The Iran Islamic Patriarchy was founded on sexual slavery and savage torture of Feminists

Imagine the horror of this sight. 300 naked Iranian leftist women, forced to crawl together on all 4s, like dogs, for hours and hours. Forced to compete with each other, knowing that by being faster than another girl, that girl would get the vagina-kickings. What barbarism. What an awful violation of human rights. Just picture all those whipped brown buttocks quivering in fear and pain from all that cruel abuse.

Its beyond hellish;;doc.view=print

Being forced to submit to Islamic Patriarchy destroyed the very persona of these Atheist Marxist womyn. Imagine a young coed or Women's Studies Professor who has devoted her entire life to Radical Feminism, forced to admit the inferiority of her gender. The Iranian guards were merciless. They would whip the tan buttocks of these Iranian Leftist womyn until their panties were torn to shreds. The lashes would criss cross across their naked breasts and buttocks. This was a barbaric abuse.

We can't support Iran, when it whips the naked buttocks and breasts of Leftist Feminist womyn, in order to force them to submit to Patriarchy. Can you imagine the horror of the entire population of Leftist womyn being put in damp prison cells at the sexual mercy of misogynist thug guards?

I'm not Feminist. But it still pisses me off that idealistic intellectual Feminist philosophy professors reduced to serving ape cavemen Muslim neanderthals like this

I hate seeing intelligent women reduced like that

The Islamic Republic is just an Islamic State that has stayed in power. They were founded on the same principles

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No thanks OP, you either dominate the cunts or the cunts dominate you. Good on Iran for keeping their sluts in check, hope when the muslims finally win out in the end they'll do the same in all their new conquered territory.

The horrific abuses Iran are just too much. They force militant Marxist-Feminist women to marry their captors. They even use the tan buttocks of Iranian Leftist women to sit on, while they are whipping them

From the Report:

certain forms of sexual torture were inflicted on female political prisoners in a widespread manner. Amongst these was verbal abuse inflicted with the intention of reducing female political prisoners to the level of a sexual object, and denying their political identity. Other forms included striking genitals while forcing the inmates to crawl on their hands and feet, sex-based cruelty, cavity search as a means of demoralising the prisoners, and other forms of sexual harassment following release involving both the prisoners and their family members.[4] Many of the women interviewed considered the pain caused by insults to far exceed that of lashing, a serious form of physical torture, as the former questioned their identity as a human being.

female political prisoners reported that inside interrogation and torture chambers, the torturers and interrogators sat on different parts of the their bodies, particularly their buttocks and waists, while lashing them.

Haji Davoud Rahmani,[5] head of Ghezel Hesar prison, and other male prison officials, forcefully kicked female political prisoners between their legs whilst forcing them to crawl on the floor or stand facing the wall. The violent kicks caused heavy bleeding in many of the female prisoners.

Human rights abuses affect us all

Our findings indicate that marrying off female political prisoners in the 1980s, often as a condition to escape execution, was an issue that recurred in a number of prisons across the country and this indicates the systematic nature of this policy. These marriages are thus classified as forced marriages and any sexual relations resulting from them are a form of sexual torture in accordance with the principles of international law. Those who perpetrated these rapes enjoyed impunity as a result of the absolute denial by Iranian officials that there was any wrongdoing in the prisons of the Islamic Republic. Many of the prisoners have experienced it happening to them or their cellmates. Placing pressure on female prisoners to accept the marriage proposal of the interrogator, prison or judicial official ranged in reason from personal vendetta to an effort at controlling the female prisoner even after her release. Based on what was concluded from our interviews with former female political prisoners, pressuring the prisoner to accept marriage was often done by placing marriage as a condition for release or as a guaranteed exemption from torture or execution. On multiple occasions, young female political prisoners, particularly those who had become tavvab[3], who were psychologically pressured in the harsh conditions of the prison, including by interrogation and torture, developed an attraction toward their interrogators.

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How are you both that retarded that you can't see this is completely sarcastic? Please just leave Zig Forums.

As for OP, good thread keep going this is great reading. Like ASMR but words.

How confident can Islamic Republicans be in their politics if this is how they have to win the debate?

Not with words, but by forcing all leftist women in the nation to crawl on all 4s, like dogs, butt naked as their butts are whipped. And then married off into a lifetime of submissive marriage.

Doesn't sound like confidence in Islamic traditionalist ideals.

didn't you post this thread a month ago?

