Trump fanboy in India builds a temple dedicated to him

Trump fanboy in India builds a temple dedicated to him.
Savitri devi was wrong it was not Hitler but Donald J Trump who was the avatar of Lord Vishnu.I want to physically see Trump once or better touch his body once.

Trump is Aryan and Hindu, BUddhist an Shieettt in the street.

stfu jews

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If you were ever wondering who makes pro-Trump posts on Zig Forums …

This proves nothing.
Rabbinical law traces a man's Judaism by his mother not by his father.

Unless you could prove that Trump's mother and his maternal grandmother are jews, then Trump is not a Jew and is, in fact, White

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Neither an argument or the proof necessary to prove that Trump is a Jew.

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Wow once again you fail to provide the proof necessary. No one is talking about Jared Kushner or Ivanka. We are talking about Papa Donald himself.

You claimed he is a Jew yet by rabbinical Jewish standards he himself is not a Jew. Now produce the evidence necessary to prove your claim.

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"Papa Donald"

Re-election is around the door and you Trump and pro Israel Shills come out of the woodwork.
Go glow somewhere else, niggers.

Guess this entire fucking board four years ago were glowniggers then.

Just a few, but election brought in a lot of newfags that fell for that shit.
At what point in Trumps presidency can you say that Trump is good for us.

Oh no, Trump's mailman is a Jew? I guess he must be a kike then too!

There needs to be some rule on this forum where every post about Trump is deleted if the posters IP has been registered here for less than a year. Never Drumpf newfags are shitting up this board

Kikey permabanned everyone who critizied Trump you fucking cuckold


Huh? The fuck my dude, quoting the wrong person here nigga.

This is the guy

Imagine being this fucking new and not knowing the original threads
lurk more

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Perhaps the Indians are esoteric Jews

abraham = brahma
sara = sarasavati

it's fair to point out brahma and vishnu have been beefing for sometime

Well in the Norse stories Vali survives whereas Hindu stories starting some 2500 years ago say Vali was killed and his father became a drunk. Also Odin says Vahalla has 540 doors and 800 can ride through each.

540 x 800 = 432,000

432,000 years is the age of Kali Yuga.

I don't think it really matters if he has Jewish blood or not. He's a puppet of them regardless.

That was back when ImKampfy was the mod and would censor and ban all criticisms of Trump.

Looking back now I miss that guy.
Everyone said he was a turk and stuff but its far worse now here than its ever been.

Some of the other moderating he would do was based. He would delete and ban obvious glowniggers and shills.

So just like today.

Go defend imkikey somewhere else, imkikey.

>implying (((kikey))) isn't the #1 reason why this board turned into shit
had kikey remained mod here, the whole board would've devolved into a cuckservative, (((democratic))) malignant tumour bleeding hundreds of users every week. hell I think kikey would've managed to ban 2/3rds of the IP's posting on Zig Forums. stop being retarded

didn't trump wear a ceremonial jewish robe that made it so that jew must treat him as one of their own or something like that?

He may have caused the current situation. That is a different point. I was just pointing out that the board was far less overwhelmed with shills back when he was the fuhrer.

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No sucks Jew cock harder then you Stormies.

You'll never be White, pinata nigger.

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Whereas now there aren't any users to bleed. kek

he did
>the whole board would've devolved into a cuckservative, (((democratic))) malignant tumour
it did
now he just doesn't ban anyone

Zig Forums is still strictly natsoc.
You fucking retard.