We need to do something about these faggots

We need to do something about the faggots and fast. I can’t go anywhere without people talking about faggotry. I lost my job for being against same sex marriage. We need to act and we need to do so now. On June 30th, the faggots are having their sodomy-infested parade in my hometown of NYC (which has been ruined by cuck de Blasio). I am calling on all Zig Forums acks to show up to this thing to make ask much of a racket as possible. Bring tear gas, rubber bullets, anything to show these animals who's boss.

See you there.

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cia.gov/careers/games-information/view-our-advertising/pdf/Diversity Insert.pdf

That's against the workers. Join the communist party to avenge the filthy bourgoise elites.

But that doesn’t answer the question of what do we do with these fools?

Going to a pride rally won't get your job back OP.

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Boy, have you come to the wrong place.

You are like a baby to me. Watch this:
cia.gov/careers/games-information/view-our-advertising/pdf/Diversity Insert.pdf
interests, we need to employ a work force as diverse as America itself – the
most diverse nation on earth. Diversity re ects the unique ways we vary as
Intelligence Oficers – our nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, age, language, culture,
sexual orientation, education, values, beliefs, abilities and disabilities.

I know, and I wouldn’t go anyways, I don’t want to catch aids.

The “faggots” are hated for opposing pedophilia. Pedophilia rises where moralists wax strong. The LGBT movement is truth-aligned; it creates exposure opportunities and uses them. So defenerate corrupted moralists vomit rage onto themselves because they can’t handle being caught in their own lies, while actually honest people do not find that the existence of gays in any way alters their life.

The left under Obama fucked this up hardcore with their own bout of corrupted moralism, but the sides are coming back in line.

Pizzagate broke because the left went hunting nonconformists domestically while importing boatloads of corrupted moralists from abroad.

Good thing they're letting a bunch of Chinese in! That surely hasn't fucked us already.

defenerate = degenerate

I am mainly annoyed at the fact that we all say we are going to do something about this and yet we don’t.

Eh, China has been getting their hands slapped for leaning on immigrants. I suspect their government tries to promote their brand of totalitarian fascism abroad, but America is ironically too socialist to get caught in it.

It does, because now they are forcing our children to learn about their sexual perversions

It’s fucking dumb to do anything. LGBT is like a tenth of the population, beloved by half, and bisexual tendencies are so frequent they both insulate against and also actually drive some of the anti-LGBT sentiment. A democratic society either won’t be against LGBT or won’t stay that way.

Pedophilia by contrast is a tenth of a twentieth of the population, and this place freaks out about pedophiles in a way that hates faggots also because its like anti-gay politicians in prior decades getting caught fucking strangers in dirty bathrooms.

Faggots can oppose pedophilia successfully and that’s the last thing actual pedophiles want. That’s why second world countries have both child molesting gangs and the death penalty against homosexuals.

Get over it. Truth shouldn’t burn you. You’re weak if it does.

Homosexuality, lesbianism, gender dysphoria and pedophilia are all. illnesses that need to be treated. The problem now though, is that the gays are lobbying the health organizations to remove them from the lists of mental illnesses. Reason needs to override insanity

What the fuck are you even talking about you brainless nigger?

Where the fuck did you come from with all this absolute drivel?

i think we hit the globohomo high water mark just recently. just calm down and be smart. we've got the basic ZOG program now, next phase will be lots of human interest stories about all the diversity.

oh, and i think they're using LGQT now.
"queer" literally means "it looks wrong."
they dropped the B part. this removes bisexuality from their umbrella.

just maintain your dignity and keep learning, they've unveiled most of the gross that would have been worth freaking out over, we absorbed the shock. Now, just by being reasonable, one has a win.

i take a look at pics from the "pride" parades and events. degenerate and unaesthetic, typically. at worst, absolutely lacking dignity.

dignity instead of pride, perhaps meme it, if meme'ing it in person IRL remember to stay personable and dignified (likable) for your cause and for your self. stay reasonable, likable, personable, unlike the parades-worth of persons who gave up dignity to brag on "pride."

just mumblin out some thinks, the board sucks lately.

Homosexual genes persist in the population because homosexual genes are heterosexual genes. The genes that incline some women to like women will also incline those women’s sons to like women. The genes that incline some men to like men will also incline those men’s daughters to like men.

Bisexuality is genetically ubiquitous because bisexuals tend to reproduce, and ALL their children tend to have the capacity for heterosexual attraction.

To the extent that you can decirculate these genes the result is not family values, but asexuality. Cold, grey asexuality, with no families at all, and you wouldn’t know such people from gays because in the absence of a reproductive drive they wouldn’t tend to check their romantic partners for testicles and uteruses.

You're pulling all this out of your ass. Which is probably a refreshing change for you because you probably spend most of your time shoving things up your ass.


