The State of Poland

I have observed many, many cases of misinformation spread on here on the subject of Poland; some like to claim we are the greatest saviours of the white race, while others call us literal cryptojews.
From what I have observed from Polish nationalists, leftists, boomers, zoomers and history, I must say that, while it is neither, the state of Poland leans more towards the "Everything is fucked" side of things.
I want to present my analysis to provide the lot of you with better knowledge of this side of the Oder so that everyone is on the same page and we can start to discuss more productive things than whether PiS is run by Jews.

Everything is terrible now because the populace is manipulated by kikes with extreme ease, but thanks to the arrival of the internet, the newer generations should start being less retarded.

Let's get started boyos.

The biggest threat facing Polish nationalism is civcuckery. It is unavoidable - 90% of Polish "nationalists" sound near-identical to E. Michael Jones. The only reason they oppose mass immigration is because the immigrants are Muslim. Would that Abdullah were wearing a crucifix, they would hand their wives over to him in a heartbeat.
Many of these so-called "radical" LARPers like ONR Falanga bend over backwards to appease the 2 "baste black guys" in their groupings and prove they're not ebil raycissts. In fact, I have an example right here:
Basically, a member of the Polish "Far"-Right 'All-Polish Youth' said in an interview and on Twitter that a black person could not be a Pole. He said it in the most neutered, meek, non-inflammatory way possible, and yet there was still a massive outrage from Polish "Nationalists", who quickly pulled up their fucking "baste black poles" database that they save in case, God forbid, anybody compares them to the evil natzees. The All-Polish Youth, ONR Falanga and National Movement all cooperate extensively thus are basically the same at this point and are the largest nationalist movements in Poland.
And, of course, the mere mention of anything positive related to Hitler leads to them calling you a Germanophilic traitor.

As I dug into the issue, I also identified the two main causes of this sheer retardation:
- The obsession with the Catholic Church
- The hatred of anything German
They are both intertwined in a lot of ways, but I want to focus on each seperately, because their causes and some specifics vary.

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(Before I start, let me explain that this isn't meant to cause a religious argument. However, I won't shy away from describing the Church's effect on Poland as it is, because it's the truth.)
Poland is an extremely Catholic country. I assume we all know that. Right-Wing Boomers, Xers and Millenials are quite devout - hell, even Left-Wing Boomers and Xers are (Left-Wing millenials not so much but I digress).
The Church priests have a large effect on the populace and this inadvertently seeps into Polish nationalism. Since Catholicism isn't race-centered, these people, having centered their worldview on religion, end up not seeing it. The three aforementioned groupings all subscribe to an ideology called "National Catholicism", and in the drama surrounding the guy from the article, leader of the National Movement, Robert Winnicki, tweeted something along the lines of what the guy said being "a fundamental misunderstanding of the ideology of National Catholicism."
On Jewtube I had entered an argument with a Polish "Nationalist" who insisted that ethnicity and race meant nothing in the face of faith. For example, he believed that the Kingdom of Poland fought the Teutonic Order not because of ethnic tensions between Poles and Germans, but because the Teutons were 'heretics' and 'practiced Christianity incorrectly'. He denounced anything related to blood-ties as 'outdated Pagan nonsense', and responded to anybody bringing up the concrete reality of race by calling them "materialists". Then he had the gall to call me a traitor. The irony. Finally, he kept insisting that Poland must be a bearer of 'Latin Civilization', as if it weren't founded by pagan Romans.
He did say that the racial way of grouping is the 'German' way, but apparently the 'Polish' way is based around 'soul' and 'religion', meaning it doesn't matter if someone is black - so long as they are Catholic and have accepted the 'Polish spirit and mindset', they are true Poles. The 'Polish mindset' in question is supposedly "every waking thought being directed to work for the good of the nation" - as if the nation is worth anything without racial identity.
One might say that this is only one guy, but 1) I saw a few others make similar arguments in other discussions, and 2) He genuinely used a party line from another one of those kosher nationalist politicians to describe what he percieved to be the values of Poland itself. Patient Zero did not appear to be the type of guy to praise opposition, and yet he exalted these "National Catholics" as the pinnacle of intellectual thought, which leads me to believe that National Catholicism, which most Polish nationalists subscribe to, must be something extremely similar to what this faggot was spouting.

