New study says single childless women happier

MGTOW is a fail. Single childless women are happier, however the same is not true of single men.

It's because she is free of all the hard work of cooking, cleaning, and childcare, meanwhile, he is unhappy because he has no one to cook clean and look after him. Or carry on his family name.

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yes goyim. reproduction is evil. be a genetic failure goy

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I'm a very happy single man. Most women are airheads. I spend my time reading, writing, and going to political meetings (you are infiltrating your local Republican Party as a "Trump America Firster, aren't you?). The truth about this world is that everybody wants to get their hooks into you–they want your time and your money, for starters. Keep these things for yourself, and retain the freedom and flexibility to be able to promote the nationalist cause. Being responsible for a wife and kid slows you down and gives the enemy a way to grab hold of you,

Maybe if marriage wasn't portrayed as ridiculous in movies, people wouldn't imitate poor concepts of marital behavior.

I can hear your beef flaps flapping from miles away.

Fuuuuuuuuck off

This it's why MGTOW was a bad idea. A generation of women have now figured out life is easier without the endless drudgery of housework.

They finally mustered up a fake study to say this? You'd think they'd have a dozen fake ones like this to offset the scores that say the opposite and truth.

I'm a very happy single man. Most women are airheads. I spend my time reading, writing, and going to political meetings (you are infiltrating your local Republican Party as a "Trump America Firster, aren't you?). The truth about this world is that everybody wants to get their hooks into you–they want your time and your money, for starters. Keep these things for yourself, and retain the freedom and flexibility to be able to promote the nationalist cause. Being responsible for a wife and kid slows you down and gives the enemy a way to grab hold of you,

I'm not saying everybody has to make the same choices I do, if they're not inclined to–just that there are plenty of useful paths.

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MGTOW is a failure is an understatement. MGTOW is the flipside to Feminism, both are anti-breeding schemes aimed at whites, and created by jews.

Women are happier as homemakers. This has never been unproven.

You know! I think you hit the nail on the head of what WOMEN think as well no wonder Whites aren't breeding with the self center pieces of shit that our race has to choose from now, who would want ANY OF YOU?

Except in the study above user.

Ever read Chateau Heartiste before it was censored by Big Tech? He wisely pointed out that the West is not going to win a breeding war with the rest. Think quality over quantity. The people who post here are a self-selected group of independent thinkers, which you may have noticed is damn rare in any population. A few thousand people are a drop in the bucket.

I think someone broke that bot, it has spamed the same thing twice.

You might as well have said, "But I read on The Onion that-." The Guardian stole The Onion's place years ago.

I am self-centered. Why do you think I'm a white nationalist? It is indeed a form of narcissism. I want a world that caters to me, filled with people who look like me. I also have zero compassion or "empathy" as they say–I don't care about what happens to large swaths of people (non-whites, and increasingly traitorous Leftists). The only thing that matters is my mission, which as stated above centers on enhancing the environment to suit me. In a sense, I guess I have an "extended sense of self" both spatially (across the Western world) and temporally (reaching back through time when folks were wiser).

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Happiness studies are bullshit, but even if they weren't, I guarantee the children aren't happier without a father.

hmm nah

ATUS Survey

Got my upgraded software from


Reality seems to say otherwise.

It is called women grow up and becoming self sufficient user. Also, you will note that in NO WAY could working like a slave for a man translate into 'women getting attention from men'. We don't usually give our servants attention we just expect them to do their thing. There is no way that a little bit of attention in between the porn watching and the teen ogling is going to make up for being handed your shitty underwear and having to get the stains out.

(((new study)))

Are you a woman or just a tranny user?

"Calmed down"–that's exactly it. I was hoping for a little more excitement and risk from what's left of the American male.


You literally just linked the survey the article draws data from, confirming what I said was true. How desperate can you be? Did you get your JIDF job on a special education scholarship and a recommendation from your tard handler?

If marriage is 'calming men down' we need to outlaw it.

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Is there something wrong with sending these niggers to look for themselves user?

Butthurt roastie detected


>(((expert))) says
Despite decades of proof and dozens of studies that show otherwise.

did he restart his site somewhere else?

When they’re what aged 16 to 29?

Yeah no shit, but their lives become a meaningless drudgery beyond the point where they can just get male attention for merely existing.

I don't know, actually. Hopefully if not at some point he will.

MGTOW retard detected.

So you are desperate. Thank you for admitting it.

MGTOW brother

Do your thing, Jews. Do your thing…

Actually the opposite is true. When we stop receiving unwanted male attention then our lives really bloom and become worthwhile.

This is a faggot boomer trope, if I can use such a term. No female unhappiness stems from them believing their sexual market value will remain at their absolute peak and realizing that living from day to day seeking novelty like a brain damaged housepet will have diminishing returns in the future.


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Admitting that anons should look for themselves? WTF are you stupid or something? What needs to be admitted other than people should look at the data for themselves?

Roastie Roastie Roastie

Married with kids but good try ya dumb cunt.

Enjoy dying alone with your worn flaps dragging along the ground. Ya dun goofed.

Again I would say that it is the exact opposite.

