The mother of Owen Benjamins father was a Jewess from a banking family. Who converted to Catholicism

The mother of Owen Benjamins father was a Jewess from a banking family. Who converted to Catholicism. . . . . . . .
It makes sense now why JewTube is not banning their own guy. His genetic bloodline comes from a jewish banking family.

"As to your case, because your mother is Jewish, you would be considered Jewish according to halacha (Jewish law), and so by all Jews (unless you openly declared otherwise). If you consider yourself a Christian, say, and act accordingly, then you would be considered a Christian by Reform, but still Jewish by Orthodox standards."

His father was 100% jewish by orthodox jew standards. This Owen got his jewish banking bloodlines 100% intact.Since he's only the first child from his jewish father to become non jew.

Also makes sense why he says some good truth and good things and then try to divert the truth with 50% of his talks. Making the goyim believe in the diversions since the truth talk sounded so good, while the rest of the lies must be true as well according to the goyim ears. The hive mind and blood of the jew controls and influence his mind.

Goyim tricked again. This time by a guy with connection to the jewish banking families. It never ends.

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Who gives a shit about that faggot

According to his friends, he doesn't even really hate kikes.

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We already know. Is he guilty of his grandfather‘s sins? Focus on real enemies.

A jew is a jew.

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But he is not jew. Even if he was, don't we have enough kikes in banks, media and politics to fight? Why bother with him? You have Kushner in White House. Talk shit about him.

He's less than 1/4 Jew if I remember correctly. 3 out of 4 ain't bad. We don't got many soldiers out there on the front lines of the culture war like Owen. He's )))our guy(((

Indeed. Tim Wise is only 1/4 jew and he is most certainly /ourguy/ too!

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Pretty sure Tiny Tim is actually half kike.

Is it weird that Zig Forums only attacks the jew or half-jew on the right, but never the jews on the left?

Nope. He has a single jewish paternal grandparent, as does Rachel Maddow. And only John Bolton's paternal great-grandfather was jewish, yet he behaves as if he was 125% jewish.

Are there ever people here shilling about how "BASED" left-wing jews are, and how, despite their jewish ancestry, they're really gentiles?

Owen Benjamin has always been honest and upfront about his Jewish roots. I don't see what your point is. Why do you act like it is some big revelation? He isn't even a subject of discussion here just another e-celeb. Everybody knows. You seem to be some kind of sensastiolist faggot. / Kindly kys.


Yes, see that Cortez bitch. Plenty of BASTE threads on her.

Make no sense, BOTH of these mosquito suck on your blood.

Again, muslims and their shitty analogy.

Also, Maduro.

Literally jew, got shilled on here because he "rejected jewish identity".

There are occasionally bait threads about her (another jew, by the way), but no serious push like with Oven Benjamin

Oh, you're jewish too. That makes sense.

No, because ZOG and the jewish neocons want war with Venezuela.

I know I'm just a driveby one sentence faggot (1) but I gotta say, I never liked Owen Benjamin, he reeks of establishment, and only low-IQ people listen to him.

The jews on the left don't pretend to be on our side.

Wow, I am jew now, why? See, baste leftist jew.

And AOC was pushed more than Owen.

Muslim pretend these leftist jews are on our side because they are anti-zionist.

Again, there were bait threads that gained no traction, while people who are supposedly jew-wise embraced Owen Benjamin.

When it's really all the BASED right-wing jews like Oven that are on our side, right?

I do not believe you, to this day people here still think AOC is baste due to anti-zionism.
Well, are they?

Hitler employed mischling.

There are no good jews. Not Oven, not AOC, and certainly not you.

He truly does. I got tricked by him for a second when he talked truth about spielberg, but his obsession with butts threw me off; he pretends to be anti fag when he's a fag himself (the bear thing too. Fuck me should that be obvious to everyone). He's repetitive and talks like a retard most of the time.

Don't get fooled.

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I am not a jew.

Meanwhile, Hitler employed mischling.