Germans and National Socialism:
Their vitriolic hatred of anything further right than themselves stems partly from religion, but mostly from the preexisting hatred of Germans - this I blame on USSR propaganda (I will explain some more details further down). It is harder to attack NS and demonize it in the west, because they have to actually go the extra mile to bullshit things like muh shoah into existence and viciously slander anything related to the III Reich. In Poland all they have to do is just bring up 1939. "See goy, the National Socialists occupied your country. You don't want to associate with them." It is a sick and twisted use of normally healthy and natural nationalism for their own gain - though, as we saw with the German-Soviet War, the (((USSR))) was not beyond that. This is also why the founding myths of Poland and Russia are literally "muh ebil natzees'
Not to say that the kikes don't go the extra mile with hammering in muh shoah here as well, it just works a lot better here and in Russia (and the Czech Republic?). It honestly wouldn't surprise me if they're putting extra effort into Poland because we have the potential to expose the holohoax.

Speaking of holocoasters, I want to bring up something barely related, but that popped into my head as I was writing; the whole 'Polish Death Camps' stuff actually seems to be a two-sided trap. On the surface, it seems like its just kikes trying to get more shekels from reperations, but if you think about it, it forces the Polish populace not only to willingly expose itself to holohoax lies to 'prove' the ebil natzees dun did it, but also to extensively expose themselves to cases of Poles saving Jews, and purposefully distance themselves from cases of Polish retribution for kike actions like Jedwabne, painting a picture of a "Jewish saving Poland!" in their heads. Project Polin in effect, it seems.

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mods get rid of this kiking spam shill fuckery.

My copy paste fucked up. Amazing.
I guess you'll just have to bear with it.

larger than in previous gens)

The boomers are extremely pious. The Xers are also pious, but a little less than boomers. The millenials are also extremely pious, but a little less than Xers. One would expect that zoomers would follow this pattern, and be only a little less religious, right?
This dramatic dip is a double-edged sword though. On the one hand, the reasons for abandoning religion aren't good ("muh discipline bad"), however, it can have a good outcome, as potential zoomers will not be tied down by "National Catholicism" and other such civcuckery in their nationalist development.

Germans and National Socialism:
Zoomers also aren't anti-German like most of the adults. I have a good explaination for this; Polish-German dislike is something akin to English-French dislike. It has become ingrained in their culture, but as there is no genuine cause for hatred for the newer English/French generations, the relationship is more of a rivalry rather than genuinely malicious. Undoubtedly during the Hundred Years' War or Napoleonic Wars it was, but after the fighting is over, genuine hatred dissipates.
Poland and Germany have warred each other for the past millenia. During the series of Polish-Teutonic Wars the hate was undoubtedly real. However, after the wars ended it had to have dissipated, as you never hear cases of continued conflict after the Prussian Homage. There was probably some fights between Polish and German citizenry even in the years after, but as new generations came and went, there ceased to be a cause to do so (until the partitions where it was reignited).
The Polish G.I. generation was the first generation born after the end of German/Russian occupation, so the hatred still lingered. I have no doubt that without ww2 it would have vanished in a few generations.
Now, I know there has not been a conflict between Germans and Poles since then, and yet the Polish millenials are as hateful as ever. What gives? Well, they are the first generation born after the USSR collapsed. Their parents, grandparents and priests would have surely injected them with the Soviet-era propaganda they were fed. Zoomers, thankfully, don't care.

The Internet:
Let me first talk a bit about the edgy teen rebel spirit. An ideology or platform which espouses combating "the system" can easily attract the youth, like Anarchism or 'Nazism', but the ideology actually has to be sane for those same youths not to abandon it when they grow older (which is why 75% of teen 'Anarchists' grow out of it, while 'Nazis' only strengthen their belief in it (and stop using that kike term)). Poland actually has a few great examples of this: the party Samoobrona, a kind-of-Nazbol-but-not-really party that enjoyed wide youth support in the 90s eventually lost it because the youngsters realized their platform was retarded. Similarly, the, up to now, widely-voted-for-by-the-youth party Kukiz'15, who's only platform was "being against the establishment" started losing so many votes that they had to cuck out and join with the leftshit party '.Modern'

