How do you educate people on anarchism? Also, are you public with your beliefs?

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I talk to people around me about how shit wages and rent are, and attempt to organize with those interested.
I don't go around with anarchist regalia or screeching about the immortal science of Bakuninism-Makhnoism or some other off putting shit, but I'll say I'm an anarchist communist if anyone asks.

I don't and I am not. I learned to remain silent about politics, I have enough problems in my life without people telling me I am the antichrist and they would like to murder me if we were living in anarchy.

People have said that to you? Jesus fucking Christ they sound like a bunch of assholes.

Get a real job, faggot

t. socialist

t. still not getting a real job

t. man that thinks i'm the anarchist he was talking to

t. not applying to you too

t. man close to killing himself for not coping with superior anarchist wagecuckery

Yes, shocking I know not really, dumbass

Yeah, being a teacher pays more and is a much bigger benefit to society.

I used to hang out with /lefty/ crowd. Watch them blow all their money on weed and coke. Bitching about how they dont get paid enough. Got fed up with that lame shit and went back to school. Sure I got some debt, but I can pay it off in 3 years or so, it doesnt really bother me because I know I'm going somewhere and not sitting on my ass hoping mommy and daddy will pay my rent check this month.

Best part is I now promote a more conservative lifestyle of saving money and avoiding rejects like you ;^)


don't be an asshole

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I just tell them that it is their free choice to not dodge the bullet

Aw, look at the poor baby-boo-hoo, boo-hooing up the entire thread.
Stop being a shame to yourself and what you represent.

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i didn't know there really were socialist who believe in the work harder mentality

Nope, they're all lazy pathetic losers expecting someone else to do the work for them

welp, makes sense, i was started to think a new assholish, disillusioned breed of socialists were appearing on the lefty scene, thanks stranger

Jesus Christ what the fuck is this thread.

No problem friend, the socialists you've known were always and forever will be the same breed of assholeish disillusioned mess of lazy good-for-nothing cunts they were from the very beginning.

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non-leftist calling leftists lazy with a very well-thought argument

literally boomer tier

fun fact average wages in my country when accounting in for inflation have not risen since the 70s while housing prices, tuition for university, and healthcare costs have all shot up

Maybe you should push that 1 day a week at mcdonalds to two then

You'd think free market fags could produce fresh material.

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Yeah but how did people like the one's in this thread and the confederate communist in the other thread even find this board? They're not Nazi's or anything like that just shittier alternative leftists who shit on actual socialists.

Right-wing people are just straight up retarded. I just told you that average hourly wages have not risen in 30+ years and your only response is a complete strawman. In my country can be working 40 hours a week and still not have enough money to save up for a house after 20 years.

Just kys already boomer. You are out of touch with today's economy reality. The days of saving up to own property are over.

Why fix what aint broke?

This thread was on the front page under recent threads.

Still doesnt sound like you wanna work more than once a week. Maybe mommy can send you another rent check for more cocaine

But why do they come here?

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Because shit posting you stupid faggots is really fucking easy.

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You'll figure it out when you turn 18.

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If you wanna shitpost do it in the designated LOL thread we have monthly whenever someone posts the SCUM GANG Manifesto.

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Bully 2 looking good.
Is this the alt-right gang?

Are burgers self hating?

Zig Forums is the designated LOL board. You're a fucking joke


My point exactly

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Now this is shitposting. You almost tricked me into thinking you were a newfag.

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this is the most low effort bant

No you're right, you faggots are one in the same


who said I wasnt? fuck your board, nigger

Fuck you too Kike.

That's not very lefty of you

Lol this isn't Zig Forums kike, everyone here is an anti zionist and is for the abolition of Judaism, fuck off.

You don't know what wages are, you think teachers are well compensated, and you couldn't figure out that this ain't Zig Forums despite spending 4 hours here. You're not worth more than images of Zig Forums irl.

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Easy now, don't get too butthurt

I'm laughing at you faggot.

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No wonder you're lefty lol

I'm seeing a lot of half assed assumptions going on here, guess it's about time I should tell you I'm not right wing lmao

Oh right you're one of those "Non socialist totally non liberal though gaise" leftists.
Could have convinced me otherwise.

Lmao, try again faggot

I am a national anarchist.

Most people I know think I'm batshit insane and are kinda worried I might one day go all Virginia tech.

