Brenton Tarrant Memetic Warfare Thread № XIII

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This place is already overrun with feds. Dammit it infuriates me. There is already a brenton thread up. Now you dumbasses over did it and made another EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME. You assholes must be so scared about a FUCKING IMAGEBOARD that has a couple PPH. You and your institution can wreck so much havok, have so much money, and have so much power, yet you are scared of a couple people getting together and TALKING. So powerfully inept and poorly pathetic.

Some webms

who's the girl though?

You do not belong here.

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[email protected] if any of you want me to create Brenton Tarrant stickers and put em' up.

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I see lefty/pol/ tried their hand at meme making once again. Pretty low energy better luck next time!


They committed the crime of existing. I cannot believe the audacity of some so-called "people" to not be white

they are committing culture jihad, you retard



I hope there are people from NZ here. Someone must find out what information and materials from the trial will be available to the public at request. We can't count on the media to reveal everything from it.

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Fuck Tarrant and Breivik.

Goddamned Jew agents.

As if killing women, children and other related Muslim nobodies is brave, heroic, noble or wise much less harms at all the real source of the problem which is Jews and their white race traitor shabbos goyim political stooges and oligarchs like the Bush and Clinton crime families.


Yeah kill muslim nobodies. Never the rich and wicked. They seem to be immune to getting killed.

fuck off bigot. women deserve the same treatment as men

yeah, argue like a retard. it seems to work

t. butthurt Muslim also he picked the most guilty bunch of Muslims possible

Don't worry, we'll destroy every Synagogue and Mosque.


Lol. There are no rich and powerful muslims existing. They probably the least deserving of getting killed.


Fuck all DEMORALIZATION AGENTS like you that spit on our heroes and martyrs. You piece of shit traitor

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Fuck you fed.

You’ll learn your lesson once you’ve outlived your usefulness to your precious kikes like your fellow agent Alex Jonestein is learning now via the pedophilia allegations nonsense.

Yeah. Right.

You wouldn't incite a racial disharmony, would you Zig Forums?

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If you say all of the buzzwords you're sure to fit right in.

Your heroes are Noel Ignatiev and Maurice Samuel kike boy.

Mine are Varg Vikernes, David Lane and William Pierce.

Stop lying. Your hero is "Prophet" Muhammad, you worthless garbage.

So tired of this.

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When the CIA is arguing with the FBI.

How much longer are you Hasba-rat trannies going to pretend to be white?

I understand that for you degenerates playing dress up is fun and all but you’re not fooling anyone as no amount of makeup can hide THAT enormous NOSE of yours Chaim.

Keep ticking those boxes.

No blood whatsoever in the Tarrant video= it was a hoax.

You’ve been duped you dumb motherfucker.

You're obese aren't you?

U r an fed

it's a false flag when there's an overkill amount of blood

There are no innocent muslims.

There certainly was.
*boom headshot

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Your mother’s obese and you never questioned her wisdom.

Why start now?

Holy shit it's a bot.

Red food coloring isn’t blood brah.

Time for you to get a new pair of glasses.

The guy who rushed agent/actor Tarrant and supposedly got shot? Yeah if that were real his brains would’ve been painting the wall but nothing not even a bullet hole.


Even this Aussie Shitposter's prison sentence is a shitpost

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I found where faggot came from

Fuck off fed my eyes see just fine with no corrective lenses at all
Blood and brain matter
Eat fucking wet shit faggot

Did you honestly think nobody would notice your bullshit when you niggers glow in the dark?

Nothing brings kikes,feds,sand niggers together more than a Saint Tarrant thread.
stay mad faggots.

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KYS plebs

I'm just saying, it's tiring and inorganic.

I don’t know if you’re implying I’m a fed or not , but you clearly are , I clearly am not , and YOU and your entire agency can go fuck itself
Fuck off

"Racial Disharmony" was there when I got here.
Turns out it was targeted against MY RACE while I was being called "racist" for noticing.
I don't incite it. I just like to kick it in the nutsack from time to time.

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That's the mod of /dempart/, Percolatrice. That is all.

Fuck your christcuckery too faggot
You clearly glow
can’t put a dent on the Brenton

Nice find

You’re bad at your job, jew.

The absolute amount of glowniggers and shills in this thread. Remember: both politicians and soft targets are legitimate, but one of these is easier to pull off by a lone wolf than the other.


It's so fucking hilarious that you idiots have no clue as to how, and why you glow so brightly in here. I can imagine the meeting in the morning with your "think tank" trying to figure this shit out.
You are so very bad at this, you mindless niggers. I can't believe we pay you for this shit.
Please don't ever stop, though!
What would we be without the "ultimate" enemy ALWAYS crawling up our ass?
You make us GREAT!
You complete me.
Thank you.

ps. You will never sully Saint Tarrant's good name here. Kvetch more for me now, neanderkike nigger. I LOVE watching you vermin squirm.

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Tell your boss that you suck at your job you absolutely radiant individual

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Considering many only have one child, if any, not a bad way to go. Removing the next crop before the current old bloodsuckers die might make them act even more insane. Which in turn makes Zig Forumss job easier. Many of these faggot walk around with no security. Take Soro's son for instance. Hell some dedicated guy could probably easily ice him in a San Francisco fag club.


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Is that a Mongol, stomping a Khazar?

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kike. you.
slavian perun's priest sviatoslav 964-969 ad

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What a freaking joke

She's taken lads

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Oh yeah! So much history, so little memory. Thank you for keeping it straight, user.

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relationship goals That’s her website. Came across her posting on 4chan once and shilling her twitter and shit. Typical female behaviour.

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just drew this

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I've looked at all your posts. You have contributed nothing but devisiveness. Post an original idea you actually have.

Newfag tip. If you click the IDs it will highlight all the posts the individual made.

Lighten up the laugh lines and his eye sockets so he looks less like a monkey.

Avoid "political" women at all costs. They are all attention whores and super dark triad. Women don't have political opinions, just the opinions of the most relevant alpha male in their social sphere.

Go away, you are too obvious. St. Tarrant is a hero of a greatest rank and no amount of kvetching, glowniggery or double-digit falselfaggot idiots will ever change it.

That really yours? It looks fucking awesome. Would actually buy a print.

Good job, is it a real painting?

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I've heard this thrown around a bit lately. Doesn't this basically just mean schizo personality traits?

for now,
kek kek

Thanks for criticism.

Yes, mine. Thank you.
you can use it free

Yes. Oil paint + canvas a5


very good

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WOW this is amazing! Great work user.
user here has a a point though about lightening up the nose bridge
Meanwhile I took the liberty in PS.

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Thank you, really

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found the fed thread

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