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Hilarious. How good is "mexicans are coming out of sewers" videos for propaganda?

top kek lad. Well done.


At least one of the Trump family knows about walls.

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What the fuck happened? She wasn't that fat two years ago

Why? Because she became one herself?
I don't get it.

I mean she was always an ugly pig nosed kike, but she really ballooned up hard. No wonder Trump hides her.

Its a joke on the phrase "hit the wall". Its a /fit/ meme.

So this is the power of crypto-kike genes


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(why) would you construct a tunnel from Mexico to El Paso that merges to the sewer which exits onto a busy road, as opposed to somewhere else less obvious?


I need to dig the GPS cordinates

Easy enough to bolt them or weld them closed for safety.


Was this a trick question?

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The idea is they followed a storm drain all the way in. Place mines at the exits to the drain. Pipes will remain clear.

Not a all. Just curious given that our shitskins travel in by boats in broad daylight.
We also have the white niggers walking in in their millions.
Your guys seem rather theatrical and Hollywoodesq - (((exotic))).

That fat could be used to nourish an Aryan baby in the womb and through breastfeeding. Then her entire life would come into focus and she'd stop being adrift in a haze of food, booze and anxiety driven dildo sessions.
She needs preggo now!

The Aryan man will find new ways to travel unconstrained. #MAGAwithDACA


Checking those quints

You too, where ever you are

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Because she hit the wall.

And fuck this spic spamming beaner, and her DACAryan bullshit.
I can't believe this nonsense is still allowed by the obviously, and thoroughly kiked moderators.
The foreign horde invasion of filthy spics get eradicated with everyone else in opposition to the Aryan Race.

You belong in the sewers, rat filth.

((( )))
The Aryan man might be on the sewers, but he will inevitably come out… like the one in the OP