Yes I openly tell people about this.

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Centrist, but if you want I'll throw you a bone and say you're a fascist if you're that desperate however you should know that literally makes you a right winger.

Good post.

Well I see no reason to not be straight to the point about my want for tribalism and my hatred for inter breeding ethnoplauralist neo liberal globalization if the white race, but seriously fuck the feds.

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This is a pretty good thread now tbh.

Fuck I'm not even bothering to use Tor or a vpn here today. It's not like "THEY" are unaware of my "alt-right" ideals¿‽ (what ever the fuck that actually means anyway).

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Glad I could add some semblance of intelligent thought to this chaotic rectum of a thread.

I'm not here for a long time, it won't be a good time, hopefully I'll get to rape a Capitalist, kill a Fed, build a wall, and shit on the face of the next person that suggests I have white privilege while I'm living in a fucking single wide trailer.

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you should still be careful tripfriend.

fuck off

Either that’s a false flag jebait or you, my friend, have to be the worst advertizer for the values of anarchy, I think I could anyone could have ever dreamt of. You want to to impose law over another human or humans plural based on things like religious belief? You would need a centralized power or militaristic force at the very least to impose such type of law over another group of people. You’re at best a white seperationist which is the new kool aid, at worst someone who just wants anarchy so he can run around as a mercenary and attempt to kill ☘️shitskins☘️ and ☘️jews☘️ without legal repercussion and thus you found your edgy niche with anarchy. A real anarchist would realize the contradictive nature of your statement.

wow nazis on Zig Forums this is terrible

reminds me of the good old days when Zig Forums wasn't ban happy and we could actually shitpost at pol visitors

I talk about individual anarchist positions. I talk about the workers democratically controlling the firms. I talk about direct democracy, with rotating representation. I talk about alternatives to the prison system, like exclusion.

Note that Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Murray Bookchin, and a great number of other key leftist figures were Jewish ethnically, culturally, and sometimes religiously. I'm ethnically half Jewish, on my father's side. I'm not religiously Jewish, but I have some fondness for the history of Jewish intellectualism, from the above figures to philosophers like Baruch Spinoza, to writers like Sholem Aleichem. The issue with Zionism is that it's one more manifestation of the same colonial imperialism that established the United States and Australia, only in this case it's ongoing. There's nothing unique about it. I'm also not anti-religious - there's great value in certain branches of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and yes, Judaism. For me personally, I actually find the most value in Buddhism and specific forms of Christianity. Each has its faults. In imperial Japan, the Buddhists supported the imperial government's crimes as "correcting the dharma." There are still Buddhist nationalist groups that promote violence against Muslims in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. But there's also a strong history of Zen anarchism, as well as Buddhist socialism. There are Hindu nationalists who attack Muslims as well, but there are also very progressive Hindu groups. The Catholic Church may have supported the fascists, but Liberation Theology was one of the biggest socialist forces in Latin America. There are Christian anarchists like Tolstoy. The Quakers have a proud history of promoting direct democracy. I know less about socialism's and anarchism's relationships with Islam, but it is notable that Marxist thought has influenced some major Islamic thinkers like Ali Shariati. I'm not a big fan of that kind of authoritarianism, but there are many beautiful Sufi branches like the Mevlevi and Bektashi. And, of course, there's a strong history of Jewish anarchism and Bundism.

Anti-semites, kill yourselves.

I’d start with this guy whose unironic big aspiration it is to rape and kill a ☘️capitalist☘️ and live in a single wide trailor. Anarchy seems like a great option in this case because society really can and would love to do without you.

And then there’s this guy who is a total badass. Sir I salute, ye.

10/10 post

Is this what rural people actually believe?

Shit boys I guess since multiple bourg were involved in helping socialism or theorized about it we should just give up on socialism now since they're clearly not worth abolishing.
What's worse is that posters like this actually convince people like

