Since the kikes are pushing to get the US to go to war for them again and the faggots are getting on even the plebs nerves with pride month this year I figured it would be a good time for some good old memetics.

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Zig Forums really knows how to bring about despair


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++and for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power++

Honk Honkler

What is this reddit spam?

Gas yourself


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Try using asterisk

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You’re right he should have made a big autistic graph that no one would ever care to read. Neck yourself.

Why celebrate war at all?

Why celebrate faggotry, at all?

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I approve but am too tired to make OC right now. Here's some photos for inspiration…

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Oh shit! Forgot about this ghastly trove of a resource…

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good pic with the Israeli flag in the first post

Of course, eventually you must acknowledge that we should not remember the Americans who died in WW1/WW2 as heroes because they were the bad guys. Albeit bad guys with good intentions, just gullible and unprepared for the Jews' lies.

Honestly, like the various Holocaust remembrance days, "Pride Month" is for green niggers, because it's ultimately what their fighting for in their jewish wars.

i can't think of any time the US army were good guys

I dunno, I don't watch to jump to any assumptions about the American revolution, but it's the best possibility that comes to mind.

Confederates were okay in Civil War tho

Who cares the hole world where fighting for captalist jews and did not know why they where fighting


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Im more aiming toward 1) getting leftists to throw a shitfit and 2) instilling some serious cognitive dissonance in plebs to the effect of "What exactly have any of these wars resulted in outside of more faggotry and leftist bullshit"

Whole reason I came up with this meme is because I saw some plebs having a babby tier argument over "one day vs a whole month" and every leftist got absolutely rabid at some random plebs that weren't saying anything the least bit inflammatory.

Couple that with the kikes trying to push us into war again, and the fact that A LOT of people are calling it out for the obvious false flag that it is and you got yourself a perfect time to crafting memetics weapons.

Fuck… empty your mag on this shit..


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Daily reminder faggotry is so dangerous and terrible the US military tried to make a weapon out of it




Anymore horrible pride images? I'm making a collage.

good shit op
keep up the good work
fuck zog but they deserve respect compared to these filthy niggers fucking kids and actual shit.

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Did I see panda peeing on the fag? I feel sick.

Yes you did. And good.

I hope America gets nuked by Russia and N. Korea, and that's coming from someone who lives in this god forsaken shithole.

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Who has the "what are they proud of" picture for me? Phoneposting fag here.

I think zogbots are disgusting as fags. In fact, without zogbots, fags wouldn’t have had a chance.

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Rage is all I feel anymore.
Followed by endless sadness for how these children are being treated.
One day one of them will actualy fit a firehydrant in their ass.
And that will be an accomplishement to them.

hmmm i died for ZOG and the gayplex.

Extremely punchable faggot wearing rainbow dildosuit is definitely the best right frame for this meme here

muh based ZOG soldiers

Nobody fucking cares about zogbots not getting as much time as fags. Do something useful about it. Useless gayops do nothing.


It would be more effective with something like mexicans holding up a 'death to white america' sign.

Not celebrate, you dumbass know-nothing fag, it's to remember their courage and sacrifices.

Don't worry OP. Soon they will tell us how most veterans have always been gay. Especially WW2 vets. Then maybe we can have a gay veterans awareness or something.

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Why haven't more people gone postal on these fags?

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Its no secret they fought for fag marriage and pussy hat parades.

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I hate niggers and beaners as much as you two. but let's not forget why these anti-white soldiers are here in the first place.

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It's been trendy for normies to virtue signal to gays for like 20 years now. Only recently has it been trendy to virtue signal for the sake of pedos. I understand your confusion if you don't keep up with normie media.

what are these memes trying to say
I'm serious

It's "gay pride month". OP is comparing the fact that gays get one whole month of celebration of sodomy while veterans only get one day, being Veteran's Day. Technically you could count memorial day too but they are essentially the same holiday

Quality memes, OP.


Because they are literally life ruiners. Evil scum that will dox you and social media kill you. They can get you fired,shit, put you in jail!

ooooh, okay, thx

Actually in the habening, if the whole world unites to try and subjugate us like they did germany and it looks like we may lose, those nukes are getting launched. Even if only a few, the counter strike will wipe out our enemy hives along with us.

OP here, technically memorial day is only for dead veterans.

any proof that those weird naked people are at a Pride parade, there's no rainbow flags or signs about lgbt, could be anything

quality timestamp & post digits, fren.

user when you walk in the street naked not in a pride parade, you get arrested.

Reverse image search brings up "kids at pride parade" as the most relevant topic for the image. And every link that comes up is faggot related in one way or another.

Why in the hell did I look at that? Morbid curiosity I suppose.

Good goy gore for your viewing enjoyment:
He got his head cut off for censorship. unlimited jewish kvetching, too-big-to-fail economics, and nigger fetishism. What a hero..

Because submissiveness incites a parental defensive instinct.

Fags dress and act a certain way that asserts others as alpha, which then triggers an instinct that causes us monkey people to protect them as though they are our own children, females, or tribal slaves.

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Got banned at a website for being critical of pedophiles.
JustPlainPolitics.com. I called them JustPlainPedophiles and their mods lost it and banned me. Can you guys spread the word about how pedo-friendly they are so we can shame people from going there? They allow any other profane name calling except "pedo". Please excuse my threadjack and I'm sorry I didn't lurk the full 2 years.

Can't wait to watch the veteranfags and the literal fags kill themselves on bestgore !!!

I fucking hope Yellowstone explodes and burns the US to the ground

The first one is fake.

Yeah, no. Another man acting like that only makes me feel disgusted. A grown man shouldn't act like a faggot.


pop-up for lulz

isn't that the faggot in that one pic of a soygoy picking through avocados?

Karmic justice to the subhuman slaves of kikes.

Men are known to see other men crying as disgusting, whereas women are drawn to nurture them - though even they have a notably more disgusted reaction than they would were it another woman or a child. You are a mile off with this shit.

no, maybe faggots believe that, but just like everything else in their case, it's utterly worthless.
it start aggression no matter how they behave in healthy males.
reminder that the general random bloke murder fags when no barriers and limitations are in place.
That's why there is no need to make laws to murder faggots, that's what people naturally do.
instead you got laws that turn those vermins into a protected class.
it has been supposed that the hatred of faggots maybe a defense mechanism that spread in the populace, because engaging in it simply end up reducing diseases and other sort of behaviors typical of those wretched creatures, favoring the spread of faggoticide tendencies.
only unnatural law prevent fags to get dead faster than they would from disease or betrayal.

Oy vey look at my trolling cringe thread for the Stormfags.

Get a load of this faggots cognitive dissonance.
Where the fuck do you live that naked men in the street, "could be anything"?

I have heard that it is a natural retaliation against "toxoplasma gonodii", the virus that infects males after an infected father (iirc) impregnates a female, makes the child 3 cm taller than their age group peers, his face more beautiful as rated by females, and alters his mind to become gay.
This sort of mind alteration and reaction is also seen on all the other beings that "toxoplasma gonodii" infects.

Thanks for the bump, go dilate.

Are you sure that's a (((good goy)))? Or just a random guy?