Anyway, that's it from me. Do what you will with this info. I hope it gave a useful insight into Poland that you can actually use for something, or just found interesting.
Unless they try to argue in good faith, remember to ignore shills, be they "muh shitler gassed 6000000000!!1" or "dumb poolacks aren't white xDD"


not even surprised, it's the same in Italy; Salvini, who now is always talking about saints, holy mary and stuff, is the same sort of civic nationalist aka if they integrate and respect the so called "judeo-christian" roots of Europe and our laws then they are BASED and welcome to stay, immigration has to be "governed" aka take the replacement more slowly otherwise the goyim may start getting upset

magine being a Slavic National Socialist.That's worse than being a White Zionist. Fighting for an ideology that considers you subhuman.

Please faggot.
Even if they did hate slavs, National Socialism in question can still be applied to nearly everyone.

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No one is going to embrace "National Socialism" yet you keep fucking promoting it for the Jews.

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Thankfully its only middle class cunts that send their kids there.
And nobody's expecting you to like Poland. I'm just trying to bring some info non-Polish speakers might have not had about this place. It's fine if you don't care.


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Great. Now we can all engage in endless brother-wars for the amusement of the kikes.
Hey, maybe the kikes will sell weapons to Germans to aid them in killing Slavs and they'll make loans to Slavs to help them kill Germans.
We live in a dark world.

The Brits bought you new shiny roads so that they can bugger babi on it. Sell out cunts.

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Nudism is an essential European thing Kek

and a Polish thing is allowing Babi to get a good buggering on the roads bought out of charity for you by the Bongs.
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I mean, I specifically said they didn't. National Socialism isn't about throwing the lives of your soldiers away in needless wars, especially if the people are aware of (((who))) is inciting said violence.

and guess what, hes a polish kike! (srs)

The reason why Polish nationalists are 90% civnats is the same reason why American nationalists are 90% civnats.
Because anything more than that gets you labeled a naziracistfascistwhowantstokillsixbillionjews and this label removes your status as a human and allows people to physically attack you.
How is this so hard to understand?

No such thing. There are kikes and there are Poles. There is literally no inbetween.

By saying "90%" I meant to imply that ethnonationalism in Poland is much MUCH more fringe even than in America.
So in truth it'd be more like 99% unironically.

I find that hard to believe considering that most of Poland is 99% Polish and they're very suspicious of outsiders.
Upon what do you base this claim?

In America, you could be a German or a Balt or a Slav and come here and even if you kept your accent, most Americans would consider you American. And I'm only speaking of the White population here.
But if an American moved to Poland or even Germany, he'd be considered an outsider no matter how much he learned the language and tried to fit in.
Furthermore, Poles actually have a real folk-culture that stretches back literally thousands of years. In America, every town is the same and we have no folk culture to speak of.
Indeed, in Poland you can actually have a march for Polish nationalism that attracts tens of thousands of particapents. In America, such marches gather at most 500 -800 particapents and is hounded by antifa thugs and screaming feminist harpies.
Finally, Poland is an actual nation whereas America is just a state. I'd gladly trade pretty much any aspect of America for Poland's demographics, healthy folk-culture, and sense of national identity.
America is just a giant economic zone united by nothing. Poland has history and culture. I love my country but only a fool is oblivious to the demographic problems of America.

Nonono. I apologize if I was not clear enough, but what I meant to say was that 99% of Polish Nationalists are CivNats. Not the population in general obviously.
As for all the things about Poland having it better - currently, yes. But the state Poland is in is pretty much the same as the west was in the 50s (just poorer). Unless the newer generations turn it around, Poland will end up just like the USA, UK or France in the future.

So you export, manufacture, build, etc . whereas America is dependent on foreign aid from the EU to store up its infrastructure?
Your so called folk culture is paid for by the EU richer countries. You create nothing but toilet cleaners to Western Europe.

