Japan calls out false flag against Iran


Tanker owner seems to dispute U.S. account of Gulf of Oman attack

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sloppy fucking job zog and pissrael

Gee, I wonder what happened?
Especially with all the poster trying to convince us "IT'S NOT A FALSE FLAG, IT'S REAL"
Hopefully they'll actually get caught red-handed and with video footage so they can't even downplay it.
bump because fuck shills
no actual article link only archive otherwise good enough

also never forget: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavon_Affair

I hate the kikes so much



Failed USS Liberty V2

Watch the US slave state still go to war over this regardless for Kikestan and expect you to believe it.

one of the most laughably bad false flags, everyone is fucking calling this shit out

Everyone here or abroad?

Reminds me of the Cheonan Incident when a worst Korean ship sank, and best Korea got blamed for it, although mostly likely the ship sank due to an accident or an (((Israeli))) submarine.

Can we meme #isrealdrones and #isrealvsiran

did you mean united states of pissrael officials?

Even before Iran disclaimed responsibility for the attacks, I was telling people who brought it up that it was obviously Israel. I mean, how retarded does Israel think everyone is? Israel can't shut up about starting a war with Iran and Iran repeatedly replies that they're not interested. They tried to instigate an insurrection, during which ISIS attacked Iran's OIL PIPELINE that goes through SYRIA. Hmmm, really activates the almonds.

Stupid as it may sound, I still have hope that Trump won't do this. He's no savior, but he at least seems like he doesn't want to go to war. There's been a thousand opportunities for him to start some shit if that's what he wanted to do.

I hope the Iranians kick the ever loving shit out of the mongrel horde that makes up the US military now.

Wow if we hate existing with other countries so much why don't we just glass the earth?

in social media and the MSM even

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It's weird that kike shills never spam muh false flag over actual false flags like this, but only stuff like Tarrant and Earnest.

Unlike the mass shootings, this false flag serve an actual purpose beneficial to the jews.

Israel runs the CIA, CIA has Trumpstein in their pocket. Time to die for Israel, amerifats.

What? Trump betrayed his entire voter base that voted him in like the kike FDR in 1932, and betrayed us all just the same, statistically there's never been more turdskins flowing in to america, even though this lying fucking toad promised he'd send them back to their shitholes.

They may not go to war over this but just wait because their scheming was destroyed and do another false flag instead.

The US has gone to war over less, remember the "WMD's" from the bush administration? LOL

It's so hilarious they think people so fucking stupid, and expect to believe that iran would against a constant global cabaal of warmongering kikes would attack some dumb random ship, it's actually insulting.

Watch them just edit the story now and say "oy vey goyim *chutzpah jew noises* it was missiles after all but IRANIAN missiles".


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I don't think so…that is what niggers are for, it is what they are good at anyway…killing.

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The USA is an OPEN BORDERS nation now.

trmp pls bomb out iran! faster!

Having Bolton around is like hanging around a kid who punches people for no reason and laughs as he does it; nobody is going to fuck with you. Too bad Bolton isn't a Jocko-like figure who knows what war and death are really about. Jocko should be president tbh. He would never send people to die for jewlies. He is a pretty decent scholar, too. I wonder what he knows. Trump won't go to war it will destroy his 2020 shit so maybe after since he cares not about his based "base".

A shotgun with too short of a barrel is a "Weapon of Mass Destruction".

Yutaka Katada, the owner of one of the stricken oil tankers crippled in explosions in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, says the U.S. is wrong about the way the attack was carried out.

Speaking at a press conference in Tokyo on Friday, he contradicted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the U.S. Navy, which released a video that purports to show an Iranian patrol boat removing a limpet mine from the port side of the Kokuka Courageous.

Katada said, according to the Financial Times.

The Japanese ship owner did not say who might be responsible for the attack. Iran has vehemently denied it was involved.

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brevik loves jews, too, so he killed teen pro-palestinian protesters
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Tarrant has nothing with jews and muslims in their countries.

Tarrant has everything against jews and muslim in his country.

Funny how that translates to loving jews, because you kike love a narrative.

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I remember just something like this happening some months ago. That time it was Jordanian or Lebanese journalists filming something. This is 2nd false flag in the last three months by (((Saudis/Israelis)))

You're going to swing, vermin.

which is why he went to another country to kill them.
tarrant was a cia spook bent on optics-ing so ///they/// could ban guns harder


NZ is right next to Aus.
Yeah, if only he didn't do it so that the populace can keep their guns…for nothing.

