We lost 4chan

I heard alot of rumors that kikes want 4chan, but I never thought that they will start to clean it so strictly.
I mean, they still allow kike-memes like the happy merchant but when some user shares an actual kike secret-information to the goyim, that guy will get banned, just like I was banned.
Theyre afraid of getting exposed.
-Plus theres more and more pro-kike threads.

Notice that in the ban they didnt provide a link to the post (as a proof) like they usually do.

Thats pretty much the reason why I migrated to Zig Forums, but it feels like the people here are even more redpilled than me.
However, it is just a matter of time until the kikes will attack us too. So, Anons, you should understand that the redpilling time is limited, use it wisely before its too late. redpill as much people as you can.

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You lost 4chan did ya? Get the fuck out of here before I lose my temper.

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So talmud is child porn then?

4chan turned into JewChan eons ago. Not sure why they let Goyim say "silly" stuff until now. Considering Jews got infinite power and owns almost all banks in world. Prints money freely from thin air. Ya, I think we need to understand we must be mobile…

judgement day comes whether people are ready or not

This board is also a shell of its former self. There really isn't anywhere but the super slow boards that are free. This board actually seems to have more astro-turfing than 4, while 4 is just filled with reddit retards.

Pretty much. A majority of CP production is 'financed' by the kikes, after all.

The sad thing is that 4 has better discussion than here.

Were you phone posting? They did that to me before and said I was banned since 2013. Interesting, since I didn't know about 4chan until 2015 and didn't start posting until 2016. I just rebooted my cell and tried again. Everything was fine. Still unsettling to be accused of such a thing though.

thats a self admission to their own "holy book" being child porn

It an IP ban, so they banned the cellular ip address that meny people on your network have used.

it's a containment board.

indeed. this place went to hell before the 2016 US elections, and took a nosedive after a few digging pizzagate threads. Now the IQ level of the average poster is as low as 4chan's, but with less traffic.
Also, don't forget 8ch is owned by a mason. This is also a containment board. """anonymous""" image boards can be astroturfed to hell and back if need be, if you got the mods backing it, it's ogre.

Sometimes ya get good pol threads, other times, it's reddit… And I'm not very knowledgeable on that website (put even I can tell mate, faark)

Ahh well, luckily it was the infinity of 8chans wisdom that I stumbled upon first.

Neinchan was taken down, too.

Jew Watch is down too for 3 weeks now.

But it's going mainstream. Now people speak on mainstream sites about Jews. It didn't exist before.

About a month ago I started getting endless captchas when trying o post to Zig Forums. I decided to stop going there for that reason.

My political views are very right wing, so I think they’re trying to turn it into some kind of leftypol.


You people think you're "Redpilled"

I mean really you have to announce this? "The kikes have taken over 4chan".

Lol 4chan since its INCEPTION has been a containment board, its been a honeypot and its practically owned and operated by the CIA and FBI. The same for this board, reddit, and other major forums.

All of them are owned by them. Thats why its called the "World Wide Web". This was the plan from the very beginning.

But keep calling me a schizo. I've been right all the time. For years I've been telling everyone that the entire internet is a military operation.

Back to 4chan

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Sure, the constant bbc spam makes for great discussion. Do us all a favor and blow your fucking brains out

You can't get banned on 4chan, nigger.

This board has BBC spam too.

Except on 4chan, you can actually discuss without being immediately derailed by muh post count, muh shill, muh ID.

The only difference being that 4chan users and moderation revel in the BBC spam whereas here while the mods may be kikes it is atleast taken down and forbidden from staying up on the catalog. 4chan is a completely different userbase from what it was just five years ago it's an absolute reddit cesspool these days not even good for porn anymore

That's a lie. They were responsible for the global child nudity production before the big internet purge. They shut down all of these to weaponize public hatred against pedophilia so that they could strengthen their copyright laws and bring in draconian censorship laws to get full control over the internet.

While all this was going down the global distribution of child abuse material was running undisturbed, protected by global law enforcement and high ranking interest groups out of Ukraine. For at least 20 years they continuously spreading child abuse material all over the internet, while growing bigger and bigger.

4chan was a containment board, but then it rose to prevalence and so they nuked it. When 4/pol/ was thoroughly natsoc before the election was the only time it was good.