1) A culture does not need money to exist you utter shill moron.
2) The economy was already starting to go up. I won't deny that the EU significantly accelerated it though.
3) The guy you are responding to is American you mongoloid

The EU will ask for their money back. You stupid Poles actually believe that this is (((free))) money.
Backward inbreds.
The Economy appears to be on the up - this is because of all the brain draining and loss of labor workforce.
When the Bongs kicks you out of Bongland where will you run to kike?

I strongly suspect you are either a jew or are working for a jew.

Now I know you're a kike. Only a kike would be confused at White people celebrating our culture without being paid to do so.

Further evidence of your jewishness. Jews ALWAYS insist that White cultures don't exist whilst simultaniously demanding its destruction.

In 50 years, if nothing is done about the jews, I fear that there will be no hope. I don't even bother extrapolating what Poland or Russia or Sweden will be like in 50 years because if nothing is done in the next 20, there will be no hope for our entire race. At least, that is how it appears. Maybe I'm wrong and we can survive another 50 years of failure. But I doubt it.

I'm fairly sure a couple European countries will be majority non-white in a generation or two. As for the USA, it's Gen Z or bust.

It is highly probable he is a pajeetshit.

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It is the height of irony when a poo calls Europeans "Toilet Cleaners"
They don't even know what toilets are.

Sadly yes. Hence the urgency. If nothing is done "now" then that's pretty much it as far as European racial survival goes. If America/Western Europe becomes ANOTHER South Africa where we meekly surrender our destiny to the mongrel hordes, then I would suspect that either we have some genetic defect that has turned our race into cowards, or that the jews are using some sort of bio-weapon to turn all Goyim into craven dogs. In which case, resistance would be impossible since they'd be using it on them too.
I know it sounds crazy but this is not as crazy as the thought that the most noble and creating race on the planet would just commit suicide for no reason.

Yeah. I don't think even the Romans were this retarded when twilight was upon their civilization. Maybe you can lay it on propaganda and excessive comfort levels, but even then it appears kind of sketchy.

here's a legitimate thread

Half of the polaks have jewish genes you fucking bald cock sucker… so naive it hurts! you cockmuncher dickshaped face.

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yeah but you killed all those germans, are basically squatting in their country and come to our countries taking our jobs acting all holier than thou. also comparing poland and germany to france and england is just ridiculous.

Oh boy, another muh bolant shilling thread!

Europeans have been killing eachother for centuries. Like I said, these things will eventually fade into the past (Anglos don't want reperatioms from the Danes, for example)
Land goes back and forth. The territory we hold now is pretty similar to what we had originally, however that is not what I base our claim upon. The land is majority Polish now. The expulsion of the Germans was a crime, but it happened in the past and inverting it will only serve the weaken Europeans in general.
Correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm pretty sure the mass immigration stopped a couple years back and now its Romanians.
Regardless, as for the 'holier than thou' attitude, this whole thread is about explaining the potential for a genuine national rebirth here, so we're no longer ridden with these mindsets.
I know that the actual posts themselves look retarded cause my copy&paste fucked up, so I apologize.
How so? England and France had been warring for hundreds of years, from the middle ages to 1800s, I was using the fact that these things are too far in the past for the general populace of these countries to see it as anything more than a slightly heated rivalry, to show that with time people see international conflicts as history rather than personal insults.

To be fair, I probably should have waited for it to calm down, but I was pretty eager to post this. Shame it came out like a failed abortion.

Shut up faggot. You been shilling here far too long.

And if the mods here weren't a bunch of subversive twats from halfchan you'd have started being banned on sight a long ago.

so we basically have 2 poland threads in the catalogue, one making an allegation about the poles and the other providing evidence.

We've been experiencing anti-Slav and anti-Pole threads and spam for months.
My theory is that the SPLC is trying to trick White Nationalists into supporting their anti-Russia warmongering. Either that or we really are idiots and all hope of White resistance to the world-enemy is gone.

What am I even shilling?

yep, it's a fucking shoah.

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the HINT being, no one wants you. Esp the bongs and their Brexit . Run kikey run.

so that's what we are calling the murder of women and children is it?
Just to clarify, your country is built on the rape and murder of germanic women and children, and on communism. Then you come on a national socialst board to spout off about slav this and slav that as if we are all a bunch of amnesiacs. Nobody is interested, we have our own problems to deal with. Maybe a little less gefillte fish, more humble pie and people might find you tolerable.

