Alex Jones: Niggers Will Be Killed By Bioweapons

"Thank God, when the bioweapon gets released it's race-specific."

"I don't want to kill black people."

"You don't have to worry about the Africans taking over, they're all going to be deader than door nails."

Do you guys think this report by Alex Jones is real, or that he's playing what (((they))) want us to think by giving us a false sense of security and a false hope that the third world populations that threaten the existence of our race will be exterminated by race-specific bioweapons?

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they dont have these. it was something experimented with years ago, but since the weapons couldnt discern between White and jew Israel stopped trying to develop them

All Jonestein does is lie to his followers. He know that anyone who still listens to him is retarded.

Bioweapons targeting certain races are real. Don't think it's fake just because it's claimed to target niggers.

It's quotidian for PNAC and securing America's defenses. All commercial genetic testing, including at the southern border is provided to the feds for purposes not innocent.

It's just typical conservative republican nigger loving histrionics.

Nice try.

Russia forbid it's genetic property as vendable. It's arrangeable despite use.

Reported for supporting Alex Jonestein.

Alex Faggot is a jew , just need to watch the david duke interview to see how much of a shill he is

So Muslims really do control the Federal Reserve? And the Chicoms run Hollywood?

At this point, I don't there's even a point in converting the remain infocucks like you. The ones with any potential gave up on him long ago. I just hope you decide to drink enough of his penis juice to kill yourself.

A non-dairy or low-fat vejan diet is a bioweapon, Anons. Wake up. So is too much fap and the controls on alcohol. Europeans drink mead and bier every day, as food, not like jews make movies about where fat jews wear roman and greek clothes and defile them with thei jewish behaviour and puke everywhere.

Hasnt sickle cell been a thing for years though? although a nigger targeting bio weapon would be good, but not as good as a jew targeted bioweapon, imagine one day all the "white" people just dropping dead

Bad,but does not mean he lied.
Except for all the times he has, albeit saying it's a certain faction of them and "not all".
Never happened. Kill yourself kike.

Nice meme. They have influence. Being wrong is different from lying.

Must be a Taiwanese or Hongkong retard.

Ha ha what about half breeds they're gonna be okay right g-guise?

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AJ will have a bi-annual event where he names the jew. He’s been doing that for 15 years. So he’s named the jew around 30 times. Some of his jew-naming has been more pointed and direct than others. Better than nothing, I guess. Usually though, he’s covering up and obfuscating hard for the jews. I know his playbook.


this is possible and no i'm not going to post how you engineer a virus. it would fuck over mixed race people too tho.

HIV is technically a bio weapons against niggers. Whether it was from a lab or mother nature just cleaning up trash, it really doesn't matter.

Depends on if the chinks like you or not. After whites have surrendered the world to them they're going to kill all the niggers and shitty people, they tend to like whites so they'll probably let the small amount of us that are left live.

Well, it was created by the CIA for that exact purpose does not have any anti-Jewish quotes, could you please point me to some?


Alex isn't just "wrong", he knows he's lying. First it was the Arabs who controlled Hollywood, now he pretends the Chinese own all the major studies - they don't. He also says Muslims control the Fed, which he knows to be false.

Dig up some pre-Trump Jones. While he was always kosher, he was never this bad, because there were people in his audience without sub-nigger IQs, but now that he's targeting Trumpniggers, who dumber than regular niggers, he gets to have fun with you.

Do you think tranny-lover Jonestein was telling the truth when he said he was told by the White House that the Q LARP was real, and to have Corsi cover it?

He says that it's a "faction" that aren't really jews, and hate Israel and the Talmud.

He won't even admit that it's Israel who's trying to get us into war with Iran now, instead pinning it on the Saudis. He also claims Iran really does have nukes, and even called for their vaporization at one point.

He's a neocohen sodomite.

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Probably to tie into the whole "black people are held down and oppressed by the man" narrative. Same reason they pretend that its white men running the world, controlling the money, media etc.

The bioweapon already exists. It's fried meats, purple drank, and crack. Embrace the spic-nig cycle.

Yeah, the alcohol thing is probably bad advice in this day and age. Unless you are a farmer or something. Drunk driving arrests can just ruin your life even if you were just a few beers deep. Also, the social stigma of drinking every day isn’t something to ignore if you want to meet a decent woman.

Why does he look like bill hicks?

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I don’t think he looks like him all that much. Wayne Gretzky looks more like Princess Diana than Jones looks like Hicks.

he looks extremely similar

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They are not the same person you blind motherfuckers. Spot the difference between their earlobes, noses, cheeks and hairline.

nice try faggot

And here's the typical faceblind schizo.

forehead is different
Alex jones has high and more receding forehead

its not a different forhead, its his hairline thats different, 20+ years can do that to you, when comparing pictures of a younger alex jones with bill hicks around the same time period they look almost identical

sup CIA goon

Tfw the wipe out blacks just to blame it on whites to the rest of the world, to justify their power over us.

Americans are next on the list of faggots that need to be exterminated

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I don't care if Alexberg Jonestein says the fucking sky is blue, what self-respecting Zig Forumsack would actually listen to his shit? If you haven't been jewpilled on this yet, you need to lurk longer. Faggot.
Oh, and gas yourself for good measure

Nu/pol/ is pathetic.



glad you admit your straight up from reddit with that boomer shit

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Implying he didnt have surgery

Maybe Avengers Infinity War was predictive programming

For once he's saying something right but only because it was leaked. The elites don't have a use for niggers because they only exist to be used as useful idiots against whites who are the real threat to them. After that, niggers are next because they are a negative netdrain (as if they aren't now, they are the ONLY race including spics to be a monetary and social net negative) in the globalist new world order. At last, their usefulness will have ended and all niggers will die.

