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In this thread we discuss the political effects of mgtow. Men shunning marriage and reproduction can lead to breakdown of society due to falling birth rate and this can lead to eventual economic and political collapse

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Fuck Off Kike Shill Retard. Im not breeding your Shite conveyor system. Children literally have NO FUCKING Future thanks to you and your Kike system. have fun with all your Moral Trauma. SAGE

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Which one is MGTOW advocating?

Pretty sure if a girl has small/large tits, other grlls will be vicious about that.

MGToW is primarily White men. Think about that.

There have been no effects. Reported for spam.

So is Libertarianism


MGTOW is not jew created. Do you have proof of this?

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18th century Christianity was created by Jews and was primarily whites

Marriage is a fool's game. Everyone with a brain knows how foolish it is to hand roasties such power over you.

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A misogynist is a man who hates women as much as women hate other women.

Everyone with a brain knows that only weak betas let women rule over them. If a majority of modern American men weren't either soyfaggots or snow niggers then feminism would be extinct.

Kill yourself kike.

Nah, they'll just import more niggers.

mgtow presents very good problem however their solution is avoidance.
correct solution for a man who wants to reproduce and have fulfilling life without government fucking you over is to find the most traditional wife you can, have children and then kill her by slowly poisoning her.
there are absolutely no downsides for this solution (unless youre retarded)
mgtow and tradcucks absolutely have no response

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That sounds risky. What kind of poison do you recommend? Arsenic?

Fuck this gay shit.
MGTOW is propaganda.


No, you know nothing.

good goy, marry a white bitch who will steal your money and house in divorce and make some jewish lawyer rich

how are you supposed to control women when she can call the cops and get you arrested? Are you supposed to fight the cops too?

MGTOW is inevitable as long as women have unrestricted power and the ability to destroy men whenever they want and steal all their shit

So you have 0 proof.

This is Jamal, also known as ex-polvol2. Do not reply to it seriously. He is disingenuous with every post.

Reported. Keep trying, though!

This is imkikey, also known as imkikey. Report every post it makes. You can tell it’s imkikey because it calls everyone ‘jamal’ and occasionally avatarfags with anime girls.

Yeah great job disproving I know exactly who you are.

Post some more avatars, imkikey.

Repeat yourself some more, Jamal

I would suggest against heavy metals as they accumulate and could be possibly traced back. (although arsenic is chemically undetectable)
I am not going to suggest anything specific but I do recommend organic poisons. What you want to do is induce a chronic disease that targets specific organ and looks like a normal disease.
Essentially pick an organ, learn chemical processes behind it, find foods/compounds that damage it, produce those compounds (anything can be poison in large quantities), feed her those compounds over a long period of time until the job is done
bonus points if you get her life insurance before that

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Let me tell you what MGTOW is, absolutely nothing as men have been doing this for the entire fucking history of mankind. We fuck, we leave, we fuck, we sometimes enjoy the woman and stay, we fuck, we sometimes take time out of the game for awhile, and so on and so forth. All "MGTOW" does is it puts a title onto normal male behavior and women are now up in fucking arms because they think they do not control the naming narrative.

Men who want a relationship/kids go out and get then. There is nothing wrong with a dude who takes time away from the issue or a dude who doesn't want to deal with any bullshit. Any woman who has an issue with this, thinks its some fucking "incel" conspiracy or doesn't understand it is just a broken down pancake flopper tits dumbfuck skank who has literally no understand of how men think in terms of logic, wanting space and so on/so forth.

Long story short, MGTOW means nothing, guys have been doing this for thousands of years and women are just butthurt that men are coming together, as we always have, to figure out an issue while they go bitch in a corner about not being the center of attention.

have you ever seen a nigger run a functional society?

Anti-breeding psyop thread. Sage and report.

Stop being a kike-enabler who trivializes the issue here. You're glorifying nigger behavior to make MGTOW seem something it isn't so that people don't get the full context of MGTOW. MGTOW is the flipside to feminism, which is appropriate because both were created by jews. Feminism convinces women to fight men and not be mothers. MGTOW convinces men to avoid society (and conflict) and let the invaders roll in and take society and its women.

MGTOW is the jewish seal of approval that your NEET behavior and (((misdirected spite))) against society can somehow be a solution. Jews want you to be MGTOW. Jews want you to make it easier for them. "Don't breed and avoid society goyim!" - MGTOW posters.

MGTOW is an understandable position. I get it even though I'm a traditionalist myself. Women are absolute shit these days. And blaming men for the state of women is not very productive, even if that is true to some extent.
However, what I wish would happen is we get all the MGTOWs and Nationalists together so we can work out an actual solution rather than just running away from the problem.