Reported for blog spam.

it's your fucking fault for using cuckchan in the first place. Lurk two more years before posting here

Same here. super slow captchas.

Lol, the locals are wimps, you people lose everything eventually.

You are late to the party faggot , 4fag died like five months ago , who knows maybe even more than that but I wasnt aware of it

Cut off your dick and suck a shotgun, pedo.

They dont have a full control of the internet yet, thats why people are still getting redpilled. for now…

The internet started as a military operation. but it became a product for the normal people, and ((they)) lost control over it, and now they try to bend it over and control it.

The control over the internet is started during Obama times.

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Gee, I fucking wonder…

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It died after the election.

Came here to say this.
I've seen my own comments deleted here. I know what they censor.

kinda this

Where to lurk?
4 was ok before its new owners.

Please sensei, tell us.

Anything that doesn't contribute to the typical Zig Forums feel. You have a constructive, calm idea for dealing with people? Censored. Get back into the pressure cooker with the meme war or Tarrant snapping content.
Pro-Q comments are censored as well.

In other words, solutions are bad. Accelerationism, despair, problems are good

I started using 4chan in 2004. I don't think it was always a CIA project. It got compromised after people began noticing how pervasive its culture was quickly becoming. Remember how before the online "campaign" for Donald Trump there was the failed attempt to do much the same thing with candidate Ron Paul? To this day there are memes floating around featuring Ron Paul, though they have largely faded to obscurity. Simply put, the internet just didn't have the same level of everyday pervasiveness that it does now, and thereby had a lesser influence on real world events. The Trump internet campaign was the second experiment in using the internet as a tool to greatly influence masses of people. What went overlooked by so many was that it didn't matter who won that election. Same shit, different stripes. I could talk a lot more about that, but that's veering off topic.

I've not frequented 4chan since 2011. I remember a friend of mine being surprised that I was familiar with the site back then. Now, everyone and their dog has heard of it. My opinion is that it was closely monitored for a long time, before being seized some years ago. You gotta remember that up until 2000 onwards, most people did not have computers in their homes. And if they did the internet was slow, mostly dial up. So first comes the technology, then the early adopters, and then mass exploitation.

It was a military operation, but they underestimated its potential and it became a loose cannon. Because whatever free place it is, national socialist it will be.

They tried to get back, but more and more technologies would be developed and the funds needed to get control over it became obscene. Until they decided to put a halt in space program. Then the funds became abundant again and censorship followed. I think you can still ride some IRC channels with some semblance of freedom, but as a medium it is somewhat limited. It's been a long time I don't visit it, it might have changed. I'm thinking on actually going back to it.

In 2012 it was already becoming something else.

I've frequented it back in 2006 and it was the best thing that happened to me, even though it had a bitter taste. All good things in life are like this. It isn't just flowers. I came back in 2012 and it was terrible. I discovered Zig Forums sometime later and never looked back.

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Please tell me the solutions, and if it's not armed uprising, better shut up.

That's my point. The only solution on Zig Forums condoned by mods is armed uprising.
Yet nobody seems to point out how obviously impossible that is except disorganized random snaps out of individuals.
For example, I pointed out the success in this video and pointed out how waking up takes a long time, that these people are already damaged, and that they can only handle so much information at once.
I linked that vid and basically made that comment and was deleted from a memewarfare thread. When I rose a stink about it being censored and pointing out what I've just been pointing out about censorship, the whole thread was deleted.

Oh boy, is this another redpill thread?

We have been redpilling for over 10 years now, ever since Obama era.

Motherfucker, it's time for action, no more times to show how crazy the democrats/jews are.

The government was able to successfully manipulate people using the internet around the time of the Ron Paul campaign. Remember how the Arab Spring (Yinon plan) was orchestrated by the CIA using social media? I think the government recognized very early on what potential there was in the internet, and that's why they planted the seeds of google, amazon, youtube, social media, etc decades ago.

SO much glow

Yeah, glowing so much when I call for action instead of another round of applause of demented SJW videos.

We get it, the jews are fucking crazy, better do something about it rather just standing on the sideline laughing, that's NOT a solution.

lol I just pointed out how the mods shape the boards to foment this idea, and you simply shout the idea at me.

Really? Plenty of demented SJWs on the internet and even on this board.

Meanwhile, this board actively decries any real action as false flag or hoax, because that's what it fears at all.


Take your meds.