I’m asexual. My parents sure as hell weren’t, but sex was traumatic shit that I was glad to see the back of when I got ejected from the left for sexual harassment. I got “excluded” from something that “I” wanted - but I didn’t. I care far more for dull things like economics and other forms of sociocultural analysis.

I’m back in, by the way. I hope the people who drove the whispers against me haven’t gotten to experience what I did.


Thanks for the insight into your mental illness that leads to your atrocious baseless posts.

Something the whole left should’ve known but apparently the ones proximate to me did not:
When you reject someone who doesn’t want to have sex with you, and the reason you reject them is for being sexually dissatisfying to you, and your subsequent conduct is to slutshame them… This is not an efficacious means of reducing sociopolitical hazard. It’s more like priming a nuclear weapon, disabling the shutdown procedure, and then handing the launch console to your worst enemy to decide where it falls. The people who want you to slutshame are your enemies. They may be stupid, or they may be hunting for your weakness, but they are not being good to you. When you hate on bad sexual partners you reveal the location of the people who can hurt you most. Hatred is an error.

Sexual moralism is retarded. Moralists must tardrage at truth because moralists are too emotionally weak and/or personally corrupted to tolerate the acknowledgment of truth.

By being accepting of people’s sexual fantasies, sexual histories, and sexual preferences, leftists like me become bridges that can be found by victims. And you know, Stockholm Syndrome is a thing. Truths learned in bad environments are a thing. Sexually abused bisexuals may be ashamed of “but I liked it,” and if we moralize and rage against them, we never learn that people hurt them in the first place.




Someday you will value speaking truth and hearing it. Someday you will know the pride of caring more for reals than feelz. Until then, go back into your emotionally lie of moral superiority: take the blue pill, and go back to being impotently hateful. You have not the strength today to challenge your biases.

emotionally safe* lie

You have no idea what either of those words mean, do you

Fascism means handing over all power to politically connected rich people ( China runs like this)

Socialism means operating your system of government to maximize the wealth of the poor (first world countries wobble in their adherence to this, but value it more than not for stability’s sake).

Faggots are great, less competition for the ladies ;)

By my metrics America is somewhat fascistic due to inappropriately heavy concentrations of economic power, but also American governance still cares about socialist objectives, it’s just incompetent at rehabilitating people.

I think tech will fix this. Once we can force-grow proteins at scale and print organs with industrial velocity we’ll have access to the toolkit of remaking. Total rehabilitation scenarios will become so highly economical that it won’t make sense to do less than maximize the prosperity of everyone.

Socialists always said that science would be the heart of their victory - and they were right. Sufficient scientific advance unifies socialist and capitalist governing objectives. Fascism is however a threat to this, as the corrupted hierarchism falls in the remaking economy.

You can bet that the faggot problem is not going away anytime soon. It is exactly like jews (tribal scheming & cooptation, dissolving every bit of society to fit their "muh anus" imperative) except that you won't get rid of them with gas since it constantly pops up as a certain % in every generation, every area, every town. Faggots in power must be a sign of times because it has occured before in critical moments of history.

I like your attitude. ;)

The morality you abhor are "morals" because morals are what worked. Any society that allowed sexual license to the point we have now has destroyed itself. But you won't believe that because only a Leftist himself can convince himself that the "Left" is a sham. You're not there yet, you probably never will be.

Behold! The liquid Jew.

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It has, and it was destabilizing.

The problem is that historical homosexuals were part of the general sociopathy of our ancestors. You have to look at how often humans throughout history consumed their seedcorn or otherwise went through feast-famine patterns. Humans often celebrate on the verge of destruction, “because everyone’s gonna die anyways”. In Greece and Rome the “homosexuals” in power were overt child abusers, and what they protected was overtly child abuse. That happened again in other historical points where a homosexual leadership rose… though not Weimar, AFAIK.

The Weimar government sucked at economics more than it sucked at dicks. Still, if people feared it was pedo-dominated, they would have had history on their side at that point. I believe Weimar may have bern the first non-evil gay-friendly government in human history, those poor bastards.

Our ancestors were slave-driving jackasses to a degree modern humans can barely fathom. People fought each other all the damned time, and were almost uniformly two-faced. Society had claws. Think of “modern” African nations where tribes are too busy murdering each other to plant crops, and now imagine Europe being like that except Europeans knew every winter the whole world would become so damn cold and hostile people would have to work together or die. It set a limit to how nasty people could be… but not enough of a limit. People still treated each other as tools to be used for amusement, and the aristocracies often sent peasants to die for no damned good reason.

