us".

don't worry; we'll be getting one soon

Kill 'em all (in Doom).

Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.

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I wonder how someone as mean as hitler was voted into office by astounding numbers? Something must have been going on Germany post WW1 that would have led people to completely turn against Bankers, Media, Corporate powers, and current Politicians.

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This is why there's literally nothing wrong with murder.

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Because he was a Jew plant to create Israel, kill Europe and manufacture the Holohoax.

Isn't that the state that teaches pedophilia is a sexuality?

wewlad way to ruin a fucking case

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Haha, that’s great. Score one for anti-PC culture! Rock that rude, Cali!

pretending to be retarded is still retarded

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You know why I’m neither an incel nor a contributor to single motherhood? Because I paid attention to fucking with contraceptives!

I remember middle school, too. I hated my peers - no sex there - but I wasn’t so totally isolated that I missed noticing the human sex life seems to start at 13. That’s why the condom races would be among 12-year-olds.

Quit being PC police, you fucking retard.

Sex is fun, so contraceptive instruction should be fun, too. I don’t know if schools CAN be fun, but I applaud the attempt. People learn, and society improves.

I know your kind, the kind that with even a slight nudge would sell their own kids for fun/sex. You are sick in your mind, but your disease won't let you realise that you are a degenerate vermin.

My complaint against you is that you're not funny, not that you offend me.

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Sadly, the degenerates appear to be winning.

For now.
They're simply accepting the triple dare. The toys go winding down…

Not a single thing in the world has improved since this degenerate shit started

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Just shoot up a synagogue in minecraft. Make the jews understand that it's their brains that are getting splattered across the wall this time, just like YHWH would have wanted.

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For the past five decades. Weimar only stopped because of terrible mismanagement of the economy, Hitler voted into power, and World War II only delayed it, only for the resume button to be pressed in the mid 1960s throughout the West. I think we're going to go through a lot more hardship before things end up working towards our favor. But a LOT of misery and damage will occur before that point.

You people are so weak you chimp out like niggers because of condoms. Spineless, absolutely spineless.

So buy your sex slaves from California, okay understood.

Now get out.

The list of things that can drive an aryan into a violent collapse of their sanity is endless.

Better go shoot up a synagogue “in Minecraft”!

Lol, you fucking wimps. A society safe enough for you people never existed anywhere.

Go play Free Cities, weakling. I think some fascist asshole actually created a pedoslave mod for your ilk.

Sexual education as a real world policy makes people less gullibly vulnerable to sexual mistreatment. People whose sexual records are marred hate it way more than people who have been ethical about sex.

Unless those teaching are the predators.
Fuck off, pedo. You die first.

Teachers must start being murdered. Indiscriminately.

No one is laughing, fuckers.

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Fuck off pedo faggot shill. On DOTR you will be among the first to get the rope.

Based \m/

It's the "y'all" poster.

Soon they'll stop using statues thanks to commiefornia's budget bleeding and just have the kids play 'put the condom on the teacher' games. The is the future we chose. Homeschool your kids.

Indeed. This is what we get for fighting and destroying the good guys in World War II. May the punishment be most harsh for this transgression.

Sigh. Of course there is. Because using some simple cigar-sized prop wouldn't have been depraved enough.

You people are the weak police, broken in obeisance to hatred, your capacity to tolerate society shattered and pissed on.

It’s not their fault. Leftists told them to be this weak. They’re just doing what they were told like good little boys and goyls.

Okay, I admit, I’m talking to myself across an IP hop. But let’s think about the obeisant hateslaves and the way this makes them vomit the emesis of rage all over themselves as they imagine 12-year-old girls demanding they wrap it before they tap it.

Do they model children in sex education as obedient? Then, there will be less transmission of STDs, and fewer unprepared mothers who mistreat their children.

Do they imagine children in sex education as rebellious? Then, there will be less sexual engagement at all as a result of this policy that tends to lightside sexual health.

Nothing wrong about hating pic related, faggot. Reminder to you that nobody likes venal freaks like yourselves who can only think about assholes or the next freak degenerate escapade buzz like "pozzing" or abusing children into your sick cult, to make up for your extremely sad and meaningless existance.