We already "protected the wymyn" in the West, and see how great that turned out :/

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Its no joke

An aspect of Islamic marriage that is often forgotten is that the extreme conservatism of the veil is just a symbol that the woman is owned by one Master and no other Man can enjoy her. Inside the harem or home, her husband is free to fully enjoy her feminine delights in a prefigurement of heaven. For those Iranian guards who took tamed ex-Marxist women as forced slave brides, they were free to indulge in more degeneracy, since these women were considered western marxist whores. The typical attitude towards a Muslim virgin didn't apply to them. And so they were dressed in the most revealing, humiliating slave lingerie inside the home. And the more sadistic guards would delight in showing off their enslaved Leftist women. The Marxist women would further be shamed by being tamed in front of all their former comrades, who were now their sister wives. The guards were legally allowed to take 4 women as wives. And some guards made a point of demonstrating their virility in having 4 Communist brides, to show he could tame uppity Marxist revolutionary womyn.

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The most barbaric thing about Islam is its treatment of women

This thuggish beast would single out glasses-wearing, intellectual, Leftist womyn. He believed that these were the type to be most indoctrinated in Marxist-Feminist ideology. The Womyn's Studies professor types. The womyn who understood and taught the ideology of Marxist-Feminism. And he singled out these intellectual womyn for the most cruel abuse. So that they would go from lecturing coeds on the evils of Patriarchy and Capitalism, to absolute submission to Islamic Patriarchy.

Paid shill telling people to leave pol

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It's women like this that have helped to push the mass migration narrative and accused good people of being racist for wanting to protect their country from this kind of behavior. In my opinion they all deserve to be treated like this.

Persian Leftists advocate mass migration into Iran?

No into the US. Because they are loyal to their men in the only way women know loyalty; respect. This is why they destroy weak men. Females only stop when they have fear they have no internal standards. They are children.

The Islamist Patriarchy accused them of undermining Iranian society on behalf of Socialist Iraq

They were once such tough revolutionary Leftist womyn, wearing camouflage panties under their uniform, fighting Islamic Patriarchy in the desert trenches.

The immediate cause of the massacres was the accusation that Leftists were a 5th column for Baath Iraq. After Sadaam tried to use Leftists in a failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Iran.
After fighting a brutal war against an Iraqi invasion, in which millions were lost, and poison gas was used. From the Iranian State's POV Marxist womyn were the worst kind of traitors.

Poor women. Imagine studying all that Marxism-Feminism in university. Then the evil Shah is gone, its a new dawn of freedom. But then comes the dark times of Islamic Patriarchy. You join with your Marxist-Feminist comrades to make revolution. Maybe the Iraqis even train you to be Feminist Amazon, Red Army soldiers. You put on your uniform and go into battle against Patriarchy. Then you are captured. Endure all that hell in prison. Forced to crawl while they whip your vagina. You can't take the pain anymore and agree to marry one of the Guards. And now you have to endure the rest of your life as a submissive Muslim housewife to a Misogynist Patriarch. That old life as a secular Feminist Revolutionary is like a dream.

This honestly.

saged and reported.


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I think the problem is you faggotry. There is nothing wrong with spreading oyur genes to other races it replaces the chance for the men to do it. Why do you think rape was so common after war?

Being raped and tortured as political prisoner is bad enough. But I can't imagine the hell of these Revolutionary Womyn having to spend the rest of their lives in the beds of their worst enemy, forced to be submissive slaves to Islamic Patriarchy. Forced to call the man who had destroyed all her Egalitarian ideas- Husband and Master. Since polygamy is legal, these poor women would often have to share their shame with their fellow Leftist comrades who would be their sister slave wives in their Husband's household. They would do chores and breastfeeding and childraising together as sister wives.

It is so sad that these Leftist rebels were fighting to overthrow all forms of domination and hierarchy in favor of an egalitarian system; but instead they were forced to spend the rest of their lives enduring the greatest domination and inequality possible under the thumb of their Islamic Patriarchal Husbands as humbled slave wives. The flashbacks to studying Marxism-Feminism in university must have brought these ex-revolutionary womyn nothing but pain.

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Yeah, this is cool and all, but what's with Iran and fucking trannies?

Stealth jew brainwashing?

Now before you get all ideologically polarized.

Its worth pointing out that our John Bolton and Rudy Guiliani attended the party congresses of the Iranian Feminist Revolutionary Organization.

So this is beyond left-right. This is about human rights.'s_Mujahedin_of_Iran

Gee if I didn't know any better, I'd think they were literally Caucasian people who live in a fucking desert.

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I hope every race mixed zogbot that steps foot in Iran gets one between the eyes. Fuck zogbots and glowniggers too. Blow me kike

People don't remember this but the overthrow of the shah was supposed to mean a secular socialist feminist Iran.

And it was only by the sexual torture and enslavement of the Leftist feminist student coed girls who made the revolution that the Islamic Republic we know today was born in blood.

There is nothing worse you can do to a woman than force her to be attracted to her worst enemy against her will.

But that is exactly what these Islamic Misogynists did to Leftist Feminist women.

