After Saint Tarrant, Kiwis Wipe Pissrael Off The Map

Official New Zealand government website wipes Israel off the map
Immigration New Zealand map shows entire area of Israel as Palestine with East Jerusalem as ‘the designated capital of the State of Palestine’

I guess kiwis will be nuking israel.

Based and Halal.

Keep your Heart Halal and your Mind towards Mecca.

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Alright so here's the thing:

Politicians, world leader you think are on our side (like Putin), FBI and CIAniggers, Interpol, Mi5 and others within the Intelligence Community… they're all part of the Plot against us. Hell, even Trump turned out to be an Israel First puppet. These people are either willingly part of the agenda, they're blackmailed, they're afraid of what it might mean for the world should anyone disobey, or as in the case with CIAniggers, they care more about their careers than the good of their Nation. That's the blackpill and you must swallow it. But here's the redpill…

It doesn't matter. Our enemies, though they seem powerful, are few. And they are actually quite weak. All it takes to defeat them is mass redpilling the nations. When the People realize who it is they serve, and that they are slaves destined for extinction, they will no longer complacently obey. They can not obey. Their own moral conscious doesn't permit servitude. When you see some glowie promoting Siege, shooting up Synagogues, violently over-throwing one's respective Government, or attempting to make you idolize those who do: it's a distraction. They don't want you using propaganda to spread the truth in an effort to re-educate the public.

The only thing our Enemy truly fears is an awake and angry populace.

Your sword, Anonymous, is the Truth. And your shied, non-violence. Never forget that; do not fall for their tricks. The beauty of our cause is not revealed in the ugly pervasiveness of hatred but an over-powering love for one's Self and folk.

Do not forget.

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Feds, tell JIDF I said hi.

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JIDF, tell the feds I said hi.

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Holy fuck, is JIDF outsourcing to Muslims now or what

>NZ is getting back at Israel for Tarrant's false flag

2nd time I've seen this exact post in 2 hours

pic related it's (((you)))

if jews keep playing their checkers youll keep seeing my chess babe

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That's what it looks like to me.
Maybe Q is real afterall.

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This is why we're losing. Communism is coming, soon.

Five eyes must know the truth.

wtf I love Official Immigration New Zealand website now

I couldn’t think of anything worse for the ‘system’ than having to deal with both, tbh. I don’t think it’s going to be an ‘either-or’ situation. You underestimate the surge of joy Tarrant bought to even apolitical people who have been suffering this egregious systemic anti-white terror and oppression in their hearts, watching the countries of their ancestors be deliberately turned to shit. All the while they’ve been outwardly wearing the mask of tolerance and acceptance, and signaling the virtues the system desires, but in their hearts its different. If the ‘system’ had been smart it would have allowed the pressure-release Tarrant’s spree offered to be expressed, but instead it doubled down.

what do you mean, everyone can see it is in everyone's interest to promote the face of a larp hoax and cheer on getting rights taken away needlessly instead of trying to pin it all on Israel or the five eyes, man you're so stupid

Except it's nothing like that.
The Anglo pushed the Celts into the mountains There's a saying, "Welsh People are the Original Britons". Wales and Scotland are ancient countries with ancient cultures. Pissrael is occupied territory and has no right to exist. The only reason all the sandniggers around it haven't akbar'd them to shreds is because they have America on its side. And if Israel was ever truly threatened, they'll nuke every capital of Europe just as a fuck you. This is called the Samson Option.


Why don't people fight back when their guns are taken?

A good thing? Every capitals of Europe are full of non-white.

No one cares for middle earth.
Fuckwits the lot anyway.

Can we say complete inversion?

Fuck off faggot, my sword is made of steel, just like my soul.

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I know Christian Republicans who think this is a good idea.

It would be worth the cost, to be free of the kike forever.

Palestine is the more civilized of the two. That much is certain. New Zealand is fucked though because the jews have loyal perverted goyim who will kill anybody who stands in the way of Israel's expansion. Anybody who does things like this needs to understand that sooner or later jews will accident them.

Kill semites for us liberty

Based, sort of. Purple pulled maybe, like they got something right but went off in the wrong direction?

Not only that but the elites (including ultra-kikes) all have their SHTF bunkers there. So no matter how it looks, it's a ruse - when the chips are down, NZ is the last bolthole for them.

Burning the entire planet earth ten times over would be a small price to destroy the jew.

Israel sells girls in shops now.
You thought only libya did it or even isis?
You're wrong. The jews too.

lol, faggots getting afraid eh.

M.A.D. doesn't sound so fucking mad when its your enemies whom get ass raped coming and going when its unleashed. Yea, sad some historical shit would be lost, but we are going to lose it anyway with the mongrel hordes and their yid masters there. I am willing to lay 100 to 1 odds the moment one of us gets our hands on some nukes its launch time as soon as we reprogram them. Only question for the world in that case, did we get enough nukes to wipe our own cities out in short order, or do we only have a few and instead are just going to savage Moscow and Beijing so as to garner response in kind.


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