You didn't watch the video.
She gets questioned, she gets reasoned with. Her SJW shit collapses and she storms off. The sheep supporting her are with her until it starts to sound weird and then they're left kinda confused.
I'm saying waking up takes people time.
Y'all want to shoot the idea into people with literal bullets.
It's a stupid solution, but the mods trim everything else, so that's the loudest thing.
Y'all are the fags on the ferries trying to leave Gotham and none of you want to activate the trigger on the other boat.
How can anyone sit at their comp and say "Yeah we need to rise up" and then nobody rises up.
How is that a fucking solution

Man this video is great, don't listen to kikes. Things like that should be shown to ALL women, so you'll figure out really quick if she is wearing a sheep's clothing. That one wymen is leading them, if she is leading she is the role model. It means they respect those crazy golems and let them do their fight. If someone you know rationalize this kind of bullshit, you know you are dealing with the enemy. Cease contact and stay right the fuck away from it.

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It's been more than 10 fucking years watching SJW videos.

Actually, we train and we plan, and planning targets take years of study. It's not just getting the guns and shoot something.

Also, watching internet videos about demented SJW is NOT a solution. The same redpilled people do the same exact shit as normalfags, they just watch videos rather than doing shit.

This cross chan hate is getting retarded. We need to disseminate the truth anywhere and by any means. Especially to people that are receptive and in places where there are a lot of eyes that haven't seen them yet. 4chan is the closest thing to Zig Forums. They're our little brother that we have to help along.

Everybody is learning.
You download an idea. You run it. You test it. You succeed/fail, keep/drop, and you move on.
You're telling me Zig Forums is a gun training facility where people pick prime shooting targets to lone wolf it into a shoot up a joint…
I thought this was a free speech board which is how the ideas Zig Forums is notorious for were developed.
Instead it's kikery censorship to foment violence.
I'm not saying violence is bad. I'm saying the solutions presented here are bad.

Kikes want you to think the walls are closing in.

Ideas are good, videos are good, waking up is good.

The problem is when you turn redpill into goddamn entertainment where people are busy searching for the next SJW videos to laugh at, instead of learning, getting fit, learning how to shoot, learn who rule you, etc, etc.

And this is an apparent problem because it leads to in-action.

Those solutions are great.
Going full Tarrant or planning for an armed rebellion seem completely stupid to me, and I seem to be getting censored for saying such things.

Well, I think you are stupid for thinking so.

There's no point to your healthy body, your gun skills if you don't use them for something.

If you do it for vanity, congrats, it's really pointless.

I grow out of watching demented SJW videos, it's a big waste of time.

So you're saying the end goal is to shoot up a church of some kind.

The walls are closing in on our ability to influence the public at large. Even if that weren't the case, if we continue to operate as if they aren't then we'd have wasted a lot of time when they actually do close in. We'll always have places where we'll be able to talk to each other, but we're being cut off from the masses.

The end goal is to shoot invaders.

Either you do it now to accelerate the conditions, or you do it later when the society goes to shit, or much later when the state is back in your hands and the enemies are refusing to leave.

You still have to shoot.

And why is this coming from the feds
why are they accelerating this action on our parts

Proof it's coming from the feds?

Feds are scared of pushing the condition.

They want to spread paranoia in order to keep everyone down with the least amount of force applied.

Hey, goyim just stay at home and watch redpilled videos, you are woke, congrats. Now remember to just stay this way, anyone who say you should go out and do things are feds.

t. fed.

You can tell d682ed isn't from around here because he doesn't understand the spacing. Feds and shills want random acts of violence that will ultimately be inconsequential so they can roll out more authoritarian laws and demonize white people, is the answer to your question. They'll never advocate going after politicians or CEO's, but instead say you should go kill a few random shitskins. Basically they want you to attack the symptoms, not the disease, while the disease continues to grow.

Zig Forums is decent

The last thing any of these fuckers want is for us to get off the couch, you glowing nigger.
We're coming for you traitors first.

And again with the spacing.
What's next the post count?
Yeah, because it's bad to demonize white people, it's good for white people to stay put and get genocided.
Shit that is never said.
If the disease is growing, the symptoms can also kill you. This is the analogy used in every muslim thread.