This is how the Iran Regime treats Feminist Philosophers. It is a new burning of the library of Alexandria

Forced to wear a hijab, and be hidden and invisible to the males of the outside world. Slave lingerie to please the perverse eroticism of her husband and Master. And using Feminist philosophers to iron her lingerie submissively and womanly, to please him.

This is all Islam sees women as good for. And these are the principles Iran is founded on.

I wil turn them into just caucasians in the desert. Don't be a soyboy rape is alpha.

Theres so much anger and hate in the Iranian political climate. Especially with Feminist women it becomes so personal and sexualized. Now you know how far Islamist Misogynists would take it if they actually did have power over Leftist Feminist women. What they actually did do.

All that anger and rage at Leftist Feminist politics, even though the demoness, is now just a helpless bound scared crying girl in her underwear.

Even when Leftist women are helpless, sobbing, bound and naked, all Islam sees is the demons of Communism and Feminism, and the abuse never ends

I know that you are a kike because there are a lot of little boys in that image of 'fuck material'…kys (((user))).

I search "Blue-eyed Iranians" and you see "fuck material" and I'm the kike?

Gas chambers. Go! >>>>>>

According to the article, 2 reasons to force marriage on ex-Leftist womyn would be as a personal vendetta or to keep her under control. A vendetta is a cruel, sadistic reason to marry a woman. You just want to hurt her more for her Leftist Feminist ideals? That is more a slave, than a wife. And marrying a woman to make sure that her Leftism is gone forever and she will be subservient to Patriarchy, is also a cruel reason to marry. How could any man take a wife for these reasons? If they hate these women so much, why do they want to share their bed with them every single night?

But user this is the way females demand to be treated. Especially the feminist types.
females NEED to be submissive, just like men NEED to be dominant. It's not an option.

Stahp! That sounds fucking hot. Of course poor intelligent feminists who shouldn't know their place in the world. Oh no. I bet OP loves Pussy Riot too. Iran sounds like quite a good place actually. I saw a documentary about Iran Unbiased one which does show that Iran is very civilized. Like Europe in the 1910s etc. Oh no I wonder why its so civilized there… Could it be because?

Rick Steves' Iran Documentary

The womun seems to be happy there these days. Hardly any crimes. Yet you piece of shit cannot stop whining about feminist power and how females should be in power and destroy more countries since they act on emotions only.

OP go fuck yourself with a strap on or better yet. Let a big fat black woman fuck you with strapon since thats what you dream about obviously.

then why do they need to use violence?

Because, like I said, that's what they demand. They only respect those who are worth respecting. They are attracted to social status, and so they need to feel inferior to a man to be attracted.

I was raised as a cuck boy like OP. Thinking it was horrible to be firm against women. Since I was brainwashed that way. But since Im adult now much so. I learned as others mentioned you must be firm with Women so they feel submissive which they all seem to love by nature and naturally. How nature works. When I found out about it, it felt so weird and wrong since I was brainwashed like you OP. But it is the best way for females and males to create harmony on earth. Thats why religions were created and had structures and harmonies for thousands of years. Only idiots refuse to understand the logics and adapt, even if brainwashed.

We do not live in some fantasy cute fairy tale world as many of us are raised to believe in western countries. The jews tricked us. Wake the fuck up OP. Look at nature, we are the same. We are part of nature and animals still no matter how much we might dislike it. If we do not adapt with nature and follow and cooperate with it. ALl goes to hell. Which is happening now in the west, because males became too SOFT with females. Even actors like Sean Connery knows that Women needs to be slapped in order to behave when they go out of control.

Sean Connery discusses women

Males became soft on women at end of Roman Empire as well. Look what the fuck happened to it. All history now. Now the female powers (((Jews))) want to destroy one of the last countries on earth that has balance with nature. Fuck off to all faggots who goes against nature. Nature will prevail in end. History shows it.

If women wanted it, they wouldn't need to be brutally beaten and tortured to accept it, they would just say yes freely

How can you say she "wants" it when she is in chains and has no way to say no?

First you talk religion then you mention

What was happening at the end of the Roman Empire? Constantine, the Christianization of Rome. Are you saying Christianity makes men soft to women?

OP. Women loves to be put in place. Even if they don't understand it themselves sometimes. But thats how nature made them and how animals are. It just takes experience and getting to know many girls to understand it. Beyond their fake facade of what they are brainwashed to think. Mostly mature women knows what they want and feel. When they are young and freshly brainwashed they don't understand it that well how good they feel to be subordinate by nature.

That slapping the Iranians did, was NOTHING OP. The girls in reality LOVE it. Only satanics and those who hate girls trick them its a bad thing. Since those who goes against nature want girls to become like boys in West. Thats why more become lesbians, butches and so on.