Children this young shouldn't have to ever worry about whoring themselves out having sex, STD's or having children but for some "wierd reason" your sick degenerate mind simply cannot grasp that, it's something they shouldn't be concerned with.

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Are they white?

useful idiot is all I have to say about you, sad delusional human being. You are choosing degeneracy over virtue.

Personally, I was raised sex-positive. My mother’s sex positivity was completely revolting. She hated men and their libidos, though her own was fine, of course. She didn’t molest me (nothing suspect that I remember), though she was in other ways profoundly unpleasant. She was also kind of incompetently stealthy - the kind of stealth that punishes the observer when it fails. Bad example, right? So I don’t want to be like she was?

Exposure to her reduced my sexual engagement life long. Rebellion.

My father’s sex positivity was moderately revolting. He was egalitarian in a crude way. He expected anyone to tolerate peaceful conduct, and though he spoke rudely about the subject of sex, he didn’t DO anything awful. He was at peace with his own libido in an unspecial way that extended to being at peace with the libidos of others. Questionable example, I’d say. Should people be like he was?

Well, at least he wasn’t being hypocritical. I can’t be like he was, though I did learn from him. Not really rebellion or obedience here, just information. Maybe if he’d been more charismatic I would be just like him, participating actively in a liberated sexual culture.

Both of my parents favored sex education. So do I. Obedience, then? I learned other things, too. The things that fluctuate up and down in chaotic ways are not the arrows of progress, but rather progress is that which they have in common: the gathering of information. Sexual education is a font of sexual information. Information is the currency of sapience.

Information is collected whether people obey or rebel sex education. That is the underlying harmonic, the shared arrow, whether people go for or against the behaviors it encourages.

Who opposes information? Who aligns themselves with the true darkness and claims the mantle of light only to those who share their tendency? Well… criminals. The people whose conducts are hated by everyone who doesn’t partake of them, and even sometimes by those who do. The most intrinsically unpopular people on the planet hate information, and must arrange themselves against it.

That’s why the eldritch forces seem to swim left. Information is the currency of sapience. Those who defy information ultimately defy that by which minds gain power, and thus are the most profound slaves of all.

You do as you claim, for you are degeneracy’s slave.

Here is the link of the actual booklet
Here is a breakdown of some of the shit in it

Facilitator's checklist

The people in this space get so resoundingly beaten by free speech because they are not true. When the left was for a time untrue, free speech became their enemy. Yet the left improved, grew in truth and honesty, and so the pendulum swung towards them again. For truth is power, and reality cares not for how we feel about it.

If you value degeneracy, be as is the second world. Be as Islam, and murder truth. Tolerate nothing that empowers anyone. Side with the oppressor against the oppressed again and again and again. We have seen where that path leads:

Mass rapes! Women who dress like ghosts from Pac-Man who live in terror of men. Gangs that prey on children! Violent instability within and between countries. Hatred, fear, arson, and bombs! Torture, corruption, and poverty.

Those societies do not have sex education, but they do have a spectacular amount of degeneracy.

You people are feels over reals. You don’t feels good about sex education, so the reals don’t move you, and thus degeneracy strengthens by your power.


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Walls of text that no one is reading will not save you from the rope, pedo faggot.

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Well done on writing some lame rants nobody cares about except on your gay little safespace there babybrain. The left being honest while censoring everyone? Indoctrinating and sexualizing, degenerating of innocent little children being legitimate? Mass importation of third world animals who know nothing but rape and top the crime rates while meanwhile preaching for your tolerance?

None of it makes sense these are facts you can not reconcile with with a rational mind, but you do not have a rational mind so you ignore the discrepancies and in favor of your sick twisted and degenerated worldview, you believe mass rapes and little children being tortured in pedo rape cults and ground into kebab meat like pic related are just a "temporary setback" to "progress" and that we should just tolerate that, it's never going to fucking happen.

You're evil and everything that's twisted and wrong with this world. The sooner dumb and ignoreant biped trash like you die the better. I hope the same thing that happened to that little girl Charlene Downes happens to you, you support it, and thus you deserve it. It would only be poetic justice.

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The left in America for a time stalked people perceived to be opposed the left in America. This was a bad tactic. Anyone who opposed the tactic opposed the left, and was added to the target lists. Some of the targets were actual leftists; some of the stalkers possibly were not.