Making a race specific bioweapon against blacks would be the easiest by far, this is genetics 101. It's the other races that are the problem because everyone outside subsaharan africa are closely related.

Niggers are the bioweapons you fool.

if there is any dna targeted bio-weapon it will be towards the white genome



Kek. As if the gene stealing kikes are going to kill themselves.

The elite has been setting up the world for massive global depopulation for years. Maybe it works into the plans of the religious prophesies, call it Armageddon or Judgement day, self-fulfilled or divine, the writing has always been most of humanity will die and a few will be saved. None the saved will be the cursed criminal dark skinned children of Ham.

Anything that could target Europeans would inevitably get Ashkenazim too.

First off, they're called "ethinic-bioweapons". They've been a reality since DNA was discovered.

And the israelis tried to make a race specific bioweapon against Arabs.

They failed to make it because, surprise surprise, jews ARE sandnigger semites so they'd get targeted too. The same outcome applied to bioweapons in which they used to target whites, their ashkenazi population would be eradicated if they attempted to use it.

BUT here's the kicker. The only race specific bioweapon in existence that would not harm jews is ones against blacks. That's it. That's what they'll be using once they get rid of us whites and they're already testing some other methods of nigger genocide just to be sure they can totally eradicate niggers from the planet

I suppose they'll just use chemical weapons on whites next to their nuclear sampson option.

That doesn't include the fact that they're flooding white countries with niggers to make us even easier to kill with their bioweapons once everyone is a subhumanigger mongrel.

Yes. Israel has had DNA targeted bioweapons since sometime around the mid to late 90s. They test them in Africa where no one gives a fuck for deployment against Muds and Nigs in the west.

He videotaped Bohemian Grove. You don't do that unless you are a member…

Commit suicide.

I guess everyone that investigated pizzagate when this board was more than a bunch of 60 year old kike worshippers and 12 year old half/b/tards and actually did shit must be a child raping pedophile then.

He now admits that the "infiltration" was arranged by the jew Jon Ronson for the Channel 4 documentary.

Except that isn't the bio weapon being designed.

Its real alright, he just doesn't realize he's the target. Or rather, he realizes it, but doesn't say it.
Fucking shabbos goy piece of shit.

Stop looking to check these dubs of truth. Africa was doing fine with out us (((whites))) spreading them all over the globe to spread what sweet mother nature had in store for the humble negro. Now the chimps and gorilla must suffer :(

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Yeah im sure they karate chopped all the spooks protecting the place and took some snaps of hillary sacraficing nigger children to moloch rightbefore king spook took shots at them with his death ray

This is the most likely explanation for what they have been doing lately. They surely don't want to keep all those mongrels and niggers once whites are removed.

I hate it when peaceful intelligent gorillas are compared with filthy niggers too.

Even the "Planet of the Apes" comparison, while hilarious, doesn't quite work out, the apes in the movies are smart and have community spirit.

some (((magical))) whites will survive

jewnes is a sensationialism peddler
he admitted on rogan that he cant tell the truth against the jews and israel or they would kill his family
that's all i need to know, although i've been aware of his corruption way before that happened (almost 20 years ago)

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do you have a link to that clip

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touche, but they might put a fail safe to non metaphorically shut it down if it detects one of the many jew only genetic diseases.



niggers are bioweapons.

Paid shill thread left up 8 hours.

Sage and report.

Kill yourself, by the way.

first post best post

Pretty obvious this was going to happen.

Man, why do they have to have it out for whites? Just eliminate the niggers and we can spread out amongst the stars enough to have ethnoplanets.


Everyone look at this. This is a good example of derailing. People come into threads and post silly, tangentially related things that lots of people can't resist replying to. One we're all familiar is the ubiquitous "you're a/X is a Jew" "no, you're a/X is a Jew". Too many don't even seem to realise it's a derailment.Works on the same psychology as clickbait articles. Rise above it.

What does it matter? Jonestein is still koser as fuck.

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"I dont know who that lady is on screen but my God." - AJ

All races other than whites are mongrels, bred from bigfoot, yowie, yeti, and numerous other semi-human creatures. White people is what God created and put on Noah's ark. Pre-flood races were destroyed in the deluge as God said He would do- Genesis 6:12,13. After the deluge, the Canaanites at Sodom and Gomorrha were breeding up the current races we have today by going after strange flesh (semi humans)- Jude verse 7.

There’s been a virtuous person found so far for every targeting gene so far checked.

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Some people in this world aren’t pacifists, and are convinced they know God’s plan well enough to survive a plague, so they want to concentrate resources a little fucking harder. Maybe even so that their eternal future society post-cleansing will be less inclined to violence and rape.

I would never, ever run a system like that. It’s evil, and I believe too strongly in rehabilitation. But I can tell you, the least evil method would involve scouring the world for genes which are not present in any virtuous person whatsoever.

Slo yer roll Casper; first of all, Africans are the most diverse people on the planet; and at the molecular level, you don't have anything you didn't get from us, so if you try to use targeted racial bio weapon on black people, you're gonna take out a whole lot of white people too.

For example, if you target melanocytes, all people except albinos have it in their eyes for visual acuity

Finally, if you try to kill off all the black people, you won't be fighting only black people; you will also be taking on whatever produced black people in the first place?

You feel lucky punk?

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You punks don’t listen any more than the “anti”-theocrats do, with their “not”-holy war concepts.

hey look it's the NIGGER from the out of africa thread
dumb fucking nigger lol

niggers *are* bioweapons, they're used to kill us

You think least evil doesn’t matter, consider the eternal negotiation perspective.