Dylann Roof's letter to Tucker Carlson


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Both of these fags are jew assets.

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How can Roof watch television in jail?

baka rabbi

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will blumpf pardon him before he leaves office?

wow fucking baste. told you all years ago that church shooting was a glow op.

Wow, he has good handwriting especially in this time where everything is typed

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They really hate Tucker and Trump. Why?

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They falsely assume their ideological opponents love Tucker and Trump.

Easy dismissal and also jewish first post.

They have hi-def TVs in prison now.


They wouldn't allow for him to have a computer or typewriter. The pins in the typewriter could be used as weapons.


I would have had more respect for Roof if he killed a bunch of thugged out hood niggers instead. But, oh well.

Read the manifesto, dumb nigger

Fuck you Billy Roper this is kike shit for click shekels I hope you drown yourself in semen

For those interested:
Dylann Roof, 28509-171, USP PO Box 33, Terre Haute, IN 47808

Again fuck you Roper

Your gay dads are jew assets?

I did read it, you cocksucker. I still stand by my previous statement.

His cause to accelerate race war was achieved. He escalated racial tensions, plainly revealed the hypocritical media agenda when it comes to negroes doing mass shootings of whitey, and caused southerners to stick up for their heritage. All of the confederate flag and monument removal protests and debates have been an extended reaction to what he did.
Thankfully Roof isn't a low IQ hothead like yourself or he would've just been another dead whitey.

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After reading his manifesto I'm very confused as to why he targeted a black church when he very clearly understands that the problem is Jews. Knowing all this why would he go after a church full of relatively respectable black people?

Why does a kid who plays Chopin so beautifully and with such subtle intelligence decide to overthrow the powers that be by shooting some old yenta with a cunt that smells like garlic and mothballs?

Because back in the old days this is what men did, we've been cucked beyond belief by women and jews to never fight back for anything

Has anyone got a link to Roofs Manifesto?


You just watch tv and play cards/chess all day in prison.

same with psych hospitals basically

Is that even possible? Can the President really just pardon whoever he wants?

How is that any different than most people's lives outside of prison? Prison sounds really gay.

Long live DyRo

He killed a senator

kek, hello citizen of clown world. In the old days men who murdered old women would be stabbed to death the first day in prison.

Don’t forget the occasional stabbings during commercial breaks.

Only on a federal level.

In that case it's a good thing saint dylann only took out some feral niggers. Nigs dont think twice about murdering innocent whites yet we should cuck ourselves to some morality that our enemies dont hold themselves? Get the fuck out of here

you are not even allowed to turn the tv off dude

jewdar activated

I agree, that shit was just cowardly. If I had to choose between roof or a Palestinian suicide bomber, I would pick the suicide bomber. The suicide bomber is in nightmare mode, where everybody is armed in a country that has more nuclear capabilities than probably even Russia, with one of the most powerful militaries and ZOG capital of the world while Roof just popped a few unarmed nigs. I agree that nigs suck and all, but what was that supposed to accomplish other than playing into our enemies hands by having our Confederate monuments removed?

Only in white prisons, of which there are very few

Can you retards stop spamming your asinie bullshit about "jew assets" in every fucking thread? And Tucker Carlson is fantastic at bringing truth out there, you damn schizo. He's the most important figure that rightists have in the media, and it's not close.

24/7 Talmudvision has a calming and muddying effect on the overly redpilled man’s brain. The Jews know this


Especially if you’re just going to rot in jail with no chance of release. Might as well go out big

He did.


What an absolutely pathetic piece of shit.

Unit 8200 shilling hard again. Go suck a dick rabbi, the goyim know.

Hey leftypol

Here's page 2

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lol, subhuman

Oh it's the fucking schizo again.

St. Roof has done more than anything you did in life, yid.

kill yourself nigger lover

Roof killed politician.



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because racism is bad, no explanation of why is required

this would be the worst part for many of us.

If you still watch TV or Netflix anons, take a break and come back after some time. You'll be amazed how shrill it sounds.

I have that conversation all the time with my normie friends. I'll say something humorous but provocative and they'll say "that's a little racist, user." I always reply "what's wrong with racism?" and I NEVER ONCE gotten a logical answer. These people are NPCs because they KNOW RACISM = BAD but they can't tell you WHY.

