Jews trying to prevent the goy uprising

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder: Take to the Streets to Combat Antisemitism

In an impassioned speech, World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder on Sunday called for Jews globally to become more activist and wage an unrelenting fight against the alarming scourge of antisemitism worldwide.

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Also, wtf is the "World Jewish Congress"? Never even knew that existed and I've never seen it discussed here. Is that the precursor to the new world order government?

predict more false flags coming to restrict freedoms and enforce their zog new world order.the fires rising, right wing thought is becoming more popular than ever before

They're going to have to get increasingly sophisticated in false flag strategy because the default assumption is assume it's a false flag. Nobody trusts government or media, and that's their only means to manipulate the goys.

There's supposedly no global conspiracy and yet there's a literal globalist organisation dedicated to jews conspiring. Hitlerious. Can't wait to try out my new oven.

It has been around since 1880? I beleive.
Not sure if I can immediatly recall reading it on Zig Forums but odds are on it has been included multiple times in multiple different threads.

It was always there, even from before WWII.
They're the origin of "Judea declares war on Germany".
At least one name from that organization back then is Samuel Untermeyer.

Whatever you bad goyim do, do not read
>US Congress Record, 67th Congress, 4th Sitting, Senate Document no. 346, 1921.

Just because we're paranoid doesn't mean (((they))) are not out to get us

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in August 1936 as an international federation of Jewish communities and organizations. According to its mission statement,[1] the World Jewish Congress' main purpose is to act as "the diplomatic arm of the Jewish people." Membership in the WJC is open to all representative Jewish groups or communities, irrespective of the social, political or economic ideology of the community's host country. The World Jewish Congress headquarters are in New York City, US, and the organization maintains international offices in Brussels, Belgium; Jerusalem, Israel; Paris, France; Moscow, Russia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Geneva, Switzerland. The WJC has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

The WJC's current policy priorities include combating anti-Semitism, especially the rise of neo-Nazi parties in Europe,[6] providing political support for Israel, opposing the "Iranian threat", and dealing with the legacy of the Holocaust, notably with respect to property restitution, reparation and compensation for Holocaust survivors, as well as with Holocaust remembrance. One of the WJC's major programs is concerned with the plight of Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries. The WJC is also involved in inter-faith dialogue with Christian and Muslim groups.

There's a wiki on it.

the shilling has become really blatant on cuckchan and other websites. they're definitely ramping it up. i may be wrong but i can sense a storm coming in the summer of 2019, the yellow vests will definitely be clamped down on more

meant for

They've been around forever and we talk about them all the time. Even Benjamin Freedman talked about him in his speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC

They're right now pushing globohomo for everyone, except (surprise, surprise) israel.

Charles Bronfman (Father of Sara Bronfman) was president of the WJC for 25 years

Today Feds seized NXIVMs properties (Ssra Bronfman was Keith Raniere's Money Bags)

TLDR: Jews say fight anti-semitism when Feds seize their child sex trafficking properties

I'm sure I rank at the top of the list in terms of oldfags, and I can't recall reading about it here. Maybe it was mentioned, but rarely enough to go without notice.

Also from the wiki:
The World Jewish Congress was established in Geneva, Switzerland in August, 1936, in reaction to the rise of Nazism and the growing wave of European anti-Semitism. Since its foundation, it has been a permanent body with offices around the world. The main aims of the organization were "to mobilize the Jewish people and the democratic forces against the Nazi onslaught", to "fight for equal political and economic rights everywhere, and particularly for the Jewish minorities in Central and Eastern Europe", to support the establishment of a "Jewish National Home in Palestine" and to create "a worldwide Jewish representative body based on the concept of the unity of the Jewish people, democratically organized and able to act on matters of common concern".[15][16]

So basically they formed the group right before the Nazi's went all based. I wonder if this new push from them is history repeating itself and the happening is on our doorstep.

Well shit.

They're literally talking about their plans openly.


President Donald Trump delivered a video message the World Jewish Congress

That's some pretty powerful jewry.

Everything Zig Forums said really was right. Sorry I doubted you guys.

