White men who cant get a white woman should bleach a good looking brown girl

If you cant get a white girl then take one from the brown boys. All white men and women should be breeding. White women should only have white children. But not all white men can find a good white girl.
In the old days it was called war booty. You go somewhere, kill all the men and ugly women.
Then breed the pretty ones.
Bleach the planet.

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Hello owen benjamin

If you miscegnate, you'll get a confused and mentally ill "supleme genterman"

And then your mocha latte children end up fucking niggers and give you le epic 25%

Race-traitors get a traitor's death.

Is his girl black?

Just like chopping off my penis makes me a pretty, hairy, 30 year old loli?

This board is just 4chan now in all the worst ways.

Not a race traitor myself. Just thinking about all the losers on this board with no women at all.
Thinking about how white men did this in the past and created the upper class of more than one civilization.
Guys who breed win.

sage and reported

This is a moderator thread. You're reporting them to themselves. Its dumb.

Go back to 4chan bud. Race-mixing just produces mongrels to compete with Whites and who wind up being the nastiest opposition. You know as much.
This is a thread made by a subversive moderator trying to turn this board into 4chan, and you've largely succeeded.

How can you tell it's a mod? Or just assuming based on content?

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This isn't subversive. Attila did it. History says he was a white guy. This is an Aryan war tactic. Kill all the men, rape all the women. Destroy their genes with ours. Subjugate the planet. Not with niggers or jews though. Just brown and yellow.

piss off steppe nigger

I'm not a mod. I'm a lurker. Y'all like Asian girls already. Why are y'all getting mad. I'm advocating for white men who are undesirable to white women to fuck up the gene pool for non whites. They do it to us. Why not do it back?

Stick awhile and you'll learn to spot them.

You know its subversive. You aren't conquering anything, nor promoting such, you are promoting further dilution and nothing more. You are not subjugating the planet, nor promoting such, you are doing a 4chan race-mixing thread and urging White men to make with non-Whites.
You are a moderator and thats why your threads never get deleted, nor do you ever get banned.

Not a steppe nigger myself but Attila had red hair and blue eyes. White people used to rule the planet. Almost all non white people have our DNA in them because we conquered everything. Time to do it again.


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The moderation staff has bee compromised. Thats why raids are constant and unmoderated.

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NOT Zig Forums

I haven't made a thread in several months. I don't even know if my old stuff is deleted and I don't really care. I'm not promoting race mixing on a large scale. I'm promoting it to losers who cant find a decent white woman.

You are a moderator and this is a moderator thread.
You are not promoting anything but further dilution, which is an intensely subversive act.

How is it further diluting the race if only men do it? Women are the ones who absorb DNA. A white man can pump and dump countless times and still make pure white kids someday with a white wife.
Dilute their races. Dilute their women. Cuck them.

I am not here to discuss with you.
You know what you're doing is subversive promotion of dilution. We've been over the absence of benefit.
You are a moderator and this isna moderator thread.