That it's a example of a good post because it mentions theory, has a guy speaking his mind clearly and has historical analysis.
But in the end none of the points he brought up are good defenses for Judaism when Judaism spiritually (Not even ethnically or by nature like some people might claim) encourages various negative traits Jews will unapologetically follow to this day but no one is willing to admit is worth abolishing it for.
This man defends Judaism without arguably even knowing why people hate it even though throughout history some of the best people have indeed been Jews. He does so in a thread on anarchism where he makes one mention of the topic but only perpetuates the way it was derailed in a clear attempt of antagonism ending with "Anti semites kill yourselves."
Kikes convert to another religion or atheism and admit your religion holds far too many mistakes to be reformed so that the societal contributions you constantly flaunt as a "Get out of critique free card" can continue, or get in the fucking gas chamber.
Islam is clearly on the verge of changing and culturally is a continuation of Persians and previous cultures aside from a few minor changes, at the core of them the belief in god is not something that promotes direct hatred in their hearts.
Christianity depends on which sect you follow, some are worth abolishing just as much as Judaism, some aren't but more so than that what the poster above fails to mention is that Christianity is a direct response to various negative aspects Judaism held even back then.
Judaism inherently holds tribal aspects dating back before the Bronze Age, it is these aspects that have led to many actions people hate them for. Even worse is that Jews have not only funded or supported things, they directly control them, and to what extent is debatable but with definitive political manipulation during WW1, Zionism and Israel having a strong hold on the US and Europe because the US and Europe previously held the top of the world it's undeniable at this point that the actions Jews have committed are not mere acts that can be ignored, nor can they be acts which cannot be tied back to goals related to their religion. You have no excuse for defending your garbage religion Walter.

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All you do here is some insults, and then standard anti-semitic garbage. You could've written this in a quarter of the time.

Your premise is garbage. The Israeli hard right, as well as the ultra-Orthodox Hasidics have nationalistic elements because they view the world in a survival lens. This is why they're so willing to perpetuate violence, which I even alluded to in my post by describing Israel's colonial character.

Your premise that Judaism has "bronze age aspects" is idiotic, and demonstrates you don't know anything about Judaism today. Reform Judaism, one of the largest branches, is extremely liberal and even modern. Hasidics throw back to the 1800s and earlier, but Salafists do the same exact thing, just as strictly.

My post ran through some major socialist movements connected to different religions, very briefly. You did nothing to even engage with a single point I made.

I'm not going to waste any more time engaging with your Nazi bullshit anymore, but a tip - Nazbol is a right wing ideology, so you'll fit in better on Zig Forums. And like I said, kys

Really took you an entire page of jabbering nonsene to tell me to enter a gas chamber? Is this still the dreams to settle down in a little trailer guy? The sooner you move into your shitty trailer and fuck off from the rest of humanity, the sooner the rest of the world will be better off without toxic reactionary human beings like yourself. You’re clearly not an actual anarchist so I have no idea what you’re doing here besides proselytizing your toxic waste views (see, Zig Forums). I’m pretty sure anarchy allows for tribalism whether these hypothetical tribes align with your narrow subset of beliefs or not. Humans are allowed to gather and commune based on literally the fuck whatever. You’re trying to play moral authority over other cultures or religions based on nothing but your hot off the Zig Forums press opinionated hot takes. I wonder what your non-tribal community look like in your assbackwards anarchist world. Is it full of white “separationists” and post 2010 self-identifying “Odinists?” Whatever bullshit you spew, I’m sure your trailer town will definitely not be homogenous to your ethnicity, culture, or religion. And I’m sure what you have in your heart is not at all hatred unlike all these other religions you mentioned, unlike your own. Heil my dickhole, bitch boy.

Yes because "kys lol." Isn't an insult.
So we agree then.
No, any liberal aspects were there from the beginning any Jewish feminist will tell you such. You tell me I know nothing yet you willingly ignore multiple core aspects of Judaism that are found from before the Bronze age. The very concept of Judaism's God comes from a tribal group of idols both animistic and environmental. To say they do not exist or that they are no longer core Jewish values is incorrect.
Except I clearly mentioned Islam was moving further away from having major restrictions among other things. I also mentioned they were pseudo comparisons. Not even false equivalents just pseudo comparisons as none of them properly mirror what Judaism has done.
Okay run away retard.
I'm no Tankiezi lmao but good job on turning more people on you.
And like I said get in the fucking oven.

Holy fuck you blind retarded fucking kike I'm not !FyWatxIwk (the trip fag) and I'm not an anarchist how fucking retarded are you. Sure though I'll give you a pity heil.
Heil to your tiny circumcised dickhole my Mentally Disabled Rabbi!
Ignore the boomer tier exclamation point.