Kikes love spamming false flag narratives for every times a white man does something.

Guns are for killing politicians and spooks like you.

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The glow is blinding.
It's all so tiresome.

You shit stains are not going to stop, or even hinder what's coming for you by coming here, and doing this bullshit.
All you're really doing is pissing everyone off.
It's coming. You're all going extinct.

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If the damage is above the waterline then the entire narrative is btfo. All "Iranian torpedoes" articles should be archived and consolidated to demonstrate how they were clearly part of a warmongering narrative that goes back even further than the false flag itself.

Tarrant has nothing against jews whatsoever, which is why he agreed to be the patsy for the mossad false flag in Christchurch New Zealand which only resulted in new even stricter laws against the white kiwis which the legal jews implemented immediately after

Niggers aren't "good at killing," they're simply "prone to murdering." Their only successful military application is as cooks and latrine diggers. They don't even make effective cannon fodder.


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One last reply shill, tarrant specifically mentions semitic invaders, jew included.

And there's no point to owning guns if you don't use them, now it's the fucking opportunity.

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yes, most things are just cohencidence.

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A more accurate term would have been
Why is it so hard for people to just ignore and filter off-topic bullshit instead of engaging and perpetuating it? Dilution is the goal of such posters, and all anyone does by responding to them is further that goal. In that sense, every party might as well be a shill to be filtered.

Why would we destroy the Earth? Do you think that would bring us peace? No, BioChem and the slaughter of the subhuman dregs is where it is at. No one but the kikes want slave labor.

which is evidence of misdirection from the ///higher ups/// who claim it was a torpedo unless torpedoes now jump out of the water.

Obviously screaming >these people did this
without any information but the location of the attack is sketchy especially since Americans have done this repeatedly in order to start foreign wars

Bolton is a war mongering kike with ambitions of global "american" dictatorship

No really it doesn't quite work like that

Please take your counter-jihad jewish agent worship back to Pam Geller's Gates of Vienna

The article link is visible in the archive itself. Kill yourself for trying to perpetuate direct links to sites that benefit from clicks and ad revenue.

This is where shilling is now. Mixing "everyone but Zig Forums users who do nothing but complain is a shill" with "if you use a slur for jews you're a jew and you have to say jew to not be a jew". Election-era shills at least kind of tried.

You'll never succeed in sullying Tarrant's good name, muz.

(((Tarrant))) supporters should get a perma ban. Too bad the mods on here are kiked.

The more soldiers they send to die, the better, because they will turn them on our children next. Let all our brave mutt men, women, others die pounding sand like the ignoble niggers they are. They shame their country every day they don't mutiny.

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How does one sully a mossad agents name here on Zig Forums?

Report and filter.

Report and filter.

hello fren, take these (pic related)

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When you try this fucking hard, you glow. It's that fucking simple, you niggers. If you want to be successful shills here, you have to learn the nuances of the board, and your kike handlers aren't going to pay you for the learning curve. So you post the dumbest this with the ignorance, and arrogance that you're pulling one over on us, never able to see yourselves from this perspective.
You're trying to hard in a thread that has nothing to do with Tarrant.
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AND, this attack is just another glowing false flag to start a war with Iran for kikes.
You fuckers have no power here, and you're going to die very soon.
We're sick of your shit.

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no one has ever construed the legal term destructive device to mean weapon of mass destruction
congratulations, you're a retarded pioneer

Flying mines…that is awesome! I wonder what else 'iran' has in store for the US mongrel trash military.

That second pic is completely conclusive. I am sold, it was totally Iran. I can tell from that photo…it's so crisp I can see their DNA from here.

Wasnt the WMDs kvetching also cooked up by those semites up in Tel Aviv and Riyadh?

This is the quality of supposed evidence


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I shouldn't have responded about the false flag spam meme tho my bad.
Is not real.
The jew fears the Samurai.

Zionists at it again. They Hate Iran.


Since 2012, Saudi Arabia and Israel, two enemy states have cooperated in the region to enable the common goal of war with iran. This has been tweeted by official accounts, hastily replaced with a goal of stopping iran's agression. It happens that iran has been trading it's oil for the Yuan with china.

It's on bitches.
Lawrence Wilkerson: I Helped Sell the False Choice of War with Iraq; It’s Happening Again with Iran

Oy Veeeyyy.