Statistics also shows that when males are the dominant in relationship they have better sexual life. Since IT is the natural way and aligned with nature.

Theres a huge difference between forceful seduction or 1950s husbands and what Iran does to its feminists turned chained rape slaves

This is something they secretly want, like fags secretly desire to be executed by strong muscular men. It's something of the limbic system, not of the conscious mind. All their bullshit is derived from this, and all of it is to be put forcefully in their place

Maybe some women want that, but you have to understand the personality types of these women, they were militant leftist feminist activists and intellectuals, they were fighting for revolution and radical equality, they were very militant and defiant towards male power.

Their genes want it you fuck. They are unconscious of the fact that they want it. Females don't know what they want that's why they need men to beat them in the right direction. It has nothing to do with hate or malace. It's ruthless but it works.

We're not talking about PUA, BDSM or a traditional husband here. This is kidnapping, slavery and rape by the State

Islamic Sharia law allows rebellious fertile young women to choose marriage to Misogynists rather than execution, under the Medieval theory that their rebellion is just acting out in desire of male dominance and punishment

So of course those Muslim chauvinists used the sexual submission of the Iranian Feminist Left as proof that leftist women secretly grave erotic domination, but those poor women had no choice but death. It proves nothing

So, you prove my point. They desperately needed to be put in their place and their extreme behaviour was due to this imbalance due to lack of male power in their lives.
It's all so commonplace. They crave it like a junkie craves death, or it's simulacrum via heroin.

These women were fighting to take power. Their student marching and protesting brought down the feudal autocracy of the Shah.

If these women had triumphed, instead of being servile slave-wives, they would be part of the ruling politburo of a Socialist Iran. A woman who could have been a Marxist Prime Minister of Iran, is instead meekly serving her patriarchal husband in bed. These Leftist women went from thinking they could overthrow the Islamic Patriarchy, and be the Feminist rulers of a new Socialist State, to not even being able to wear underwear, not given to them by their Patriarchal Husbands. From thinking they could rule a whole country, they now don't even have any power over the bra and panties they wear.

There was a lot of idealism in post-Shah Iran and Iran could have become a radical leftist socialist state

To think the early post-Shah Republic of Iran once welcomed feminist thinkers like Kate Millet

post-Shah Iran welcomed women like this as honored guests, this is the direction Iran could have gone in, had leftist women not been so brutally sexually crushed.

That is why the sexual humiliation of feminists is the true founding of the Islamic Republic

Postmodernists like Foucault were welcomed to Iran

Yes, you are. You fucking faggot.

And still, you mistake the unconscious mind for for the conscious mind, this was their real intention all along, even if they never realized it. Woman is merely a bundle of sentimental nerves wrapped around a womb.

But they successfully brought down the Shah. And if history had swung differently would be leading the nation to radical equality in pantsuits rather than submissively serving their Islamic harem masters in slave lingerie.

You can't say they wanted their fate, if anything it seemed more likely that leftism would win in Iran

They were crazy with lust and knew that what they did would get them their dream of an alpha male who would fuck them into obilvion.

Or they could have become Prime Ministers of a Feminist Iran

If they wanted it, why didn't they submit right away?

why did they act defiant, militant and fearless at first and need to be beaten and tortured into sexual submission?

They chose that as a survival strategy. It's brutal but it works better than ours.

Thats the opposite of saying they want it. Males can be made to accept anything to survive as well

The noose was there if they were ready to die for their conviction.
This is the difference between Feminism and Religion.
And if they weren't willing to die for their conviction and would sooner swell the armies of their enemies than facing the dismal reality of a lost campaign, we should hold contempt for these cowards who think they're fit to rule. And what the fuck were they studying?
The caliphate is made of hard men willing to kill and die for Allah. You want to be a serious political movement, sweetie, you better get used to life without pads.
The crux of Iran's problems is their central role in the region as a black market for everything from fiat to commodities to weapons/drugs. That's why we're watching the theatre in the region now. When you're dealing with that as a government, you don't give a flying shit about how marriages get arranged– just keep having children.
Feminism and Islam are irreconcilable. Maybe you should be posting this on tumblr and reddit instead, where you belong. There you're more likely to spark a conversation about how faggots and feminists can get along with men who pray to Mecca five times a day. Or get censored for Islamophobia. All depends, really.

Islam makes a special exception for fertile young women to avoid execution in submissive marriage where they will be under the male hand

Anyone who says that revolutionary feminist women sexually enjoyed and derived pleasure from being erotically dominated by Muslim misogynists is just spreading Islamic Sharia propaganda.



they want to psychologically break leftist women

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Giving women the ability to vote was the biggest mistake in american history.










































Its horrible how sexually humiliated these leftist women were