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Ah so not an anarchist, just a plain old nazi or whatever you’re edgetard self would like to identify as on the intetnet. Just a shitty, intolerant, sack of trash human being, then. Glad to know, back to Zig Forums you go, the last place in the known world that tolerates you and the rest of the trash. Enjoy your dying movement while it lasts.

Pretty much.
Because the Jews certainly haven't attacked multiple ethnicities before.
I haven't been on Zig Forums for 3 years.
Zig Forums's mods tolerate me since I've never attacked socialism or communism or anarchism. What you cannot seem to understand is that this debate on Judaism were having isn't related to whatever politics I hold. An ancom said it great once.
When multiple, whites, jews, asians, blacks and other people across the world all hate you, everyone from communists to capitalists to even yourselves the problem is not whatever politics someone holds it's you.
You people are responsible for the collapse of African empires, profiting off European wars and hold a major part in the organ market, you openly preserve capitalism yet when someone tells you to stop you feel attacked.
Purely pathetic.
Enjoy yours. Eventually people will have had enough and be it in Africa, Europe or Asia they will beat you and abolish Judaism finally putting an end to centuries of terror.

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Daily reminder that the wealthiest people in the world are named Bezos, Gates, Buffett, and Walton.

Literally Jewish.
Connected to banking, at the very least he was in cahoots with them.
Got cucked and therefore not valid but he most certainly wasn't Jewish. Maybe Mackenzie was but she's so irrelevant no one knows. Mind you the richest people on earth are probably:
A. Kept secret and not public.
B. Less rich than collectives.
Sure though whatever if it makes you feel better whites are next in line.

Why is this jewtube anti-semite in every thread here?

To be fair not every thread, I'm not in the Brexit thread, Alunya threads, the news thread, the Lysenkoism thread, /leftselfinprovement/, black people and liberal politics, and more. Just a major chunk because the board is slow. I have the time to post on most of them.

understandable have a cute jewish gf

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Great post, much as said one key point is to avoid saying naughty words that trigger libs (socialism, anarchy, communism, capitalism, class, exploitation, oppression, etc.) and wrap it up in words they like (democracy, freedom, fairness, rich, poor, hard working, etc.) unless they use them correctly before you.

Also, I would've replied that 2nd para directly to the specific antisemitic noodnicks above you to keep from derailing the thread with their autism too much. -t. atheist Jew

>messianic tradition combined with monotheism has birthed cancerous genocidally evangelistic splinter cults


Everybody on planet Earth is connected to banking, and he got his initial fortune from real estate.

Considering just how much of the world that the rich people that we know about own, I would not think there would be enough of it left for some secret cabal of jews to have any more than they do. How does your conspiracy theory account for that–the people that we already know about owning most of the world?

They are WASPs though.

That's not what I said. The point is to educate people by involving them in praxis (workplace and tennant organization) while avoiding being an unbearable faggot who plays dress up and screams ideology at passerby rather than doing anything with and for your class. Openly talking about capitalism, class, exploitation, and oppression is part of this(and something I frequently do) while "words they like" are empty phrases more often than not.

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Forming organization (and increasing activism/solidarity/class-consciousness within/between them) is IMHO more important than sound ideological comprehension. Everyone approaches leftism at their own speed, so while some people who're already receptive can be educated, others will only be receptive once their self-interested activity has immersed them in what they now realize is a labor union.

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Ok I gotta go to bed so I'll make this quick before I die from exhaustion.

Sam married a Jewish woman. The modern Waltons are technically Jewish and greatly help Israel.
Bill's grandad was a banker.
At this point I'm so tired I could care less. Have sex with as many Jewish women as you please or whatever your goal was with these posts.

So does every other culture in the world.
Fair enough.
Religion dictates them instead.
Not exactly by any means. Maybe in recent times but it's arguable as to whether they even mean it.
And such acts backfire for everyone else.
Due to being brought up environments where they had to coexist with them or become part of them.
If I missed anything, anything at all I will die in my sleep as punishment from Yaweh. Thanks good night.

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There is nothing to prove that Helen Walton was a Jew. And I don't see how making posts on Zig Forums will get me a Jewess waifu either.

No he didn't. He married Helen Robson of Oklahoma.

No, they're not, not in any sense of the word.

No shit. Their business turns on importing cheap crap into their host countries, and that is only possible when fiat currencies are kept strong by rampant overproduction in the oil industry.