I also find this timing interesting:

After two more preparatory conferences in 1933 and 1934, the First Plenary Assembly, held in Geneva in August 1936, established the World Jewish Congress as a permanent and democratic organization. Elections for delegates to that assembly had to be according to democratic principles, namely secret, direct, and based on proportional representation. The 52 American delegates, for instance, were chosen at an Electoral Convention which met in Washington, DC, on 13/14 June 1936 and which was attended by 1,000 representatives from 99 communities in 32 US states.[29]

1933 is when FDR killed the US domestic gold standard, which would have made war spending damn difficult. All of this shit sounds like it's connected in a much larger puzzle. Maybe the kikes do have a longer term plan.

We should start a World White Congress, just copy and paste all the World Jewish propaganda and let them expose their hypocrisy.

That's a gold mine right there:

Stay away from, shaboy Christ cucks.

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Not sure why we haven't just started a White Talmud by forking the original Talmud. Kikes will seethe forever in hell.

Wouldn't it be tragic if they actually believed this shit?

How about a world European Congress, open to pure blooded Europeans only. We will combat anti-Europeanism and make sure European interests are advanced worldwide.

World White Congress. Do you have problem with that? Maybe it's American in me, but Europe is cucked beyond belief. They can either acknowledge their Whiteness or they can let the muzzies breed them out of existence.

Yeah, my problem is that jews larp as 'white' and I don't want any fucking jews in it.

oh look, an anti-christian post. Extremely convincing argument.

Thank you user for the info, I think I was referring to the zionist shit that started sometime around then. World zionist congress or some shit? I am probably wrong again but my point is this shit has been going on for a long fucking time with various names attached.
It is all so tiresome to try and keep up.

Or any other filth semites larping as fucking White.
Or any other mongrels larping as FUCKING WHITE.
Right now in our nations people can fucking just say they 'identify' as whatever they fucking want and the kikes make it so…in my world we have standards and you have to PROVE you are only of European descent to participate.

Did you know that the majority of those posters are actually government agents? I was surprised when I found that out.

Jews larp as anything that benefits them at that point time. Go look at that World Jew Congress shit, they have jew groups in every country claiming to be natives.

I like how they put "World" in there so people don't get it confused with the the other jewish congress, regular congress.

t. kike

That is because you can't play traitor and undermine the nations if you are not actually playing traitor inside their nations.

You mean the US Congress? Kikity kike kike kike central?

you seem like you're d&c-ing, fren.

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hmmm you think the us congress is not to the rafters in kikes?

I often wonder, did the 'jew cries shoah' happen every other time they were about to be justifiably pogromed for their usury and murder? For instance, did they run around, trying to rally other smallhats, while gaslighting the local humans for sympathy?
Which books have the most information about pre-pogrom-kike behaviour?

Us federales LUV our anti-dead kike on a stick meme libraries.

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Now I'm convinced. I'm not arguing your point, simply questioning your rhetoric and approach.

Yah,the gummint did a study-I saw it on tee-vee.

And I was it was 1897 not 1880

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nope we tracked it down in that warrant for Zig Forums. Traking the glownigger in the Earnest thread and reading through all his comments he is DEFINITELY one of the anons who makes the 'christcuck' comments. He is also a spicnigger, paid to influence the board and D&C it as well, so take that for what it is worth.

jews themselves know they aren't White. archive this article and point to it. you can even become indignant when telling people jews aren't white
how many documented examples of Hello fellow white people does it take to convince others around you that although kikes pretend to identify as White in order to subvert Whites, they actually hate Whites and internally identify as jewish and jewish only?

Thank you kind user.

The only good Germany is apparently one in which it's just geographically Germany and ethnically Turkey and Somalia.

Germany doesn't have a constitution. It has the Grundgesetz (founding/basic law) which was meant to serve as a temporary foundation of law until a real constitution was put in place. It was then declared to be the constitution by the Verfassungsgericht (constitutional court) which draws its powers from said Grundgesetz.
Germany is also occupied since 1945. It's political DNA therefore has nothing to do with its people.

Holy shit. That article is the definition of pilpul.

goys are to complacent to uprise
any all talk about antisemitism is simply jewish insecurity

Won't be for much longer. The central banks can't keep the system propped up indefinitely, either it'll crash on its own or the central bank jews crash it because of exponential fiat. End result is the same. Once the central banks go down, that's pretty much the end of jew control.