This fucking destroyed the left. There is such a thing in this world as truly harmful conduct. When we do things that are truly harmful conduct, truth becomes our enemy, and debts formed against information itself

Well. The left in America has had its reckoning. They’ve lost critical resources, reformed other resources, taken a few bloody noses, watched the culture in fact decay from their values, and overall they have been rebuked for their hatreds. They have begun again to protect the fringes, as they had before, and as is critical to their success.

Now we see a controversy over sex education. Do you know what this is? It’s a leftist victory. It’s the far side of a truth debt having been paid off.

The sides are repaired. Once more the left advances slowly as it does true things that feel bad, and the right retreats as it does false things that feel good. For sex education is a true thing, bad though it feels, and opposing it is taking out a debt against the truth.

Truth is a mighty glacier.

People who had no business opposing me once told me the world was ineluctably opposed to me, incomprehensibly hostile to me… They had no idea who the world is incomprehensibly hostile to.

For I am nobody, and I do not guide the glacier, but no city built of steel and stone may stand against that which will not crush the least nobody who stands atop it.

I would not harp on about "truth". It means absolutely horrible things to some people, and great things to others

Must be sad being this detatched from the real world, while in reality judeomarxists like you have lost, all you have left is tyrranical stooges who dictatorially write in policies that nobody wanted or asked for or psychopathic loser soros jew sucking prostitutes.

Without the fake narrative of marxist-jew media/gov/finance you would be eradicated by everyone like cockroaches, either way people will get rid of you traitors soon, so don't worry.

People at every level are only starting to hate you sick fucks more and more and i see it every day. Good times are coming. And payback is exactly what you asked for.

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Why, perchance, do you think they're having sex at 13. Could there be a group normalizing and pushing this agenda using propaganda such as TV and music? Why, if this were the case, there might even be a single group behind both of these agendas? How interesting.

Pedophiles hate sexual education. It makes children less vulnerable to them, and creates a huge reporting risk.

When the left under Obama was too busy cracking down on prostitution and fucking videogame sexuality to promote that ol’ tired technology of sex education in schools, I looked a lot more like their opponent. Because I hate pedophilia, and it waxes strong when moralists crack down.

Now they’re doing something that really opposes pedophilia, and what are you slave losers trotting out against them? Accusations that they are pedophiles!

Projection won’t help you any more than it helped the left!

It's not their fault - they're Jewish; they just can't help themselves, genetics and all.

"I don't want to have little girls racing to wrap up a statue with an erect penis."
I can smell you from here you filthy fucking kike.

It won't stop until there is FORCE to meet this Satanism.

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a fellow nicker?

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Lol'd at accusing your enemies of what your own ideology/group is doing.

Please just be worm food soon and cease your horribly wrong and evil existance that brings no good to this earth. Even worms are more useful and kind than trash like you.

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Mfw i realize we are the benevolent force.

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fucking kek

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This is less about child fucking and more about grooming these children into future degeneracy and promiscuity, as this sexual vagabonding through society disconnects them from any identity and group with whom they share that identity, this alienation will lead them misanthrophy and a cynical, nihilistic outlook on life and devaluing of any manmade strife forward, these being the ground on which Marxism is built. This is about grooming children to become worthless commie scum.

i used to think i was stuck in a never ending episode of the Simpsoms
now i realise i'm stuck in an episode of South Park

YOU are the vanguard, nigger faggot. Unadulterated rage is more energy-dense than uranium, use it.

are there any pics of the aroused statue?
just spread images that a statue like that is in an elemntary school and you'll get instant outrage

At this point there's nothing that doesn't trigger them.

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While this is all very rage inducing and so on. I'm noticing that in both the OP link and everything else there is no actual tangible evidence of the supposed condom races by 10-11 year olds. The OP link is all hearsay the PDFs posted are Christian pamphlets attacking sex Ed for middle schoolers etc. If condom races are an actual thing it should be easy to post a copy of the school ciriculum because that's in public Access. It's also very suspicious that none of the articles names a specific school and just repeats that it's California over and over again.

Until I see some real evidence I'm going to assume this is typical christfag fearmongering and hyperbole/outright fabrication.

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Any evidence of this beyond the ONE website?

Allowed to post here, by the way.