He was always honest about that. If you want to call him out then do it about the one lie he can't get out of. He says he was a WWII history mayor, who interviewed "holocaust" survivor and that he read over 100 books on the topic…yet he claims to not have read Mein Kampf. All his "false" claims about Germany, Hitler and WWII are based on him not reading Hitler's book, which makes absolutely no sense for a guy like him.

He spoke about the khazarian angle, he goes hard at hollywood pedos, he calls out the jews in politics, entertainment, education, banking, he brought up kikes, synagogue of satan, parasites, jews are the enemy of all humanity, bolsheviks, communists, he had E. Michael Jones on multiple times, he calls out all jewish tricks of subversion, attacks the liars on the left and right, completely dismantled the jewish identity, quoted and denounced the talmud, calls out israel for warmongering, talks about bilderberg, rothschild, Saudi Arabia, ridiculed the holocaust like nobody before etc.

The only reason why Owen, E. Michael Jones and Farrakhan are not dead is because they are useful to the jews, because they sell (deliberately or not) the jewish suicide doctrines to the masses in form of the abrahamic religions. And for that they are allowed to go down the anti-semitism route.

So be aware of this when you listen to Owen. He is a wealth of knowledge, a truth speaker and a role model, but he's selling Christianity and that's a jewish death trap. Do not fall for it.

Yes, we all know Hitler was too nice to your people.

It is not my people.

And the mischling did not betray Hitler.

Yep. Definitely a totally genuine, organic e-celeb who just happens to simultaneously attract and control members of the dissident right while also powerfully turning off normies. Am I right, (((my fellow Whites)))?

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No, they don't ban him because he looks like an insane retard to anyone with an IQ over 80.


He's also a mason, so yeah establishment.
Always take note of the background that these e-celebs chose to film themselves in front of.
I assume it's a message to the others to help their narrative and protect them from exposure.

Nah, he's the real deal, but he also has a massive ego, which gives him character, but at the same time alienates lots of listeners. His intelligence is also undisputed, because his mind operates extremely fast. When you listen to him for while you will recognize that he's so far ahead with his thoughts, that he loses the main context on occasion and has to ask his audience what he was talking about (which also keeps his listeners on their feet). It's also adorable how autistic he is about ideas he caught.

I guess I'm a (2) now. I would like to retract two commas from my last reply. Personally I think Owen is an attention whore that will say/do anything for money. That alone makes him untrustworthy. Less than 1/100 things he says is unique/informative. He merely parrots others for views like a good little whore. While I am on the subject, I would like to add that within the last month I have lost trust in Way of the World as well as VertigoPolitix and Devon Stack of Black Pilled. Owen never earned my attention from the get-go.

Sadly WotW, VPX and Black Pilled are likely controlled opposition. They tell us what we want to hear (over and over 100 different ways) while providing no meaningful direction. They are monetizing our rage clicks. It's the same with the YouTubers that make clown world compilations. If you've watched 10 videos from WotW and/or VPX you've seen them all. They just raise your blood pressure while you go back to your daily life, impotent towards meaningful change.

The truth is, we need a leader. Someone highly intelligent, social, well-connected and well-funded needs to decide to risk their life to lead the west to a better tomorrow. Many that check 8pol and related YouTube and BitChute videos would follow the right individual. Alone we are not making the right kind of progress. Many are too stupid and are easily misled. This is why we need a leader. These accelerationist individuals are not taking us in the right direction and normies will never support suicide bombing synagogues and mosques (and related tactics). I would try to be that person myself but my degenerate past would eventually catch up with me if I entered the public eye.

Bullshit accusation.

user, we literally watched him build his entire property from scratch. He makes no secret that he lives in Washington and his address was also leaked a couple of times.

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No it isn't.

So what? I literally watched jews fly drone planes into two towers and make 3 buildings fall down after planning it since the 70's. What does abandoning Hollywood and becoming paid more filming yourself on the internet prove?
That his game is leading nationalists, and generally jew aware people to not unite against the impostor but to separate and be innawoods.

some quotes from

At least you posted sources. These only affirm he is a brainlet troll.

are you trolling? What is there to discuss, such traitors are to be monitored, added to lists, and gassed when the time comes, there is nothing TO discuss about them outside of this scope.

