R/frenworld banned from Reddit

I know, reddit, but I think it's important to note that (((they))) don't even let a sub gain momentum before banning it now. And though I didn't browse it much, it seemed vaguely right-wing and overall pretty benign. Sometimes I think places like Zig Forums are the only places anyone right of center will be able to gather if the left keeps getting it's way. And we all know to well how many glow-in-the-darks are here. Do they think they can eleminate all right-wing thought? Even the most silly expressions of right-wing expressions possible? We're talking about a sub full of pepes with pissed pants here in case anyone forgot.

This kind of thing is happening everywhere. How do we react to it in a way that helps our cause?

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go back to reddit


I can't, they banned me

then just lurk

Fuck that noise I love arguing with motherfuckers on the internet. Running out of places to argue.


Tell me what's wrong with my post then.

hey faggot, check r/the_donald and never come back here.

A thread died for this.
Gas yourself.

Lurk more, you nigger.

Make a new account.

No. I'm here to stay now.

Oh no, we might never know if pol decided asians girls were ok to date or not 5 months ago anymore.

What's the point if you are always banned immidiately or have to be approved by a mod before anyone sees your post.

You first.

Don't listen to the fags, OP. You need to free your mind of reddit. The rule is, lurk here two years. This will cleanse you of your reddit cancer. Read and question everything that is posted. You came at an interesting time because we just got confirmation that feds do shill this board, which means what we're doing is working. It means we're dangerous enough to get noticed. Welcome to the Internet hate machine, user.
Required reading: Mein Kampf and anything by George Hegel

go to cuckchan, i hear they love redditors

Newfag detected. The "lurk two years" rule was made up by newfags who haven't lurked for long enough. There's a reason that we used to say "lurk more", and that's because if you're acting like a newfag it doesn't matter how long you've been here, you need to lurk more.

OP. Youtube and lebbit aren't real websites. They are cultural marxist propaganda outlets and no one should visit those places.

Maybe it was invented by newfags but the principle is good and I have always said lurk two years unironically. Everyone should do it.

I can assure you that many of our newfags who come here start off left, far left or left of center and they eventually (some faster than others) begin to see what is truly going on and shift out of it.

The political left can be summed up by reactionary thought and moral superiority based on the reaction of another. It is the ultimate puppet/puppet master system. What are we mad about today? Who are we mad at today? Who is our victim of choice today, etc?

Those within the left wing party, if they had any brain at all, should sit back and truly evaluate their lives, their experiences, what they are being told is true/not true and then do their own research outside of what the media claims and they will begin to see clear and obvious patterns that they are being controlled in every single thing they do.

What is the "alt right" for example? Have you ever met a single "alt right" person in your entire life? I mean the media may present one who claims this/that but have YOU ever met one? You haven't because they do not exist, it simply is a make believe boogeyman, it is not real. Bottom line - They want to eliminate the right wing/religion because those people do not fully subscribe to their control and that makes them potentially dangerous. The same thing goes for Zig Forums because while 4chan is controlled, Zig Forums has proven not to be and still has independence to a degree.

Fuck off. You are a shill. We should be infiltrating these sites and radicalizing them: they will vome for us next if we don't fight back, mark my words.

To have some real discussion in this thread:
4chan got taken down with some Scottish banks.

They already are.
That will never work.


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I guess they consider moderation, bans, and subreddit closures as modalities of free speech.


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There isn't much anyone can do until people start using technologies like Tor either much more regularly, or preferably, as their default way of accessing the web.

The solution is there, it's just not all that convenient (and it's slow). I suspect this will change as increasing numbers of people not conforming to whatever you want to call the prevailing mainstream ideologies are deplatformed. For this reason I welcome Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. in their censorship. They are, in a way, taking steps to relinquish their own control.

You've got to be kidding me. This long-winded pretentious jackass takes two pages just to write made up words. Intellectual masochism and masturbation at its finest.

Or stream of consciousness.
We live in a much further refined culture where we expect editing to trim the fat.

In other words, you're critiquing the entertainment value, the form.

this is because you're fucking wrong all the time and you need to lurk more

In other words he's not just sharing his thoughts, he's sharing how he arrives at his thoughts.
You want something that's like watching someone cross a tight rope, where you cut out all the pauses and wobbles so you just see this jolt across the tight rope.

Just want to say:

I reported the subreddit and I'm so happy the admins taking this shit seriously now. We got it removed. TMOR, AHS, and BHTMR were instrumental in taking it down. Sorry frens.

There are entire community subs on reddit who watch this place to find and report which subreddits you cretins are hanging out on. We want to stop your fucking propaganda machine in it's tracks. Frenworld was designed to lure in youth and indoctrinate them covertly.

It's good to know that what we're doing is working and making a difference and you fools are crying about it.

Fuck all of you fascists pricks.

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The irony is so bright that it burns my eyes out.