Lots of jewish first posts today


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Dylan is crazy smart.

I've gone so far as to try googling it.
you get a ton of results, but nothing that explains why it is bad

I see the jews are still trying to push the "he killed dem po innocent chuch negros" narrative and ignoring the fact that he plugged a race baiting wog senator.

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Pretty sure he's autistic, or maybe has aspergers. His voice is very monotone and was really worried about being called autistic in court.

Can't argue with what he wrote. Of course he wasn't as badass as Zig Forums, so we should character assassinate him like the jews always do.

I think he just moreso kept himself very collected. In the police interview he knew what he did and probably knew what to expect, so there's no need to be passionate when confessing. Insanity or mental health defenses are pretty stupid as well, since it just marginalizes Roof's points to that of "the crazies". Would defeat the whole purpose.

The guy has some decent handwriting

Images are 768x1024 in OPs source site theroperreport.whitenationalists.net/2019/06/13/roof-carlson-letter-complete-and-unedited/

In those situations, I just default to mockery.
< put on purposeful nigger accent
Alternatively, if it's the kind of company that knows that side of me
< put on a screechy nasal voice and overemphasize the v below
Maybe it's just an attitude thing. I can't take moralfags seriously, be it on imageboards, or in the real world.


From Münzenberg to Soros

Roof seems like a thoughtful, guy; pretty smart.
How is it that he miscalculated so badly on shooting up a church?

Attention! Here's the complete and unedited letter.


you dont get a fox news tv position without being a baby eating demon worshipper playing a role.
this roof character has no redpills built into his story line. all the time in the world and thats the best he can supposedly do.

because its all calculated. now the jewish media can run a few minute segment on his letter just to get the scripted event back in npc minds. of course the letter has no redpills but its not full retard enough to make redpilled people who actually read it decide roof is a zog creation.

That has the smaller images and is the same as the URL in
It is not the larger images (with no source) from

>>>Zig Forums

My bad.

We're missing page 1 in 1080x1440 though.

I got the first page off Roper's site and he uploaded the larger ones on another site I use.

Btw, check out these fags

The manifesto is on the Discord if you ask for it (gg DOT) b5t5PG7

lynch yourself

Here you go.

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hi leftypol

I don't know about you, but I don't have a kill count of #NineNiggers

Sure, I like to think that somehow my meming efforts have convinced nine white women not to bear nigger babies so perhaps I have done as much as Roof, but that's all hypothetical. Maybe I haven't convinced anyone, or maybe they wouldn't have borne a nigger baby to begin with.

boomers will be gassed first

no reason to support mentally retarded lefty "memes".

You're a stupid fuck. He killed the black equivalent of AOC and stalled their progress. If more people did the same, then you wouldn't have globinas in Congress claiming that their opposition is filled with incels.

All WN terrorists are smart people who couldn't handle the double standard held in America. The reason why they blame race is because they've observed that the moment when whites are gone, their values of due process, free speech, honesty, and self-defense are also gone as well. Europeans didn't keep the values of Native Amercians when they've held an ethnic majority, so why exactly do people expect the opposite?

Do you think it's of any coincidence that they assault people for their political views and abuse political power for their own gain like AOC? It's exactly how they act in the third world.

These subhumans steal AID money and give funds to themselves under the same excuses FOREVER:


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His sister is such a babe.

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What did Obama say? When did e say it?

niggers are the symptom
jews are the root of the problem.

all that killing the nigger AOC does is galvanize the niggers.
He didn't slow them down a bit because a nigger AOC is even more inept than regular AOC
Except the next nigger AOC will be able to hold out the previous dead nigger as moral authority for whatever bullshit they are trying to do.

I take it you're using "babe" as a synonym for degenerate.

Worth noting that several police attacks

So? Every action you make galvanizes them, even you using this board and calling them the word "nigger". Roof's action removed a radical marxist from political power and it caused them to be hesitant in 2015-2016. People unfortunately don't listen to you when you tell them to stop, it's when you force them to. The left fully gets it, which is why they assault, lie, and deplatform us. However, the right doesn't because they whine online when they're fucked over.

Don't believe me? That's okay, but you're going to figure it out the hard way. You're going to regret it heavily when they inevitably lock you up for talking about the issue.