Traitors or enemies trying to squirm into the movement are always

*always the biggest threat, after jewish assassins.

OP is a kike shill, owen wouldn't even have been considered a second degree Mischleng because his grandmother converted to Christian (sincerely)

Without youtube money? Without paypal? Without sponsors? user, his fans literally send him cash in letters to support him. Meanwhile all the eceleb trash he calls out get millions in endorsements.

There is no other public truth teller like him out there. I mean he's a shitty comedian and his piano skills are hit & miss, but he's talking for hours every day on all kinds of topics.

His viewer count gets slashed by the thousands from jewtube all the time, same with fucking with his connection. Also, tell us any other entertaining e-celeb that calls out the jews?

More like opportunist riding the outrage train. Owen is different tho.

Never gonna happen. Hitler was the last. There will never be a public leader for whites, while the jews are in charge. We might get a warrior tho, but chances are that he gets killed before the rest realizes his potential.


Nope. He promotes family and procreation over all. He promotes armed defense. He promotes getting to know and working together with your neighborhood. He promotes having kill-lists. he promotes not falling for jewish deception. He promotes self sustainability in the realms of law. He promotes standing up for others and speaking the truth.

He always said that he doesn't want to be a leader, and that he doesn't want anything to do with politics. What he's doing is getting the hell out of the line of fire, getting others to do the same, and trying to build up an alternative. The danger with him is only in Christianity, the rest is as valuable as it gets from the mainstream perspective.

LEGEND. The fact that those beasts made a wiki page out of his livestream statements proves all his points.

He always felt like a gatekeeper.



Is that it? All your ammunition and accusations gone? Only attacking the messenger left? What a rhetoric genius you are.

Nope. I called him out since the beginning, but unlike you I call him out for real shit and not baseless accusations. Still waiting for his ties to the masons btw.

According to this site, he has no jew ancestry.

Anybody issuing commentary on a hot topic matter is a gatekeeper and guiding the conversation.
It's famefagging.


He says he used to like Hitler until he found out the guy didn't actually kill 6 million Jews.

Shills and anons.
Would you kindly point out anything anti white he has done.
Has he ever refused to spotlight Jewish lies and crimes?
Did he ever attempt to deceive people about anything or is he hiding something about himself or others.
Livestreams almost daily with live chat that he actively interacts with. Banned from paypal and youtube monetization. Reads letters sent to him with small cash donations compared to the 50k$/gig he used to make back when he was welcome in hollywood.

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If it acts like a Jew and talks like a Jew…

They don't offer any meaningfull direction because nobody know it. I am n Zig Forums for 5 years and nobody posted any solution. We know lot about problem but we don't have any real solution.

If dudes like Owen and BlackPilled are ot good enough for you, you can give up right now.

I get bad vibes from Owen Benjamin. I dont' trust him. However, sometimes he says good stuff so I guess hes useful for at least getting normal fags to ask some questions.

Reminder this dumb faggot lives at 13321 Wallace Rd SE
Olalla WA 98359-8422 send him a bunch of globes.

oh, snap

Horseshit. I've never watched a video from them that didn't enlighten me. They've always reconfirmed me that National Socialism is the correct path.

I appreciate your honesty. You aren't wrong. I haven't given up on Black Pilled yet, but I am concerned.

It's all a true man show isn't it?

Black Pilled knows the solution. Watch his videos. Hes constantly hinting at violence.

Nigger, I download from some stupid filehoster with an IP limit, that's why I disconnect all the time. Don't get your panties wet and judge what I write, not my "hezbollah goat hair trimming" forum ID.

Then please explain why JooTube removed his monetization and PayPal banned him (after walking away from a Challawood career), now people literally have to send him checks/cash in the mail.

Next you'll be telling us Brother Nathanial is protected b/c he used to be a Jew b/f he converted to Christian Orthodox.