No, that's exactly nothing near what anyone suggests.
We here all know that you fucking kikes can't exist without your precious logical fallacies implanting nonsense into the heads of your enemies.
We know you're tricks here, even if you don't.
You will never stop what's coming. Especially by downplaying it by strawmanning "a few random shit skins" when you know damn well we'll be coming, en masse, to eradicate your entire plague on Humanity.
You can't stop what's coming with this pathetic bullshit, kike.

old news, half ban is for MIGA.

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I got banned a few minutes ago for asking about time travel and the possibility that the government is hiding info from us related to time travel.

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Get info on their mods, but instead of "muh dox", raise funds to pay mercenaries to kill their mods.

I'm not a kike and I'm not saying don't remove shitskins, I'm just saying that (((they))) know that large enough numbers of anons will never go out and do it to make a tangible difference. You get like 1 or 2 guys per decade max who get a decent score, IE Tarrant and Brevik, and Brevik shot white people. Conversely a few highly motivated anons could get a disproportionately high number of oligarchs because there are so few of them, and the next lackey in line would be less likely to step up and shill for the same anti-white shit if he thought he was literally going to get RWDS'd. Politicians who flood white countries with subhumans don't give a shit when things like Christchurch happen, if anything they enjoy it because to them it's divide and conquer. I'm just saying there are more high value targets out there, and large enough numbers of disgruntled anons will never rise up en masse to stem the tide of mud, so if such tactics are going to be effective it's going to have to be going after high value targets, not a bunch of easily replaced rabble. That doesn't make me a kike, just having a strategic, round table discussion. Settle down user, there's room for discussion and variable opinion, doesn't necessarily make you a fuckin jew to have a different strategic point. And if there are any alphabets listening everything said above is only in the context of a Minecraft roleplay server of course.

I got banned for posting about the origin of the term elite and elohim. This is my first post on 8ch 4chan is getting unbearably controlled by shills

I got banned on cuckchan for racism

this is right. they don't stop because they have 0 fear, and it's likely that any names we can even dig up (rothschilds etc) are just front-liners that act as patsies and targets fro the real brains/power who remain nameless. If the entire rothschild, rockefeller, warburg etc big jew lines got executed within the course of a few weeks, they would be shaken

Is everyone in this thread from some big exodus?

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You're a coward, and you speak in absolutes.
This has already rapidly changed beyond your obviously uninformed perspective.
The 1-2 guy who do something per decade, just turned into 5 guys in a year, and that number will also expand as (((they))) keep clamping down on our rights, and attacking us just for existing as White. EVERYONE is waking up, and getting PISSED! We've been dicking around "talking" with enemies who haven't listened for decades. Your way doesn't work, faggot. It never has, it never will. You're also moving your goalposts now as well. I don't like you.
You're either too fucking stupid to see this shit, or you do, and you're here to try and derail this momentum to save your dumb ass.
I'm obviously leaning toward the latter.

no, I just frequently post on /his/ to fight against commies and discuss history

They never told me why I got banned they simply banned all VPN's across the board.

It was gone years ago moshe, go back there.

VPNs have been banned for years
Some of them work though.
I think there is some relations with cookies, how they identify VPNs/proxies

4chan needs to be destroyed. Go look at 4pol, it is overwhelmingly antiwhite, as in nonwhite objectification of white women, nonwhite emasculation of white men, pro-black-on-white assaults, pro-this or that Republicrat politician, etc.

It is arguably one of the most antiwhite websites running today, for it masquerades as something pro-white, but is the exact opposite. It is a worse enemy than Youtube or Twitter, because we all know those sites are antiwhite and they don't hide it.

No, 4chan doesn't need to be ignored. It needs to be actively combated until it is taken offline for good, made to go the way of Krautchan, except unlike Krautchan, no one real will miss 4chan.

