What in the actual fuck?


Might as well be jailed for sharing a video of someone importing heroin?

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Such a blatant display of injustice. The only solution is to remove these people from their positions. I genuinely believe that for subverting justice and imprisoning someone who did nothing wrong; they deserve to die painfully.

now you know the madness we live with in AUS/NZ (practically the same country due to open immigration)

Removing them from their positions would do nothing as long as the 1993 human rights act is in place:
"Racial disharmony
It shall be unlawful for any person—
to publish or distribute written matter which is threatening, abusive, or insulting, or to broadcast by means of radio or television or other electronic communication words which are threatening, abusive, or insulting."

Absolute chad.

What are the chances we'll hear from him again in 2 or 3 years,this time producing his own video that will get kiwis jailed for spreading ?

21 Months in jail for sharing a fucking video.

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oi cunts I'm from oz ya fukkin yank shits
fuck 'em aye

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can you try and put more effort into the title if you can next time?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Drawing and Quartering them publicly is what seems to stick in my mind when I envision what we will do to them.


Beaner should NOT have broken the law.

Too bad they're threatening, abusing, and insulting the WHITE race.

>charged with inciting racial disharmony

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Human rights are a spook, meant to protect inferior races (& jews) and assault the superior, white race.

reminds me of something i read

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Send the video to various NZ politicians, journos and random people

If only all the retards on this board read good shit like this, we wouldn't be so divided.
Rational people normally agree, because, well, they're rational.

Muslims and Jews come in many flavors. What does race have to do with wanting to wipe Islam/Judaism off the planet?

They shouldn’t be doing this. They’re making the hatred real stone-cold now. More than hatred for the overt invasion of all white countries by foreign hordes, they are making this a deeper detestation for the system which allowed and encouraged it, and those ultimately responsible for creating this. The feeling is growing globally - in all white countries, not just Aus and NZ. It’s really sad it came to this, and that we can no longer extend consent to our systems of democracy and governance as a result. It took centuries to build that trust, and its been lost in 50 or so years. How were we hoodwinked so badly over so many generations?

Replacing religions with races remains the best tactic ever used on the cultural battlefield.

Is there only one court for whole NZ? They think they can scare us with bullshit like this. Anyway. Based Lad.

The judge who sentenced Arps to 21 months prison was Judge Stephen O’Driscoll, who two years ago sentenced to supervision a youth who planned a Christchurch terrorist attack “for Allah” in February 2018. The youth planned to ram a car into a group of people and then stab them until the police killed him. He went through with a threatening and violent incident but “decided not to hurt anybody because he did not have the means to kill enough people”, the Crown reported when he pleaded guilty.

The Muslim youth had monthly monitoring sessions with Judge O’Driscoll. Reports of these revealed he had been undertaking golf lessons and part-time study for NCEA. At one monitoring session, through his counsel, he invited Judge O’Driscoll to a barbecue.

This same fucking judge gave a literal terrorist planing mass murder less time than Phillip Arps.

it makes it kinda hard to believe there's a real plan to trust when this happens, if patriots were in charge and in control this kind of stuff just wouldn't be happening

Or maybe Don's white house administration just told all the cabal they can have Australia and New Zealand or something and at some point the USA will break free but Australia and New Zealand needed to be found in the wreckage brother

Law and order!

There is plan for Israel. Not for us. If you still believe in Trump i have bad news for you.

White privilege in action.

he and his paid shills can still be given a rough time over it online and who knows, you never know

Potential shooter in the making, good job goverment.

Literally dumber than niggers

I feel sorry for you AUS/NZ brothers. America may not have it much better, but I still feel your pain.

What law did he break?

Millions of people would of shared it, not just him. He is hardly responsible for its propagation. He is being persecuted because of his political beliefs and nothing more. If he was a non-white or muslim and shared the video, no charges ever would of been brought and you know it.


As shitty as this is, at least he didn't get 14 years as the 'law' allows.

Did he break a law, you literal Statist nigger?
No wonder it's so easy to defeat you fucking brainlets. The government simply has to tell you what to fucking believe, and then sacrifice someone in front of you as a warning.
So pathetic. Get the fuck out. You're an infection of fear to this place.


Its an important story that deserves a better title so people know what the fuck the thread is all about.

You're only making it worse.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll
NZ justice system uses judges with shady past for its dirty work, every time. Had an affair with justice department employee by the sounds of it.


https:// www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10889489

It’s sad the kikes chose to nail this guy to the wall and make an example of him. Stay strong, brother 1488

Human rights are important. Nowadays mass migration and getting your dick inverted are also human rights so the term is getting kind of vague.

It's part of accelerationism, we need to send all white men to jail and give all white women to middle easterners… it's the only way to save that country. Accelerationism ftw!

dropped kys

woops sorry it's late and I didn't read it properly

There was no such warning in the time following the shooting, the government just retroactively applied the law to people who had no idea it was going to randomly be made illegal to share that video (when such a thing has never happened before).

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Nice, DACA check em!

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His tax dollars going to apartheid Israel is the best part.

Worry not, brother - once the Judgement Day comes, them and their kin will be killed, and their souls destroyed forever.

You'll never be Aryan, bean nig.

So fucking what? He shared it before they even sent them out - not everyone is glued to a state media outlet either.

Congratulations anyway, you just created another criminal. He'll do his time, make connections with WP & AB types inside, get buff, learn how the system works. Prison is actually great training (if you survive it).

I have a ton of anecdotes about the Kiwi "justice" system from first hand experience. Basically, they're miserable little ultra normies that let Mongrel Mob gang members get away with murder while they'll set anyone up that pissed a cop off. The average Kiwi thinks anything their television set or an authority figure tells them is true on a level I've not seen elsewhere. Total brainwashing, they make cucked Germans look like political skeptics. Lotta creepy shit goes on there too, pedo shit & incest is rampant. Disgusting, inbred hellhole. The country itself is amazing though, its just that the people there need to be wiped off the map.

maybe he will get to meet tarrant

Sharing a video of two children having sex is a life sentence,

You Australians are all seeing this. Thought crimes and corruption. Why do you allow yourselves to be arrested? Do not obey unjust laws or allow them to arrest you. Your police don't even have or use guns.

Do not let them arrest you.

Same goes for the Brits.

Do not let them arrest you.

Considering that free speech is essential to democracy, and that democracy is a stand-in for violence, it will be interesting to see how long before their people react the same way the German people just did.

I wonder if the politicians in New Zealand will shake like Merkel.

all our coppers are strapped ya ding dong

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When your government does more caring for immigrants than it does its own people but its like that in a lot of countries.

Come and arrest me pigs.


Didn't he plead guilty?
Is there any upside to pleaing guilty if that happens to you in NZ?