If you've traveled to Asia, there undergoing the same bullshit, so you can't blame it on empathy. I think it's test levels in males. You see, if males still had the test levels of their forefathers, they wouldn't fall for Jewish indoctrination telling them to cut their cocks off. In fact, cities would've been set ablaze by pissed off White men in the 90s or early 2000s.

However, the problem is that modern Whites have test levels that are half their ancestors average. This would be 600 ng/dl. Wanna know who'd have that test level in the early 1900s? Men in their 70s and 80s.

The reason why Jewish indoctrination and demographic replacement works is because of two reasons:

1. men have low testosterone and are more susceptible to indoctrination as their brains are more feminine from lower test levels. This can be observed in Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, and California.

2. The bread and circuses are much better than they used to. Men can literally vent whatever violent urges they have left on polygons and AI software. As a result, you still have White people content with their lives, in FUCKING South Africa of all places.

If we fix one of these issues within 10-20 years, White revolt is a guarantee. However, we'd have to meme young White men into taking steroids for this to happen.

Only idiots think steroids are bad. The side-effects only occur if you're a negligent moron who does gear all-year round doesn't take estrogen blockers after use, to negate your body's negative feedback loop.

Considering what the kikes put in our water and food, I see steroids as an appropriate counter-balance at this point.

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You realize how stupid you sound right?

The circuses is partially right, but the low the marxist plan to destroy the west was to tear apart all of our institutions. The family, religion, racial solidarity, community, land ownership, gun rights and schools. They've succeeded.

We're fucked not because we have low T, but because we are alone, we don't know our neighbors and we dont have anything to fight for. No families, no communities, no homes and no businesses. At best we have a shit job, a cat and a steam library.

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fuck polish you dumbfucks really are crypto kikes who allowed your lust for money to get us into this mess. eternal untermensch.

So essentially, our race is dying because we have the constitution of old men (on average). That might explain how we as a race can gaze into the dark abyss of extinction so insouciantly.
The problem with this is that it's nearly impossible for us to out-meme the anti-steroid propaganda of the System. And if we did seriously try to do so, we'd seem like we're pushing drugs on kids. Not a great image. I'm not overly concerned with PR but surely what I'm saying makes sense here. Being "the drug peddling Nazi boys" is not a great foundation for resistance against the System. Besides, if this is the case, civilization itself is in large part to blame for our current condition. Which I agree makes sense. Civilization has softened us. It's domesticated us. Particularly modern civilization.
What I'm getting it is…er… it would be… beneficial if outside forces hypothetically sabotaged the electrical grid and brought the non-stop video-game circuses to an end and forced us to become a little more proactive.

Boy, there sure are a lot of (1) and done's that suddenly showed up to screech their hatred of all things Polish.

Hey OP, I assume you are the Polish user I spoke to the other day about the type of insufferable nigger tier Poles I have encountered IRL and also the type who frequent places that are primarily National Socialist or White Nationalist places and claim to be pro-white and enemies of the kike yet hate The Führer, hate National Socialism and almost universally endorse or believe the mainstream narrative of the Holocaust. They particularly seem to hate Germanic peoples as well yet profess to be Aryans. You mentioned you were working on a thread addressing why these behaviors exist and theorized decades of Bolshevik indoctrination had a lot to do with it but that Poles were slowly coming out of that

While I expressed doubts then and still do that Poles are redeemable in these regards, I was impressed by the way you replied instead of just screaming "D&C SHILL! KIKE! KIKE! NO MORE BROTHER WARS xD" or 'SHITLER KILLED 100 GORILLION WHITES' in redtext at anyone who was critical of these aspects of the type of Poles who flock to 'communites' like this one yet seem to be totally at odds with most of the ideals said 'communities' hold dear. I said I would keep an eye out for your thread and approach it with an open mind and that is what I intend to do. At work so I haven't had a chance to read through it all yet but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you giving a Polish perspective of these bizarre behaviors and the possible reasons behind them.

Once I read it I will give my thoughts. Heil.