Or the various Jews who have turned on and oppose (((the tribe))), e.g. Henry Makow and related yid vid.

user wonders if OP has an unstated agenda…

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I think you misunderstood me. Their videos are indeed enlightening. However once you're full gas the bikes race car now, you can't exactly grow past that point without action beyond prepping. The videos lull you into false complacency because you imagine yourself being a productive by coming home from work and educating yourself. Really you will forget many of the details in the videos within 18 months and you're still coming home watching videos. Your sentiments will remain, but the details in the videos are unimportant in the grand scheme. Winning this war is what matters. Sharing the videos with as many normies as possible is as good as it gets.

He is indeed. However he recently confessed to writing content for Black Pidgeon Speaks (and has previously confessed to being a propagandist for the enemy). BPS has been proven to be controlled opposition, hence my concern about Devon. I have faith as he hasn't said anything wrong yet, but I am watching closely.

Then link your replies together so others can follow your train of thought, retard.
I would like to remind everyone this is the average Owen Benjamin viewer.

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Hispanics are white though, they just come in all types of tan… from white honey tan to Iraqi oil tan. #MAGAwithDACA

Lol your point is easily refuted. I'll take
Jones is a proven Zio-shill and was the first to go. Let us ponder why they banned Alex. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I said don't get your panties wet and judge what I write. Do I really have to put "instead" at the end for you to get what I'm saying? Anyway, where is the proof for your mason claim?

No, that's a faulty comparison fallacy. Stop posting here and finish your fucking GED Moishe.

I forgot to mention that WotW recently came out in support of Tulsi Gabbard. She is for gun control, reparation, mass immigration, and is a brown democrat. That should be all you need to determine WotW is controlled opposition.

Apocalyptic race war is nice scenario. Point is how to get there. NSDAP had support of German army after WW1. We don't that yet. Europe or America. Boomer generation is obstacle that need to die out. Before that we can only keep flame alive. It is not bad enough to force people to do something.Saint Tarrant tried to start fir but we are not there yet. Best advice is start your own family and dodge debt and jewish degeneracy.

We will never get proof, so we must make deductions and inferences. Watch what you want, dude. I believe Owen Benjamin to be establishment, and I am free to warn other anons of my deductions.

If I were to believe you and start listening to Owen now, I would turn it off anyway because listening to his nigger-brain rants is not appealing to me regardless of "what side he stands on."

(12) is enough for me. I really got sucked in trying to bring reason to this topic. God bless, all.

He is a jew you numbskull, he even admitted it himself

Everytime i get on pol it doesnt take long to remember why i leave for weeks at a time. You fags think jews are the end all be all of evil. are jews terrible? yes. but they aren't the grand masters of evil you dipshits make them out to be. the only thing with thousand year conspiracies is satan. jews are satans useful idiots. they do the vast majority of their wickedness for selfish reasons(power, gold, sex). And i will surley be called a shill or enemy agent for typing these things, but the true shills and enemies here are the ones that constintly shit on jesus and christianity. "jesus is a jew" "it's a jew lie to enslave white men" blah blah blah. You faggots need to read the bible. Christianity gives us tools to deal with the devil( and his (((agents))))'s tricks and tempations. Christcucks, yeah those crusaders were such cuck bitches. the inquisitors rooting out sodomy and occultist in spain, bunch cucks. Christian settlers wiping out the native hordes in america, cuck pussies. Christians that started as a small cult in the desert and came to conquer rome, europe and the all of the known world, bunch cuck losers. Where are you'r gods? the spirit of the trees? Odin? your goblins and fairies? it's abunch dnd bullshit. there is a reason Christianity took over Europe. It had nothing to do with jews or power it's truth. Christianity is protect by the sword but spread through the word. I like hitler, i like nationalist of any stripe. but the nazi's started losing when the turned on christ and started with their gay occult shit. So go ahead and slam Jesus. keep pedaling doomed pan nationalist movements like WN. keep on with your pegan larping and your "i fucking love science" athieism. Because mascuine christianity is making a big comeback. Poland, Russia, and Brazil are just the start. We out breed you, we are stronger both phyisically and mentally and we have truth on our side. You lot will be rooted out with the jews, sodomites and the other enemies of Christ. Jesus first came as a lamb but will return as a lion.

