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ITT: post wholesome alunya pics

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I almost forgot about that giraffe.

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what the fuck is this supposed to be

Girunya was a shitpost from leftypol back in 2017 of a poorly drawn giraffe (as a giraffe-girl rather than a cat-girl) that was meant to mock Alunya draw threads.
It was probably one the last good memes to come out of leftypol tbh.

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Pretty shit tbh.

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Really makes you think

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t. not me

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t. ok

t. you should really post some commiekitty OC

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ok here it is, little known fact anne frank (cutest girl ever) was the original inspiration for commiekat™, here she is seen with her iconic magic broom

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It's a shitpost, that's the point my dude.

I can't say I'm surprised tbh.

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well that's very nice actually thanks i love you

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Careful, you might offend someone.

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Whatever keep posting Alunya. Do you have the one whe, she's naked on the Zig Forums's mascott lap?

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Isn't there a thread on muh reparations up in the catalog?

I'm not sure whether or not I have any pics of this "Alunya" you speak of. Could you describe it to me so I can see if I've got any?

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you niggers keep bringing up reparations threads on both this board and /trannypol/, maybe read them and see what our actual opinions on that bullshit is faggot

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Pretending to be retarded doesn't make you witty user. Never did and never will do. At best you'll make people being embarassed for you and i have a hard time imagining that would be any healthy person's goal in life. Aim higher.

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The fact that you've got them up is pretty telling tbh fam. So how much are you going to fork over to muh poor oppressed niggers?

I have no idea how you got that impression. All I did was ask for an explanation of what an "alunya" is. How can I know what to post for someone who wants "alunya" when I don't even know what that is?

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t. repetitive user

By the way, does Butterfly still post here? She was always so interesting to talk to!

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that is clearly a creepypasta, not a woman

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It looks like a tranny. I have no idea who this is, some eceleb?

It's butterfly. She posts or used to post here. She also posted on /b/, but left after she got BTFO'd several times. While she may be retarded, she is an excellent candidate for an IRL commiekitty.

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Oh that guy with the butterfly text art or whatever for a name? I filtered his name the first time I saw that cancer.

that's fake, you can't btfo a communist that's not physically possible not within the realm of our current knowledge of the commieverse

Do you know who made that picture?
Asking for a friend who needs to know for a class assignment.

bumbowombo, he's an extremely well known artist

Why on earth would you assume I know the name of every two-bit drawfag that's drawn commiekitty? I collect commiekitty pictures, not information about their creators.

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Your collection doesn't seem very big. Post more, don't keep us waiting.

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I only collect the ones that are good and the ones that are stupendously bad. Like pic related.

Nigger, I'm posting here to get more, not to post everything I have.

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Wrong pic

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that one is pretty good, i like the frilled tongue

It looks like a fucking bat. It's hideous.

U wut?

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i think it's supposed to be hideous, i mean some beach boys albums are supposed to sound silly but it's still okay if you don't like them, it applies here too

Post link to pixiv/tumblr/more

i was goofing, bumbowombo is fake

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It checks out.

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Well this one you just posted was made by /b/ and it's fucking hideous too.