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I know it's hard buto Hegel's philosophy formed a pillar of National Socialism, thus making it required reading.

as long as reddit fags are assblasted I'm OK with it

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t. demoralization shill.

"free speech for me but not for you". That what you're saying?

Fool, you've played right into our hands. Where will they turn after you ban them for innocent shitposting? They will come to us to begin not so innocent shitposting. You've made 50 more Brenton Tarrants. I hope you're happy because I am ecstatic.


That's not necessarily their intention.
They want to herd people into places like this, it'll eventually become so overwhelming and the content will be so shit due to an influx of people with literally nowhere else to go that actually redpilling newfags would be impossible.
They are trying to control our reach, they have literally spent millions on researching memes and how they spread and have banned anything counter to the (((mainstream narrative))) on all social media.
You must understand that keeping this place open in a crippled, neutered way is more beneficial for the powers that be than actually getting rid of the site.
Never give up, keep on fighting. But realize that bad times are coming… Bad, shitty and no fun allowed times.

Do you honestly believe that our operations and discussions about which social media/websites we use are done on the public portion of the chans? You really should take a history lesson on the chans, what is was called before anything else and learn about the privchans. Everything you see here and 4chan (of worth) is merely being disseminated downward. In other words, you are literally wasting your time by watching Zig Forums or 4chan.

You don't have the right to free speech on private platforms. Neither do you have the right to call others to action via stochastic terrorism.

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C'mon man, don't be a furfag.
Learn to code.

Oh, blimey, what else that has been brewing in imageboards has come from redditors at this point

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Everything you do increases our recruiting base. Every person you deplatflorm becomes more radicalized by that instance that we could do in a year. We might just give you an award for how much you've helped our cause.

Seems like someone forgot about keeping a movement pure

Well I can't disagree with dubs but we need more footsoldiers if they'll but in the lurking time, don't we?

Good, you jews shouldn't be allowed ANYWHERE.

Kill yourself and stream it kike.

that sub was literally cucking itself, trannies were infecting it. idk why leddit banned it

Thanks to those who actually replied. And for you assholes who tell me to gas myself, if you hate my post so much, why do you bump it? Or rather, how do i know you are retarded? I won't bother tagging you people in this reply, but holy shit if you're so smart, and my post is so bad, then apply some logic.

And now for you. If your ideas are so strong, why must you ban a pee pee pepe page to win? If your ideas cannot survive without censorship, when censorship becomes impossible, who do you think will win out? To be honest, I only browsed frenworld 3 tassociatio and it seemed more like a comedy board than anything else. So I ask, why is comedy and the truth in comedy that makes people laugh, so dangerous to the left at large and you specifically? I know you won't reply but perhaps you should think about these things. Are you really a victor when you are proving that your ideas are weak via censorship?

One final thought, yes, the_donald is cancer, that's why I'm here. But it's important to notice that it is still not banned. I wonder if they are afraid to ban it due to it's obvious association with the President.

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And yes I'm a shitty phone poster that why my id is different and my autocorrect fucks up my posts

Gas is too good for (jew).

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Lurk 2 years before posting, you cancerous newfaggot

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Shame they got it so soon. It was good for recruiting and the constant kvetching around the internet was great. Don't post on mobile or go into debt.

How about never stopping censorship? Checkmate m8/

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Shill confirmed.

I've literally only seen frenworld mentioned once here in the context of lefties being butthurt that it was somehow a right wing dogwhistle or some shit. Try again.

jews fear the fren

Of course it was banned.
Don't you know it stands for Far Right Ethno Nationalists?

Welcome new fren. Glad to have you here.
A few things you should know:
*Lurk a while before posting to get a grasp of the culture here.
*Zig Forums is predominantly a natsoc board.
*read a recommended text asap to get you up to speed, so you're not asking dumb questions. Most anons would recommend mein kampf, I personally recommend The Nameless War by Archibald Maule Ramsay. It's very easy to read and drops lots of high strength red pills in a short space of time.
*this place is full of pathetic gamma males who think that being obnoxious to newbies with less knowledge puts them at the top of the hierarchy.
*have an open mind to new ideas, your entire worldview is about to do a 180.
*Zig Forums is a board of peace, any talk of violence is purely related to vidya.

Reported. No one cares about your niggerspeak.

You do, yeah. Post your address so we can kill you.

Conservatives, the people not the party that claims to be conservative while conserving nothing, have lost the culture war. The big tech companies are just driving around, shooting survivors.
Most people here are beyond caring about that at this point as it has been abundantly clear that our popular culture is dictated entirely by a group of elite jews that want to turn us all into slaves.

Make or buy a few thousand accounts, drop redpills all over the pages they allow.

Who the fuck browses jewddit these days. Crickey.

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Getting hit with a ban for posting a harmless Pepe meme teaches the youth far more about the Left's authoritarian tendencies than anything written here. Good job.