It’s my kids eleventh birthday today. My beautiful wife and his mother spent the entire day at the pool and the park with cousins and friends and both sons while I made beautiful woodwork all day (8/4 white oak 12’ long reception desk fuck you neets)

you will never know love and satisfaction like this

Honey, it is time you washed your own shitty underwear out. OK?

That simply isn’t true, from early life females even little girls thrive in gaining attention from others, especially men. As once women hit puberty they see other women as competition.

Women are inherently not self contained beings, they’re inherently dependent, you’re talking a whole lot of hilarious self delusion which will become only more difficult to deal with as life progresses.

Even those women who seek the company of other women are basically doomed to have unstable, abusive relationships.

Based. Remember, the Jews did this.

No one is falling for it moshe. Your second post in this thread is defending the article. When called out, you just quoted the article and linked its source to pretend to be oblivious. You're ignoring the obvious, that it's a typical guardian article shilling for single women.

Congrats on becoming 20% of this thread's posts and being most obvious shill of the hour.

Tits then fuck off slit

Sure thing honey.


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Show your tits then fuck off slit

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Oh look its the three little amigos/niggers.

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That’s pretty faggot boomer tier tbh, one thing I will say is that young men need to abandon this retarded fucking meme of a man depriving satisfaction exclusively from being a resource/service producer, it’s just fucking cringe on a level that is hard to describe.

Correct–but you can't miss what you never had. "Love and satisfaction" may not be the reason why we're here…or at least not the reason why I personally am here. This may be a "business trip" this time around. The Kali Yuga demands a certain response that's different from the usual models that family life has traditionally fallen into.

Another rabbi trick.

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It’s too late by then, consult 10 year marriage studies, once a woman sets foot firmly down that path, she’s lost.

Oh sweetie.

It is, obviously women are doing better with it than men are, since the men in this thread still think they need to keep a slave/parasite to 'fulfill their life'.

You are the one who asked to see tits. I wouldn't speak to you again but you are such an attention whore it is painful.

Normally, societies do center upon reproduction and family life. Unfortunately, this isn't a normal society–it's a degenerate one, and one that's been hijacked by its enemies.

Only all of this was engineered, none of it is natural, and women sustain this present model on the basis that their sense of self is rendered fragile due to constant abuse and propagandization from feminists.

Sugar, you're not too good at this.

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I’m talking about the “harrowsmith country living faggot boomer meme” of some hackneyed patriarch figure slaving away in a duck shed producing useless bullshit nobody really wants as if it’s a source of pride.

At least make something cool and useful like knives or something, don’t act like larping like you’re living in some commercial in the early 90s makes you special. That just shows a stunning lack of self identity.

There is nothing in this thread worth 'being good at'…go rub one out faggot it would be a better use of your time and mine. Fact: Women don't really need or want men anymore because they don't get anything from it but this level of bitch party.

That’s all artificial due to the fact that society is entirely built around sustaining those women until they’re swept under the rug and hidden when they realize they’ve been hoodwinked.

What are you going to tell me 'you all do'?

Your only real job and none of you could manage to do anything other than jerk off to

It's ok Bunny, the failure is all yours.

When you engineer a system to steal from one group and lie to and temporarily enable another I can hardly attribute that to merit.


Which is why you keep commenting.

Get the fuck out of the land of make-believe, with your cock carousel bullshit, it's been debunked.

Women have an average of 4 sexual partners in a lifetime according to CDC and Kinsey report studies. University of ohio polygraphed women and came up with the same number, 4.4. Women are not fucking "hundreds" of men, no matter what roosh told told you so you'd sign up for his porn and escort websites. And millennials are having the least amount of sex since the 1950s.

Correct. If only we could shut down the universities and mainstream media. What passes for "the Right" focuses on electoral gains but leaves these agents of socialization to the Left to dominate.

It was never merit. It was survival and it is high time that we stopped this shit and you guys got excited about FUCKING SOMETHING, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT THAT WOULD BE and that women learned to care for their own needs and life.

Because I am bored. It happens.

Oh baby girl, it's ok.

You’re highlighting not the irrelevance of men, but actually the inevitable death of a system you seem to believe is a natural progression. What you’re decrying is in fact a critical indicator of inevitable collapse, enjoy it when it happens.

Maybe I'm statistically challenged, but 4 seems a little low. I'd say, just from overhearing conversations and such, that the real number is closer to 12 or 16. I bet women lowball these figures out of embarrassment.

It isn’t the reason though, you’re lying.

You want to see how much I don't give a shit what you have to say, retard?

Swami tell me then, oh powerful one…what is my personal motivation?

Poor little Sugar Plum, don't need no man.

And incidentally the 10 year marriage studies place that demographic squarely in the range for guaranteed marital failure.

Sounds accurate, and indicative of the times.

You made OP look like someone who's not trying. Everyone forgot OP is actually posting a guardian article unironically.

Triggered af

BWHAHAHA it replies when it knows it is filtered…I knew it was a retarded attention whore.

I almost spit my coffee all over myself. Hilarious.

Your overcompensating and theatrics fool nobody.