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mgtow/incels are just wastes of fucking oxygen.

MGTOW is Cultural Marxism you niggers. Women are not the enemy, sure their brain is soft and easy formable but they are not the enemy. The people in power who spill these ideas in their heads are. If you are only even half a man you can easyly reeducate woman.

I am not trivializing anything user, but seriously, you're going to tell me this shit isn't completely normal and happens/has happened all throughout history? Guys step out, take breaks, say "fuck you" for awhile, like their space/man cave and then, when they feel like it, they come back into the game again. It's normal shit and the only reason it is even discussed is because the women are pissed that men are coordinating and discussing issues which may lead to them losing their golden goose in court.

you mean feminism?

Anti-white spam thread left up for 2 days. Zig Forums is dead. We have to go somewhere else.

Says the single woman who is wasting preciosu few of her fruitful years inside a federal building monitoring a Latvian rug fancying & trading forum.

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Confirmed for misdirection shilling. Whether or not that is the case, you're only aim in this thread is to falsely equate MGTOW, which is an anti-breeding psyop, to what you describe.

I would suggest that an alternative instead of killing your white wife.

First find a white woman, fuck her to your hearts content. breed with her, make at least 4 kids. Then when the kids are grown, gradually drive her insane using psychological manipulation. If you really get lucky, she might end up killing herself. Even if not, she will end up such a loony that most courts will favor you in any legal matters


Completely untrue. I would absolutely prefer for my fellow brethren to get out, get married, fuck their beautiful wife and have a large family. That said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a guy who says "fuck you" to the dating pool for awhile. Every single man who has ever been involved in said pool in existence has done it. Calling it MGTOW, coordinating to discuss the laws of the land/how unfair they are is a good thing but at the end of the day it doesn't change the fact that men simply have done this for the entire history of our species and the only people bitching about it are the harpies who want a plus one equality situation, shills or men who have no experience in the dating/marriage world and do not realize how normal this shit is. Are you saying this isn't normal because if you are then you agree with me and if you aren't then explain why I am wrong. You can't but I would be interested to see if you think you can.

why not both? its much easier to drive someone insane using drugs

If you can turn her into a junkie, that will work too but there is a small downside to this. Depending on the drugs you get her hooked on and especially if you get her hooked on hard drugs, she will blow through your cash before she croaks. Pill popping and heroed is a common mode of death for these middle aged over the wall types but I doubt this can be programmed in any way. It just happens as a matter of course

MGTOW is only a response to the current state of affairs. It is not a solution and was never intended to be one.

Wow, what a great idea! Why didn't we think of that before?

MGTOWs are incel just visit r/inceltears and find out yourself.

MGTOW is gay and is part of the problem of atomization in our society. Find a partner and do your duty.

These have got to be all woman cause only a woman would denounce men this much lol

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All of you fucking faggots need to go fuck off from Zig Forums, what this world needs is more focus and attention on men and shaping boys into men for the future, not being a fucking faggot feminist cuck like you who only has pussy on his fag 40 IQ brain. I seriously doubt you're even white, you're most likely some fucking kike trying to subvert the white race along with all the other anti-MGTOW jews by having every white man be a slave to pussy and never accomplishing anything anymore while this country continues to get flooded with shitskins who steal everyones jobs and white people stop inventing, creating, discovering, engineering and building like our forefathers did. Selling out your own fellow man to go chase pussy is not what our ancestors did, they told women to fuck off and put them in their place

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I couldn't figure out how to contact their husbands as I was a member of that group. I honestly left it within ten minutes of joining because of that shit. This just made my night as there is fucking justice in this world!

Though if you're a weak man, then your wife will walk all over you. That you assume marriage is giving power to the woman is fucking pathetic, and shows you're weak as well.

To all the tradcons of Zig Forums: When your wife utterly rapes you in divorce court and takes your kids away, will you still think of yourself as a winner?

Lets check up on our girls and see how they ended up after all this time. Yeah… as expected:

Fuck you, it's the duty of WHITE MEN to man up to protect and provide for WHITE WOMEN. Think of the Titanic, only Jews would prefer to save men and boys when we know women and girls are the zenith of the White race.

The duty of WHITE WOMEN is to pick a suitable man to improve our race.

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MGTOW Reminder: MGTOWs don't give a shit about your leftist shaming tactics or your effeminate whining.

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wew you're putting the future of the white race in the hands women? Women are destroyers of civilization. You're either a woman or a total fucking retard who in reality is dooming the white race.

hands of women


MGTOW is a form of accelerationism, you fucking retard.
Do you want the jewish status quo to continue?

This, Tarrant was probably an incel