How many Feds are posting here right now?

The unsealing of an application for a search warrant by the federal government on Zig Forums’s servers has unintentionally revealed that a federal agent has been trolling the site and attempting to redirect the users’ conspiracy theories against the Russian government instead of the CIA or Mossad.

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t. FED

Easy way to find out. Post pics of dead white kids from Ruby Ridge or Waco and see how many respond with pic related.

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Already multiple threads, cunt.

None of the ones I saw even link to the source info.

Ctrl+F sucks on Zig Forums, often highlights the word below the boarder of the text where you can't see it.
Just links to some shitty youtube video.
Doesn't have any info whatsoever.

Which thread is supposed to be a good thread on this story?

no im fedacus

Ok, who ISN'T a fed poster here?

Fedniggers keep pushing cucktianity on pol as they want a christcucked right wing to fight a mudslim enemy

Im getting real sick of seeing their shit spammed here on shitchan and on cuckshit

Who is the Fed poster?

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Honestly who cares, feds are people too. All humanity is going to join together in one transcendant godmind eventually, so spaketh the Gospel Centauri. We’ll all know each other’s secrets then.

Hey! That's highly offensive. My family has been cuckstians since the kikes used it to bring down the Roman Empire.

When exactly is that going to be? Is this assuming reincarnation and some shit?

Dear Feds who may be reading,
this is to formally request your coordinates (in minecraft), so that i may come to your domicile and subject you to enhanced interrogation about why i cannot get a gf (in minecraft). first i will start with waterboarding your fucking traitor pig ass, giving you repeated little dunks in the water to trigger your simulated drowning autonomic response between asking you why i cannot get a gf and why you lick ZOG balls. then i will escalate to slamming you against the walls and hanging you from the ceiling by your wrists for 96 hours, in between multihour sessions of me asking you why i cannot get a gf and why you betrayed your oath to this country when you helped to run a coup against the President. finally, after you still refuse to break, i will chain your naked skeleton hunched over a chair, and then i will bring in sexually excited dogs and let them mount you and impregnate your boipucci. in between the dogs taking turns raping the fistulas in your colon, i will ask you questions about why i cannot get a gf and why you personally contributed to aiding and abetting ISIS and other RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS while at the same time you used the existence of terrorists to justify oppressing and robbing and subjugating the American people to your turning our country into a goddamn Tyranny ruled over by kikes, and ever tightening your noose around our necks in the service of your ZOG masters.
finally, after you have still not answered why i cannot get a gf and why i should permit you to continue living, i will terminate you to put you out of your misery from your permanent bodily deformities which i have inflicted upon you.

Get out, subhuman.


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T. Fedposter


Some of you feds are alright. Have a great weekend.

Today class we are going to learn to identify a FEDFAG. FEDFAGS are the globohomos who use the word 'christcuck'? Who uses the word 'christcuck', class? That's right, FEDFAGS.

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FBI Special Agent Michael J. Rod.

everyone is a fed didn't you know that?
this is a training ground for anti terrorism and hate speech


EMAIL ME AT [email protected]

He is not the only one user. There are at least 3 distinct voices I hear on here who are fedfags and that doesn't include the (((ones))) on the META, bullying the mods to censor threads.

None of those are FBI posts you room temperture IQ christcuck.

You lied about pagans being shills here just like you did in the religion thread where you got called out and exposed

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You’re literally the only poster on here who uses the term “fedfag”, which makes you identifiable. You realize this, right?

HERE IS FEDFAG number two

They travel in packs. See how this one comes to defend his FEDFAG buddy? They are never far apart on Zig Forums

Please dont correct him on his stupidity when he pathetically tries to meme.

You do realize that you are replying to one person, me (c1b1fb), right?

Jesus you inbred kike shills really are retarded.

These funny things we use to communicate are called 'words' user. Many different people use them for many different purposes. None are assigned to any particular person (unless you count FEDFAG

Muh identifiable…muh anonymity…who cares, do you really think you are not survelled at this point 24/7? Give me a break.

My bad…

You entirely missed my point. By being this identifiable, you’re going to get called out as a retard in ever thread you post. You’re like that faggot who calls literally everyone who disagrees with him a “ban evading paid jewish shill”.

Smh fam

Git gud nigger

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Hes funny and hes the first christcuck ive seen whos not a insufferable cunt. But seriously hes dumb as a bag of hammers, -10int.

One thread per topic.