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I was talking about the post-war expulsions, because the topic in question was how land should stop needlessly changing hands if the majority of the population there isn't the same as the country desiring it.
Are you referring to the genocide in Poznan, Bromberg, the Corridor etc.? Because that only started in the late 30s. Poland had existed for 15 years by then.
If you are referring to the original kingdom, then I must say that nearly every country has been built off brutality.
Poland was never willingly Communist. No country is ever willingly Communist, because Communism is an evil ideology.
Slavs can't be National Socialists because we were on the wrong side of WW2?
Nobody is forcing you to read this thread mate. But seeing as Poland was getting brought up a lot quite recently, i'd have assumed that some would appreciate more information.
Well, the entire point of my original posts was that this will probably happen in the future.

Thanks user. It's not worth it losing your head if it brings neither side to a satisfying conclusion. Being level headed is also a good way of figuring out who's worth talking to and who is actually a shill.

After more than 3 years living in Poland as a foreigner (no, I do not fuck Polish women, yes, I plan to go back), I would say the following:
1. Poles are friendly enough to greet you with a smile, but not friendly enough to talk to you in anything but Polish (unless they work with you, or are UEphiles).
2. Poles will be patriotic towards their land, but they will shit on the ruling party, and still vote for it, because other options are worse (in their opinion). They are often kike-wise, especially the older generation (30+), but nothing good comes out of it, as they still vote majority for kikes (PiS, Koalicja, Wiosna).
3. On the much discussed topic of how Polish are poles, from the facial outlook, I've noticed the following (only people perceived to be Polish citizens will be mentioned, over 3 years, where I lived and travelled):
Majority of Poles look slavic (70-75%)
Significant part of Poles look Germanic (18-20%)
Most Poles look Aryan (in the Reich's definition), very few Polish poles actually look like untermenschen.
A noticeable minority of kids and young adults look like (sand-)nigger mutts (I'd say 5-8%)
A nigh-nonexistent minority of kids look mixed with SEAs (poor genetic outcasts)
The rest are hard to categorize, probably just super ugly slavs, or los abominaciones.
4. On the topic of how many foreigners are there:
In state capitals (Krakow, Gdansk, Warszawa) there are lots of poos on shit tier jobs (think uber eats is actually uber shits), lots of SEAs (vietnamese), noticeable amount of chinks, sandniggers, some turks, even less niggers.
In more rural areas there are not too many shitskins, occasional SEA, and occasional nigger (often a sheboon with a niglet). Arabs and chinks stick mostly to big cities.
Everywhere there are lots of hohols. It is painful how skillfully how I am distinguishing hohol from a pole, because (skipping rednecks) they often look the same.

Overall I'd say that Poland is well on its way of being fucked, but it is still reversible. It might last several more decades before Poland collapses, unless there will be a foreign factor aiding in that. I live here now, because it's comfy as fuck, it really is. But nothing is safe, Poland is not based, however there are still chances.

The so-called "anti-immigration" ruling party has been bringing in Turkmenistani "Workers" (and their fuck-off massive families of course) because the birthrates are low as hell.

Forgive me anons, as I forgot the most important part - do poles look like kikes?
I'd say no. There is a nose here or there, there is an accidental ogre-type kike (look like cernovich or perlman), but definite kikes are rare.
Are poles mixed with kikes? Maybe. Hard to say if a pole is quarter- or even less jewish.
Mischlings (halflings) are usually noticeable, but they are usually not too prevalent.
I'd say that polish kikes are at about 8-10% if you also count mischlings and kike nigger mutts (a rare beast, but it is there).
That is confirmed by claims from anons that say that poles and kikes usually segregated themselves, and I'd say if there was any active intermixing, it only started recently (last 20 years or so), and its results are usually visible right away (degeneration of genetics).

The Animated History of Poland

It's a pretty comfy artstyle, but I don't think the video is particularly relevant.