Jews prefer Isis to Iran


I was talking about this yesterday, actually. Not on the chans, but irl. I didn't get into how retarded the whole situation is and how gullible someone has to be to believe that Iran actually did this. But the jist of my argument for a false-flag type of deal is that the only thing that would stop a civil war in the US is a new and large-scale OUTSIDE US war, such as a war with Iran, which would be nothing like invading Iraq, especially since nations supporting them are not willing to put up with the American ZOG shit going on any longer. The Jew is scared shitless of a civil war in the US and it's imminent, they're frantically trying to get the war with Iran going so they can keep it from happening for a few years.

Remember kids, filter the tor ID as soon as you enter a thread

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the orange jew does it

No you haven't.

18 U.S.C. 2332a
(2) the term "weapon of mass destruction" means
(A) any destructive device as defined in section 921 of this title;
(B) any weapon that is designed or intended to cause death or serious bodily injury through the release, dissemination, or impact of toxic or poisonous chemicals, or their precursors;
(C) any weapon involving a biological agent, toxin, or vector (as those terms are defined in section 178 of this title); or
(D) any weapon that is designed to release radiation or radioactivity at a level dangerous to human life;

18 U.S.C. 921
(4) The term "destructive device" means-
(A) any explosive, incendiary, or poison gas-
(i) bomb,
(ii) grenade,
(iii) rocket having a propellant charge of more than four ounces,
(iv) missile having an explosive or incendiary charge of more than one-quarter ounce,
(v) mine, or
(vi) device similar to any of the devices described in the preceding clauses;

They are the same fucking thing.

Christmas 2018: Iran and Syria show respect, Israel and Saudi Arabia don't I wonder why?? Oyyyy

The good thing is so many people hate Trump no one would rally to the war cry, pretty much what happened in VZ


Israel is allied with Saudi Arabia. Who both happens to be against Iran.


Consenus Ishrael and Saudi Arabia using (((USA))) to get ends meet. Woah thats new…

I'd have to disagree, this country is so full of boomers, and niggers like Fox news, an outside war would make everyone forget about all the internal problems because they're retarded sheep. For the next 30 fucking years everyone would just blame Iranians for the problem instead of the Jew because we had a bloody war with Iran.

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It doesn't matter what the truth is, the only thing that matters is the narrative. The US (kikes) learned this during WW2 already. Expect RAH RAH rhetoric against Iran to heat up a lot.

This is a good thing, we should want all our personnel concentrated on dying in Iran.

holy fuck, the Jews are going to try and ruin Kokuka Courageous now, and it Japan tries to stop them, my guess is US will nuke Japan and blame it on North Korea and use it as president to invade both nations

sure thing but clearly its no "flying object" and

doesnt matter actually if iran or whomevers forces are pictured or allegedly larped as…
it simply shows that the height provided by steering a boat like this to the position shown makes it perfectly clear how the object most likely got there.
whatever the object was / is, was attached by the method pictured in 2nd pic.
if the iranians have the "mine" in their posession now it wont be long for them to release evidence (pictures) of the mine.
this should show everybody that said object was a forged to "look alike" det charge OR has "property of the u.s. of a, please return to sender" printed on it…
try to imagine all the capabilities the us navy has … would they choose a ultra low flying missile (think about the sea waves and the speed)
would they choose a torpedo
(think about the debris and the huge hole and and and… )
would they use a mini-sub with a small operator team to attach some det-charges below the waterline ( obvious obvious )
or could this be a clumsy op by the islamic revolugionary guard punching some holes in someone-unrelated's oil tanker to dtop the oil price a little bit and to gain some pity by all the cucked USA-haters out there ?

i personally could not care less
heck i dont even know why i am posting this crap here … possibly programmed to do so… anyways
if it was for me they could end this honked shitshow called civilization right now. release all the nukes and dont spare one mile² of soil.
but this will never happen
life is hell

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You're trying really hard to get people to believe this shit but it's not going to work.

surveillance drones
recorded a video for internal propaganda

so an m67 is a weapon of mass destruction?

No one is going to believe the US anymore. No one.
This country is falling apart at the seems and Trump despite his best best boy intentions is a hell of an accelerator.

iranofag-believer you?

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Yes. I believe Iran, Japan, the owner of the ship, the crew of the ship, and the evidence more than I believe israel.
BTW (((you'll))) never be white.

how does the navy have a decent quality color photo of the mine still attached and then a shitty monochrome video of "iranians" removing the mine?
what the fuck

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