Some of you newfags may want to look into this. Basically they blackmail your government and get cash payouts for events 50+ years prior.
Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) and the World Jewish
Restitution Organization (WJRO), have been working with Jewish communities around the world to bring increased attention to the restitution of looted Judaica and Jewish cultural property.
This next part is great.
became the home and the synagogue – thereby increasing the quantity of Judaica held
by individual families and communities. In addition, other features of Jewish life in the Diaspora such as the constant threat of exile and prohibitions on syngague construction, resulted in a proliferation of elaborate portable objects. At the same time, the development of Jewish law through the didactic discourse of Rabbis led to an explosion in Jewish books. These and other factors resulted in hundreds of thousands of items of Judaica being held by European Jewish families and communities on the eve of the Nazi era.
Imagine still being salty about the Romans BTFOing you 2000 years ago and realizing you were never welcome in any country in history. These faggots are never going to stop jewing until we make every last one of them physically stop.

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Mah shits
And still they weren't able to save those oh so valuable menorahs and dreidels from the nazis. Such a shame. I'm so glad they and their descendants get compensation for the silver chandeliers, would be awful if Germany didn't pay up for those antique golden candlesticks and the rightful owners of the platinum lampstands had to accept the loss of their rhodium menorahs

The False Flags aren't working.
They don't trust us anymore!
What do?


It's the council of learned elders.

Basically Jews that have Jewing down to an art.

spiderman is a fag

this is how you inspire anti-semitism.
jews are the eternal other who insist on forcing you to change your entire existence for them.

they declared war on Germany in 1933, strange that.

Congress of Pan-European Peoples

Remember what the (((EU))) kike president said goy:

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Here's a proper link to one can read the comments. You will notice that millions have, can and will critique Jews and be a stormfag.

Fuck off kike

Desperation. Whenever the kikes kvetch like this, they know another shoa is the way because the goyim know. Make sure to finish the job this time, expulsions don't work. Only complete eradication of the jew virus.

Notice some names?

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The juden are like insects or something. Creepy.

Shameless newfaggotry.

Can't prevent the inevitable.

Prepare for the final pogrom of all time.

This will be our final battle.

We need a world white congress.

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then the gypsy gave order
and the world laughed

>(((Breitbart Jerusalem)))

I used to really like Breitbart. Has it always been this pro-Jewish? Has it ever been critical of Israel? Did it avoid controversies like Rand Paul ruining the USISAA act?

now help people understand that Italians aren't white, they identify as "Latin", they are covert Latinos, and the southern Italians in particular are swarthy non-saxons

Most Jews ARE white

All he wanted was a big, happy family. All he wanted was everything the Jew wanted to take away from his people. This crime of the Jew against this nation (and all the other nations they have subverted and even destroyed) will never be forgotten. And the day that it is, the world will be destroyed for certain.

No, they are not.

Lurk 2 years

It's almost… almost like their actions are the cause of this new wave of hatred.

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Leave now and never return


It really makes you think.

anyone that was around pre 2000 knows just how much horse shit has been getting pumped out

we've all been brought up getting taught free speech is important, that anti-semitism bill is just brick-level dumb


But most jews are just like your fucking average idiot, but given jews have higher iqs and given this framework. Well it is not far off since people like to think in blunt concepts to hate the jews.

And it will always arise once the base line is disturbed.

They are going to to Jew themselves out of existence if they aren't careful.

And usually the berserkers got a piece of the cake, rape and plunder and since that isnt possible in this society you do the math and you know what is coming.

No such document. Maybe you mean:
US Congress Record, 67th Congress, Session 4, Chapter 346, 1922.
Which reads:
An Act To authorize the creation of corporations for the purpose of engaging in business within China.
> 2/c67s2ch346.pdf

Is this what you want me to read ?

Those comments on kikebart are pretty uplifting. Looks like the goyim are waking up.

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This makes no sense, k*kes are trying to end chr*stianity, because its their biggest rival ideology.

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Oh sweet child.
They are bringing it into its truest form. Abrahamists are not truly rivals, tis no more than sibling rivalry.

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oy gevalt


The chairman is a Rothschild.

(((Leftypol))) approves of this jewish supremacism.

>All the growing ''antisemitism'''''' in other people.
Maybe the problem is the )3w.

Chinese are white too then

We fought a world war over this.

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