Only a kik would talk like that.
I got trained by Stormfront at age 8. And it was already a common saying that Russians and Eastern Europeans are whites and Hitler wasn’t thinking like that only because they were jews at that time

Also, yes, I understand how Konfederacja are a bunch of opportunists, and I really do not think that (((Ozjasz Goldberg))) is our next Lord and Savior, but what these faggots bring to the table is very important. They bring discourse change. They bring new topics to discuss, leaning more and more to the right.
I do not expect everyone to become as deranged ad Leszek Bubel, and never achieve anything, making your identity only on opposing jews will make you a fringe fag like Bubel, ostracized and hated by kikes and poles. Konfederacja makes hating kikes only part of their program, and there are more positive things than negative, so they have better chances. We will see this fall how effective those faggots will be, as there will be elections determining the shape of Polish parliament. If Konfederacja loses there, then Poland will be on its way to destruction. EU elections have shown that Konfederacja is being supported by 4.5% of voters, but those were (((EU elections))), so maybe the outlook is not very accurate.

try harder, pedale

I live in a small town (less than 30k population) and about 3-4% people here are hohols, and I can tell if they are Ukrainians looking at their clothes and face shape, I don't have any problems with Ukrainians though. Chinese have their shops with cheap low quality things, turks work in their kebabs and about a year ago a group of pajeets came here, they work in factories and recently opened their own gastronomic local. If you spot a black then he is most probably a soccer player and won't stay here for too long, also recently an Ukrainian killed a Georgian with a knife and wounded another one in a village close to another town in the area.

Most of foreigners come to Mazowieckie, to Warsaw. Many of them are pajeets and some are north Africans, middle easterners and Asians. There was already one attempt of rape by Uber eats pajeet in Warsaw. Remember that Polish gov wanted to bring based Philippinos to Poland to improve Christian birthrates and economy

OP is a cumguzzling faggot, who copypastas some LARPing shit.

Here's the primary reason that Poland is in deep shit:
Everything that is wrong with this country is a direct consequence of that.

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Poland is a jewish state.
Working for the jews.
The ultimate useful goyim.
They willingly, no, with relish, invaded Western European states, undercutting natives, taking the working man's wage, effectively castrating the lower working-class, who without a wage, and imbued with jew ethics "don't have children if you don't have a wage, goy, it's IMMORAL, only NIGGERS do that" and thereby directly facilitating White genocide.
And they export their ill-gotten earnings back to Poland, where they also raise the families fed by these stolen resources.
Leaving a baby vacuum in the Western states, especially the UK, to be filled by whichever mud race can fuck and shit out spawns the fastest.
Poles are nation wreckers and proxy jews.

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Well I did address the judeo-bolsheviks as the roots of the problems I presented. I was being more in-depth so that I could simultaneously present a possibly positive outcome.
I have to disagree that I'm a cum-guzzling faggot though.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that every single thread related to the topic of Poland is filled with insane anti-Polish screed.
I don't blame Polacks at all for being anti-NatSoc. In fact, the more I see this kind of shit, the more anti-NatSoc I become myself.

In fact, the very fact that you think you can just shit all over White people and then get a well thought out response tells me that you are new to this board and never bothered to lurk at all.

In a lot of cases, the anti-Polish stuff is shilling. They're not meant to convince actual NatSocs, they're trying to fool onlookers into thinking this is the board's consensus (hence why ip hopping is a favourite of theirs)
Why become more anti-NatSoc though? The ideology itself is still the sanest one out there. Running away from the negative aspects instead of facing and trying to fix them is pretty cowardly.

what he said
Communism in Poland ended with no blood spilled. That is a big problem. Should have shot them all and be done with. Now we have children of these commies trying to run the country.

I forgot:
While in most cases it is just shilling, in a lot of others it's genuine, and I feel it should be approached more constructively than just labeling them as shills.
We all got here by asking questions, after all. If you know for sure you are right, there is no need to fear confrontation. Hell, you should be eager to share knowledge with other whites. Knowledge is power and all that gay shit.

You're probably right. This deraigned anti-Polish stuff sounds very shill-esque to me. Anything designed to divide and weaken Europeans must be suspect.
I am far more concerned with ideas than ideology. In otherwords, what I want is a future where White people control our own destinies again in our own nations with our own governments and our own economies without usury (or a privately owned central bank) and no jews to speak of in media, financial institutions, and politics. No jews at all. Anywhere. Not even in Palestine.
I'm suspicious of Christianity but if no better religion existed, I'm tolerant so long as it does not become the dominant force in politics.
So I am comfortable calling myself whatever ideology conforms to these ideas. So by that metric, I am a National Socialist.
However, I keep seeing these insane anti-White shits posting over and over and over under the banner of National Socialism. If that is National Socialism, then by definition I am not one because I'm pro-White.