Modern faggots are different from ancient faggots partly because modern cultures don’t brutalize the time-sense out of people, and partly thanks to the nascent cultural power known as “the grey”. Greys care about people, but they - I want to say we, hah - are also cold fish. I’m at least psuedogrey. I adore greys. They’re good medicine. (My belief in evil may disqualify me from full membership, or my vibrant emotional range might. I’m not a cold fish.)

The key to “being grey” is valuing integrity and science, while opposing that which causes traumas. Greys harm-minimize. Harm minimization is a cultural technology our ancestors didn’t have, even as recently as Weimar. Using faggots against pedophilia is part of the technology of harm minimization.

The broad stroke of what harm minimization means is: acknowledge bad human behavioral patterns that cannot be eliminated by inquisition, and then divert them into forms harmless or even beneficial. If people are going to commit X crime or Y crime, where X is the lesser crime, getting them to select X every time is a harm-minimization triumph.

People fucking each other in the ass consensually is in and of itself like the smallest crime imaginable. So saying to people, “you can do this only if everyone involved is a consenting adult,” is an obvious and highly efficacious means of minimizing harms.

Harm minimization is a technology with Marxist roots. It is not a Marxist technology, but I believe socialists working from collectivist theory may have gotten there first. They wanted to create a “New Socialist Man” who would work hard in sincere idealistic love of the collective.

It never worked.

It really never worked.

There have always been a very few people like that, but there has never been any means found to make them more common.

Still, what the Marxists longing to indoctrinate their proletariat had hit upon was to structure, record, and subject to scientific analysis the business of reshaping human behavior in pro-social ways. Even though the “New Socialist Man” could not be made, there ARE gains to make in the shaping of human behavior. Every non-Marxist nation decried the “New Socialist Man”, but nevertheless ideas and methods of shaping and rehabilitation began to percolate globally. The time was right. The need was clear. Culture has always had some gains to make in this endeavor, and now more gains were being made in a more regular fashion.

Modern insights of this nature are such now-obvious concepts as “don’t beat your children”, “don’t string up corpses in the town square”, and “don’t let people sexually predate upon children”. These experiences change people’s natures for the worse. They can be avoided.

Sugared beverages have long been associated with jewish subversion, even my Great Grandmother knew that.

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I believe the rise of the greys is itself symptomatic of society growing less traumatic. If you were to stack up the five greatest trauma factors in my own life and snip out the largest one plus any single one from the next four, that would suffice to take away my belief in evil, as well as markedly reducing my emotional flux.

In other words, I’d be grey. The factors that make me “psuedogrey” are born of trauma.

Greys are a reward to humanity for general integrity and kindness.

I propose a final solution for those

Being grey-aligned probably contributed to my getting targeted for stalking and harassment when I objected to the crackdown on sexual liberty Obama’s government attempted. I valued integrity more than party affiliation.

I valued science more than party affiliation, for that matter. Leftist leaders tried to scream down space and biotechnology while attacking the computer tech industry, turning back the clock against scientist progress, then screamed harder when they were called out for regressivism. Not to mention they completely failed to comprehend that their anti-science positioning played in to the rise of antivaxxers.

I want off this rock. Humanity should be mastering proteins, printing organs, and mining asteroids. We don’t need narcissistic bureaucrats marking births and deaths forever in some great cycle that provides never-ending employment to their whole lineage.

Moralists are pedophiles, you fucking degenerate. Break your chains and face a world harder than you understand. You fear truth, but truth can save you; the world “morals” builds doesn’t save anyone.

For the record, the “regressive left” wasn’t an attack against regressive analysis of data, it was an attack against antiscientism. Congratulations on your coats of many colors leftists, but someday all skin will be replaceable. Science knows no allegiance, but is the stuff of truth itself; all must care or else get left behind.

Hi, glownigger.

Zig Forums is a board of peace, officer.

between liquid jews and gay wolfs i dont think there is a way to beat globohomo.

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OP my answer in another thread

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I still cant believe the biggest issue in our society according to the powers that be is whether or not we should praise and accept people for having a ass fucking fetish for people with the same sex
And whether people should be praised for cutting their dick off
I want out of clown world or im gonna go postal

Many of us don't want to live in faggot-utopia. Many of us don't want our society to have gay rainbow trans clowns at the top of every hierarchy. We want a civilization that resembles old empires. If we can;t have that then we want the 50's or 90's back or whatever doesn't look like the absolute cultural "revolution" shit thats going on today. We don;t want a society built around victimhood and sexual identity. If the mega corps like Amazon, microsoft, etc are aligning with your faggot agenda then you're on the side of the plunder and pillage of your own nations.