And that's why Christianity is suicide religion.

I'd like to add that I was right the first time when I said all you've got (referring to things you called Owen out for) is his support of Christianity. The reply you linked to (under different sig) was redundant. Yet again you prove yourself to be a brainlet Owen viewer.

you don't get it dude. and that's fine. keep being a pawn. but just ask yourself why is it that Christianity has been so targeted? if it was this epic black pill to control the goyium then why do they need to demonize it and pervert it? has the church been overtaken by sodomy and evil? sure. I'm not in favor of that. I follow Christ and the word not a preacher or a pope. and that is why me and people like me will be the only thing that saves our people. while people like you are jerking off and shit posting. I'm raising my five children, and building my community.

How is his "Mein Kampf" lie redundant? He lived in the Czech Republic while studying WWII, he visited the camps, he interviewed "survivors", he proclaimed to have read a hundred books on that topic…but not Hitler? With an IQ of 140? He also ditched "the greatest story never told" after 10 minutes and said it's too pro Hitler propaganda. How does that make any sense? Meanwhile he dishes out against Hitler, against Germany, and tries to weasel himself out of the WWII topic, because it's "too confusing to see through".

He read Hitler, he knows what israel represents, he knows what the "holocaust" is covering up…and he lies about it.

Kikes, leftists, muslims, new-agers, satanists, atheists, sodomites, and degenerates are easy to detect. They all scurry like demon infested vermin at the mention of Jesus' name.

Forgot this. Sage for double post.

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The concept of a deity is based on unconditional believe. In nature believe is always followed by curiosity, which leads to knowledge. Therefore the concept of unconditional believe is against the laws of nature, which makes it a lie.

A control mechanism designed to exchange the laws of nature with the laws of men. The concept of god acts as a roadblock to prevent the natural seeking of knowledge and instead replaces it with unquestionable believe. All the achievements of nature were also attributed to god, who's unquestionable…convenient isn't it?

A weaponized term designed to catch everyone who didn't fall for religious indoctrination in a rhetorical trap. Accepting those terms means accepting that you are a non believer, which translates to be against religion. So you accept religion, but took a stand against it…that makes it a weapon for the believers who now have an enemy.

The old testament was a fantasy to give criminal jews a holy status and the protection of their own made up deity., while being a self destructive doctrine for the gentiles, Jesus Christ was a false flag for the jews to get out of the self destructive doctrine. The new testament is perfectly designed suicide doctrine for gentiles.

"How the few control the many"

1. Ownership - Guy has an apple, another wants it. Conflict happens.
2. Leadership - I'm the boss, gimme that apple. Conflict happens.
3. Laws - You must give me that apple for this is how it's meant to be. Conflict happens.
4. Law enforcement - Gimme that apple by law or these guys will kick your ass. Conflict happens.

At this stage the violent response towards the one seeking control of the other was forced back as far as possible, but the huge size of civilizations still created too much collateral damage of slaves defending their goods. So the question was raised "how can we make them "believe" to give us their shit for free?

5. Religion - the deity speaketh "share those riches for free and in return you get as many empty promises as you want"

This is where natural law took over and created a circle. To catch all the non believer the controllers created mantle terms like atheist or infidel, thereby making everyone defined by not being followers of a doctrine. Fast forward and thousands of years of religious indoctrination have crept into the subconscious structure of everyone, and the atheists are now naturally longing for the same natural traits of (blind)faith and morality, but unlike the believer they don't have anything to direct it towards. In comes capitalism/materialism/idolatry/ symbolism, and with that the atheists became the most fundamentalist group of worshipers of them all. Materialism/hedonism over everything.

6. Materialism - The hedonistic way of attributing worth to items aka Ownership. And the circle is back at the beginning.