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it was already gone dude

Again, settle down, user. I know everyone is pissed, including me. You're misconstruing everything I said. Where did I say we need to talk and dialogue with these people? I said large numbers of anons are never going to rise up in a classic warfare style, so any user planning a Tarrant tier event needs to hit high value targets, not random, replaceables of no consequence. Anti-white politicians don't care if you kill a few replaceable 3rd worlders because 10x more will be brought in next month to replace them, except now there are even more speech and weapons laws to impede any real progress. I hate to be "that fag," but I'm going to be. If I am a coward then where is your glorious, self sacrificing Christchurch moment? Who are these 5 guys in a year you speak of? I mean I know there was Bowers and Earnest, but those guys literally only killed 1 target each and wounded a handful of others. Not effective. The average nigger kills more niggers than that. Now if that same shit with those low numbers had gone down at a social media corporate HQ or state capital building and the targets were a big board room of VIP's it might have mattered. Instead it gets memory holed and nobody knows or cares, nothing changes except more attacks on our rights and more anti-white media propaganda. I'm not trying to move goalposts I'm trying to clarify my point because you seem way to amped up and hypersensitive, and are misunderstanding my point and lashing out at me. Hit the fuckin' gym and burn off some of that anger while bettering yourself for the moment of truth when you'll need it.

I'd agree. It is filled with shitskins.
This place has not been a lot of better since Brenton Tarrant compared to cuckchan. Especially worried about 2020 elections and shills/vols. Vols won't ban obvious Zionist/Anti-White posters here anymore.

Time for alternate boards, maybe 3chan.co/pol/ for starters (Endchan is kiked, ignore it).

What is needed is .onion chan.

Kikes are already attacking this place and though it's not necessarily your fault, 4chan refugees are aiding them simply because 4pol is magatard, alt-kike, and libercuck while 8pol is strict NS. You'll see a lot of kikes here pretending to be oldfags attacking NS or promoting alt-kike (((white nationalism))) and participating in obvious JIDF threads like the AIM threads that keep popping up. tbh this board is already lost but since there's nowhere else to go most anons including myself remain and simply ignore the kike threads.

I was permanently banned for calling Maise Williams ugly on /tv/.

There's no hope for cuckchan. We lost it in 2016

What for? This place has been kike run from the inception.

What makes you say that? I mean sure there will always be constant attacks when it comes to boards like these but at its inception i believe it stood for a good cause even though the mods are kiked now

Because they're obviously ahead of us in all moves.
I remember getting told to "go back to /pol" anytime I made an argument that couldn't be countered. I'd never been to Zig Forums.
Also I was labeled "alt-right" before I knew there was such a thing.

JIDF isn't trying to attack us directly.
We're being datamined and our behavior is analyzed. Our ideas we share are processed and countered in the public sphere.

How can anyone take a site seriously when they have a board called /interracial/ where it's nothing but BBC worship-spam.

Man, I don't want to kike up your argument, but just filter the kike.You are arguing with a JIDF golem. You already pointed out, clearly what was the point and he is larping as a Kike murderer. Even if he was, he would not be putting a target on his back.
Don't bother with kikes user. He is even reddit spacing the shit of his posts(12 replies). He is after you user, watch out!

This. I was appalled by seeing people on chans saying they were literally jews(not to trig libtards). It is like a man in the feminist movement saying he is being discriminated against.

Also this, it is void of people there. But when the censorship comes, there will be no way out. More and more people are learning about other methods of surfing the web and that is for the good. I hope the censorship increases so people become autonomous by force, organic kind of thing.

Everything is fueled by shekels, still you can see people naming the jew on Bigtube, this is recent and it is good. I hope it spreads even more.

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Look at Jim Watkins, for one. Does he look like a gentile?

Does anyone here have that pic of Fredrick Brennan at a computer with a literal jew with a yarmulke behind him?

I like to imagine there was a year or two near the beginning it was pure. I mean yeah, there were problems preceding the post-Gamergate exodus, but I think the CIA/FBI has to actually notice your site and think you are relevant before they infiltrate you, and that's not an instantaneous process. I mean surely during the initial stages of /new/ to Zig Forums they hadn't taken over yet?

This. Accelerate. Never a good revolutionary movement was born without an outside pressure. And we are in dire need of separating the wheat from the chaff.

I got a ban for the same reason when I was pointing out creeps on Youtube to report that were harassing kids. I blocked the kid streamer's name and channel and didn't show any images of the child doing anything controversial. Just a picture that showed it was infact a child streaming, I even blurred her face. The only name I left revealed were the guys telling her in chat to take her cloths off. I was reporting them and asking other anons to do the same. You cannot search someone's history by live stream comments so there is currently no way to get back to the girl's stream, she was in no danger.

Furthermore YouTube said they reviewed the case and found nothing wrong. Honk is banned, Saying HRT for 6 year olds is inappropriate is banned. But telling children to take their cloths off is fine apparently.

Jews need to be gassed.