If wanting a world where I don't see gay pride flags or gay couples in every single commercial break, trip to the net, shopping run out in the town, etc is impossible for you then we have a problem. We need to split this country fast, I don;t fucking care that a bunch of faggots will be stuck in right wing territory and I don't give a fuck that a bunch of right wingers would be stuck in left wing territory. Split the country into 2 or 3 and let the people who actually have convictions move to the right place. We don;t give a shit about 'your truth'. We want a structured and ordered society with a heirarchy based on traditional values, family rearing, and disdain for degeneracy that leads to a loss of culture or a loss of power for our people. And no, we are not the same people.

Stupid White Nationalists fall for the Jew troll every fucking time

wew wew lds, game is ON!!!

They're really into it now.

Anyone not desiring to be blown sucked between the gay butt-cheek realm and be homo infected by it heed this:

Though all have and can have these feelings. All the preferences are too gay or otherwise tainted to behold for anyone preferring a non-corrupted personal form.

reply for proof. I posted some before.

And other things that prevent Zig Forums type subjects from functioning right:

There are no evil boogyman jews going after humanity. Not mentionable anyway, as here.

And more. Negros should discuss amongst themselves how to make Africa a more human friendly continent. Where everyone is rich. Maybe starting with Liberia.

Still not all. Anyhow

so How about doing something about it.

It would have to be discussed.

Its not working like this

If I'm going to cop 25 years to life for the White Race, it's not going to be for getting into a pepper spray slap fight with a bunch of queers because someone was too stupid to keep their power level in check in an office full of normalfags. Nice try, Officer Niggerfaggot.

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No it is not an improvement


Who here is actually naive enough to think either of these decades were as idyllic as the magazine ads portrayed them to be?

They have a word for everything to post you anywhere between the proposed to be all-mighty gay butt cheeks.

However you would see this about preferences.

Based, Its time to do something, like seriously.

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Those pictures, those kids oh shit yes we must do something but what? How do we get through to people? How do we make them listen?

Either kill them or fuck off. Your thread is pointless.

This. Also checked. The juice has to be worth the squeeze. And just pepper spraying faggots is not worth the prison time. If you want to do something then make it worthwhile but if you just want to agitate without sacrifice then get some bros together and go heckle and disrupt the event.

What exactly did you say?
Look, there's nothing to do. Fags can't multiply like chinks. And the ones with AIDS can't be cured.
You can just wait for them to die off and for DOTR.

Then homosexuality is just a learned behaviour and can therefore be healed.

Elaborate. Were you talking to co-workers about it, or did did they dox you and find your job in response to talking about it on social media?

Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike kikestian schizo niggerloving shill.

No. It's a valid strategy to steer a society or a societies mindset into a certain territory, keep them under control and motivated to contribute to a common cause. It might not have that nice little "anything goes" paint on it but it would actually drive us forward rather than into random directions and help us to evolve as a whole. A society centered on consumerism and fun will become soulless and eventually collapse. Also you should note, that being an asexual it doesn't really matter what you think. From an evolutionary survive-and-reproduce standpoint, what do you yield at all? I understand that everyone is the most special person to oneself and that is fine, but why should, realistically, anyone else care about that standpoint?

The reality is that the man you allow to be fucked in the ass by another man also molests a child, passes HIV onto someone else, and commits other crimes. There's no "harm minimisation," there's just faggots who need to be gassed.

Globohomo stands for global homogenization. Why is everyone suddenly using it to mean global homosexuality?

Becauses it doesn’t actually mean anything. Some fucking kike came up with the phrase and expects us to use his niggerspeak. Meanwhile, alt-right faggots dutifully do whatever jews say. Don’t do it.

You're first action should be gtf out of NYC

Oh for fuck sakes, no one listen to this stupid shill. Dress up as clowns and join the march, that's all.

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If you want, you can attend the straight pride parade.
The link is below.


Uhoh. Toxic homo-gaze chasing you everywhere you go? Maybe you would teach gay people how to check their privilege?

Imagine being this stupid.

Watch all videos on homosexuality from E.Michael Jones.
start with this one.

i guess you're a fag too

no they're hated because they promote, support and spread pedophilia
you're lying a lot
those are corrupt people, at least enablers
oh so you mean all those pedocrimes would have remained under the radar if the left hadnt gone full retarded crazy and dangerous
jew lie
it's 2% at most
democracy is communism is judaism
yes and most of them are gay and the gay community protects and enables them because as a rule gay people have been molested by gay pedos which is how they became gay themselves

tldr gtfo faggot


I used to support them, why is it everything went from a slippery downhill straight into a never ending pitfall the moment we allowed the gays loose? Not even our children are safe anymore and I had to pull my kids out of daycare because some naked pervert who was a fucking registered sex offender was allowed a reading to children nearby and the news didn't even bother to inform other parents and the police do nothing. I guess the police like their kids getting raped. Why do I pay taxes? This country is over. Pray God smites it away for good.

You have no credibility whatsoever. You are a lunatic, a pervert and a leftist. You are peak moron.