Whether he's a paid shill, kike, covert leftist, or misguided faggot… one thing we can all agree on is his low IQ.

Disprove any one of my points.

is the prime-driver of Wester excellence, and accomplishment. Especially once comparing all other NON WHITE Christian countries to Europe and the U.S.
FTFY, cuck.

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My only regret in this thread is replying to you so many times and calling you names. Your ideas are so paper thin it is boring for me to try to reason with you. Forgive me for being lazy, it is simply not worth the effort as you are so lost. I don't wish to spend my Sunday trying to convince you when you don't have eyes to see or ears to hear.

I should have listened to the scripture I myself quoted earlier.

He can't. None of them can.
Just look at the arrogant back peddling, and gaslighting.

Christianity is dead, and this asshole knows it.

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That is way more than unconditionally accepting the story a jew told you.

On the flip side, it gets easier to drive them into a rhetorical corner.

Tell me when christians stop feeding Africa, supporting Israel and welcoming invaders. I can respect story about Jesus but christiany is different beast.

Christianity is alive and well. You are posting under different IDs. Your misspellings give you away. English is clearly not your native language.

Show me how belief leads to curiosity in nature. What does a cat believe in that give it curiosity? You just stated that belief leads to knowledge.

You claimed belief leads to knowledge, then claimed that unconditional belief is against the laws of nature. You pile one non-sequitur on top of another. Why would I waste my time going further with this nonsense rambling?

Look it's not my job to save you queers. I just get bugged by all the jesus hate on here. and it's sinful for me to act on it. no one is perfect. But I can assure you that Christ is the only way to save our people. and i don't believe in Jesus or Christianity. I KNOW it. I was a faggy athesit that became a faggy occultist that found Christ and i can definitively say that there is much more to the world then the material. If you don't care and you want a life of hedonism and lies, fine, cool. Its not my job to save you. But if you want truth, you want a life of meaning, you want the good then all you have to do is be open to Christ. the thing that turned me from a pagen occultist to a follower of Christ is this. If you sencerialy look for the truth and you're open to the truth you'll find it. And you can look at this issue this way, If i'm wrong and you lot are right then i still have neighbors i trust, a large family to carry on my name, and a philosophy of life that brings me joy and guidance.

That explains why he has a verified YouTube account that is never messed with. Same with Brother Nathaniel.

Jesus is cool - Christianity is not. Jesus will make an excellent addition to the Old Gods - perhaps he was an Incarnation of Vishnu - but we don't need Christianity to accept the wisdom of Christ's teachings.

So, now you're just going to invent shit so you don't actually have to debate in good faith, and with logic intelligence?
How very Christian of you.
Almost EXACTLY the way the fucking jews "argue". Almost as if Christianity is a kike invention to train you to be an ignorant, arrogant shit, who can't back your bullshit with actual rational thought.
Fuck off, nigger.
Christianity died with Christ.
The rest of you are retarded, brainwashed, kike LARPers, selling out Aryan Nations for a ticket into (((the Magick After-Party))).

I didn't hire you. Being a retarded faggot isn't your "job", you dumb nigger. I didn't bother reading beyond that arrogant statement because all you idiots are the fucking same.
Fuck you, and your kike fantasy, you easily manipulated idiot.
Hey, I'll save you instead.
Science has now proven that DNA has a memory. Humans have an ANCESTRAL BLOOD MEMORY!
A dead, Desert Slave Cult Campfire Tale does not speak to Aryans.
I will never follow that destructive bullshit.
Fuck you, you blind Synagogue of Satan minion.

That mean everyone who is still on youtube is jew or controled opposition.

It sounds like your issue is with churches that have been subverted not Christianity. don't be fooled by the bs form of Christianity pushed on people. read the bible for your self (specificaly the NT, the OT is a bit too D&D for most and the NT gives you all you need). as long as your not retarded you'll see the truth in it.

No stupid, he is only a Jew if his MOTHER is Jewish. His father doesn't matter. Didn't you even read what you quoted?