And while you are right that sharing knowledge is a good thing, this idea that we need to prove that the Poles or the French or the Swedes or the Russians are White is flat out ridiculous. Jews make the claim that White people don't exist and then have the gall to demand that we prove that we do exist. I don't play that game. White people exist and race matters. That's it. Done.
Anyone who claims that Poles or Germans don't exist and that we need to prove that they exist or are White is behaving like a kike.

the concept of blood and soil is very important in national socialism. if you are not prepared to make things right, maybe you are right to reconsider.

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What is this formating?

Also, to what OP claims, it is true, Poland is not going to be the saviour oif the white race. Because Poland is for the Poles, and not for anyone else. Additionally, it has cultural norms, which are very protected by the current government and by conservatives in general. From those norms stems the dislike against Muslims and other African trash.
Although people like Grzegorz Braun who openly advocate for an ethnostate of Poles do exist and also partake in politics, even if it is minor, and neither do they get demonized by anyone, they are tolerated, you wouldn't see such a thing in the West.
The current Polish government believes in demographics, though it relies heavily on Ukrainian migrants as well as recently on SE-Asians. Still, Polish society is pretty much free of social justice and political correctness, these ideas are looked down upon and rejected.
Now, why is civic nationalism so popular in Poland?
Because Piłsudski is being seen as the ideal, especially by the current government. Piłsudski who was Lithuanian, himself advocated for a return to the former glory of the PLC. His rival was an ethno nationalistic bureaucrat, Dmowski.
Still, people in general won't accept people who can't behave. Those kind of people will be quite quickly hunted out of the country. Also when it comes to refugees, nobody likes freeloaders and so they are looked down upon unlike in Western countries.
Also keep in mind, that Poles hate both Communists and Nationalsocialists, or rather German ones. The reasons for that should be obvious.

This faggot is too much of a coward to come right out and say what he means.
What he is saying is that Poland (and most of Germany's neighbors) should hand over their territory to Germany so that Germany can ethnically cleanse all the Europeans who live there.

Indeed, blood and soil is very important to me. Thus, anyone who seeks to steal Polish land deserves to die.

Non sequitur since the (((EU))) owns all of "Polish" land and (((soul))).

Blatant lie. I have immense love for my nation, which is why I want it to become a National Socialist utopia. Why would I want to hand this, or anyone else's, land over to Germany? I see nothing special about Germans that I don't also see in all Europeans.

Panjeets have it already you nigger loving kike. Get the fuck out. You will never be white.

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by this logic nobody is white anymore because our countries are being taken over and nobody has enough influence to stop it.
At least have some fucking integrity, cunt, and stop mindlessly alienating everyone with your D&C.

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cry me a river

Fuck off street shitting panjeet. You will never be white.

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Shit. The 56% face is real.

Oh nice, we're Indians now. I wonder what we'll be tomorrow: Chinks? Arabs? Ethiopians? Mestizos?
Personally, I can't wait to find out.

You do realize that this is an exponentially accelerating process, right? The influx will grow by 5% every year, you will think "its not that bad they stick to their own areas" then boom suddenly they are everywhere and 500 K newcomers arrive every year.

That's because white men know not to waste their effort on niggers. If you don't get it after the first time you're told you will never get it.

Got you , you street shitter you. Fuck off pack to pooland you nigger brain kike.

Clearly ip-hopping

I made no false claims.

I assumed you were talking about me, since you didn't make it clear who you were responding to.
If you did, then you were wrong. Poland should keep all it's current territory and not seek to gain any non-Polish majority land.

If you did mean me*

what the dutchman doesn't realize is that he is gonna have to cry a lot more for any of us to enjoy his company.

Who is this dutchman you speak of?

Show every pol this video

I have some doubts about this one tbh. I'd have assumed the kikes would be more careful with not letting info like this get out. It's presentation is also way too clean and formal.
Regardless, it perfectly describes what they're doing, skit or not.

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